• http://www.mainstreamlibertarian.com Eric Dondero

    Great review.

    And Boortz is 100% a Pro-War Libertarian. He was even called that recently in the Pittsburg Tribune. “Boortz: A Pro-War Libertarian” was the headline.

    Good to see Liberty Papers finally acknowledging that Pro-War Libertarianism is a perfectly valid branch of the libertarian movement.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    Eric, a few at of us at The Liberty Papers are Pro-War Libertarians (I am one). I agree with you that Pro-War Libertarianism is a valid branch of the libertarian movement. I think there is plenty of room for hawks and doves but it seems as though the doves are winning out in the mainstream of libertarian thought.

    Those of us who are more hawkish have an even more difficult choice for the ’08 race. Do we support Ron Paul who is right on most every domestic issue but dead wrong on what to do about the war on islamofascism? Or do we support Rudy who seems to be right on the war but wrong on many domestic issues?

    I am nowhere near making a choice at this point. Initially I really liked Rudy for those reasons and because he seems to be a staight talker, decisive, and a proven leader (from a leadership standpoint, I think he is hands down the best person in the race and far better than Bush). I also think it would be great to have someone from the G.O.P. who isn’t beholden to the Christian Right.

    Having said that, Doug and others at this blog, who I have a great deal of respect, have raised some important points about Rudy. I have my reservations but am still open minded on Rudy but I have not dillusions that he is a Libertarian by any stretch.

    I’m also wanting to see who else comes on the scene. I don’t know much about Fred Thompson but for some reason I want to see what he’s all about (esp. if he decides to run). My only point of reference with Thompson is he has been sitting in for Paul Harvey for a couple of weeks. Now and then he offers an opionion which suggests that he understands what’s going on in a geopolitical sense. Obviously this isn’t enough to know if he would be a good choice or not but I certainly want to learn more.

    It seems that we have a choice between pragmatism and idealism. The ideal, perfect canidate is not in this race; we have to choose among the imperfect choices available.

  • Wes

    What’s libertarian about invading a country that was never a realistic threat?

  • http://myspace.com/myplace Tom W


    Fred Thompson is a very interesting candidate to libertarian Republicans. He gets a lifetime rating of 78.6% on the Republican Liberty Caucus’ Liberty Index.

    Nonetheless, I think it’s extremely important to support Ron Paul – at least in the primaries. The neocons hijacked the Bush administration’s foreign policy early on, and Ron is the only GOP candidate with the guts to point this out. If we don’t question our mistakes, we are in big trouble.

    Tom W.

  • http://www.mainstreamlibertarian.com Eric Dondero

    Wes, what’s libertarian about allowing Islamo-Fascists to invade our country, killing 3,000 of our citizens, gunning down other Americans are shopping malls in suburban Salt Lake City and at Jewish Community Centers in Seattle, blaring their Allah Ahu-Ahkbar 5 times a day from their Mosques near Detroit, and running over college kids with their SUVs in Nashville and Greensboro?

    Libertarianism does not equal Weenie Girly Man Surrender First Pacifism.

    Take a look at what’s happening in Europe. Marijuana, Prostutiton, Topless beaches, Free Speech are all being outlawed cause of the Muslim Rampage.

    Is that what you want here?

    How “libertarian” is that?

  • http://www.mainstreamlibertarian.com Eric Dondero

    Response to Stephen,

    Take another look at Rudy. A close look. Larry Kudlow just said of him: “We may need to start calling Rudy Ludvig von Mises or Frederick Hayek.” Cato’s Stephen Moore shot back, “Rudy is just like Milton Friedman on his economics.”

    Libertarian Conservative Steve Forbes endorsed him the other day. That’s huge!

    Why should you NOT support Ron Paul? Forget about his God-awful views on foreign policy. The larger reason to NOT support him, is that he’s running an absolutely SHITTY campaign. Talk to anyone who has been involved with it. It’s a dissaster. No organization. Nobody is in charge. It’s just turned into a fundraising gig for Ron Paul Enterprises. He’s polled 0 to 2% consistently in national polls. Zero movement in 3 months.

    Do you really want to be associated with such a losing darkhorse campaign?

    Ron Paul is at 70/70 on ontheissues.org. Rudy is at 60/60. I’ll take the 60/60 guy who is winning over the Loser guy at 70/70 any day of the week.

  • uhm

    Giuliani is for a Guest Worker Program. :( I can live with amnesty for the ones here (not the gangs like M-13) but no way am I for unlimited migration like in Europe. The Salafis who committed the terror attacks received driver’s licenses from Jeb Bush’s state. Those were illegal aliens that shouldn’t have been in here.

    Why must we follow Europe into Transnationalist Hell? I thought Libertarians would approve of mass migration of Muslims into Europe.