Rudolph Giuliani, Circa 1994

In case anyone forgets, Rudy Giuliani, the supposed Republican Mayor of New York City, endorsed Mario Cuomo the tax-and-spend Democratic Governor of New York.

Here’s his rationale:

Will someone, somewhere, please tell me what Rudy Giuliani really believes in ?

H/T: Virginia Virtucon

  • Chuck F

    More Rudy Libertarian funess from 1999:

    Go here and click full episode then go fast forward to 22:20

    I also want to vote for father knows best.

    Also Eric is a strange fellow, thinking that views and beliefs just come out of thin air and have no academic or moral background.

  • Chuck F

    oh and update: later on the city council decided to allow ferrets into the city and Mr.Guilani decided that just couldn’t happen, people can’t control their own pets so he vetod the bill.

  • Uncle Jack


  • Eric Dondero

    Response to Chuck:

    Views come from the gut. It’s instinctual. I’m so sick and goddamned tired of these boring-ass wire-rimmed glasses wearing pointy headed Policy Wanker Libertarians telling me that I’ve got to read every book Ayn Rand ever wrote, or study everything that von Mises ever put to the pen, before I can call myself a “libertarian.”

    “F” you! Pointy-headed Ivory Tower Wankers!!! You represent the problem with our libertarian movement. You represent EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT. You are helping to ensure that we Libertarians never have success. You are making Libertarianism, extremely boring, out of touch, and fringe.

    You want to know what real libertairanism is about?

    Picking up a goddamned clipboard and petitioning for property rights, Libertarian Party ballot access, tax cuts or marijuana legalization in front of a grocery store in small town America.

    Anyone who does that is a REAL LIBERTARIAN in my eyes.

    Policy Wankers who just type on their computers all day long are Faux Libertarian Posers.

  • Eric Dondero

    As for Rudy endorseing Cuomo, firstly, the Italian “thang” is kicking in here to some extent. Libertarian Wankers may not get it. They can’t conceive that someone could support someone for office outside of their political views, like ethnic heritage.

    Secondly, how Democrat is New York again? 80 to 90%?

    What choice to Republicans have in that State?

    And thirdly, Giuliani himself admitted many times that he’s a former Liberal. Well into the late 1980s he was somewhat affiliated with the Democrat Party.

    For him to endorse a Democrat in 1992, doesn’t seem so strange given that fact.

    Now if it was 1998 or 2000, then I’d be concerned.

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  • Doug Mataconis


    What about what Rudy said about Pataki’s tax cuts ?

    Let’s talk substance instead of empty rhetoric here.

  • Eric Dondero

    I’m not familiar with what Rudy said of Pataki.

    I do know this quote:

    You wanna talk facts. Fine. Immediately after 9/11 the Mayor was asked by some whinny little Liberal Reporter at a Press Conference if he thought a tax increase for the City was now in order.

    Rudy responded:

    Tax increases are “idiotic, stupid, and just plain dumb.”

  • Brian Miller

    Eric, why do you work so hard to sell people on Big Government, Big Spending, Control Freak “libertarian” Rudy Guiliani?

    I despair sometimes of the propaganda being spread by GOP acolytes either backing left-wing statist Guiliani, or right-wing statist Paul, as “libertarians.”

    Libertarians don’t ban ferrets, raise taxes, push for tariffs on international trade, restrict fiscal liberty, support creation and enforcement of victimless crime laws, or for that matter, seek decade-plus careers as professional politicians.

  • tarran


    Having looked at Eric’s background, I have concluded that he’s a government official wanna-be, a professional political activist who makes much of his associations with big wheels and movers and shakers. While he may, on occasion, promote libertarianish ideas, I see that he places importance on political power. That is the one quality of himself that he promotes more than any other.

    Frankly, I think he became a libertarian because it made him a big fish in a little pool. He now wants to become a Republican, and swim with bigger fishes, and to be given more power.

    I think that he is what Lenin would call “a useful idiot”. The republicans will use him so long as he helps legitimize their brands of mercantilism and socialism, and they will flush him down the toilet the moment he has nothing to offer them.

    Don’t waste your time on him.