Hugh Hewitt’s Newspeak

Hugh Hewitt gave an interview to National Review Online where he was promoting his latest shit sandwich candidate for president. In the interview, he had this

But Rudy doesn’t care about the Marriage Amendment, and Mitt Romney does. Rudy doesn’t think there’s a problem with funding embryonic stem cell research, and Romney does. Romney’s a federalist, and I’m not sold that Rudy is. Rudy is more likely to get Soutered than Romney. That’s why, on March 28, 2007, I prefer Romney. That could change, but not in the next three months.

Now we all know that Hugh Hewitt is no intellectual giant, but I would like to think that as a lawyer he would know that advocating the use of the Constitution in order to promote social policy is anything but a Federalist approach.

The Federal Marriage Amendment is federalism can be added to such classics as:

War is peace

Ignorance is strength

Freedom is slavery

h/t: GOP Progress

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