The Politico Interviews Ron Paul

The Politico has an interview of Texas Congressman Ron Paul up today.

A few excerpts:


I am arguing that (Republicans) have lost their way. Right now, on the surface, a lot of Republicans in Washington will be critical of my positions, saying “I don’t support the president or the party,” but if you look at our platform, our state platforms, our policy positions, I would say we have lost our way. And quite frankly, I have not seen anybody running for the presidency on the Republican ticket that’s actually offering to stand up and stand for the principals the Republican Party has been built on.

In the past six years, when the foreign policy really changed, when we accepted the notion of pre-emptive war, a strong violation of our personal civil liberties, (we) at the same time (became) the party of entitlements, doubling the size of the Department of Education, McCain-Feingold. These are all things that Republicans used to criticize and not support, and all of a sudden we accept them. In essence, we have accepted what has traditionally been the Democratic platform — increase entitlements and foreign intervention, getting involved in quagmires abroad.



I don’t think there is one single budget you can’t cut. Politically, the easiest budget to cut is the overseas expenditures. And then you deal with other problems as time goes on. I certainly would not be signing a bill that would double the size of the DOE or increase the size of the entitlement system or a drug company-promoted prescription drug program. That’s where we as Republicans have fallen down, and that is the reason our base was very unhappy last September.


We lived in this country a long time without income tax, but then we had limited government. I don’t think we need an income tax. I promised my people I would do anything and everything I can to get rid of the income tax, to repeal the 16th Amendment, never vote to raise taxes and always vote to lower taxes. And it’s been a popular position. My slogan at home has always been “the taxpayers’ best friend,” and most people like that regardless of what party they are in.

Once again, Congressman Paul shows that he’s the only Republican in the race who even comes close to the ideas of limited government and liberty that the Constitution is based upon. He’s not perfect, but he’s a darn sight better than anyone in the race right now.

  • Ron Paul 2008

    Great interview. Ron Paul is really impressing me. I’ve been so politically negative for years, but this guy is just getting me all riled up!

    I think I might even contribute money to his campaign! I’ve NEVER contributed to a political campaign.

    Paul 08 Yeah!!

  • Brad

    I second that. I’ll be giving money to a political campaign for the first time in my life (I’m 30)!

    Ron Paul is the real deal. Every Republican needs to take a long hard look at Ron Paul. And if you can’t see what I mean, try re-reading your constitution and look again.