A Record Day For The IRS, A Bad Day For The Rest Of Us

I’m sure they were partying over at the Treasury Department yesterday, because they had a record day:

U.S. tax receipts from individuals hit a record one-day high of $48.7 billion on April 24, a Treasury Department official said on Wednesday.

The previous record was $36.4 billion, set on April 25, 2006, said Jennifer Zuccarelli, a Treasury spokeswoman.

The record reflects taxes not withheld from individuals over the course of the year, but paid to the government before this year’s April 17 income-tax deadline.

Think about it, in one day, the Federal Government took $ 48.7 billion out of the pockets of American taxpayers.  Think of all of the productive uses that money could have been put toward. Instead, it goes into farm subsidies, and, of course, Nancy Pelosi’s travel budget.

Of course if you work for the Federal Government, paying taxes is apparently just an option:

More than 450,000 federal workers and retirees owe a total of $3 billion in back taxes, prompting the top Democrat and Republican on the Senate Finance Committee to urge President Bush to put more effort into collecting from delinquent government employees.

“If the federal government doesn’t make its own employees follow the rules, it’s hard to tell the rest of the American people that they should do better,” committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said in a statement accompanying the delinquency figures

Don’t you understand Senator, taxes are for the little people.

  • http://notesofintelligence.com Mario

    Nancy Pelosi’s travel budget? On par with consideration of nearly $50B?

  • Jacob

    Also read as:

    Story story story…I hate Democrats…story story story

    Why do bloggers get no respect?

  • http://unrepentantindividual.com/ Brad Warbiany


    I think the mention of farm subsidies is a shot at Republicans… We’re equal opportunity haterz here at The Liberty Papers…

  • Rocks911

    Nancy Pelosi?

    Are you f’n kidding me with the Republic666an scum that have raided the American dream for the last 6 years and you point a finger at Nancy pelosi?

    You people are part of the evil that is Conserv666atism.