Paul Wolfowitz Does The World A Favor

Apparently, the little scandal he’s involved in is leading some to think that the World Bank may be irreparably harmed:

The leadership crisis engulfing the World Bank began with talk of favoritism for a girlfriend and ill feeling about the Iraq war. But as the bank’s board this week considers the fate of President Paul D. Wolfowitz, the ethics controversy has swelled into a test of who controls the institution and its future relevance in battling global poverty.

The outcome could determine whether governments from Berlin to Buenos Aires would be willing to contribute new funds in support of the bank’s mission.

“There’s a real danger because of this Wolfowitz stuff that donors are going to find a reason not to give,” said Elizabeth Stuart, senior policy adviser for Oxfam International, an anti-poverty group in Washington.

Is it asking too much to hope that this organization that has done more to harm the world’s poor than help them just simply goes away ? Probably, but any damage Wolfowitz does, albeit unintentionally, will be good enough.

  • Adam Selene

    I’ve been paying a fair amount of attention to this whole thing because it’s interesting. It appears that Wolfowitz did everything as above board as he could and that what is really happening is two-fold.

    1. World Bank insiders are fighting for their lives. The Bank is very corrupt, internally, and Wolfowitz has shined a light on that corruption.

    2. European governments would like to control the World Bank and they are making a power play and using the non-scandal of Wolfowitz and his girlfriend to orchestrate it.

  • waronassholes

    there are a lot of blind-deaf-mute people on this planet and that is why wolfowitz is still clinging to his job…

  • Where the light don’t shined

    Adam Selene lives in another world. A world that lacks proper grammar classes apparently