Rudy Laughs At Habeas Corpus

Rudy Giuliani lets us all know what he thinks about Habeas Corpus. (Note, I am not endorsing Alex Jones,, or any of the kooky conspiracy theories Alex Jones espouses.)

UPDATE: The comments below say that Giuliani was laughing at the moron Chris Matthews. After rewatching the video, I have to agree with them.

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  • trumpetbob15

    Wow, talk about distortion. Maybe it was just me, but Rudy was laughing at that idiot Matthews saying “this is hardly the end of the 2008 Presidential campaign.” To somehow make the connection to habeas corpus is beyond me.

  • Jason

    Yeah, I agree.

  • Kevin

    I resaw the video, I have to agree with both of you. Giuliani appears to be laughing at Chris Matthews, not habeas corpus.

    I should have realized that Alex Jones was full of shit like usual.