What Tonight’s Republican Candidates Need To Do

Tonight, the Republicans presidential candidates will gather in Columbia, South Carolina for their latest debate. They’ll be fresh off their performance at the Reagan library. The candidates have different goals they need to accomplish tonight:

Rudy Giuliani:

-He needs to address abortion questions without flip-flopping.
-He needs to come off as less authoritarian.
-He needs to show differences with Bush.

John McCain:

-He needs to build on his performance from last time.
-He needs to show more energy however from last time.

Mitt Romney:

-He needs to build on his performance, as well, from last time.
-He needs to be more sincere.

Sam Brownback:

-He needs to give a stance on something other than abortion and how much he hates the gays.

Mike Huckabee:

-Continue building on his fiscal credentials.

Jim Gilmore:

-Demonstrate that he stands for something.

Tommy Thompson:

-Show a little charisma.

Ron Paul

-He needs to show that he’s more than a single issue “out of Iraq now” candidate.
-He needs to come off as less angry, while maintaining his passion for his issues.
-He needs to try and touch on issues the Republican base cares about.

Tom Tancredo

-Continue to demonstrate that he believes in more than deporting illegal aliens
-Needs to demonstrate more confidence on stage.

Duncan Hunter

-He needs something for Republican voters to remember him by

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  • http://willtoexist.com/ Trevor

    Ron Paul didn’t strike me as angry. Not at all.