Fred Thompson Responds to the Fat Ass from Flint

Fox News:

WASHINGTON — TV star and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson declined Tuesday to meet with Michael Moore, suggesting the filmmaker instead might want to check himself into a mental hospital after Moore challenged Thompson to a one-on-one debate on health care.

I’m really disappointed that Fred Thompson couldn’t schedule a debate (I wonder why his schedule is so busy? Maybe he is close to announcing his candidacy for President) with the Fat Ass from Flint. I would have loved to see Michael Moore pummeled by someone much more intelligent than he is*. Still, I think Thompson made an excellent point in under 40 seconds.

The response follows a letter by Moore in which he scolded the Law & Order actor. Noting Thompson’s fondness for Cuban cigars, Moore wrote that Thompson is in no position to criticize Moore for traveling to Cuba with several ailing Sept. 11 emergency responders to make the argument that Cuba’s health care system is superior to the United States’.

“Putting aside the fact that you, like the Bush administration, seem far more concerned about the trip to Cuba than the health care of these 9/11 heroes, I was struck by the fact that your concerns (including comments about Castro’s reported financial worth) apparently do not extend to your own conduct,” Moore wrote in a letter sent to Thompson dated Tuesday.

“In light of your comments regarding Cuba and Castro, do you think the ‘box upon box of cigars — Montecristos from Havana’ that you have in your office have contributed to Castro’s reported wealth?” reads the letter, which also points out that Thompson earned “hundreds of thousands” in campaign contributions from the health care industry and worked as an industry lobbyist.

As much as I hate to admit it, the Fat Ass makes a good point here. The embargo against Cuba is enforced somewhat selectively. The embargo is quite hypocritical considering that America’s chief trading partner is Communist China. However, Moore knows damn well that had anyone else made an unapproved trip to Cuba, that person would also be under investigation and possibly face charges. He would have us to believe that this is nothing more than the Bush administration harassing him because he is such a vocal critic. His crockumentary Sicko will be premiering soon at the Cannes Film festival. Coincidence?

Of course the media and Hollywood elites will have nothing but admiration for this latest propaganda film. I doubt anyone in the media will raise the real questions surrounding Cuba’s healthcare system. Questions like “If Cuba’s healthcare system is so wonderful, why do so many Cubans put their families in rafts to make a 90+ mile trip to Florida in hopes to step onto dry ground in America?” How many Cubans die trying to make this trip? I doubt they would come here if America’s healthcare was so inferior.

It probably won’t occur to anyone in the MSM that perhaps Castro would want Moore’s propaganda to cover up the failings of his government. Moore is doing Castro a great service by acting as his propaganda minister. Does anyone for a second believe that Castro would allow Moore to show these 9/11 heroes being treated as the average Cuban?

Cuba’s socialist healthcare system is superior to that of the United States? I think we know who the real “sicko” is here and as Fred Thompson mentioned, Moore can voluntarily get all the help he needs in an American mental institution of his choice.

*If Moore is really interested in debating someone, Larry Elder extended an offer to debate him on his radio show 1,679 days, 20 hours, and 28 minutes ago as I write this. I’ll bet the Sage would give him the whole show.

  • Mertens

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  • Wild Pegasus

    It may be possible that the Cuban health care system is superior to the American system, yet other factors are more important to the Cubans who desire to leave. Color me sceptical about the great claims made about the Cuban system though: totalitarian regimes are pathological liars. Useful idiots claimed all during the latter half of the 20th century that the Soviet Union was outproducing America based on Soviet statistics. They were all lies.

    – Josh

  • MNN

    FuckingGringos can Fuck off!

  • Fred Thompson 2008

    Cheers for a mental hospital for Michael Moore not funded by the taxpapers.

  • Stephen Littau


    I don’t by any means think that the Cuban healthcare system is the only reasons why Cubans leave for America but the possiblity of being injured on the trip has to enter their minds at some point. Though I haven’t studied it yet, I too am very skeptical about Cuba’s healthcare system. The fact that Michael Moore brought his cameras there does nothing to prove that its a good system. Like you said, Communists lie. Its what they do.

  • Brendan

    As it seems that most people on this site have deemed it necessary to dismiss the facts made in Michael Moores new documentary before seeing it (Not exactly the most “liberal” of actions I’d add), I thought perhaps you might have a look at these little nuggets of information and rates from those pinko commies at the world health organisation.

    Rates (Per 1000 head of population)

    Infant Mortality – US 8 -Cuba 7
    Life Expectancy – US 78 – Cuba 78
    No of Doctors – US 2.3 – Cuba 5.8

    The average amount spent per head of population in the US is $6,102 (Almost have of which is paid by citizens themselves) whilst in Cuba it is $251 per head of which none is paid by citizens themselves.

    This despite an embargo lasting decades that keeps vital medicines out of reach of ordinary human beings for cynical political purposes.

    Surely lads and lassies this must give you food for thought.