Ron Paul Demands Giuliani Read the 9-11 Report & Apologise

Give Ron Paul enough time to talk, and he says some wonderful things.

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  • Thinker

    Ron totally called Rudy out, and rightfully so! Way to go Ron!

  • Michael

    damn, missed it.

  • Michael
  • Torchbearer

    We must get Ron Paul elected at any cost! …for the sake of our country and our future.

  • http://na Flo

    Ron Paul on Beck CNN at 7pm

  • tarran

    Really, torchbearer, at any cost?

    Would you sell your home and give the money to Dr Paul?

    I’m sorry, but hyperbole tends to irritate me. Unless it’s my jeremiads about people being forced to use Federal Reserve Notes at gunpoint. those are ok.

  • Ryan

    Nice callout… if nothing else he’s getting some national attention for the whole situation in the debate.

  • http://na Flo

    If anyone wants to look this up…….Ron Paul
    is right……check page 392 of the Commisions report.

  • Tim

    That has to be the most superb 6 minutes Ron Paul’s had of many exceptional moments so far in this presidential campaign.

    One can just imagine Giulani ready to don his lawyer’s clothes & attempt to put Ron in jail just to shut him up.

    Way to go, Ron! Keep it up!!

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  • Kevin

    Ron Paul did much better explaining his stance in this interview than he did last night.

    However, I have a question; did he call for invading Pakistan?

  • Sams_Choice

    Ron Paul is not calling for an invasion of Pakistan. He simply wants to quit giving people in Pakistan tax payer money.

  • Andras Ludanyi

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    I think we are somewhere between the THEY RIDICULE YOU and THEY FIGHT YOU… so it’s good because after that RON PAUL will WIN!

  • Warran Warmonger

    War, war, war! We need more war! To hell with Ron Paul! WE WANT WAR!! After all, how can we have a gigantic government (and gigantic defense profits) without war? Let’s not look into the details of cause and effect – we’re good, they’re evil, let’s roll! BOMB THE CHILDREN, THEY ARE WORST TERRORISTS OF ALL.


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  • John Delano

    He came across better here. He seemed less nervous and in less of a defensive posture. I guess that’s part of having a room full of people cheering against him. I love that he isn’t backing down at all. Some critisize Wolf here, but at least he didn’t have a shout-down like some cable news guys would have done. Did any of you see CNN-HN’s Glenn Beck show attack him? Beck also went after him for not showing up on his show. Beck was in attack mode.

    Hey Glenn, he was on that other CNN network.

  • Poetry

    We may not solve warfare or famine in your time. But the cure of all disease may be within our grasp. Imagine the if the trillions spent on “Wars of Choice” or “Wars against a concept” was spent testing every natural and artifical substance known to man against every disease known to man. Imagine if we spent the remainder on determinining the molecular structure and sequencing the genes of every disease so that we could construct cures that while harmless and inert to ourselves, are deadly and irrestible to the viruses, anti-viruses, and bacterias that plague us. War is not the triumph of God. War is the failure of men. Though there are necessary wars such as World War II, most wars could be prevented. For instance, if we stopped buying oil from Saudi Arabia, the money that finances terrorism would dry up and the so called “War Against Terror” would be over. It is instructive to note that no major politician has as his chief goal, destroying terrorism in this way. Perhaps they don’t really want it to stop….And besides, every major politican is getting bought by foreign oil interests and domestic big oil. We could easily use coal and nuclear energy to be free of those who fund terrorism. Unfortunately, the politicians have yet to find a way to get paid if we switch to domestic energy sources. Every pundit who says we can’t switch to domestic energy is also on they pay roll of big oil and foreign oil interests.