Ron Paul vs. Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is not a person to go to if you want reasoned discussion of the issues. Even more than Rush Limbaugh, who famously said after the 2006 elections that he wasn’t going to carry the GOP’s water anymore and seems to be living up to that statement so far, Hannity has drunk so much of the George W. Bush Kool-Aid that he seems incapable of even understanding what someone who dares to question el Presidente’s actions, as this post-debate interview with Ron Paul makes clear:

All in all, I think Paul came out on top but I’m sure Hannity’s yes-man audience completely missed the point of what he was saying.

  • Nathaniel

    I respect Sean Hannity, but this is rediculous! Ron Paul is simply stating a fact and is treated like a traitor. I think people should call in and ask him about this issue on his radio show… And I would love to see Ron Paul and Guilliani go head to head.

  • Torchbearer

    Dr Paul can save our country. I believe in him like I have never believed in any other candidate before.

  • James

    After that debate, I want Ron Paul to step up and fix our country!! Ron Paul for 2008!!

  • Dave J

    I had all but given up on this country and its politics until Ron Paul. There is hope there is Ron Paul

  • mike

    my gosh ron paul can save the republican party and american all at the same time. i really really hope somehow his message can get out into the mainstream media!

  • Alex Hammer

    See also:
    Rudy Giuliani vs. Ron Paul II
    “Rush Limbaugh says Ron Paul is “spamming polls” (Link)
    Meanwhile, online, there is a strong buzz (Link) that Ron Paul has been ignored by the mainstream media in regard to his impressive Internet demonstrated accomplishments”

  • Mark Matthews

    Osama’s 1996 “Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places” specifically mentioned the situation in Iraq, blaming the U.S. for the impact of economic sanctions on the Saddam Hussein regime. Bin Laden accused the U.S. of “aggression” against Iraq!
    Giuliani said he never heard that before? Then he repeat the Bush line: “they hate our freedom” (but only a simple mind would believe that)! It turns out that Paul’s point–that the 9/11 attacks were linked to U.S involvement in Iraq and the Middle East-was factually correct.

  • Seer


    That’s one of the best parts.