I Got Your Ron Paul Surge Right Here!

This is the best news I’ve seen in a long time. In a comment to Doug’s post about Presidential candidates, Steve Dasbach brought up a site called gambling911.com, which has been laying odds on Ron Paul and has continuously lowered his odds, meaning there’s enough action behind him that people think he’s got a shot. He’s down to 15:1 (which isn’t bad in a 10-man field where he’s not one of the big 3).

But I’m not necessarily ready to trust gambling911, a site I’d not heard of before today. So I decided to check out intrade.com, a prediction market. A few weeks ago, Ron Paul was trading at a 0.7 share, which is miniscule. I started watching as we headed through the debates, and didn’t notice any change. But after seeing Steve’s comment, I checked it out today.

Ron Paul’s trading at 1.8-1.9ish right now. Again, that number isn’t that high, but that number is high enough to be 5th of the 10-man field (of declared candidates). And he’s trending up.

You wanted a Ron Paul surge? Well, one is starting. I personally think he’s far enough outside the mainstream he won’t get the nomination, but the added publicity will do wonders for changing the nature of the debate, and just might mean the end of Rudy, which is nice. Considering I’m planning on voting for Ron Paul, I’m happy to see it, too.