Ron Paul On Bill Maher

I was switching through the channels last night and noticed that PJ O’Rourke was on Bill Maher’s show. I definitely had to watch it. Ben Affleck was also on, so the wife was happy too. Towards the end of the show, Bill had Ron Paul on, talking about the spat with Giuliani and his reading list…


  • Travis Page

    It seems like Ron Paul is the only intellectual in this race.

  • cnelson700

    I saw that Maher episode on youtube. As always, Ron Paul spoke with wisdom and truth. He also took a shot at comedy when talking about Rudy and giving him a reading list and waiting for Rudy to apologize for being ignorant about this whole “Iraq thing”. Bill Maher tried to slam Ron Paul with hard questions about a month or so ago (also on youtube) and Ron Paul answered brilliantly. Now Bill Maher says that Ron Paul is his “New Hero”. Ron Paul is my hero too.

  • Anti-Globalist

    Ron Paul is unusual…he’s honest and his record demostrates that. Can voters handle the truth? That’s the real questions.

    Ron Paul in 2008!

  • Kurt from Pittsburgh

    I think everyone has been bottled up way too many years with the politics the way they have been and the cork has popped! Thats what the polls are showing! Most all of us are fed up with the BS in our government. The endless wars. Big corporations influencing policies, there Payoffs and bribes and the buying of politicians to do the corporations dirty work.
    Lets install a government that’s for the people by the people.

  • Chris

    It’s not so much that Ron Paul deserves a real shot at being our President.

    It’s moreso that we deserve Ron Paul.

    Change is good.

  • Alex Hammer
  • Paul Eres

    I’m surprised just how often Ron Paul’s name is appearing on the news, at least twice I’ve randomly turned on the TV and heard mention of him.

  • Les Apt from Montana

    My heart isn’t quite so heavy now that we are hearing someone speak the truth. Someone who firmly believes in the United States constitution and is willing to stand up and defend it. Thank you Ron Paul for your integrity and courage.