GOP Debate Liveblogging and Instant Commentary (6/5/2007)

Tonight, the Republican candidates, minus Fred Thompson, are debating in New Hampshire. Basically tonight, the fireworks will be between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul over foreign policy and everybody vs McCain on immigration.

6:01 PM CDT: First hour, questions will be asked by reporters. No time limits, on honor system with questions limited to one minute. Then if it follows the Democratic debate format, it will be a QandA from the audience.

6:04 PM: Mike Huckabee, “I’m from Hope, Arkansas and all I ask is that you give us one more chance”.

6:05 PM: Mitt Romney asked if Iraq was a mistake. Said Saddam violated international law and weapons inspections. Said Iraq War was poorly conducted. Slams Harry Reid. Wants to stablize Iraq.

6:06 PM: Mitt Romney given another shot to answer the question. Romney won’t answer the question calling it a hypothetical, but we did the right thing.

6:06 PM: Rudy Giuliani ties Iraq to War on Terror. Attacks Democrats calling them in denial of terrorism. Says Iran is closer to nuclear weapons than thought.

6:07 PM: McCain asked if he read intelligence reports. Says sanctions were breaking down and Oil For Food was a joke. Right thing, but war was mismanaged.

6:08 PM: Sam Brownback, says something about reading intelligence reports. Wants a partition.

6:09 PM: Jim Gilmore says we must create stability.

6:10 PM: John McCain asked if General Petraeas (sp) reports surge is a failure. McCain will not withdraw under any circumstances.

6:12 PM: McCain, “there are no good options if the surge fails”.

6:13 PM: Tommy Thompson, eh who cares.

6:16 PM: Ron Paul says we went to war over UN resolutions.

6:17 PM: Tancredo wants more Iraqization.

6:17 PM: Brownback, talk with Iran but no diplomatic relations. Iran is a terrorist sponsor. He likes labor unions, if they’re in Iran. In America, unions can go to hell.

6:18 PM: Duncan Hunter can talk or bomb Iran, their choice. He’ll nuke ’em also.

6:20 PM: Rudy Giuliani, all options on the table. Democrats stuck in 1990s. Well considering that Rudy is stuck in September 2001….

6:20 PM: Huckabee, Iran wants to dominate the Middle East.

6:21 PM: Romney wants to step back and look at the big picture. Wants to empower moderate Muslims…Mitt, they don’t exist.

6:23 PM: Tancredo on immigration: America won’t survive because those damn uppity Mexicans insist on keeping their culture.

6:25 PM: Rudy Giuliani, says immigration is too compromising.

6:26 PM: Romney asked about immigration flip-flopping: states his latest position.

6:27 PM: McCain slams Tancredo, “educates” Rudy, wants all Republicans to come around Dubya. Sorry, wrong audience Johnny.

6:29 PM: Rudy flip-flopping on immigration. Mentions September 11.

6:30 PM: Romney wants to enforce the immigration laws.

6:31 PM: Hunter asked about “doing the jobs Americans want do”. Says wrong premise. Administration slowed his fence bill with an amnesty.

6:33 PM: Brownback supports something. Probably needs to consult a pollster before he can say what.

6:34 PM: Tommy Thompson, eh who cares.

6:34 PM: Ron Paul no fence with Canada. Subsidizes illegal immigration with welfare programs.

6:36 PM: John McCain opposes English as an official language because of the native American reservations. They use their native languages.

6:37 PM: Jim Gilmore, he’s the real conservative. Not Rudy McRomneyson.

6:39 PM: Tommy Thompson…ZZZZzzzz…

6:40 PM: Rudy Giuliani asked about abortion, lightening causes technical causes. Still for it.

6:41 PM: Mitt Romney asked about abortion flip-flopping. Still flip-flopping.

6:43 PM: Huckabee asked about creationism, he’s insulted. Huckabee is the real Christian in this race, according to him at least.

6:45 PM: Brownback, another real Christian.

6:46 PM: McCain, let schools decide.

6:47 PM: Romney educates us about Mormonism.

6:48 PM: Paul supports local choice on religion.

6:49 PM: Giuliani believes in the global warming cult.

6:50 PM: Romney wants Big Oil to invest in R&D. What if they don’t Mitt?

6:52 PM: McCain likes nuclear power.

6:53 PM: Paul opposes subsidies. Takes his shot at the “Blood for Oil” line.

6:54 PM: Jim Gilmore opposes Kyoto.

6:55 PM: Paul supports “Don’t Ask for Tell”. Wants individuals to be treated the same regardless.

6:56 PM: Huckabee says its about behavior, not because they’re homos.

6:57 PM: Giuliani wants to rely on commanders. He wants nation building training.

6:58 PM: Romney ah missed what he said, though I’ll hear the opposite in a couple of weeks.

6:59 PM: McCain, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is working”.

7:00 PM: Tommy Thompson….wants Bush to lecture about honesty and integrity.

7:02 PM: Brownback….nothing of interest.

7:02 PM: Tom Tancredo “never darken the door of this builidng again”.

7:03 PM: Huckabee, Republicans didn’t do their job. Of course, he did though. Nevermind those tax increases he signed as governor.

7:04 PM: Hunter wants to pardon two corrupt Border Patrol agents named Campenos and Ramon.

7:05 PM: Giuliani wants to pardon Scooter Libby. Unfortunately, Mike Milken didn’t meet this new Rudy.

7:08 PM: The Dr. Phil segment break.

7:13 PM: Dr. Phil segment begins.

7:14 PM: Woman whose brother was killed asks what candidates would do to end war. Duncan Hunter says death was worth it. Wants to set up a free Iraq. Brownback wants to partition and run from Iraq. McCain opposes partition. Gives straight talk, war was mismanaged. Wants democracy for Iraq.

7:18 PM: Woman whose husband served in Iraq asks about how we’re going to help Iraqi government. Ron Paul wants to stop patrolling Iraqi streets. Opposes nation building. Giuliani says Iraq will make America safer if we succeed. We must nation build. Giuliani asks CNN if Petraeus gives good report, will it be reported?

7:22 PM: Attorney asks if conservation and conservatism can co-exist. Jim Gilmore says it can. Tancredo says the free market and conservation can work together.

7:25 PM: Guy asks about drug reimportation. Giuliani believes in free market principles (yeah right). Hunter opposes drug reimportation.

7:28 PM: Question about single-payer health care: Thompson opposes it. Romney supported it before he was against it.

7:32 PM: True Christian Huckabee asked about morality. He’s against abortion and doesn’t want old people abused and kids under bridges. Libertine Giuliani supports liberty (no he doesn’t). Ron Paul says we support preemptive war. That’s unChristian oppose nuclear war against Iran. Brownback is opposed to abortion also. Brownback will support the pro-abortion Giuliani though if he gets the nomination.

7:39 PM: Romney asked about his flip-flopping and more specifically why is he airing Spanish ads if he believes in English first. Because he loves immigrants, not just their votes.

7:41 PM: Tancredo won’t advertise in Spanish. That’s probably a good idea.

7:42 PM: McCain likes Hispanics, really.

7:43 PM: Candidates asked where they disagree with Bush. McCain, “Spending, spending, spending, and corrpution.”. Giuliani, “establish accountability and Republicans became Democrats”. Romney, something about a vision. Brownback, “spend on cancer”. Thompson, “Washington changed us.” Change health care, end war in Iraq. Tancredo, “Bush ran as a conservative and governed as a liberal”. Paul, “President ran on a policy of no nation building and changed his mind. Cut war spending and spend more at home.” Paul is obviously at the wrong debate. Gilmore, “I’m against Hillary”. Hunter, “party has to reunite with the American family”. Huckabee, “communicate better than Bush”.

7:49 PM: Candidates asked what it is to be American. Tancredo “cut ties with past country”. Tancredo wants to stop all immigration. Huckabee wants to admit immigrants like at a sports stadiums. Giuliani likes legal immigration and says being an American is how much you believe in freedom. If that’s the case, than Giuliani is definitely not an American. McCain, “America is still the land of opportunity”.

7:54 PM: Candidates asked about reaching out to moderates. Gilmore, anti-tax. Hunter thinks everyone else is a moderate. Rudy McRomney is influenced by Teddy Kennedy. Romney cites Reagan as a moderate. Wants to run on a three tier platform “strong military, strong economy, strong family” and optomism. Rudy, “want to accomplish what you want, nominate me”. Democrats are soft on defense. McCain says we are under threat.

7:59 PM: Debate is over….thank God.

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  • trumpetbob15

    Tommy Thompson’s opening was awesome.

  • Nick

    Oh my god. Everyone needs to shut up about the war. The issue is so polarizing and people are so opinionated that it’s completely worthless as a yardstick of a candidate.

    I say this as someone who vehemently disagrees with my favorite candidate.

    I want to hear more about domestic policy. How are we going to get ourselves OFF the road to socialism?

  • trumpetbob15

    Thanks for live-blogging again Kevin, even during this horrid debate. Now to turn on Hannity & Colmes to hear from Fred Thompson.

  • KenH

    That was a very boring debate. I turned it off after the first fifty minutes and watched an episode of “Tour of Duty” on DVD.

    This was the third GOP debate and it’s just the same stuff over and over and over again from the first two debates.

    The nation would be better served if the candidates published white papers detailing their positions on the major issues of the day.

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  • Stephen Littau

    Great job as always Kevin! You really thought Tommy Thomson was dull? I think the man is electric. He’s just dripping with charisma.

  • Seer

    I also thought Tommy Thompson did a much better job than at past debates. Not well, but not cringe inducing bad like he has the last two times.

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