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June 5, 2007

Ron Paul At The New Hampshire Debate

by Doug Mataconis

I know that more than one of my fellow contributors here will disagree with me, but after watching this montage of Congressman Paul’s responses at tonight’s debate, I have to say that, although I don’t agree with everything he says, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s the only Republican I can vote for in the 2008 nomination race:

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  • Scott

    I agree. I’ve never seen a candidate that doesnt slip and slide around every question asked. He directly answers it from what his principles are, not what 40 PR people have told him how he should answer each question and how to dodge each question. Dont agree with all his policies, but I think its more important to get someone willing to do some housecleaning in the whitehouse.

  • trumpetbob15

    Although he didn’t slip and slide, he didn’t always give the best response to the question. Most notable was his answer to the morality question. Yes, I know Ron Paul is against pre-emptive war, but I think he would have been better served had he answered that our biggest moral dilemma is too large of a nanny-state. He needs to address other issues rather than the Iraq War since he can win more conservative voters on his less-government plan. Just a missed opportunity in my mind.

  • Valerie

    I am surprised that so many people are beginning to see the extreme viability of Ron Paul’s candidacy, maybe I have not been giving the American sheeple enough credit. The general population seem to be waking up to his honesty, sincerity and integrity. He was the only candidate who received applause after every single response he was allowed the opportunity to make! I am disappointed that some of the questions regarding abortion, health care and the moral issues of today were not directed to him, I think the message of the only Medical Doctor of Obstetrics on the stage would be equally intelligent and articulate, and we have heard from the others before, they simply represent more of the same old rhetoric. America’s hope lies with Ron Paul.

  • Kevin

    After tonight, I couldn’t vote for anyone on stage. They were all terrible.

  • Stephen Littau

    Damn, its too bad he is so wrong on the most important issue of our time (the war on Islamofascism). Otherwise, Ron Paul is damn near perfect.

  • Stephen Littau

    I tend to agree Kevin. What a lousy choice we have. Reguardless of which of these clowns win the primary, we still need to focus on defeating that Marxist Hillary Clinton.

  • Kevin

    Reguardless of which of these clowns win the primary, we still need to focus on defeating that Marxist Hillary Clinton.

    Can any of these ten dwarfs beat her, seriously?

  • MDforLibertarian

    Heck, I’m surprised Libertarian policies have gotten this far. Should Dr.Paul actually get the nomination amongst republicans then I don’t see why a similar thing can’t happen with at least a strong fraction of the democrats. From what I recall, a good 16% of Ron Paul’s supports were previously registered as Democrats. Maybe America still has a chance…

  • Kaligula

    A couple of points here. The Liberty Papers, I thought, is supposed to be more or less an advocate of classical liberalism. Frankly, Ron Paul is probably the first true classical liberal candidate we’ve seen on the national stage since before the great depression.

    Yes, there are shortcomings. I totally agree. Paul does have a “John Birch–America is going to hell in a handbasket because of the Federal Reserve and the UN” side to him. He’s really been saying the same things for a long time and now, all of a sudden, it’s starting to resonate because the GOP is so intellectually bankrupt. I think it surprised him. But to Ron Paul’s credit, he is trying to take advantage of it. He’s getting better at packaging his views, I think.

    One poster mentioned not recognizing Islamofascism as Paul’s only flaw. What the fuck does Islamofascism mean? This is the term recently invented by Neo-conservatives, around the same time they started to deny they ever used the term “neo-conservative” to describe themselves. Fascism is a purely western concept, that involves a revolt from the the bourgeois middle class of a democratic, capitalist society. You really have to have a bourgeois before you have fascism.

    Arab Countries have never had a bourgeois, democratic middle class for the fanatics to revolt against in the first place. Revolting against a bourgeois West supporting imperialistic dictators in their countries since the fall of the Ottoman Empire is not fascism.

    Calling them Fascist is trying to play upon European genocide of the Jews. Under the Ottoman Empire, muslims were generally fairly tolerant of Jews, certainly much more than the Catholic Church over the ages.

    Yes, they hate the Jews now, but how much is that the result of the West using decree to simply create a homeland to atone for their own sins. Listen, I agree israel should exist, they should exist right where they are, but let’s not fail to understand the resentment that act has created. And it’s not really the US’s fault. it wasn’t the US that committed genocide against the Jews. It was Europe. And Europe are yellow-bellied pansies for running from their own past responsibilities on this matter.

    Recognizing the historical basis is empathy, not sympathy. Europe is full of sympathy and they’re the ones with the muslim assimilation problem.

    Maybe if we weren’t enacting patriot Acts at home and threatening century long wars, I might be more tolerant of loose historical facts. That we are, I have little tolerance.

  • Nick

    Ron Paul is dead wrong on the islamofascism matter, but I simply don’t care.

    Right now I see us at a crossroads…do we go further down the Euro-style nanny state road? Or do we turn back and recognize liberty for what it is?

    Ron Paul manages to piss me off everytime he starts saying there’s no threat in the middle east. A lot.

    Islam was founded by a violent intolerant man, and anytime an islamic government (instead of a secular government of islamic people) is allowed to flourish, these same traits will rise again. Until the middle east takes a page from Ataturk, it will always be a hotbed of intolerant violence. Always. It can be argued that we’ve given them *excuses* to act the way they want to, but that’s something entirely different.

    Anyone with any understanding of history knows that ‘Palestine’ was created purely as an anti-Israel propaganda tool.

    But Ron Paul is still the only candidate I’d vote for. What I want to know is why they didn’t ask the DOCTOR about healthcare reform (Giuliani gave a great answer by the way). Why didn’t they ask him about anything else?

    I figure a lot of us find his Iraq War answers distasteful, but he can win a LOT of friends with his talk of domestic problems. And the domestic thing is the ONLY thing i’m looking at right now.

  • Wild Pegasus

    think he would have been better served had he answered that our biggest moral dilemma is too large of a nanny-state.

    I think invading a country that never wronged us, killing thousands of their people, and igniting a civil war that has killed well over half a million people is a more important moral issue than government spending on health care.

    – Josh

  • http://n/a Robert

    Damn, its too bad he is so wrong on the most important issue of our time (the war on Islamofascism). Otherwise, Ron Paul is damn near perfect.

    Who cared about Islamofascism, how about Amerofascism! I looked at a copthe wrong way and he was like, who are you, let’s see some ID.

    I could care less about Islam! They want to follow us here. let them!! 20 million gun owners, they won’t last 5 minutes. Or should we give our guns up also Stephen and Nick, get an clue!


  • Stephen Littau

    “Or should we give our guns up also Stephen and Nick, get an clue!”

    I have never suggested anything of the sort Robert. If we fail in Iraq, we better damned well be armed. If the government fails to provide defense for the citizen then it should get the hell out of the way and let us do it ourselves.

  • http://n/a Robert



    Big money is being made, and that is all. Why do people think government is so kind and loving? They are in bed with corporations. Did you know the busches vacation with the bin Ladins?

    Did you know Prescott Walker Buschie help Hitler and Nazi Germany??

    FORGET ISLAM,,,look out for homeland security!

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