Pot Calls Kettle Black

Or in this case, George W. Bush denounces the Democrats in Congress for fiscal irresponsibility:

CRAWFORD, Tex., June 16 — Even while trying to reach out to Democrats to fashion a new immigration bill, President Bush lashed out at the opposition party Saturday for its budget policies and served notice once again that he plans to veto bills with “excessive spending.”

In his weekly radio address, Bush said the Democrats’ “tax and spend” approach is endangering economic growth and budget-balancing efforts. “They’ve passed a budget that would mean higher taxes for American families and job creators, ignore the need for entitlement reform, and pile on hundreds of billions of dollars in new government spending over the next five years,” Bush said.

Excuse me, Mr. President, where were you the past six years ?

Consider this:

[D]uring his first 4 years as President, Bush has presided over budgets that have increased discretionary spending an astounding 8% annualized in real terms, nearly twice as much as the rate of increase under LBJ. Second, under Bush, total federal spending has increased at an annualized rate of 5.6%, second only to LBJ who presided over annualized increases of 5.7% during his 5 years in office, and Bush will be around for another 4 years

George Bush lecturing Congress on fiscal responsibility is sort of like Bill Clinton giving a talk on the importance of monogamy.

  • uhm

    I find Bush giving lectures on spending hilarious!