Ron Paul’s Political Skills

Most people dismiss Ron Paul as a political hack on the fringe of the Republican Party, but the Cato Institute’s David Boaz makes an interesting observation:

Similarly, Ron Paul is the only current member of Congress to have been elected three times as a non-incumbent. Given the 98 percent reelection rates for House members, it’s no great shakes to win three terms — or 10 terms — in a row. It’s winning that first one that’s the challenge. And Ron Paul has done that three times.

He first won in a special election for an open seat. He then lost his seat and won it back two years later, defeating the incumbent. After two more terms he left his seat to run unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate (and thereby did his greatest disservice to the American Republic, as his seat was won by Tom DeLay). Twelve years later, in 1996, after some redistricting, he ran again for Congress, again defeating an incumbent, this time in the Republican primary. Some political scientist should study the political skills it takes to win election to Congress without the benefit of incumbency — three times.

It can’t be easy, that’s for sure. Granted, Paul was helped by the fact that he was running in areas of Texas where the prevailing political beliefs are conservative, but a conservatism that is of the Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan leave-me-alone type than the interventionist/Christianist conservatism that prevails elsewhere in the country. Still, facts like this should put to rest the idea that Ron Paul is just some lone nut.

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  • Dan Reale

    The idea of liberty is winning this time.

  • bret

    Indeed… It’s Freedom, stupid! Join us at

  • ed hancock

    Who knows-maybe the idea of liberty will finally catch on.ron paul is the truly genuine person in
    either party. lets hope ron paul takes it the whole way and surprize the whole world. It will be a seminal moment not just in the U.S.A. but in
    the entire world, Sometimes the unexpected does
    indeed happen! Go Ron PAUL!

  • Arya Stark

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    Go Ron Paul!

  • Back2WeThePeople

    It’s time to show the Political/Corporate Media Elitists in this Country who America really belongs to. I had never before donated to a political campaign before, and I began donating to Barack Obama’s campaign about a month ago.

    I’ve switched my campaign contributions to Ron Paul now that we have a real Republican for We The People in the Party again. Run Ronny Run. Ron Paul for President 08, for the salvation of We The People’s America –

    Signed: Reagan Republican now Ron Paul Republican

  • ron stratton

    I’m a believer..Money sent in to Ron Paul.

    Maybe the country is ready for a real change instead of replacing one group of biased zealots with another. We have to try something.

    America is too great to just let things continue as they have been for the last few elections.

  • chris lawton

    Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul! God Bless Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President 2008!

    Ron Paul in CNN debate on June 5, 2007!

    “In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” GEORGE ORWELL

  • Robert Standard

    I read somewhere that the reason Ron Paul wins so much, is because Tom DeLay gerrymandered his District to help his old friend have a very Republican seat.

    There’s a rumor that DeLay took out the heavily black Democrat areas in Galveston County from Ron Paul’s District, and put them in his own.

  • Davy C Rockett

    I’ve committed to a monthly donation to the Ron Paul campaign until he wins in the 2008 general election.

    Ron Paul for President in 2008