• http://tfortruth.blogspot.com trav.is

    Well the plain text of the Constitution seems to be completely at the discretion of the reader nowadays.

    We have the VP stating his office isn’t part of the Executive. We’ve got Speaker Pelosi doing the State Department’s job visiting the Middle East. We’ve got DC residents demanding reps/votes in the House and Senate even though DC isn’t a state. We’ve got President Bush using signing statements to say he won’t follow/enforce legislation he’s signing into law….

    Why do we even bother with a Constitution anymore?

  • http://dangerouslyidealistic.blogspot.com/ UCrawford

    After watching the clip it appears that Perino is trying to cover for the White House because they know that Cheney’s claims have put them in a hole and that their legal position is now untenable.

    She acknowledges that Cheney as VP has executive functions and that he has legislative functions, but she’s subtly trying to claim that he therefore is bound by the laws of neither branch, and it doesn’t seem anyone’s buying that. If anything, his assumed responsibilities should mean that he is bound by the laws of both, otherwise it would essentially mean that the VP is accountable to no one. And I find it difficult to believe that the courts, or even the Bush-friendly Supreme Court would sign off on the argument that the office of the Vice President is authorized to do whatever it damn well pleases without being accountable to any laws.

    Unfortunately, taking the issue through the courts or removing Cheney (or Bush) from office are the only way this situation is going to get resolved because if the Bush administration has taught us anything it’s that they’ll never fix a problem in their own administration or kick someone out of office unless they can do so without admitting mistakes, accepting responsibility or making themselves look worse. Of course that’s really been the fatal flaw of the entire Bush administration…fortunately for Bush the Democrats are too stupid to find a way to capitalize on it.