Michael Bloomberg: Just Another Apostle Of The Nanny State

Much was made of last week’s announcement by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that he was leaving the GOP, and much of the buzz was because of speculation that this announcement might lead to an independent run for the White House.

As this press release from the Club For Growth demonstrates, if he runs, no matter how he portrays himself, Americans should remember that he’s just another apostle of the Nanny State:

Washington – It wasn’t enough for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to make the mere presence of an empty ashtray in an office building illegal. Nor was he satisfied with banning trans fats in all New York City restaurants. Now Mike Bloomberg wants to tell New York City residents what to drink, and he wants to spend taxpayer dollars to do it.

According to the New York Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg is launching a $700,000 ad campaign to promote tap water. Taxpayer dollars will fund a total of 1,400 advertisements on New York City subways, bus kiosks, and check-cashing stations. Ironically, this campaign comes one month after the city raised water rates.

This latest waste of taxpayer dollars reflects Mayor Bloomberg’s long record of raising taxes and city spending through the roof. In his first term, Bloomberg raised sales, income, and property taxes while increasing spending by an average of 10% per year—far outpacing the growth of inflation and population.

“Many journalists have labeled Mike Bloomberg a ‘fiscal conservative,’ but there is nothing conservative about spending $700,000 of taxpayers’ money to tell them what to drink,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Bloomberg’s latest crusade demonstrates his little respect for New York City’s hardworking taxpayers and the right of individuals to make their own choices.”

What ? You mean the government shouldn’t be spending tax dollars on a campaign to remind us we need to drink water ? Who else can I depend on to tell me what to do when I’m thirsty ?