Monday Open Thread: Go Go Gadget Global Warming

Global Warming is occurring. We have two choices: restrict freedom and capitalism in the hope that we might curb emissions, or open the doors for capitalism in the hopes that increased wealth and technology will solve the problem. I vote #2.


  • js290

    They can’t forecast tomorrow’s weather accurately, but they’ve figured out exactly how the Earth’s climate works? I’m no big city scientists, but maybe the simplest explanation for the rise in temperature is the Earth’s orbit is just a little bit closer to the Sun, which probably happens periodically over thousands of years.

  • UCrawford

    Or perhaps one of the biggest reasons for all those carbon-emitting coal/oil power plants that all the “environmentalists” like to bitch about is the government over-regulation that prevents new nuclear plants from being built. I agree with Brad.

  • Brad Warbiany


    I don’t think the orbit has changed, I think there’s been an increase in sun activity. That may or may not account for the change in climate, but there’s a definite correlation between solar activity and temperature through the last few centuries.

  • js290


    it’s not so much that the orbit changed, but there’s likely variations in the path the Earth takes around the Sun. And, solar activity, i.e the Sun is giving out more energy, is the other more simple explanation that I left out in my first response. Those are the two arguments I usually use to counter the man-made global warming claims.

    Until they can accurately forecast the weather, I’m going to stick with Ockham’s Razor on this global warming issue. Any data they gather is just that: Data that needs to be objectively analyzed.

    That being said, I try to be a reasonable conservationist.

  • VRB

    The distance of the sun, with links to what causes the temp of the seasons.

    If technology is the way to solve the problem, why I do I hear people alway harp about just how expensive it is. Nuclear Energy is expensive too, because you do have to take special precautions with the fuel.

    Industry now can clean up, it could be voluntary, but that’s not the capitalist way, to respond to the public desire to improve society.

  • Symgharyl

    What in the world is wrong with a little compromise?

    Capitalists aren’t ready to pay the price to clean up what can’t be seen but litter trash and debris on their lawns and watch the fur fly.

    Regardless of the source, the complacent behaviour is appalling. Is it because people with money have money they don’t feel that they don’t need to worry about the other people in the world? Take a little responsibility for your actions and stop letting yourself be spoiled ‘rich-kids’. As a Boy Scout our rule of campsite was to “leave it better than we found it”. Why o why can the same not be said for industry?

    I’m not thoroughly convinced that global warming isn’t just a part of how the earth is meant to evolve. I can realize that added CO2 and decreased O2 production could be a cause for some conditions. I guess the only thing that bugs me is the total disrespect both of the extreme sides have for each other and the lack of compromise on their parts.

    When your child makes a mess in your home and none of them admit to the guilt, who cleans it up? So shut up and clean up, like the rest of us.

  • js290

    Why o why can the same not be said for industry?

    It can… but being ethical and respecting the property rights of others cuts too deeply into profits… so industrial pollution is usually subsidized by the government…