Why Ron Paul Isn’t Libertarian Enough

Extreme Mortman has a tongue in cheek list:

Not too long ago, Extreme Mortman conducted a Ron Paul online experiment. What would happen, we queried, if we just mentioned Ron Paul’s name a bunch of times with some inconsequential silly set-up. Would anyone notice?

The results were fascinating. The Ron Paul faithful flocked our way. They swarmed this blog. But they were quite pleasant. They wiped their feet before entering. None of them swiped any of our pieces of silverware or left odd stains in the toilet. They all respected our noon check out time and honorably recorded any use of the minibar.

All in all, success.  Happy times.

We’ve noticed much the same thing here at The Liberty Papers, and it’s definitely and interesting phenomenon.

In this post, though, Mortman has a little fun with the Paul supporters. A few my favorites from the list:

9. When the National Hurricane Center suggests Ron Paul take shelter, he does.

8. Ron Paul’s campaign bus has a license plate. It also uses the Interstate highway system, which has no toll booths.

6. Ron Paul accepts that Pluto is no longer a planet, but still says the other eight are.

5. A tie: Ron Paul’s TV picks up UHF channels.


Ron Paul shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. Oh wait, that’s Johnny Cash.

My advice to the Ron Paul supporters out there, don’t take this so seriously. After all, politics is America’s oldest spectator sport.


  • http://www.IHateRonPaul.com Rudy G

    Don’t take it too seriously? What do you mean? Ron Paul is a “hated” man…him and his bunch of “INTERNET TERRORISTS”. Why, if I had any mind, I’d call in the great TERROR FIGHTER himself, Rudy Giuliani, to get rid of the dreaded Ron Paul INTERNET TERRORISTS. Many hate Ron Paul…how about YOU? http://www.IHateRonPaul.com – “…they hate us for our FREEDOMS!”

  • Jeanette Doney

    I have never seen so many spoofs, satires, and requests to not be taken seriously as any candidate or articles on Google concerning Ron Paul in response to the internet turn out for his campaign.

    Just when you thought America was dead I guess you’re finding out we’re alive and kicking butts.

    The comic relief is Ron Paul is not a joke, but the rest of the candidates are at best.

  • http://dangerouslyidealistic.blogspot.com/ UCrawford

    The only position where Ron Paul isn’t “libertarian enough” (in my opinion) is the immigration issue. On every other issue I’m all on board with his platform…but that hardline on restricting immigration is a tough one to swallow. It ties him just a little too closely to those populist loons like Tancredo, he’s made comments on race before (http://www.chron.com/content/chronicle/aol-metropolitan/96/05/23/paul.html) that make me concerned about his motivations for being anti-immigration, and the position’s incompatible enough with free markets and mainstream libertarianism to make me wary about getting behind him too much.

    Right now Paul’s got my vote, but if there’s anything that would make me change my mind it’s that immigration policy. Definitely a fly in the ointment there.

  • James

    Nothing wrong with a spot of fun, it’s just that many supporters are getting annoyed by the venom we get. Such as from chaps like Rudy G up there. Now maybe he thinks that is funny, but I don’t. Now some of the satire articles at the spoof are worth a chuckle, my favorite being the cloned fund raisers.

    Anywho, if the people treated elections more seriously, perhaps we wouldn’t be run half way into the ground these days. An election where the use of atomic weapons on countrys that have not attacked us is being discussed. That deserves a little serious thought don’t you think?

  • bryan

    well for the record this country lets over a million new citizens in every year LEGALLY. it is not a big deal to shut the border down and throw away the key. the majority of those million or so each year are ding! ding! ding! you guessed it mexicans. so i support ron pauls stance on immigration and border security.



  • Aaron

    Immigration’s a tough issue. My mom is a Mexican, though now an American with duel citizenship, and my dad is from Northfield, Minnesota. I also know people who are illegal aliens (from Mexico!!!) As a half-Mexican I understand both sides of the argument. I agree the border should be secured, but I think we have to stop fooling ourselves…we are not sending 12 million people home without causing major disturbances. Remember many have families deeply rooted with children born in this country…something to think about. So let’s worry about border security first and deal with the other part later.

  • John Howard

    I have listened carefully when Ron Paul has spoken on the subject of immigration. He says he wants to “secure” the border – but that doesn’t mean with a gigantic fence. He speaks instead of adding personel brought home from overseas. But then he says he would work to remove the incentives such as welfare and birth-right citizenship which are part of the attraction for illegal immigrants. Finally, he has said that people who come legally to work and be responsible should be welcomed. Free trade accross borders is the surest way to peace.

  • John Agathos

    The joke’s on you when you finally realize you’ve been supporting politicians who don’t give a rat’s azz about you as a human being, because they’re entirely in it for profit and power. Making jokes about your own future well-being reminds me of the court jester who goes too far with a stunt and accidentally cuts off his own head. You want to laugh, but deep inside you cringe for these people.

  • oyecomova

    We are HUMAN beings!..We are not livestock!..We don’t need a national ID card, implanted chips or numbers tatooed on our arms. Our transportation and logistical infrastructure belong to the American People. Not out for bid to corporations for lifetime leases without the consent and the vote of the people. Our troops deserve better. War for profit is immoral. And war whores making money off our troops makes me sick. And there are still to many of those out there who masturbate to images of death, destruction, rape and torture. They moan in extasy “terror,Rudy, Dubya,terror, islamofascist, terror, I don’t recall, 9/11”..uhuhuhuh…splooge!…These people are sick. Lets get rid of them…..I am going to vote for Ron Paul. Because I am tired ofmy nations capitol being a political “red-light district.”

  • Dick Allen

    Jesus Christ, I have to say that while I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I am happy that the Internet is free and open for his supporters, calm the eff down.

    You go to google news, and google blogs, and search for Ron Paul, and you find every last one of these articles written about Paul and just flood them with idiotic remarks. Some people know what they’re talking about, but I swear I have never seen so many idiot libertarians in my life. Maybe its because most of you arent libertarians, but you’re 9-11 Truthers and people who are just anti-Iraq War, not real Libertarians.

    But God, swarming websites and saying “let’s get rid of these people who jack off to death, destruction rape and torture. Moaning in (mispelled) extasy “terror, rudy, dubya, terror, islamofascist, terror splooge”

    Get a life, talk about the issues in a cool, calm and collected manner.

  • David

    One thing that concerns me is his use of the term “libertarian” without, at the same time, coming out for religious freedom. He seems to think that it’s ok to impose Christian prayers and beliefs, so long as it’s done at the local level and not the federal level. Is that not just as anti-liberty? If my state (or county) forces my kid to pray to Jesus (or Allah or Amidabha), is that not still an infringement on my rights?

    He is also against granting equality to gays. He believes that each state should be free to discriminate against gays however they want. While I know that there is no political way to get equality in the short term, I’d like a president who supports it.

    Lastly, he’s anti-abortion, which means he’s against a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body. How does that square with his ideas about freedom over our own bodies?

    Add that to the immigration (and anti-free trade) questions, and I find it hard to see how he’s at ALL “libertarian.”