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July 12, 2007

Debunking The Myth Of Rudy The 9/11 Hero

by Doug Mataconis

From the firefighters:

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  • http://www, J Aron

    I haven’t totally decided on a candidate yet – but these folks and their bitterness do not give convincing arguments. They have an obvious axe to grind because they lost loved ones.
    The issue with bad radios is not just Rudy’s fault here.. if the radios weren’t tested when they were received by the ground crews initially then it is their own fault as well as their immediate superiors for not having adequate communication. What about personal responsibility here? and now they are blaming it on someone else? The firefighters had bad radios and the police didn’t? Maybe they should have worked together that day to relay messages. Maybe they should have known the radios were bad way before 9/11. Maybe they ought to have looked into the bidding process at the time the bid was accepted for those radios. I would wager that it wasn’t just Rudy who allowed this so called no bid contract on the radios. No bid contracts by the way is an issue that ought to be looked into not just for this, but for every municipality in the country.
    The issue with recovering lost bodies.. I dunno.. How long did they want to take to sift through the debris? Sometimes you just have to let go and go on. But it looks like they got to find their loved ones just the same, and Rudy did allow them the time to do it.
    The whole thing was tragic indeed – mistakes were made.. maybe colossal ones.. but overall I think Rudy handled it the best any person could have considering the enormity of the attack.
    These folks remind me of the swift boat people.
    It’s ok that they tell their side, but I take it with the knowledge that they just need someone to blame for their losses.
    The issue with putting the command center in the Towers – well yeah that was a dumb idea..
    Personally If it were between the two – I’d vote for Rudy before I’d ever pull a lever for Hillary.

  • TanGeng

    The weakest argument of the union is the radios. But where does the buck stop in on that issue? Rudy can tell the truth about the events surrounding the radios. He can give the people a clear picture of what went into that fiasco. He shouldn’t lie about what happened on 9/11 to the 9/11 commission and tell the world that the firemen stood their ground despite orders to evacuate the building.

    The strongest argument against Giuliani is his placement of the OEM (office of emergency management). That was pure incompetence.

    I for one won’t ever vote for Rudy, but I won’t be voting for Hillary either. Those two are closer to each other than to their respective parties.

  • Amy

    “I haven’t totally decided on a candidate yet – but these folks and their bitterness do not give convincing arguments. They have an obvious axe to grind because they lost loved ones.”

    And no one has done anything about it!! I think that is a Pretty good ax to grind.

  • tarran

    This video left me unconvinced – mainly because they simply blamed Giuliani because he was mayor when these bad things happened.

    What they should have done is delve deeper into why the no bid contracts were issued for those defective radios, and who made the decision and what his or her relationship with Giuliani was.

    This video only made a half-assed case rather than a four-assed case about Giuliani.

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