calL me regarding ron paul – TEL -603-218-9237-CELL – im coming into serious monies which i will contribute to his campaign- THE NH 1ST STATE PRIMARY- AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE – DOUG JAMES -FROM WEARE NH

  • Amy

    Doug, Thank you for sharing.

  • zach

    What a brilliant man.

  • jo

    an honorable statesman, with ..watch out..intelligence and knowledge about this country’s basic principles. we should all be so thankful he is offering himself as not only a candidate, but also as an educator of the voter.

    Thank you, Dr. Paul, for giving of yo9urself for the greater good.

  • http://none gabriel


    Thanks for sharing. Oh I wish, oh I sincerely wish, this man becomes my president.

    I love how he talks—just bracing!