Monday Open Thread: Socialist Atrocity News Day

Hey guys… I always manage to stir it up whenever I talk about Venezuela and the fact that Chavez is slowly destroying the underpinnings of a free society in his bid for dictatorial control.

But with work, and a baby on the way, and dreams of opening a brewery dancing through my head, I don’t have much time for “research”.

So what do you guys have? Any links of any stupid anti-freedom policies by socialists? What’s going on in the world that readers of this blog need to know about?

This can be about any socialist country, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, even Ecuador (still in early stages), France, etc. Even some American politicians may be worth including in this.

  • Nathaniel

    I’m no expert, but France did just elect a more pro-capitalsim Sarkozy over the Hardcore social democrats and outright Communists. So I suppose that’s good news.

    And on the home front…. The US government continues to be indecisive while borrowing from Communist China and giving to terrorist Pakistan.

    But don’t worry. Worrying is Un-American.

  • Jono

    In Australia, the leader of the opposition party and the man who is strong favorite in the polls to become the next Prime Minister at the end of the year, has announced a wonderful nanny-state measure:

    To ban the use of cartoon characters in promoting confectionary and children’s food.

    At a press conference, he mentioned Shrek and The Simpsons being used to hook kids on junk food.. childhood obesity crisis.. blah blah blah.

  • Der Historian

    If a Citizen were to use the state of Civil Liberties within the USA as a benchmark, then, as of 2007, Venezuela is just as good. If the USA suffered as much poverty as they do in Venezuela, then they’d vote for some socialist populist, like during the 1930’s.
    The abuses by FDR against civil liberties is comparable to Hugo Chavez’s. Considering the 5th Column of both the “Capitalists” and the FARC [the communist army within Colombia] operating within Venezuela, it is easy to fathom the absolute paranoia felt by the Venezuela Citizens.

  • Der Historian

    Just as a reality check:
    *Russia is licensing the right to make Russian weapons to Venezuela.
    *Venezuela’s intelligence actually has produced proof that the USA is preparing for an eventual invasion, and in fact, as of 2005 the USA’s CIA has opened a special sabotage department for the ALBA states of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia [and Nicaragua, Ecuador, Haiti]
    *ALBA is the free trade and mutual defense bloc of American governments. Some Indian Country nations have signed on to ALBA programs. Bolivia is 65-80% native american, and do not even speak Spanish, so ALBA is being seen by the brown-skinned peoples of the Americas as a god-send. Hugo Chavez is Black and Native American, and is attempting to get the Caribbean islands to join ALBA.
    *To the ALBA people, this “struggle” against imperialism is also a “struggle” against racism. Bolivia has an active Nazi underground, which helped take over the country during the 1980 “Cocaine Coup”… Look it up.
    *The major threat to the USA that the ALBA has created is their alliance with Iran. Imagine, socialists allied with a theocracy. Somethings gone wrong, here. [except, didn’t the Nazi socialists also ally with both the Vatican and the Muslims?]
    *Except for Cuba, which does recognize the Vatican, there is no religious persecution within ALBA. the Christian missions recently kicked out of Venezuela are known to belong to churches which act as CIA assets, but no protestant or Catholic churches have been shut down.
    *Because of ALBA, Cuba is slowly relaxing it’s “emergency culture”. Compared to the USA, Cuba is no picnic, but compared to Haiti or Puerto Rico, Cuba does offer more freedom (!) as far as standard of livings are measured. Cubans as well as Puerto Ricans [a USA Commonwealth] can escape to the USA, and many do.
    *ALBA is being seen favorably by the majority of the peoples of Latin America because of its programs. The USA is seen favorably by the same peoples only because of Wal*Mart and the various entertainment industries. The war for hearts and minds is in favor of the ALBA governments.

  • Der Historian

    Last Comment:
    Venezuela has the most crude and recoverable oil of any country in the world. Although the confirmation is still being brought together by the OPEC specialists [which will be completed by 2009], the heavy oil within the Orinoco region of Venezuela can be refined using the latest technologies and are proven to contain more oil than Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined, plus more.
    Venezuela and ALBA conspiracy theorists claim that the USA’s war drive against their system is at once a war against freedom [socialist freedom, not market freedom] and a war for oil…
    Hell, another reality check, Venezuela had dictators for more than 30 years before Hugo Chavez. For most Venezuelans , he is better than the unelected and racist dictators before him.