Is Ron Paul Basically Just Herding Cats ?

That’s what Clarence Page seems to be saying in his latest column in the Chicago Tribune:

Of all the interesting little fish swimming beneath the currents of the major candidates in this presidential campaign season, none ismaking waves as surprising as those kicked up by Rep. Ron Paul.

The Texas Republican, who embraces a libertarian point of view, has been riding an unimpressive 2 percent in the polls, but if the presidential election were held in cyberspace, Paul would probably win hands down.

Paul’s supporters flood online polls, such as the unscientific survey ABC News invited viewers to join after the Republican debate last Sunday. Yet, you could barely find the Texas doctor in the network’s after-debate coverage, despite the vigorous applause he ignited with his call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

In endless e-mailings or phone calls to talk shows, Paul’s fans blame an insidious conspiracy to muzzle the “truth.”

So, why, Page asks, isn’t Ron Paul attracting more support, and, more importantly, more media coverage. His argument boils down to two points. First, at this point, based on the polls, there isn’t any realistic possibility that Ron Paul could win the nomination; therefore, his media coverage is minimal.

But then, Page makes this point:

Judging by my contacts with Paul promoters—in person and through e-mails—they seem to be largely young, male, independent-minded, leave-us-alone libertarians who like Paul’s tiny-government agenda.

Which leads to another reason why I think Paul faces trouble in moving his campaign to the next level of public attention: organization. You can’t win political campaigns without it, but organizing libertarians is about as easy as herding cats. Angry cats.

Well, notwithstanding my own well-expressed assessment of the likelihood of success, I can still say as a not-so-young, married, yet sill pretty independent minded voter that I support most of Congressman Paul’s campaign platform.

And, I don’t particularly like cats.

  • Scott McDonnell

    Here’s the problem really:

    Ron Paul’s supporters are acting like this is a peace protest. They are wasting every bit of their energy on advertising Ron Paul to the general population. An average of 12% of registered voters vote in their State’s primaries while there was about a 67% turnout last general election.

    This strategy is the equivalent of shooting a shotgun at an apple from 100 yards away. It isn’t going to have much affect on the apple and is alot of wasted ammunition.

    If they could just understand that they have all the time in the world to do these rallies, etc.. NEXT YEAR when the 67% of voters matter. It is completely moronic to do this right now.

    We need to target the 12% primary voters and the GOP parties in our counties and states. We need to find the delegates, talk to our representatives (they are ‘super-delegates”)

    There will be ONE republican and ONE democrat on the ticket in Nov. 08, if we don’t make sure that one republican is Ron Paul, it doesn’t matter how many people want to vote for him.

    Stop the rallying, stop the blog blasting, stop wasting your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out there and do what it really takes.

    Start targetting those that choose the nomination. 30 thousand plus volunteers across this country and we can’t get this done? How many of the other candidates have this many volunteers?

    Ron Paul will win once we start acting like this is a political campaign and not a peace rally.

    After Ron Paul gets the nomination, THEN we spend our energy on reaching the general masses. THEN he will get ALL of the (republican candidate’s) media attention because he will be THE only republican candidate. You have 7 months left at best to do this, and you need to get this done before the rest of the candidates do it.

    30 thousand volunteers and they are wasting their time blogging and rallying. Wake up, people!

  • Thomas

    It might be that the Ron Paul campaign knows what it is like to herd cats. The call for help for the Iowa Straw Poll asked those who wanted to help to explicitly volunteer for a task, to place themselves under a supervisor for that task and to attend a dress rehearsal. Can the campaign herd cats? Can Ron Paul supporters do this? My call is YES!

  • badmedia

    If you look deeper into the media polls, you’ll find they ask more questions than which candidate they like. It will also ask if you are currently registered to vote, how you voted in recent elections etc.

    Those questions in the polls will have 100% response rates under those questions, and any responses which don’t meet those pre-determined standards will not be counted. So if you are a democrat turned republican, you aren’t counted. If you aren’t currently registered to vote, you aren’t counted.

    The so called scientific reason for this is that democrats can’t affect the republican polls(saying you support someone you don’t for an easier opponent), of course in doing so, you completely ignore anyone who truly is doing so. And considering the number of people who left the republican party recently, that is a very large number at the moment. Remember 70% of the people are opposed to Iraq. Even the majority of the 30% left oppose the way it’s been handled.

    He is not getting the credit he deserves in media polls. Those polls are more accurate in general elections when it’s only 2 candidates and not so many requirements on who’s counted.

  • Chris S

    Maybe this “problem” would be better discussed next week?

  • js290

    There will be ONE republican and ONE democrat on the ticket in Nov. 08, if we don’t make sure that one republican is Ron Paul, it doesn’t matter how many people want to vote for him.

    What kind of fucked up system is that? Oh wait, it’s our fucked up system…

  • nzer

    I like cats. And I like herding them too. It’s gosh-awful fun if you do it with a garden hose.

    But seriously, you only get to choose between two candidates?!? Why can’t you choose from all those who are running for president? I thought you guys had a democracy.

  • Brian Costin

    Cat Herding for Ron Paul

    I would like to thank the Chicago Tribune for the recent Clarence Page column about the Ron Paul campaign for President. It was interesting to see that the article hailed our organization for being very active online, winning many post-debate polls, and activism on message boards. Especially considering it also said that our organizational structure would be a major hindrance from moving up to the top tier of candidates, because organizing our libertarian leaning supporters it is like “herding angry cats”. Well, I am glad to report that cat herding is much easier than previously thought.

    The spontaneous organizing among Ron Paul’s supporters has been nothing short of amazing. Over 30,000 volunteers have signed up and formed over 680 local grassroots groups all over this country through in about 3 months. While all of the Democratic frontrunners are using the same tool, the next closest candidate to Ron Paul is Barack Obama who has less than a 6,000 supporters and only 70 groups. In Illinois alone, the Ron Paul campaign on is approaching 1,000 volunteers in 20 local grassroots campaign groups all across the state.
    I believe that it is Ron Paul’s message of economic and civil liberty, principled Constitutional government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy has drawn these activists to this campaign through message alone. We have accomplished our organizing with virtually no financing or direction from the central campaign. Apparently internet tools and decentralized grassroots campaigning are the effective cat herding tools for the next generation. Ron Paul followers are finding many creative ways to support this campaign, including a currency coined by the Liberty Dollar with Ron Paul’s image on it. The better financed and better known candidates need to ask themselves why is it that someone with so little name recognition and small amount of money can get so many dedicated activists engaged in grassroots politics. Why is Ron Paul dominating the internet when others have much more money and supposedly more supporters?

    I cannot explain why the Ron Paul campaign doesn’t get more mainstream media coverage, but I do know that Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were at 1% and 2% respectively in the polls near this stage in previous elections and they both went on to be President. So instead of waiting for the media to catch up to us, the 30,000+ and rapidly growing Ron Paul grassroots volunteers will continue to spread the message of peace, liberty, Constitution and Ron Paul. Hopefully, the rest of America will get to hear our message real soon. I am quite sure you will find that he is unlike any other candidate that you have come across in a long, long time.

    Brian Costin
    Paul for President Coalition
    Illinois State Coordinator
    Schaumburg, Il 60193

  • Kevin Houston

    Look, you got it backwards.

    Ron Paul isn’t herding cats. The cats are herding Ron Paul. To Ron Paul’s enternal credit, he has realized this, and to a large degree, is running with the cats, which is cool, because the cats and the doctor want to end up at the same place (smaller government)

    here is an example:
    When Ron Paul was first excluded from the IfTR debate in Des Moines, I sent a polite email, and followed up with a phone call (also polite) and *then* I got an email from the paul campaign asking me (and everyone else) to send email, phone, etc.

    When it became clear that Ed Failor was sticking to his guns, and to his man (McCain) several of us at began planning a rally. After 2 days, when it became clear that a lot of people could go, then the campaign took over, and scheduled a room, and made sure that Ron Paul would be there.

    If Ron Paul is herding cats, he at least has the good sense to wait and see which way the cats *want* to go, and then he trails behind them, waving his hands and making “Hya” noises.

    It only looks like herding.


  • Kevin Houston

    Also, to Scott:

    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of all the blogging and rallies. The purpose is not to convert any Goppers, The purpose is to let every other natural Ron Paul supporter (believes in smaller government) know 3 things:

    1) Ron Paul is a libertarian running in a major party.
    2) Ron Paul has been saying these things and voting this way for 20+ years.
    3) You won’t be alone, a lot of other people support Ron Paul also.

    I think you are jumping the gun. It is no where near time to start talking to your average delegates (except in IA for the ames straw poll.) It is still time to rally our own troops.

    Soon enough it will be time to capture the Republican party flag. Some states will be won by getting out the vote, some will be won by getting into the convention.

    But notice a couple of things:

    1) No one is ignoring Ron Paul anymore.
    2) No one is laughing anymore.
    3) Soon, no one will bother attacking him anymore (because it won’t deter his supporters.)

    When someone attacks Ron Paul this early in the process, they are not attacking him because they hope to convince an undecided voter to vote for someone else, they attack him because they hope to disuade a current supporter from continuing that support.

    No attack, save gross hypocrisy, will disuade us (and perhaps not even gross hypocrisy)


  • Kaligula

    The random sampling polling is more or less accurate but it’s more indicative of lack of name recognition than anything else. The fact that Paul usually does well in straw polls among GOP party activists is a harbinger that Paul could catch fire if he is able to raise enough money to compete.

    The scientific polling that does bode well for Paul is that the GOP is roughly 50-50 when it comes to Iraq these days. I’ve said Ron Paul would only have a chance if the Iraq war was still raging in surge-mode come next year–a prospect that appeared unlikely as little as a month ago, but now appears quite likely. If such is the case, he could abolutely shock in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary(where the majority of the GOP now oppose the Bush policy). If paul has enough money to legitimately run a national campaign, things could get quite interesting.

  • Scott McDonnell

    Wrong Kevin,

    I am an organizer for the Ron Paul campaign and am tied very closely to it.

    A group with 155 volunteers gets activity out of maybe 10-15. Where are they? BLOGGING! When you ask them to do the tasks important to win an election, where are they? When you ask them stand around and hold rallies? Well, ok, then maybe they will show up.

    While all the stuff you cited is definitely awesome and great news for the people that already follow him. Has it raised Dr. Paul in the polls? Has it gotten him “top-tier” status in the papers? Has it blew away his incoming donations? No. It hasn’t. But of course, that is the evil medias fault, not ours, right?

    30,000 volunteers across America and the local GOP and delegates still ask us ‘who is Ron Paul?’

    All your blogging and all your rallying might make 30 million people want to vote for the good doctor, but if doesn’t end up on the ballot, they won’t be able to.

    And attacking him? He is a political candidate!!!! What political candidate DOESN’T get attacked? You’re happy when they do it to the others, you know. The more they attack him, the more relevent he has become.

    Again, this isn’t a protest. This is a political campaign. Ever wonder why the Dean phenomenon never went anywhere?

    You are wasting your time.

    Call me wrong all you want. If you don’t step out of your comfort zones and do what needs to be done, you will have only yourselves to blame.

  • Walt Thiessen

    Scott wrote: “We need to target the 12% primary voters and the GOP parties in our counties and states. We need to find the delegates, talk to our representatives (they are ’super-delegates”)”

    With all due respect Scott, your intentions are correct but you are barking up the wrong tree. The 12% of Republicans who regularly vote in primaries are overwhelmingly not disenchanted Republicans. Therefore, for the overwhelming majority of them, the last candidate they are going to support is Ron Paul. Super-delegates are generally going to support the big money and big exposure candidates, not the 2%-ers.

    The best chance for Ron Paul is to target those Republicans in Iowa who DON’T normally vote in the primaries and DON’T support Republican big government and are sick of Bush’s mismanagement. The Paul campaign should try to get them fired up to change their voting pattern and vote this time in protest against what their own party leaders have been doing. It’s a monumental task, but it’s Ron’s best shot in the IA straw poll.

  • Scott McDonnell


    The primaries are not an official state event. They are for the parties, they are run by the parties, they are controlled by the parties. They are meant to gauge interest in which candidate the people want. There is absolutely ZERO guarantee that the party will nominate whoever wins the primaries. There is ZERO guarantee that the party will even put Ron Paul’s name on the primary ballot at all if they choose not to. They are not required to by law. The party is the one that decides which candidates can run on their ticket.

    Many states hold caucuses or conventions. These are closed off to everyone except delegates and GOP party officials.

    Are you starting to get the picture? It is your fault that you and your volunteer groups are not researching this stuff to understand what is at stake.

    BTW, Iowa is not the end of the world, the straw poll isn’t even a PRIMARY!!!It is extremely important, yes, but in the entire political process, it is not the be-all-end-all. If straw polls were the most important thing, Ron Paul would be way up there since he has already won or placed high in every straw poll so far.

    In the U.S. the political parties control everything. Sitting there thinking the GOP is out to get Ron Paul is a guaranteed loss for him. The real world is not the internet. While the blog and talk-radio republicans attack Ron Paul, your local GOP filled with real-world ‘blue collar’ republicans just hasn’t heard of him. How do I know? Because I am one of them. Those talk-radio republicans probably don’t even vote. For them, politics is the equivalent of watching sports. How many of those guys actually PLAY the sports? And those that do vote will vote for Ron Paul if he wins the party nomination, because they will vote with the party, period.

    Your perceptions are completely skewed by what you think is going on in the real world.

    But, by all means, ignore what I am telling you and fuck up the most important election in nearly 100 years!

    This is the last I am going to say of this. You are wrong, Kevin is wrong and it panics me more that you people don’t understand this than the negative attacks on Ron Paul by the media.

  • Russian Racehorse

    Scott –

    You keeping saying that the blogging and the rallies don’t accomplish anything, and that we need to “do what needs to be done.” But you never say what that is. So, please, tell us clearly: WHAT do you believe “needs to be done”?

  • Jennifer

    To the person above who says the supporters are doing it all wrong. How do you target the 12 percent who vote in the primaries?


    Is there a way? If so, what is it? We need your help.

    Scott, we are like a group of kids out here all drawing on the wall because no one thought to give us paper. We don’t know how to win a campaign. But if you do, why keep it to yourself? Many of us would LOVE to help, but we don’t know how, we don’t get our inquiries returned and no one will guide us or tell us what needs to be done. If you really are working for the campaign, quit whining and come over to the RPforums and tell us what to do! And How to do it.

    Saying we need to target the 12% who vote is like telling us that we need to win. No kidding Sherlock. You forgot the how. Let us in on the secret. If we need to do something now FREAKING TELL US!!!!!!!

  • Scott McDonnell

    Primary voters:
    Call your county clerk or whoever handles voter registration. Purchase a list of registered voters that voted in the last two republican primaries. Write, call, or better yet, VISIT them with Ron Paul fliers. Don’t be afraid to talk to them one on one and explain why you need their help.

    While you are at the county clerk or whatever (it varies by state) ask them also for a list of delegates. Repeat above procedure.

    Call, write, fax, or visit your local representatives and ask for their endorsement for Ron Paul.

    Special interest groups:
    Gun clubs, voter advocacy groups, civil liberties groups, constitutionalists, taxpayer’s unions. etc.. Find them, canvass them. Get their endorsement.

    Visit and join your local GOP. Attend their meetings and events, donate, volunteer to help them. Let them know Ron Paul brought you to the party. The huge infusion of new members will DEFINITELY get their attention. Do not protest them, do not come in with an attitude, do not threaten them that you are only in the party as long as Ron Paul runs. Be their friends and neighbors.

    Look up your state election laws and understand how the primaries/caucuses/conventions work in your state. Work within the system.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you! I will work on this with every fiber of my being.

  • Kevin

    Scott: Thank you for your response to Jennifer. Is there any more that we need to know and do? As Jennifer said, none of us know what we are doing. We are just doing our best from the limited knowledge that we have.

    But you give us specific directions and we WILL make it happen. Guidance is all that we need.

    I volunteered to help Ron Paul at the main site, but never got any information back on anything except the Iowa straw poll. Unfortunately, I cannot attend to volunteer, but we have organized to do the Call Iowa program as asked and will have placed probably around 1000 calls just with my family and friends.

    We will do whatever the campaign asks us to do, and go over the top with it. We just need to be asked is all.

    And as far as the comment by someone else about plenty of time for approaching the delegates later. This is incorrect. You must build up credibility if you want to be taken seriously. And in some cases it has taken me almost a month to sway libertarian leaning people to actually register Republican and vote for RP. We need time to convince them, let them hear the whole message and to win them over personally.

    If we can convince one person who was already planning on voting in the primary (especially a delegate), this is equivalent to several votes. One vote for Paul, one vote lost for someone else, and in the case of delegates (depending on the state), possibly multiple votes from those delegates as the process draws on.

    From what I just read, becoming a delegate yourself is pretty easy in most places especially with Republican turnouts so low. Become a delegate, become a friend to one or more delegates, and from what I understand that has far more impact than convincing 20 people to vote RP.

    Scott, please tell us more if you can think of anything else that can help us. Do it in the forums as well, send it to the meetup groups. I can even setup a web page for this information so that it only has to be stated once and linked many times.

    Thank you for your candor.

  • Tim

    Scott said,
    “30 thousand volunteers and they are wasting their time blogging and rallying. Wake up, people!”


    “I am an organizer for the Ron Paul campaign and am tied very closely to it.”

    If we are wasting our time, it is because we have had no guidance. How about working with the campaign to get the suggestions YOU posted above and more suggestions on how to be effective on the official website? Here is a good section for it:

  • Darel99

    Hey Doug…. I thought you moved onto other things?

    Folks I can’t sand Doug at all. Just read his posts… While he suggest he supports Paul he sure goes out of his way with most of his posts to offer some second rate theme which the MSM is guilty of but someone who supports Dr. Paul 100% should offer other valid points intead of his 2nd rate posts….

    Doug, If I had the power to fire you I would…. You could go write for Obama….

    Either support Paul 100% with your actions or step aside and allow another!

    Will someone second the motion?

  • Blaine

    Scott’s comments seem wise. That needs to be a sticky on every board. That type of information need to be easily available on Ron’s main site. (I have not checked it…)

  • UCrawford


    Of course, the Liberty Papers is Doug’s blog, so he’s perfectly free to write whatever he wants. That’s part of living in a free society, something Ron Paul would likely wholeheartedly agree with.

    I find it interesting that you’re so rabidly for Ron Paul, but you don’t seem to get what it is he actually stands for. That’s actually a rather cultist attitude and if anything it validates the mainstream opinion that the hardcore Paul fans are a bunch of idiot loons. Perhaps you should go study Paul’s issues a bit more before blasting people and demanding they be fired for writing their opinions on their own webpage.

  • Doug Mataconis


    Technically, The Liberty Papers is a group blog and I am one of the posters. The “owner” is Brad Warbiany.

  • UCrawford

    And I find it particularly interesting that there’s so much venom that gets directed at Doug overall even though he continually says he’s going to vote for the guy. Here’s a few tips for people trying to push Ron Paul’s campaign: Serious campaigns don’t go around alienating potential voters by insulting their perceived political shortcomings. Ron Paul supporters (and libertarians in general) seem particularly prone to this phenomena. If you want to win new voters to Ron Paul’s cause, try selling them on how his presidency would benefit them by finding common ground. And quit screwing yourselves over by nitpicking peoples’ positions after you’ve already got their vote.

    Honestly, sometimes I think it really is like herding cats.

  • UCrawford


    Nitpick, nitpick, nitpick :)

    I’ll agree with the Ron Paul people, though, by saying that I think you do look for the flaws a little too much. There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate for political office, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find one you’ll agree with 100%…Paul’s no different. So sometimes it’s a good idea, when you find the candidate you think is worth putting in office, to hold off on or moderate the criticisms on the finer points until after the primaries (unless of course, he goes out and chops up a family or starts blowing up government buildings or starts hinting that socialized medicine is a good idea). Get the guy with the solid platform into power first, then start quibbling over the smaller details…that’s also something the libertarians seem to forget often.

  • UCrawford

    My apologies though Brad…didn’t mean to disrespect your property rights :)

  • Doug D

    Enough of the doom and gloom — the Ron Paul campaign is gaining momentum, and getting noticed. A few months ago, Ron Paul was polling at 0 to 1 percent. Now he consistently gets 2 to 3 percent. That doesn’t sound like much, but his support has more than tripled. It will triple again in the next few months.

    Yes, turnout is low in the primaries. This is a HUGE advantage. We don’t need to convert the party operatives who can’t stand Ron Paul — we just need to outnumber them on election day, and it won’t be difficult.

    And don’t say that Ron Paul supporters aren’t doing real politics, or making a difference. The Call Iowa and Mail Iowa programs are directly contacting registered voters. Ron Paul supporters are several times more likely to donate money than supporters of other candidates. They are going to be several times more likely to turn out to vote in the primaries, too, so Ron Paul’s vote percentage will have a significant multiplier over his poll numbers.

    And forget the “herding libertarian cats” BS. I had thought that most of Ron Paul’s support would be Libertarians like me who voted for him in 1988, but four televised debates and several big-time cable TV appearances have changed that significantly. Ron Paul’s biggest group of supporters is Independents. The second biggest is Republicans. Libertarians are third, followed by Democrats.

  • uiop

    Looks guys, doug mata. is a well established faggot. He needs attention outside of his dreary life by posting loserish bullshit on RP repeatedly.

  • UCrawford

    Doug D,

    I didn’t say that Ron Paul and his supporters aren’t doing “real” politics, just that a large number of his supporters spend an inordinate amount of time alienating people who might vote for Paul by nitpicking minor ideologic differences and whining about how their candidate doesn’t get enough respect. This is not helpful to sell your candidate, and it hurts the overall effort of marketing towards swing voters.

    As for the campaign, I got the mailer from the Ron Paul campaign and I thought it was well done. I’d love to see a good follow-up once the television adverts come out going into the primaries. The only knock I have is that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of formal organization in my state, so the message doesn’t really get out to a lot of people here (no yard posters or large-scale interaction with community events and local coverage…just the odd hand-painted sign tacked up somewhere like graffiti). Usually, if you mention Ron Paul’s name in this area you just get a blank stare, which is a shame. Neither the LP nor the GOP seem interested in pushing the campaign much and I think there’s a market for Paul’s ideas here.

  • UCrawford


    You, on the other hand, obviously like to spend your time reading and responding to his posts, which means that Doug’s pretty much accomplished what he’s trying to do.

    By the way, throwing out homophobic slurs pretty much discredits your views on a largely libertarian website. Moron.

  • uiop

    Why would a libertarian worry about discredited views when he likely sees himself as the grand arbiter of his sollopsistic Truth? faggot.

  • Doug Mataconis


    I suggest you read our comment policy.

    One more personal attack, whether its on me or another commentor, is likely to result in a ban.

  • uiop

    ban me. I’m done here, libertarians are gay. They cant act collectively, and they are also closet leftists. Fuck these people, buhbye.

  • Dirk Digler

    What will the people do when Americans realize the presidential election was stolen, once again? The mainstream media will help to pacify them, while they lose their pensions and home equity to a crashing dollar, and democracy is replaced by a UN Constitution. Then inflation will crank up to 20% or 30% when the US invades Iran, and West Africa, and the US will draft anyone under the age of 36.

    Maybe the selfish, violent, arrogant, and loud behavior traits of most Americans will be crushed in the process. I sincerely hope so.

    I can’t wait to watch it on the TV from New Zealand.

  • UCrawford

    You misspelled “Diggler”.

  • trumpetbob15

    I had a thought while watching the new TV show, “The Power of Ten.” Drew Carey hosts and he just mentioned his libertarian beliefs in response to a question. I wonder how much more influence Drew Carey has being on this show than Ron Paul in his bid. Kind of sobering to put it in those terms.

  • UCrawford

    Hey, he’s hosting “The Price Is Right” now too!!! Drew Carey could do for libertarianism what Bob Barker did for castrating pets.

  • Scott McDonnell

    Wow…thanks guys. I really do apologize for coming down heavy. I guess where I got upset is when I read about the South Carolina Strawpoll. Fred Thompson won with 102 votes, while Ron Paul placed second with 40 votes. I checked out the meetup groups in that area and there were 49 people in the group. I joined the group and read the organizer asking her members where they were. So, the 40 votes didn’t even come from his local meetup group there. There are actually two groups in the area and if all the members had voted, Ron Paul would have easily placed first.

    Those looking for direction, join your local meetup group if you haven’t already. put in your zipcode and it will find the closest group. If there isn’t one, start one. It is $77 for 6 months (kind of expensive, but you can ask donations from your members to pay for it.) Believe me, once you start the group, you will have more members than you can manage in no time

    I am not going to hijack Doug’s blog to direct people, and I will be the first to admit I do not have all the answers. I will join the forums at and get some posts up there.

  • Scott McDonnell

    BTW, what everyone has been doing is phenomenal. Especially what has been going on in Iowa. But, we really do need to stay on task. Iowa is working out so well because the campaign is very involved in directing people there.

    We are not all going to have this benefit. Ron Paul’s campaign must focus on the strategic states right now. When they roll through your state, they will get connected with you through the meetup groups. Until then, we all need to plug away and lay the groundwork for them.

    All that I mean to say is that what everyone has been doing so far is awesome, but time is closing in. We need to shift the direction to focus. And as UCrawford pointed out: Ron Paul’s message is a positive one. If you do not convey that message, you are turning people away. This is not a protest, it is a peaceful revolution.

    There is a lot of negativity out there. I understand where it comes from. But right now, the system is all we’ve got and it is the only way to win. We have to work within it. Imagine 30 thousand volunteers working this campaign!! There would be no way he can lose.

  • trumpetbob15

    What is nice about “Power of Ten” is that the questions are about politics and popular culture using polls. So for example, a question tonight polled a sample of Americans and asked them if police should be allowed to search a home without a warrant looking for illegal drugs. Carey said how he feels the police are bad enough when he goes to the airport. Plus, there was someone in the audience who shouted out “No” when he read the question. This is a great opportunity to get limited government beliefs acceptable on TV for the wide audience of CBS.

  • Joshua Holmes

    Hey, he’s hosting “The Price Is Right” now too!!! Drew Carey could do for libertarianism what Bob Barker did for castrating pets.

    “And remember, help control the criminal population. Please have your Congressmen spayed or neutered.”

  • UCrawford


    Good one :)

  • UCrawford


    I’ll have to check that show out then. I’ve actually heard some good things about it, plus I always thought Drew Carey was hilarious.

  • Scott McDonnell


    Thank you for transferring my post over to the ronpaulforums. For some reason, the mods over there have been very slow about approving my account. I will come to your thread and explain myself better then.

    BTW, at my meeting last night, we discovered one of our new members was on the executive committee for our local GOP. He concurred whole-heartedly with my assessment. We need to stop alienating the GOP. Ron Paul is running as a Republican. It is his party that must ultimately endorse him.

    It’s great that people offer examples of how THEY will be voting in the primaries for the first time, but THEY are already Ron Paul supporters, and I can aboslutely 100% guarantee you that not every single one of the Ron Paul volunteers will vote in the primaries. Many of them will find some reason they can’t do it. This is not an attack, it is just reality. People tend to justify their way out of things when it comes down to it. They sometimes believe they don’t have to, because someone else will do it for them. Unfrotunately, it is just reality and needs to be taken into account.

    To those talking about every registered voter being a POTENTIAL primary voter… great! Did you get their name and phone number so you can guarantee they will show up? That’s my point. It is a lot of effort for very little reward. Target the republican primary voters FIRST. Then, if you have enough manpower, hit up ALL primary voters. Then if you still have time and manpower (wow, you must be really lucky) hit EVERY registered voter. Still more time? Then run registration drives and get out the vote efforts (cannot be specifically aligned with a candidate in most states.)

    I am not an expert. I am not a paid employee of the campaign. I am completely a volunteer organizer for a very large city. I have studied the election laws for my state, studied the statistics, etc.. this strategy has been over a month in the making. Our members will be out there implementing it.

    If you hold a rally, have a SPECIFIC purpose in mind. Get names, phone numbers, not just an ‘ok, I’ll vote for him.” Use the rallies to build membership for your groups so you can increase the number of people that make up that 10% activity rate in the groups. That’s what rallies should be used for: gaining more volunteers. But you need to be firm in getting names and phone numbers. If you do not have a specific goal you wish to accomplish, it will just be a curiosity and you will have really wasted your time.

    Anyway, I will outline this further as soon as the mods actually approve my account at ronpaulforums. The name is GR4RonPaul, let the admin know.

    Scott McDonnell

  • Darel99

    Hi U Crawford,

    I noticed your commets and of course i understand what paul stands for but you missed the point all togother. So intead you imply I’m a loon you need to read Doug’s posts… First, Doug himself states is a supporter of Ron Paul… However, Doug makes every effort to undermine Paul with his posts.

    So U Crawford… I offer no apology at all…. I’m not the only one who has posted the same concerns.

    Live well,