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August 8, 2007

“The Constitution Is Under Review”

by Doug Mataconis

In Venezuela, that is, where Hugo Chavez is taking the necessary first steps toward becoming dictator for life:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has confirmed that he will try to change the law to allow him to remain in power indefinitely.

Under the current constitution, Mr Chavez will have to leave office at the end of his term in 2012.

But he says he wants to remain in power for as long as Venezuelans continue to support him.

The constitution is under review and Mr Chavez is expected to make changes to cement in law his socialist revolution.]

The details have so far been kept under wraps, but Mr Chavez has confirmed what many people expected – that he will be seeking to remain in power continuously.


He said this is something that happens in many European and Asian countries and that it should not be seen as a threat.

Yes, European countries like Weimar Germany, and Asian countries like North Korea.

H/T: KipEsquire

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  • UCrawford

    I thought the necessary first step was when the Venezuelan assembly voted to give him authority to rule by decree.

    That country’s headed down the tubes fast now.

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