• Brad R

    Ouch. That was painful to watch.

  • http://trumpetbob15.blogspot.com/ trumpetbob15

    While it was pretty painful, that was more in how he delivered the message. When he mentioned Libby, he should have said Libby paid a fine, but jail was excessive. I also am not going to convict Gonzales over attorney firings that followed the Constitution. There was a very obvious dodge of the Iraqi situation but did anybody expect him to really answer that?

    The dig at the Congress, while sounding idiotic, did make a pretty good point. It isn’t like Congress is actually investigating anything the President did wrong; they decided to reward it with a new spying program.

    I guess I just don’t see how this is any different from Bush’s previous press conferences.

  • UCrawford

    I agree with trumpetbob, this isn’t really any different from any other press conference he’s held. This one was probably a little better, actually. At least in this one he generally seemed to answer some of the questions he was asked. In others when he gets a difficult question he’ll simply give an answer to a completely different question. Frankly, I don’t think his credibility could sink any lower with anyone who’s paying attention anyway.

    TB’s also right about Congress. They aren’t investigating criminal offenses, they’re taking issue with Gonzalez exercising the power of his office and nitpicking details they’ll never follow up on. If the Democrats were serious about going after criminal offenses they’d have been going all out after the president for those five years of missing government e-mails that he was routing through a shadow server in violation of federal law. But they won’t because Pelosi is a stupid, weak and useless leader who couldn’t successfully prosecute Bush if the entire Congress walked in on him standing over a mangled body while holding a bloody axe.

    I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories, but Bill Hicks’ puppet analogy was somewhat apt: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/macomber200412150918.asp

  • Nick M.

    Okay, is he giving a speech for his campaign for 4th Grade Student Council Rep? I’ve seen kindergartners give better speeches for Show & Tell.

  • Jimmy John

    Yeah… it sucks, but – I have lived through worse.

    I may be missing something but, I think I have heard and seen much worse from him.

  • Lee

    If nothing else good comes from the election in 2008…at least he will not be in office.