The New Inquisition

This is just too funny for words: NASA Global Warming Data had “Y2K Bug”

I say again, the concept of current anthropogenic climate change; except in the case of localized micro-climates; holds no scientific water.

Honest scientists will tell you the same thing if pressed (and if their funding doesn’t depend on it), but the agenda politics of todays science (admittedly on both sides of the political spectrum, but generally on different subjects), prevents real, honest, science from occurring anymore; or from being reported if and when it is (the record of suppressing global warming debunkers is long and shameless at this point)

The honest numbers are simple. Global temperatures have risen an average of less than 1 degree centigrade since measurements started being taken. There is no “sudden and precipitous increase”. There is no hockey stick; it was a lie, and even the climate change people have admitted it. The ice caps aren’t melting, in fact in most areas they are thickening slightly. The sea level isn’t rising.

Since temperature recordings have begun, volcanic eruptions have put more carbon into the atmosphere, and caused more temperature change than all of human industry; but it wasn’t by increasing temperatures with carbon, it was by decreasing them with dust in the air.

The world has been far colder than today at times when there was far more carbon in the atmosphere; even without more dust. The world has been far warmer than today with far less carbon in the air.

The amount of anthropogenic carbon in the atmosphere is less than one half of one percent of all carbon (the vast majority is released by soil, and rotting vegetation); and considering how small a percentage of our atmosphere carbon and carbon compounds (between 0.03 and 0.06 percent. Not between 3% and 6%, 3 one hundredths of a percent); that amount is completely insignificant to climate change.

All existing climate change can be fully and scientifically explained by natural endothermic cycles, and the fluctuation in output of the sun (because earth is an exothermic system). The suns output has varied greatly over the course of human history (and of course long before), and periods of warming and cooling have tracked right along with that output.

The climate IS changing, and has since the moment the earth formed a climate. As near as we can tell (through Ice core samples and the like) there has never been a period of more than 200 years without at least a 1 degree change in global average temperatures.

The climate will continue to change on its own; and nothing humans do will change global climate significantly one way or the other… unless it’s something that actually would kill us all (incredibly massive particulate pollution over a high percentage of the earths surface – including the oceans – would do it. It would trigger massive warming, followed rapidly by an ice age; and likely kill all crops and food animals in the process, along with at least 80% of humanity, if not more).

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t attempt to develop better sources of energy, we should. We aren’t going to “run out” of oil, ever in fact; a basic understanding of economics would show that; but, oil is going to get more and more expensive as time goes on, and petroleum based fuels are inefficient, and do contribute to micro climate pollution.

In many ways, doing things greener IS in fact better. Saving energy is generally a very good thing. Not polluting is generally a good thing. When it isn’t, is when it destroys economies, prevents job growth, reduces food production, increases food prices, and all the other ways that forced greenism (I won’t even call it environmentalism, because it isn’t doing the environment much good), causes pain, suffering, misery, and general reductions in peoples health, quality of life, standard of living, and basic liberties.

“Climate change” isn’t about the environment; it’s about giving financial and political control to anti-western, anti-capitalists. It’s about punishing those rich capitalist nations and people, for not being poor socialists. It isn’t science, it’s a pseudo-scientific political movement and near religion. The adherents don’t need any proof, because they have faith; and any who challenge that faith must be burned as heretics in their new inquisition.

I am a cynically romantic optimistic pessimist. I am neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a (somewhat disgruntled) muscular minarchist… something like a constructive anarchist.

Basically what that means, is that I believe, all things being equal, responsible adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, who isn’t paying extra

  • UCrawford

    HA!!!! Outstanding post Chris. Now I don’t have to feel guilty for buying a new Dodge Challenger :)

  • Survival Acres

    You have got to be kidding. Your “data” is worse then flawed, it’s deliberately inaccurate and misleading and dangerous. Cities like Las Vegas and Reno have reported average temperature changes of 7 and 9 degrees increas. The city of Perth, Australia is facing abandonment due to the lack of water. Islanders are being forced to abandon their islands due to rising sea levels. Glacial melting is now 3 times faster then thought only one year ago. Siberian permafrost is melting at an alarming rate, releasing dangerous methane into the atmosphere.

    There is much, much more. Anyone who denies climate change is happening and is very serious is in total denial.

    NASA is but one tiny source of climate change data, there are reports now pouring in from all over the world.

    You fit the perfect description of a recent blog post of mine – Oblivious, but hey, what’s new?

  • david

    nostradamus century 1(17) then century 2(65) spells it out 2004—2044 (el nino / la nina ) forty years of floods and droughts in the same period the evidence in ice core samples should show this in the lead up to prior eruptions over time that is the volcanoes don’t just erupt the conditions must be right in itlay they now have to grow the vineyards 2 metres off the ground due to an increase in low level frost build up(in some regions) i believe this is because mt ednas’ lava directional flows have been changing flowing down different sides of the mt(national geograpic mag a couple years ago) more important is that 3–4 of continuous flows early this year wouldn’t help either further more from 2000 the increase in all earthqaukes storms flooding and volcanic activity to me that i have seen on the news leads me to believe the climate has past the first tipping point 2004 however i at the same time think that we humans are not helping i am convinced that it is more of a natural cycle if you look at the effects on animal extinctions food crop failures forget temps and sea level stats for the average person they to me are based on averages over time if this and that happen there are basic facts that are happening right now hat are more important