Iowa Straw Poll Results and Analysis

The Iowa Straw Poll results are in

1. Mitt Romney –32 percent
2. Mike Huckabee – 18 percent
3. Sam Brownback – 15 percent
4. Tom Tancredo – 14 percent
5. Ron Paul – 9 percent
6. Tommy Thompson — 7 percent
7. Fred Thompson – 1 percent
8. Rudolph W. Giuliani – 1 percent
9. Duncan Hunter – 1 percent
10. John McCain (less than 1 percent)
11. John Cox (less than 1 percent)

Now before I give my analysis, let me this out first. I do not have a candidate in this fight yet.

1) Mitt Romney is a joke. He had 100 buses, over 1,000 volunteers, and actually poured lots of money in this straw poll and he only got 32% against a field of almost exclusively second and third tier candidates. This is a pathetic showing by someone who is considered one of the first tier candidates. Romney needed at least 40% to avoid a weak performance and he failed. I think this is the beginning of the end for the Romney campaign.

2) Mike Huckabee’s campaign should be celebrating tonight. They won the battle for social conservative hearts and minds. Their 18% showing is impressive. They came in second. The straw poll speech was excellent and moving. Mike Huckabee, to many of the undecided Republican voters becomes a real alternative to Rudy McRomneySon. The only questions are, can Huckabee capitalize on his success tonight and will the Club for Growth step up their anti-Huckabee campaign as a result of tonight?

3) It’s the end of the road for Sam Brownback. He lost the battle for social conservatives to Huckabee and he’s a Midwestern candidate who lost a primary battle in the Midwest. He will lose what support he has over the next few weeks to Huckabee and the other contenders. He should leave the race in the next few weeks and return to the Senate.

4) Tom Tancredo should also be happy about his performance. His performance shows the passion that Republican voters have stopping illegal immigration. If he came off as less of a lunatic and less of a white supremacist, he would have a shot at the Republican nomination. If he decides to go the third party route, which I think he will, he will be a threat to the Republican candidate in November 2008.

5) Ron Paul should also be happy as well. 9% for a candidate who only started spending time in Iowa last weekend, airing ads the middle of this week, had no serious organization, and was mired in controversy caused by some of their more fringe supporters with bogus lawsuits is not bad. Ron Paul’s speech was one of the best, content wise, of the straw poll. He earned a lot of respect today from GOP conservative voters by deemphasizing his anti-war rhetoric and instead touching on small government and values issues. He will also pick up sympathy for the rude treatment his supporters received by Laura Ingraham. However, Ron Paul will lose some of this newfound sympathy and respect if his supporters decide to challenge the results. Good news, I don’t think they will. What the Paul campaign needs to do is start working with GOP leaders and organizations instead of treating them like the enemy and start encouraging their supporters to become more involved with the GOP and reach out to GOP voters and restrain their more fringe followers like the 9/11 “Truthers”, the anti-Semites,

6) Tommy Thompson’s finished.

7) Fred Thompson’s supporters attempted to replicate Ron Paul’s spontaneous volunteer effort by renting space for a tent. There simply isn’t much passionate support for Fred Thompson, unlike Ron Paul.

8) Giuliani wins nothing, loses nothing. He’s still the front runner and will still probably win the Republican nomination. Not participating in the straw poll was a good idea.

9) Duncan Hunter’s out of the race. Unfortunately, he’ll have more time to try and start a bipartisan trade war with China.

10) John McCain’s campaign is still dead.

11) Who is John Cox?

I’m one of the original co-founders of The Liberty Papers all the way back in 2005. Since then, I wound up doing this blogging thing professionally. Now I’m running the site now. You can find my other work at The and Rare. You can also find me over at the R Street Institute.
  • Amwidkle

    Excellent, balanced treatment of the Iowa straw poll results. Thank you.

  • Joe Riley

    Huckabee’s speech moving? It was more puzzling to me. The story about his daughter was nice, but what was his point? Romney is a Nazi?

  • sadcox

    One thing should be apparent to the Republicans based on Paul’s 10% showing…they cannot afford to lose his supporters to a third party.

    Are they smart enough to continue to allow him to participate in the debate, or will they use the 5th place finish as an excuse to ignore him?

  • Ken H

    Huckabee was my governor. He was horrible – soft on illegal immigration, a healthcare busybody, and the Wayne Dumond case was awful.

    He is just another Big Government “conservative”.

    I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher.

  • Oyate

    As one of the Paul “fringers” I’ve seen worse coverage. I basically agree with the analysis. It is time we start to work with other elements in the GOP. Maybe we can even stop treating them like them enemy. But the enemy they are and will remain. Our position is nailed down. We’re not situation ethics people.

  • Scott McDonnell

    Great Job, Kevin!

    As a Ron Paul supporter and grassroots organizer, I strongly agree with your assessment.

    Laura Ingraham should really be called onto the carpet over this one. It was absolutely disgusting. And yes, I would angry if she had done this to ANY candidate. She was asked to introduce the guests, not belittle them.

  • Kyle Brotherton

    I agree with your analysis completely.

    Brownback and T. Thompson are finished. Tancredo is a good guy, but you’ve got him pegged. Huckabee proved he is a real contender, and Paul showed that he’s on his way up. Fred Thompson is a lobbyist and a lawyer – two things America doesn’t need right now. He won’t bother running.

    If conservatives rally around their candidates, we’ll have a chance of beating Romney and Giuliani.

  • Scott McDonnell


    The GOP establishment is the enemy as much as the democratic establishment. The county GOP and typical GOP voters are not the enemy. These people are your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.. I don’t think people really understand how disgusted the average Republican is with GWB. The Republicans didn’t lose the two houses last year because the Democrats had a better turn out. The GOP either sat home and let them get what they deserved or turned out and voted Democrat.

    The party faithful will NEVER dog Bush because blaming a Republican publicly would be suicide and a guaranteed win for the Democrats. But, the private halls are filled with those speaking in disgust.

    The conservatives are ready to take their party back. If Ron Paul’s supporters would be willing to jump in and help them, they can! The local GOP party just wants to win. We need to show them HOW they can win with Ron Paul.

    Find out where your county HQ is located and when their next meeting takes place. Find out how to get involved with your local ‘college republicans group’ (this is how Rove did it.) Find conservative special interest groups, like your local Republican Women’s Committee, Gun clubs, constitution parties, etc..

    If you find the general endorsement is another candidates (ours is generally McCain) do not attack their candidate. They will stop listening. You can talk positively about your candidate and will get much further. Speak about issues important to conservative voters in the language of Dr. Paul.

    I’m telling you, this is a winning strategy. The last thing in the world you could possibly want to do is alienate your local GOP. Ron Paul is going to have a very hard time winning without them. The party controls everything.

  • Ken H

    The problem with supporting today’s GOP is that it means supporting a socialist-lite party.

  • Scott McDonnell

    “If you find the general endorsement is another candidates (ours is generally McCain) do not attack their candidate. They will stop listening.”

    Keep in mind these people are just individuals and this is their opinion. The party itself endorses whatever Republican wins the nomination. Their interest is the party. Do not confuse personal opinion with party politics. It is not their role to endorse a candidate. They are there to support ALL candidates running on the GOP ticket.

    So when you meet with them, treat them as you would anyone else with a differing opinion. Because that is all you are encountering. Show them how they can take back their party AND win next year, and you will get their help.

    Here’s my suggestion to all organizers. Find out if your county GOP HQ has meeting rooms for grassroots efforts and let them know you are volunteers for a Republican candidate and would like their help. Hold your meetup group meetings at the GOP HQ! Meet at least twice a month. Make your presence very visible, but not disruptive.

  • Ken H

    It is interesting that there were 40% less votes than in 1999. The GOP is in big, big trouble in 2008.

  • Kevin

    Ken H,

    It is interesting that there were 40% less votes than in 1999. The GOP is in big, big trouble in 2008.

    1) I agree the GOP is screwed in 2008.

    2) However, the low attendance at the straw poll is not a good indicator of that fact. Keep in mind that Giuliani, McCain, and Fred Thompson did not officially participate so that drove numbers down.

  • Scott McDonnell

    “2) However, the low attendance at the straw poll is not a good indicator of that fact. Keep in mind that Giuliani, McCain, and Fred Thompson did not officially participate so that drove numbers down.”

    7. Fred Thompson – 1 percent
    8. Rudolph W. Giuliani – 1 percent
    9. Duncan Hunter – 1 percent
    10. John McCain (less than 1 percent)
    11. John Cox (less than 1 percent)

    Yeah, apparently so low they are completely irrelevant. So low that John Cox probably could have beat them had he spent a few days in Iowa before showing up for the straw poll.

    Whether they showed up or not, their “supporters” obviously voted for someone else.


  • Scott McDonnell

    I am seriously going to laugh if the media spins that Guiliani and McCains loses didn’t matter because they didn’t attend. Their names were still on the ballot and they WERE top tier candidates given all kinds of media coverage. People attending the straw poll must have already heard their messages. Their campaign DID have a presence in Iowa for months. They HAVE visited several times (just chose not to participate in the Straw Poll itself.) So, honestly, what excuse can they possibly have for not doing better?

    Punishment? Sure… because that’s what a supporter of a candidate does to ‘their’ candidate. :::ROLLSEYES:::

    The media will just show what a farce it is if it tries to spin this. Why do they continue to get unlimited media attention when it is clear the people do not want them?

  • Steve Hanna

    This is another one mans opinion:

    Romney is like an evangelist minister. He is a decent business man, and is the only candidate whose faith is known. As a candidate, he is non-conventional as well as successful. Remember the analist are not in the majority.

    Ron Paul is the best in both parties as far as seeing things as they are. Is he presidential material? Slim chance for him as likely is the case for Romney. Rudy will probably get the nomination which support Ms Clinton and her running mate Barack in the White House. We will then have to go for the Congress to be Republican to assist in a checks and balances.

  • Randy Merz

    One of the more even reports I’ve seen.

    The fact of the matter is, the Republicans – unless they throw in an anti-war candidate, be it Ron Paul or whoever – isn’t winning the Presidential Election in ’08. Whether they pick Mitt, Rudy, or /anyone/ else, the pro-war label is going to sink them against Barack or Hillary. The current front-runners may appeal to the Republican base, but the base isn’t going to win them the election this time around.

    Unless one of the other candidates suddenly turns around their policy, Ron Paul is the GOP’s only hope. He may have a snowball’s chance in hell, but it’s better than anyone else. Giuliani seemed like he had the popularity to pull it off in the beginning even with a pro-war policy, but his performance and his positions have been disappointing. He simply hasn’t lived up to the role of Messiah everyone has wished him to be.

  • Don Mihokovich

    I’m glad that Romney won convincingly, nearly doubling the second place finisher. But don’t get too excited, it’s just an early straw poll. Practically meaningless to me.

  • Valentine

    I agree that the GOP party is in trouble. I also agreed they were in ENORMUS trouble in the 2004 elections. I understand during war, presidents are often not voted out of office and most may credit this for the win, other for Kerry’s self destruction. However in 2008 I’m banking on the large amount of bigotry still left in the 65+ crowd. You know, the ones that vote. They very well may inadvertantly save the country from a socialist state. It just sucks there are too many liberals in the GOP.

  • Steve Savage

    The straw poll is just proof that buying votes is a GOP tradition. They need to either change the rules entirely or do away with this stupid media circus.
    The last thing the GOP needs is to be associated with poll taxes.

  • Hawk

    I don’t agree with the analysis of Romney 32% is high and George Bush got 31% of the Iowa straw poll in 1999.

  • Jive Dadson

    Can the people who filed that law suit be called Ron Paul supporters at all? The main guy has been crusading against vote fraud for years. The only connection to Ron Paul that I can find is a web page where he asked Ron Paul supporters to contribute money.

  • Jamie Jackson

    Jive… how long have you known about Ron Paul? I’m not questioning your sincerity, but for you to try to pull rank on Jim Condit Jr. is kinda lame. Not that you would necessarily realize that yet, if you are just now looking at some of these issues and people, but as you note, Condit has been banging this drum a good while, and not for nothing. Do some research. His support for Ron Paul is doubtless real; why would it not be? That he’s a crusader in a given issue doesn’t negate his support. We all have our causes — at least the activists among us do.

    Is it possible there was monkey biz with the vote machines? I have no basis for confidence that there wasn’t any. The machines are suspect, while the Iowa GOP spent a lot of time harrumphing about their ID-checking and no time giving us a sound basis for confidence in the vote count (that I know of, at least). Sleight of mind, distracting us with the ID flap while pretending there’s no issue with the machines? Who knows?

    That said, my sense is that these results may be quite legit, and I’m content with them. I was hoping for 2nd, 3rd or 4th, but 5th with 9% actually works out OK when we look at all the numbers (#1 in votes earned per day campaigning in Iowa, for example; $200 spent per vote vs. $2000+ for Romney’s votes, for another) and project into the future.

    Keep on keepin’ on. We’re winning, one vote at a time. :-)

  • Ron Paul Supporter

    I think your full of shit!

  • Ron Paul Supporter

    no, you ARE full of cow shit from Iowa!

  • fred heaven

    well i just sent another hundred dollars to the ron paul revolution.the media said paul only had 2 percenct support and he got almost 10 percent with only 1 week of being on the ground and only spending a small fraction of money that the other canidates spent,that tells me we gained almost 8 percent of voters.get on board or get out of the way as the revolution is coming through and nothing will stop us.stop being good republicans and good democrates and start being good americans and save this once great for DR.RON PAUL,OR WE WILL ALL LOSE.

  • Bob

    If you want to win you need to stop running against the Republican party. Republicans are not the enemy. Remember Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican”. No one runs against the party and wins the Presidential nomination. I’ve been involved with Republican politics for 30 years. 1 of my old bosses used to say: “Bob, I’m not asking you to sleep with them. I am asking you to kiss them.” If you want to win puker up.
    The campaign needs to get serious about winning. If Ron Paul wants to win the nomination he needs to spend most of his weekends in either Iowa or N.H. Both states’s voters are used to shaking the candidate’s hand numerous times before the election. These are voters that like to be meet a candidate and get to know him. I’ve heard voters in both states say that they weren’t sure about a candidate because they just get to meet him a couple of times.

  • james spada

    Ron Paul for Ohio. I agree that without the continuation of Ron Paul the Republican Party will lose out on a large demographic of democracy.
    Also, I want to know the email of that Ron Paul Supporter, I highly doubt it was a Ron Paul Supporter. If it was a Ron Paul Sup’porter or not, shame on you.

  • MS Ryan

    Amazing comments! Amazing that the vast majority are about Ron Paul. Why does his message appeal to Americans?
    I agree with Fred Heaven, rather than let two party politics divide us as Americans….why not consider what it means to be an American. How far from the Constitution have we strayed?

  • Green Bean Romney

    Mitt Romney- 2 million divvied up between 4,500 Iowans = hog farmers bought off at $450 a pop.

  • Rich

    The machines are fixed all they have to do is boot them and use the key and its done with no trace. Support the GOP uh they are the ones doing it. Only a clear box, paper ballots counted in view never to leave eyesight is ACCEPTABLE period
    This isnt a dem or rep issue. Its an American issue. Rolling my finger in ink has nothing to do
    with memory cards on voting machines. Especially ones handled by the Mitt Romney iowa campaign team
    Give me a break. Funny how the machine messed up 4,500 votes and Laura I. don’t even get me started

  • wardmd

    You half-ass backward left wingnuts are completely WRONG about the elections and the candidates standing being about the war.

    You Left-wingnuts may cast YOUR votes for anti-war candidates, but that is NOT what is driving the MAJORITY of Republicans (which, afterall, is that the GOP Iowa straw poll was about). If it were, then Ron Paul should have been the CLEAR WINNER (which, clearly, he was NOT).

    The reason Senator McCain’s campaign is DEAD, is NOT because he supports the war, it’s because we object to his arragant support for ILLEGAL ALIEN Amnesty. His campaign (war support and all) was doing just fine, UNTIL the “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform bill was being shoved at Congress.

    I still don’t get the assertion that Ron Paul did SO WELL, and that it’s the “end of the road” for Sam Brownback (that he should leave the race soon)! Brownback got 6% MORE votes than did Ron Paul. Why does THAT translate into Brownback should quit? Unless, of course, your assertion is that Ron Paul should have done a LOT WORSE in the first place (but he STILL placed 6 percentage points below Brownback – so, clearly, Ron Paul, who couldn’t even get into double-digits, should drop out).

    The bottom line, for ME, is that 15 MONTHS, and only 14,203 votes before the ACTUAL Presidential Elections (November, 2008) is WAY TOO SOON to be deciding who IS and who is NOT a “viable” candidate. Or should we just take the results of these 14,203 voters in Iowa, and that’s the end of it? Romney’s our candidate – period.

    I still don’t understand someone who can be bought off, or need to personally shake the hand of someone in order to vote for them.

    Given the seemingly endless “debates”, interviews, commercials, press conferences, and so-called “news” reports on the various candidates, WHY cannot we have ONE (NATION WIDE) “Primary”, “Caucus” and/or “Straw Poll”? I never HAVE met any candidate (personally), and I NEVER expect to – yet I’m quite confident that when I cast MY VOTE – it will be for the candidate who best represents MY beliefs in public and international policies. No hand-shake or bar-b-q is going to change that.

  • Nexus

    What makes you think Tom Tancredo will go 3rd party? I’ve seen no indication of that.

    As a Paul supporter, I’m disappointed in how he did. A 5th place finish isn’t a win, place, or even a show. It’s an ‘also ran’. A media that already tends to ignore him isn’t going to take notice after a 5th place finish.

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  • thomj76

    The current duopoly that rules America has polarized the American People. Those that do not want to associate with either party are marginalized, and all the while Congress seems too busy pursuing re-election, self-aggrandizing, avoiding term limits, and raising both their paychecks and future career opportunities; all the while the media circus rages, and the band plays on.

    My point!?! This is a straw poll dedicated to raising funds for the Iowa GOP. It fills the vacuum in the political calendar.

    We are turning into an entitlement country. Those running the democratic nomination for president are wanting to drive us even further into this entitlement mentality (which is essentially socialistic and borderline communistic when considering the utilization of the work force for the “common advantage of all members), and those of us who work hard to support our families and communities will suffer the most.

    The only recourse is your participation in society, and your vote. We still are “We, the People”, unfortunately, this is fact obscured by decades of personal agendas that fall outside the bounds of the US Constitution.

    If you are in Iowa, get involved. The low voter turnout to me shows that there is general apathy at this point in the race. I am sure that the economy enjoyed this stimulation. For that, Iowans’ should rejoice, the caucus is not that far off. I am also sure that the techniques employed by most candidates reek of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. For that, Americans should lament…

  • Nexus

    “I still don’t get the assertion that Ron Paul did SO WELL, and that it’s the “end of the road” for Sam Brownback (that he should leave the race soon)! Brownback got 6% MORE votes than did Ron Paul. Why does THAT translate into Brownback should quit? Unless, of course, your assertion is that Ron Paul should have done a LOT WORSE in the first place (but he STILL placed 6 percentage points below Brownback – so, clearly, Ron Paul, who couldn’t even get into double-digits, should drop out).”

    Ron Paul only spent a week in Iowa. He only ran radio and TV ads the middle of last week. Considering the time and resources he spent, his finish wasn’t bad. Brownback on the other hand had visited all of the counties in Iowa. He rented buses and had the second largest tent next to Romney. He poured considerable resources into this Straw Poll and still came up short of Huckabee. This is a loss and a disappointment any way you slice it.

  • Iconoclast421

    wow wardmd. Left-wingnuts eh? Two questions for ya:

    1. Why would left-wingnuts support the most conservative candidate?

    2. 9% is pretty impressive considering the plain and obvious smear tactics used by people like Laura-the-Limbaugh-wannabe. Her show needs to be put in the asylum. Personally I’m surprised he got 9% because you know most of the people in that crowd listen to neocon radio religiously. The neocon media smears Ron Paul and his supporters every chance they get. And who can blame them, since Ron Paul’s supporters are the biggest threat to people like Laura and Limbaugh and Hannity. They are scared of 9%.

  • Joe lawson

    AMES, Iowa

    Undeclared Presidential candidate Fred Thompson and internet powerhouse candidate Ron Paul did the most with the least in the Iowa Straw Poll.

    Ron Paul received nearly 77 votes for every day he campaigned in Iowa, the best of all other candidates. Fred Thompson came in second with 50.75 votes received for every day he campaigned in Iowa.
    The worst performers were Sam Brownback of Kansas, who spent 115 days in Iowa and only received 19 votes per day, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who actually spent more time than Ron Paul, but only recieved about 7 votes for every day he campaigned in Iowa.

    17 days in Iowa R. Paul(1) 76.76 votes per day

    04 days in Iowa F. Thompson(2) 50.75 votes per day

    89 days in Iowa M. Romney(3) 50.74 votes per day

    70 days in Iowa M. Huckabee(4) 36.95 votes per day

    66 days in Iowa T. Tancredo(5) 29.71 votes per day

    115 days in Iowa S. Brownback(6) 19.06 votes per day

    26 days in Iowa R. Guliani(7) 7.03 vote per day


  • Jubal


    A detail that doesn’t seem to have been covered directly: let alone the fact that there’re all sorts of eats and goodies provided at this event(presumably these rules apply to the Dem Straw Poll too, eh), there is this detail that should be kept upmost in mind:

    the candidates are allowed to pay each attendee $35!

    I suspect that explains Romney’s ‘big hit'(as the author alludes to), and the fact that the Sunday morning shows are using this showing to say, this has given Romney and Hucklebee a promising boost. Which, given it is permissible to buy votes at this event, is just more media lies, and this event a farce. Well excepting for those who didn’t buy any votes.

    So! If you know how to obtain such information, I would be delighted to know, as that might be the most telling detail of this entire event. In which instance, that is what needs to be publicized far and wide, WHO DID NOT BUY VOTES.

    Any help appreciated?


  • Kevin

    Apparently, if people didn’t like Romney, they wouldn’t have voted for him. ALl he did was spend the money to get himself and his message out there. Hopefully, people will take a more serious look at him now.

  • wgadget

    We Ron Paulites need to support the GOP, eh? While you’re probably right, it sure would be nice if the GOP would even contemplate supporting Ron Paul.

    As for the votes, there were 26,000 tickets purchased for the Iowa Straw Poll, and only 14,000 people voted. What gives?

  • Jim Palmisano

    I was at the Straw Poll and saw everything with my own eyes. What I saw was Romney and Brownback’s designated areas in massively well placed areas that were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    I also talked to one of the Brownback Staff who said Romney spent about $5 million on it and from what I saw Brownback wasn’t far behind. This same Staff member was shocked to see how many people were working for Ron Paul as unpaid volunteers. Their whole volunteer base was paid for.

    I also saw hundreds of buses from the Romney and Brownback campaigns who were hired to go vote with a simple offering of a ticket to vote and a day paid for by the campaigns.

    The exit poll I assisted in taking revealed many so-called Romney supporters couldn’t even vote because they didn’t live in Iowa. LOL! What a joke and what a Spin by the media.

    The only candidates that had real support were Huckabee, Tancredo, and Paul. Ron Paul supporters were the most excited and enthusiastic of all of them as could be seen from the Colliseum waiting for the results on CSPAN and Fox. Fox still refused to acknowledge anything about Paul which is starting to become blatant to the public.

    Regardless of the “Official Press”, Tommy Thompson getting 7% is a joke. His tent was basically vacant the whole day. 7%? Yeh right.

  • delquattro

    Maybe Huckabee should be celebrating…not for his strong showing in Iowa, but for pulling the wool over the eyes of so many conservatives:

    * Immediately upon taking office, Governor Huckabee signed a sales tax hike in 1996 to fund the Games and Fishing Commission and the Department of Parks and Tourism (Cato Policy Analysis No. 315, 09/03/98).
    * He supported an internet sales tax in 2001 (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07).
    * He publicly opposed the repeal of a sales tax on groceries and medicine in 2002 (Arkansas News Bureau 08/30/02).
    * He signed bills raising taxes on gasoline (1999), cigarettes (2003) (Americans for Tax Reform 01/07/07), and a $5.25 per day bed-tax on private nursing home patients in 2001 (Arkansas New Bureau 03/01/01).
    * He proposed another sales take hike in 2002 to fund education improvements (Arkansas News Bureau 12/05/02).
    * He opposed a congressional measure to ban internet taxes in 2003 (Arkansas News Bureau 11/21/03).
    * In 2004, he allowed a 17% sales tax increase to become law (The Gurdon Times 03/02/04).

    Ron Paul is the only real conservative choice.

  • Benja S. Sariwatta

    I disagree on the 911 truthers comment. I am one of them and most of the supporters I talk to at the straw poll are also 9/11 truthers. We know what is at stake, the risks if he doesn’t get elected, and we work hard because of that. Out of the 200+ people in my meetup group, I was the only one to drive 600+ miles one way 12 hours duration to Ames Iowa on my own dime (gas, food, & two nights hotel stay) and volunteered holding signs, passing out flyers and shouting to the top of my lungs while my skin baked in the sun for 8 hours with no shade. My voice is kinda gone for the moment and the top layer of my skin is falling off like any normal 8 hour exposure sunburn would. In general, I don’t think there is anyone working harder for Dr. Paul than 911 truthers.

  • steve

    Yes we must work hard to get ROn Paul more name recognition. This means talking to older folks, namely the baby boom generation types that are getting ready to retire. For what it is worth, I just started to get involved with politics and the lies and corruptions is becoming evident on both sides. I honestly think that Ron Paul is our country’s only real hope for the middle class of this country. If Paul doesn’t win in 2008, you can kiss the middle class GOOD BYE in 30 years.

  • George

    30 years is way, way too generous.

  • js290

    Out of the 200+ people in my meetup group, I was the only one to drive 600+ miles one way 12 hours duration to Ames Iowa on my own dime (gas, food, & two nights hotel stay) and volunteered holding signs, passing out flyers and shouting to the top of my lungs while my skin baked in the sun for 8 hours with no shade.

    In doing all that, how many people did you convince to vote or consider voting for Ron Paul? Or, even just enlighten them about Ron Paul?

  • Daniel

    Apparently Huckabee SERIOUSLY needs to thank for his placement. They matched his spending in Iowa dollar for dollar, provided all his busses, sponsored a ferris wheel at the poll and spent two weeks drumming up support.

    Figure most of those votes he got came from fair tax supporters.

  • jeff smith

    Nice showing for huckabee and paul, but good luck, what happens in some corn state doesnt matter, when it comes to the other states yo have no chance. Huckabee may be considered a conservative, but when push comes to shove the conservatives will get behind fred thompson in the end, lobbyist and all. Mccain is done , romney will fade away unable to win the south. so it becomes a 2 man race between rudy and fred thompson. Also paul and tancredo will not run third party, and even if they do will not get more then 1%.

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  • Rob

    Huckabee does not move in to the top tier as a result of this showing. He survives. Without at least a 2nd or 3rd place showing, he would have to have folded his tent. Now he will be able to continue to campaign but much depends upon how much money he can raise and that, in turn, depends upon how much bounce he gets in the Iowa polls as a result of the Straw Poll.

    Brownback will probably have to quit the race. It depends also on how much money he can raise. 3rd place isn’t so bad, but he lost out to Huckabee with whom he had been vigorously competing for the evangelical vote. If evangelicals switch in large numbers to Huckabee, Brownback is probably finished. But it’s a little early to predict that.

    Tom Tancredo’s finish was a real surprise. But he’s just too nutty to go anywhere.

    Ron Paul’s performance wasn’t bad when you consider how much time and money he invested. The puzzling question is, “Why did he invest so little?” He had more than enough money to wage a vigorous campaign and surely could have spent more time in Iowa when Congress was in session. Brownback and Tancredo managed to find a lot of time.

    But Paul might have done a good deal better even at that if he had honed his message. His standard speech, unfortunately, ranges all over the place. Ronald Reagan knew to keep it simple. He ran on three basic issues: reduce taxes, build a stronger military, deregulate industry. Of course, he had positions on other issues but these were the one’s he hammered away at.

    Ron Paul needs to reduce his campaign theme to just three issues and the first of these should be his opposition to the Iraq War. FIFTY-THREE PER CENT OF IOWA REPUBLICANS WANT US TO WITHDRAW FROM IRAQ WITHIN SIX MONTHS. Ron Paul was the only candidate on the ballot who opposed the war in Iraq, and yet he got fewer votes than the guy who wants bomb Mecca!

    He needs to stress three key issues:

    Get out of Iraq.
    Secure our borders.
    Abolish the income tax.

  • TerryP

    Rob, I think you are right that Ron Paul needs to simplify his messge a little bit more by concentrating on fewer issues. Three to five main issues seems about right. Iraq is obviously one. Immigration may be another one for the republican primary. Reduced spending/limited gov’t/lower taxes might be another. The constitution/federalism may be another. The Fed/Central banks may be another but could be above a lot of peoples heads. Abolishing the income tax seems a little extreme for a republican crowd but maybe that is what is needed. I would stay away from the abortion issue as it doesn’t distinguish him from the other candidates.

    But you are right he needs three and possibly up to five distinguishing platforms on issues that make him stand out from the other candidates.