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“In modern times, we are quick to "throw the rascals out," but it never occurs to us that rascality is imbedded in the office or that the power invested in it might make a rascal of an honest man.”     Frank Chodorov,    What Samuel Said about Solomon

August 12, 2007

George Bush Inspires Robert Mugabe

by Doug Mataconis

Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe, a new law which broadly expands the power of his government to intercept communications and even read the mail. It is clearly a bold grab for more power, but, as Mugabe’s own spokesman points out, it’s not without precedent in the world:

Human rights lawyer Otto Saki  told VOA that the law interferes and undermines the enjoyment of rights enshrined in the constitution and is a sign Mr. Mugabe wants to consolidate his power by “any means necessary or unnecessary.”

But Communications Minister Christopher Mushowe said Zimbabwe is not unique in the world in passing such legislation, citing electronic eavesdropping programs in the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa, among other countries.

You’ve got to know things are screwed up when a dictator can, correctly, point to the actions of an American President in an attempt to justify his own trampling of liberty.

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