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August 12, 2007

Why The Ames Poll Is Irrelevant

by Doug Mataconis

The National Review’s John Podhoretz answers the question:

I hate to be nasty, but anybody who takes the Ames Straw Poll results seriously is an idiot. A bunch of people spent ludicrous amounts of money to bus-and-truck 14,000 people to a big picnic, and the guy who spent the most bought the win with a mammoth 4516 votes. Goshers! 4,516 votes! Another guy who spent a lot less than the first guy got some people to eat his fried Oreos to vote for him too — 2,587, of them, to be precise. And he’s claiming a big triumph and momentum blah blah blah.

This is ridiculous. The two leaders in the Ames straw poll received a combined total of 7,103 ballots. What exactly is this supposed to represent? If it’s supposed to represent superior organization, then the idea that Romney “did what he had to do” is laughable. I’ve heard reports that Romney has dropped as much as $4 million in Iowa already. And getting 4,500 people on a bus is all he has to show for it? What am I missing?

Quite frankly, nothing.

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  • Derrick

    But if Ron Turd had come in either second or third, the Paulestinians would be claiming Ames as a major victory.

  • Scott

    You can write better than this! I get tired of lazy journalists. Check the history of the Ames Poll, it is a proper reflection of the feelings of the electorate at this time. That may change but Mitt has strength in Iowa.

  • Doug Mataconis


    Yep, you’re right.

    The Ames Poll is 100% accurate.

    Just ask President Marion (Pat) Robertson.

    Oh, never mind ;)

  • Bob

    Pat Robertson ended up with the 2nd highest number of delegates to the Convention, so Ames wasn’t that far off the mark. I don’t anyone who would beat against Romney winning Iowa in January.

  • Bob

    Sorry, that should be I don’t know anyone who would “bet” against Romney winning Iowa in January.

  • js290

    Check the history of the Ames Poll, it is a proper reflection of the feelings of the electorate at this time.

    That’s a logical fallacy if I’ve ever seen one…

  • Joshua Holmes

    I like the name “Paulestinians”.

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