Just Another Day In Iraq

It’s stories like this that make you wonder just what the heck we’re doing over there:

BAGHDAD, Aug. 14 — At least 175 people were killed Tuesday night by four truck bombs in a massive coordinated attack against members of a small religious sect, the Yazidis, in northern Iraq, the Iraqi army said.

The nearly simultaneous explosions, in three Yazidi communities near the town of Sinjar, added up to the deadliest attack in Iraq this year and one of the most lethal since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Hundreds of wounded people were flown or driven to hospitals, overwhelming every emergency room in the region, according to George Shlimon, vice mayor of the nearby city of Dahuk.

In Baghdad, the U.S. military reported the deaths of nine American military personnel in three incidents, including the crash of a twin-rotor Chinook helicopter. A truck bomb rendered impassable a bridge on a major route from Baghdad to the north.

If these people are so insistent on killing each other, why are we continuing to delude ourselves into believing that peaceful resolution is an even remote possibility ?

  • UCrawford

    Because Bush is incapable of admitting that he’s wrong, he’s utterly incompetent, he went into Iraq for all the wrong reasons and his administration micromanaged our forces into a quagmire. About the only thing I think would get through to Dubya these days and make him change his mind would be a smack across the face from his old man.

    Unfortunately Bush 41 thinks it’s more important to maintain his spoiled idiot son’s self-esteem than it is for 41 to act like a former U.S. president who cares about the well-being of his country and try to prevent another couple thousand U.S. troops from getting killed for nothing. So we’re likely there until Bush 43 leaves office or Congress cuts off the funding (which isn’t going to happen) because God knows that preserving the internal dynamics of the Bush family is far more important than saving the lives of the peons who merely live to serve them. What the hell, it’s not like it’s Poppy’s grandkids getting shot at.

    A pox on that entire dynasty.