Where’s Michael Moore When We Need Him?

I just ran across this interesting blogpost by Debbie Schlussel about a man by the name of Francisco Chaviano and his experiences with the Cuban healthcare system.

Remember Michael Moore’s flash-in-the-pan “Sicko” movie, which didn’t last long in theaters? Remember how Moore showed us 9/11 rescue workers getting instant, excellent, VIP healthcare in Havana, Cuba?

Well, don’t tell Francisco Chaviano how great CastroCare is. The Cuban dissident was paroled last week after 13 years behind bars, Cuba’s longest serving political prisoner. His crime: He was fighting for human rights in Cuba. So, in 1994, a secret Cuban military court sentenced him to 15 years in prison for “revealing state secrets.”


Now, Chaviano has a lung tumor and heart problems, which haven’t been treated at all in Cuba, the country whose healthcare the flabulous Michael Moore loves so much (but yet doesn’t go there to get his own check-ups). Chaviano hopes to come to–drum roll, please–America for surgery.

But he’s not sure Cuba will let him leave. Maybe Michael Moore can do the right thing and talk to his friend Fidel to get Chaviano freed from the country for proper healthcare here in America.

One of the good results of Michael Moore’s crockumentary is that at least a few of the 9/11 first responders received treatment for their injuries. I think Schlussel makes a great point here: Michael Moore should use this same clout with Castro to help this man receive the healthcare he needs. Perhaps he should give Mr. Chaviano his “Sicko Card” so that he can demand healthcare from Cuba or demand that he can leave the socialist island paradise for America. I’m sure that since Cuba’s healthcare system is so much more superior to ours, this should not be a problem.

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  • Liberty

    Sick of Bush! Sick of Cheney! Sick of being lied to!!


  • withlibertyonthis

    “One of the good results of Michael Moore’s” documentary “is that at least a few of the 9/11 first responders received treatment for their injuries.”

    We sure didn’t anything for them here. Shameful!

  • Chris Pattichis

    I am amazed at the level of fanaticism certain people have in regards to Cuba. They hear the word “Cuba” and have such an allergic reaction that they go off on a rampage.

    I’m a Canadian (who already benefits from state-run free health care), and I do get my check-ups in Cuba, I do get my medical care in Cuba, and I have had surgery in Cuba.

    I have also volunteered inside Cuban Rural Hospitals, and have seen with my own eyes that the quality of care is present. Doctors are available (no waiting lists, no line ups, no waiting rooms), medical procedures are done rapidly and efficiently, and above all, no one is refused care.

    True, there is a shortage of medication. The Cuban pharmaceutical industry is producing as much as possible, but obtaining some basic materials, basic ingredients is sometimes impossible due to the inhuman US Blockade against Cuba.

    One example that comes to mind is this: In Cuba, there are 6 CT-Scan machines available for free to anyone who needs it. 5 out of these 6 machines are non-functional for the past 8 months, because of a missing part that can only be obtained in the US. In spite of numerous attempts to obtain this part to repair these CT Scan machines, the Cubans have been unable to find anyone brave enough to violate the blockade laws and sell them this part.

    The same happens with countless medications and medical supplies which the US controlled pharmaceutical companies are refusing to sell to Cuba.

    … and in spite of this inhuman approach, the Cuban Health Care system is still holding it’s own.

    Last year, there was an outbreak of Dengue Plague in Central Cuba (rumored to be yet another biological warfare tactic launched against Cuba), with over 12,000 people infected. The death toll was negligible, and most of these people (mainly women and children) were treated successfully by the Cuban Medical System. Poor people, poor villagers who would not have the means to even think about seeing a doctor in another country are treated and cured.

    As for the so-called “Human Rights Activist”, who was tried and convicted for espionage (sale of state secrets is espionage) and has now been released for medical reasons… yet another demonstration of the humanism of the Cuban Revolution. There are many countries in the world who execute spies or gives them triple life-sentences and does not parole them for no reason… Cuba, on the other hand, simply imprisons them.

    I am sure that this spy wants to go to the US for treatment, I am sure that his CIA health care plan will give him access to the best medical care in the US… since he has been doing the CIA’s dirty work in Cuba for who knows how long, he now wants to go get his medical benefits.

    I am sure he will eventually go to the US, and be given the best treatment paid for by his CIA-bosses, and will get a hero’s welcome from the spy community who always take care of their own.

    As far as I am concerned, people like that (Spies, traitors etc) do not deserve the privilege of health care or even to be released from jail. These people betrayed their country, and the do not deserve to get anything from the country they betrayed.

    Frankly, it has been my experience, that Cuba neither wants nor needs these kinds of people in Cuba. There are almost 12 million people who live in Cuba, and only 2 million Cubans living abroad, only a fraction of those for political reasons.

    Fidel Castro, in a speech in the early 80’s made it clear that people who are against this revolution are free to go “We do not need them, we do not want them”. I guess this is where George Bush got his famous “With us or against us” speech.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    “As far as I am concerned, people like that (Spies, traitors etc) do not deserve the privilege of health care or even to be released from jail. These people betrayed their country, and the do not deserve to get anything from the country they betrayed.”

    Interesting you would say that. At the much villified Gitmo prison on the other side of the island, al Qaeda terrorists are given high quality medical care they would otherwise not receive in their own countries. These are not people who simply “don’t like” American policies but people who would want to bring America to an end if they could. Yet American policy is to tend to their medical needs. Even Michael Moore recognizes this.

  • http://www.ColvinChiropractic.com Dr. Laurent Colvin, DC

    The author of the above article apparently feels that Michael Moore’s movie wasn’t effective, hence calling it a flas in the pan. Why then is Michael Moore being called one of the most influential movie makers ever? The author has a disconect with reality as it pertains to Michael Moore, his movies and health care.

    I must point out that Cuba’s health care system is rated 39th by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US rates 37th. Canada ranks 30th. So we really don’t want to have our system start emulating any of those countries systems. Let’s look at a few from the top ten, France, Italy and Japan for inspiration on how to run a Universal health care system that is cheaper than our own.

    Consider this, we spend more than any other country on health care but our health status is ranked 72nd by the WHO. That means our health is on par with Iraq which came in at 75th. To quote Bart Simpson “I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but this both sucks and blows.”