Ron Paul Doesn’t Have Any Original Ideas

So says Rick Fisk over at

Let’s face it: Ron Paul doesn’t have a lot of new ideas. His foreign policy harkens back to the very first President, George Washington. George Washington, who gave up a dictatorship, given to him by the continental Congress to prosecute the revolutionary war, was crazy. Washington was the original “decider” and gave up all of that power so that a bunch of politicians could meet and draft the Constitution. That same tired old document to which Ron Paul keeps referring in speech after speech. Now, if Washington would have just kept his dictatorship, he could have written the Constitution himself.


Ron Paul may sound different then the current crop of Republican candidates, and the current President, but really he’s not very original. In fact, he sounds like Bob Taft who most of us wouldn’t know about but for Ron Paul’s incessant referrals to historical figures.

Ron Paul would turn back the clock on many original ideas put forth by past Presidents. Wilson’s income tax? Gone. The Iraq war and pre-emptive war, the two Bush additions to original Presidential thought gone as well. The department of Education? Homeland Security? Welfare? All Gone. No original idea would be spared from the boring veto pen of a Paul presidency.

And, you know, he’s right. What Ron Paul is saying isn’t any different from what Washington, Jefferson, and the rest of the Founders said. Heck, even they stole their ideas from John Locke.

Is this what it’s come to folks ? Are we libertarians really nothing more than a bunch of plagiarizers ?

  • jesse


    how is what this says any different from any other politician??

    nothing wrong with sticking to a good idea, no matter who said it or created it.

    look at how good of an idea the federal reserve and the irs is. :/

  • Ron Holland

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  • jeremy

    So, by your logic, If I beleive in the same ideals as our forefathers, I’m plagiarizing them??? WOW!!! You are….wow. I’ll tell you that’s one of the most ridiculously absurd things I’ve heard.
    It’s actually only plagiarism if he tries to pass off the ideas as his own, and he CLEARLY gives credit for his ideas to the founding fathers.


  • SOB

    You suck at irony, jesse. Specifically, detecting it.

  • Randy

    The poster of this subject does not believe in freedom of speech, fair trails, being able to defend yourself if needed (2nd amendment), etc…? These are all “OLD” ideas. We need something new & improved. Something fresh and exciting, bursting with color and flavor. Maybe there is a brand new form of dictatorship that would be just fantastic for the United States? “Universal truths” are not and never will be outdated. If you perfer to be fed like a dog, then welcome to the “new and improved America”. Make sure you don’t bite the hands that feed you (fed Gov), they might not feed you anymore. Scared?! You can almost hear the black helicopters flying overhead…Vote for Freedom, always.

  • K. B.

    Jeremy – It is called sarcasm. On this, of all sites, and LeeRockwells’, you missed that?

    It is funny to see the MSM attack Ron for his ideas, when in reality, they attack a philosophy of government that led us away from tyranny.

  • Dean Cavanagh

    Please, you do know Fisk was being ironic, right?

  • Randy

    Irony? Fisk’s rant sounded similar to what I have heard from numerous media interrogators/interviewers after debates and rallies. The true irony is that this level of arrogant ignorance is rampant within our society. I’m afraid education can not even fix the ignorance. As long as the arrogance is fed by “all things shiny and of social value”, the true character of our great country will be flushed away. Our people need to once again believe in themselves, to find self worth by their own virtue not by what is of status. Until then… my house is still bigger than your house, my wife is prettier and my kids are smarter than yours. Always will be, so get over it and get out of my way. Your not even worthy to respond so don’t even try.

  • brodie

    the idea that is freedom will always remain the same. It will transend time, from our forefathers on to today. The idea which is not his own, nor is it owned by anyone, will continue to be voiced now and into the future. Not all original ideas are good, and any idea which increases the power of government is not an idea i would want to be affiliated with. Ron Paul supports the idea of freedom not for the beneficiary of government innovation, but to provide the people with the limited government that they deserve and that will allow them their absolute freedom. It is this limiting of government which allows the people to progress and not the government. This allows the people to develop original ideas that arent hindered or restricted by the “original ideas” of government.

  • BushMittRudy2008

    Why don’t you get some orginal quotes for your site instead of “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. Abraham Lincoln”

    Use this

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
    Adolf Hitler “

  • Tony Bolagna

    This piece highlights the #1 reason why Ron Paul would arguably make the best president this nation has ever had since good ol’ G.W..

  • Eric Sundwall

    Libertarian is a uniquely American trip from the beginning and especially after WWII when Hayek caught fire. Whether or not Paul ultimately conforms to all or any of it is a good question. It’s most likely that his economic association with the Austrian gang is the most influential brand that Paul can identify with. The non-interventionist stuff follows nicely from the non-aggression principle, which I’m fairly sure he holds without taking it to insular extremes with regard to policy with the typical American sensibility.

    Doherty covers a lot of exactly this in radicals for capitalism. The biggest question is what happens after Paul ? Do supporters shrug with indifference to their brethren in the LP, casting them as kooks, losers and wannabes ? Or do they take their enlarged sense of outrage seriously enough to push back through the LP or even Paul in Unity08 ? They can make signs and videos, but ballot access and money are key. Letters to registered primary voters help to. New voters will work, but sketchy isn’t a bad adjective for them either. Good luck Paul people . . . . maybe we’ll see each other on the other side.

  • Danny

    wow, i read this one and was actually happy about it. that isn’t something that usually happens when i read things from the liberty papers.

    i think it shows the idiocy of so many people running for president that are trying to do things their own way instead of what works.

  • Eric

    Irony and sarcasm is lost on the commenters, apparently.

  • Fakes!

    You could change your name to the Plagiarism Party, plagiarizers.

  • Ron R

    When I read how Ron Paul is just a rehash of late 18th century political thought with no original ideas I have to ask what century the NEOCONs travel to for their inspiration. The Crusades back in the 12th century immediately come to mind.
    Their future goal seems to be the Spanish Inquisition of their modern day 15th century. Just switch South America for Persia and it makes sense for these paranoid religious nuts.

    Personally, I’ll take the 18th century and Ron Paul even though I’m no fan of the constitution,
    our coup d’etat. It is much preferable to the religious hysteria the NEOCONs try to sell.

  • christopher

    This viewpoint is exactly what’s threatening America today. How people can look at the Fathers of our country and think that to reference them and use their original ideas…those ideas that made us the country we’ve been and kept us sovereign….and think that they’re ‘outdated’ or ‘been done” is beyond me.
    You want to know what ideas have become outdated in the U.S.?
    Liberty. Freedom. Sovereignty (google it, dude. You don’t sound like you know what it means).
    A return to the original document that put this country on the global map is in order. The founding fathers even warned that if we strayed too far away from the original blueprint that the country would suffer and eventually fall prey to outside influences.
    Welcome to that day. It’s been here for 6 years and we’ve been on a steady decline ever since.
    Read a history book. Pick up a copy of the Constitution. Read up on civics, the way the government was SUPPOSED to work and then write another little blog.
    That’s the problem: We’ve gotten so far away from the original plan that people don’t even have the knowledge as to how it works and can work when we remaing the country we’ve been through history.
    A bad thing? To re-center this country and government based on the document that gave us freedom? You sir, are no patriot.

  • http://deleted christopher

    OK, I was had.
    But what’s really sad is that I randomly come across articles like this and they AREN’T being sarcastic. My mind is so used to people bashing the Constitution and making a mockery of our government that i’m no longer suspicious when I read the stuff.
    it’s a sad commentary of the state of media reports.
    But I feel for it. My apologies.
    Long live liberty, peace and prosperity for the United States.

  • TanGeng

    Come on people. The entire post and Fisk’s article is sarcastic. Fisk calls Dr. Paul’s ideas old and unoriginal, but then proceeds to mercilessly mock all “new ideas” that past presidents and leaders have so creatively implemented and points out the horrifying damage those ideas inflicted on the country.

    Damn it. Learn how to read!

  • Brian

    Unreal. I no longer have any doubt as to why this country is in the shape it is in. Idiots, and ignorant dolts don’t deserve freedom.

    Do you people not understand sarcasm? Most of you must lack the reading comprehension skills of a 2nd grader.

  • Brian


    I just re-read my comment after I posted. Apparently this forum software enforces the idea, “Words like feathers on the wind can never be regathered.”

    I would soften my words if I could, and I apologize to everyone insulted. Just because the article was obviously satire to me, doesn’t mean everyone parsed it accordingly.

  • Rich

    Circulation of mass media, sure is dropping like an asteroid. It is already established that the elite overlords have decided that the American voters are not permitted to have Ron Paul. Slandering Ron Paul, Hit pieces on Ron Paul, media Balckouts on Ron Paul, increase his popularity, not diminish it, and instantly expose the opponents as ‘just another mouthpiece of the establishment’ with collapse in their readership following.

    Ron Paul is the most popular politician to arrise im my lifetime. His popularity with the people is so huge it frightens the elite.

    It is said, a great leader, only saw the wave of motion of the people and got in front of it, takin credit for things that were unavoidable.

    Ron Paul is only surfing a wave that was already there.

    All for One and One for Paul.

  • David

    To be fair, it wasn’t particularly good satire.

  • Nick

    Ha, what a croc basis of an argument? Because an idea is old, it’s bad? Maybe the forefathers had it RIGHT!

  • Rich

    The art of a writer is to successfully communicate. But then again most people have to blame someone when they fail for lack of ability. But then again again, taking a beating over bad writing is where good writers come from.

  • Jonster

    It would seem to me that most people who commented on this post have a lower than average reading comprehension. Completely incapable of detecting sarcasm. I thought the writer did a very good job at making a point.

  • Dare to Dream

    By my estimation, the author is celebrating the “excitement” of politicians violating their oaths of office.
    Considering the party politics whose vote buying campaigns all promise a redistribution of wealth, with two wolves and one sheep voting on what they will be having for lunch, I am at a loss as to how any U.S. citizen could be satisfied with selling their patriotism for a slice of free government cheese.
    Personal opinions should never outweigh the guarantees and limits dictated by our U.S. constitution. My faith in that document will far outweigh any wish to believe the words of any politician.
    Ron Paul’s record and willingness to subordinate his opinions to the U.S. constitution proves to me his Patriotic worth. Anything less is treason to this country, irrespective of the “good intention” feigned or believed by our elected leaders. Once they are in office there is no more restraint, as has been proved most recently by the impotence of the Democratic majority to limit the reach of the current administration.
    They should all fear prison more than they fear losing re-election.

  • Rick Fisk

    I don’t fault people for not recognizing this article as satire. I think that what most of the respondents here did was read the excerpts but not the rest of the article.

    I’m not saying it was well-written, just that there were some obvious lines which should have given it away as a sarcastic piece.

    Such as:

    “Whether it was the affects of syphilis or the fact that he [Lincoln] was a lawyer, he definitely thought outside the box. He could have done what Dr. Paul does by studying the constitution and the words of those who drafted it. However, he didn’t want to seem unoriginal.”

  • eric

    sound like sarchams to me, lay off fellas

  • eric

    sound like sarcasm to me, lay off fellas

  • Jono

    Are any ideas really that original these days?

    Every other candidate is perfectly happy to continue with the taxation of income, and heaps of bureacracy and government departments (health, education, energy) that were created decades ago and have not fulfilled their original purpose.

    What is rare about Ron Paul is that he would be the first person to try to restore the constitution and liberty in the modern era, to a developed western economic superpower.

    His ideas might not seem so outdated if it spurs along new levels of happiness and prosperity in the modern era.

  • mike

    This is anbsolute hit piece.

    I’m truly disgusted.The mass media in America is owned and controlled by the same zionists who control our congress,our federal government,AIPAC,and Israel.The pigs are scared.That’s why they write hit pieces like this one.

    p.s.-Let’s save America and vote for Ron Paul in 2008!

  • mike too

    Haha you guys are freaking out over nothing. Are you kidding me? Everyone loves George Washington thats why they are comparing Ron Paul to him. Its a GOOD thing.

  • Harry N

    Let’s stop using wheels, coz that would be copying and not original. What is Ron Paul saying is revolutionary because he is saying something that no one else dares to. That is what is original about him. Even though the ideas may not all be original the time at which he is proposing to use those is completely unique. We have not been attacked because I beleive is probably because they have not planned another one. Not because of the uncle sam protecting us. And the welfare state has failed every single one under their so called welfare programs so mr Paul please close them.

  • Poffy The Cucumber

    If the Bush administration did not stultify educational systems with their bogus No Child Left Behind Act, maybe more than just a select few might have discerned the sarcasm in the original post. Still, Bush’s stultification of education should not have affected anyone old enough to be perusing these forums, so the fault, I presume, is all the readers’.

    Enjoy this article on The Stink of Bush:

  • Jacob

    An attack on Ron Paul is an attack on the fundamental philosophy of our constitution and our founding fathers.