Romney Moves Up, Ron Paul Stays Still

The latest Gallup Poll is out, and it shows a change in the top of the Republican race, but not much else going on:

A new national Gallup Poll shows Mitt Romney moving into double digits and third place for the Republican presidential nomination. The former Massachusetts governor is at 14%, behind Rudy Giuliani (32%) and Fred Thompson (19%).

Romney was at 8% and fourth place in Gallup polls in July and early August. The latest, taken Aug. 13-16, shows Romney’s favorable rating jumping from 22% to 33% over the past two weeks, and his unfavorable rating dropping from 31% to 24%

Romney has clearly benefited from his win at the Ames Straw poll, to the point where he’s turned John McCain into a second-tier candidate. Ron Paul, meanwhile, remains stuck at the 3% ceiling that he hit earlier in the summer, with little sign that the Ames poll coverage had any impact on the campaign at all.

The full results can be found here, and show the following:

Rudy Giuliani — 32%

Fred Thompson — 19%

Mitt Romney — 14 %

John McCain — 11%

Mike Huckabee — 4%

Ron Paul — 3%

Duncan Hunter — 2%

Chuck Hagel — 1%

Sam Brownback — 1%

Tom Tancredo — 1%

Other — 1%

No Opinion — 11%

The race at the top is far from over, but the odds that anyone who isn’t already polling in double digits in a national poll will make it into the top three are pretty slim.