Monday Open Thread: Questions For Ron Paul Supporters

The posts about Ron Paul’s campaign have brought numerous visitors and comments to The Liberty Papers over the past several months. Some have accused some of is, me in particular, of being overly negative about Paul’s campaign. The truth is, I’m overly negative about the state of the GOP to the point where I doubt that it can nominate someone who thinks like Ron Paul at this point.

Nonethless, I’d like to take today’s Open Thread as an opportunity to ask the Ron Paul  supporters out there some questions.

1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ? If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?

2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?

3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?

4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party

I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s responses.

  • Bob

    1)In the primary I’ll vote for Ron Paul. In the general election I won’t vote for Romney, McCain or Rudy. I’d have to do more homework before I made a final decision on Huckabee, Thompson or Gingrich. 2)I don’t think Paul will win the nomination. 3)I live in Ct., so I don’t have a Senate or Governor to worry about this cycle. I plan to vote Republican in my local races. I’ll probably hold my noise and vote for Shays for Congress. A moderate Republican is better than a liberal Democrat. 4)Yes I’ll stay active in the Republican party when Paul doesn’t win the nomination. I voted for Ron Paul in ’88 but I’m a registered Republican and plan to continue as a Republican.

  • markh

    1. No, not a one. Vote Libertarian, or maybe write-in Ron Paul.
    2. Winning straw polls, and online polls by such wide margins has to say _something_, I’m just not sure what. Watching, _working_, and praying for my (our) miracle! Like Pretty Woman said, “I want the fairy tale.”
    3. No.
    4. No.

  • Bob

    P.S. I never voted for anyone named Bush.

  • UCrawford

    1. No, they’re all unacceptable…and if Paul doesn’t get the nomination I’ll either throw my vote away by going Libertarian or simply not vote for president.

    2. I think Paul’s poll numbers are fairly reflective of his actual following. Until he puts money into advertising on television, he’s always going to be seen as a gadfly. Until TV ads start coming out, however, I think it’s a rather pointless discussion…still a bit early.

    3. I used to like Pat Roberts, but he became one of Bush’s faithful and he’s voted the wrong way on both entitlement spending and civil rights. Same with Todd Tiahrt. So I won’t be voting Republican. The party affiliations for local offices here are more of an afterthought…the specific issues are a bigger deal at the local level.

    4. Not sure. I looked into the Libertarian Party in my region, but the organizational structure is pretty much non-existent, and going to the Dems (as many Republicans have done in our state) just isn’t something I can stomach yet because of the national party. But the state GOP is about as dogmatic as you’re going to find towards Bush Republicanism, so they’re not really a viable option either.

  • Isaac

    The appeal of Paul to me, other than his ideals, is his integrity. I don’t see any other candidate in the GOP or DNC field worth my support. If Paul does not get the nomination, I will probably see who the Libertarians are running. The only time I’ve voted for president was in 2004 and I voted for Michael Badnarik from the Libs. Unfortunately, Badnarik has announced that he has given up politics and will not be running again in 2008. Maybe Harry Browne will give it another go, he was good candidate, even though I didn’t vote for him.

    Of course, there is always the writen for “Nobody”, which I am considering.

    Nobody for president 2008!

  • somebody

    1) Unfortunately, only Ron Paul has the fortitude to actually downsize government. All the rest just talk the talk. The latest Republican administration and congress have completely crushed any hope I had left in them. Besides, all the best aspects about Republicans come from libertarians. I’ll probably vote Libertarian or write in Paul. 2) The chances are low that he’ll get the nomination and even lower that he’ll run as a third party candidate. His support is steadily rising, but only time will tell if it will rise enough. 3) Maybe it’s just my rebellious phase, but I don’t see myself as supporting Democrat-lite candidates anymore. It’s painfully obvious that the last hope this country has is the libertarian philosophy, which is quickly being purged from the Republican sphere. I may as well put my full support behind the LP. 4) Absolutely not. Not nominating Ron Paul is a clear dismissal of rationality. What irks me the most is that Dr. Paul is called a kook when he is the only one still referring to the founders’ original intentions for the US.

  • Isaac

    oops… I mean “write in” not “writen”…

    As for local office, I’m not even sure who is running or which office is up for grabs.

    As for sticking with the Repubs, I’ve never been inclined to pick big-government conservativism over big-government liberalism. Neither are options I’m willing to consider.

  • rho

    1. Romney isn’t horrible, I guess. Thompson is a joke, Giuliani would be worse than GWB. Gingritch won’t run, he might try for VP, maybe. I’ll probably stay home if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, though.

    2. I think it’s possible for him to get the nomination. There is not much excitement about the top candidates, and a lot of excitement for Dr. Paul. If that excitement can build enough momentum to push Dr. Paul into the forefront, mainstream Republicans will get behind him. What separates Dr. Paul from Giuliani in the minds of mainstream Republicans is brand recognition. (This assumes the neo-conservative wing doesn’t viciously attack Dr. Paul for his heretical views on perpetual warfare.)

    3. If you mean supporting with the same kind of fervor, no. If I don’t stay home in 2008 I’ll vote for a few Republicans, yes.

    4. I never was really involved in the Republican Party. I’ve given more money to the Libertarian Party. The Republicans lost me when they failed to capitalize on their majority position in 1994.

  • Pacer

    1. Gingrich is probably my second choice, since he led the 1994 Republicans with a limited government message. He’s also the most academically honest of the non-Paul candidates. The rest seem to offer more Bush-esque corruption (esp. Giuliani) or lack any coherent/consistent message.

    2. I think Paul’s numbers are growing all the time, and few of the ‘major’ polls have been conducted recently and take into account Paul’s debate performances (of course how many people actually watch the debates anyway). The polls don’t have much credibility, but unfortunately they do influence how people vote–not wanting to ‘waste’ their vote and other foolish sentiments.

    3. Yes I’m involved/supporting selected republican campaigns aside from RP’s. One such candidate is from our RP meetup group, who filed in response to the “Be Ron Paul Challenge” which calls for volunteers to enter races around the country as Ron Paul [republicans, democrats, independents]. When a candidate has a rock solid nonpartisan philosophy, it’s a big tent that can draw from all parties.

    4. Probably would remain involved in politics and would support acceptable candidates. Problem is that if the R’s continue to reject what Ron Paul is saying then I see only a third party as worthy of my personal efforts. The Dems have no answer for anything–even when they’re right it’s for the wrong reasons.

  • Suzan

    1. No other candidate has the integrity and intelligence of Dr. Paul. I will write in Ron Paul’s name, voting my conscience and doing what is right.

    2. Polls are not always accurate. If the Republican party finally accepts the fact that Ron Paul is the only Republican who can beat Hillary, at that point they will have to choose between supporting one of their “yes men,” and losing the White House, or supporting Ron Paul and winning the Presidency.

    3. I am a former Republican who has given up supporting ANY party line. I have to study each candidate and their record individually. At this point, I am supporting no one.

    4. No. The Republican Party is not the same party it used to be, and I would be ashamed to associate myself with it.

  • Jeanette Doney

    1. No. I’ll write his name in, IF we get to vote.
    2. No. The Duopoly, supported by MSM and elite globalists, find Constitutional rights in the way of their profit off misery, and will not nominate Paul.
    3. No
    4. No, I’ve been independent of party for over a decade and love it.

  • Jeremy

    1-No; I specifically switched party affiliations from independant to republican just to vote for Ron Paul, if he doesn’t win the primary, hmmmm, I’m left with a giant douche and a terd sandwich.

    2-I don’t like this question. The optimist in me wants to beleive he has a shot at the nomination, but the realist in me sees the MSM’s contant belittleing of his efforts, and knowing the general state of ignorance that 90% of america lives in, they won’t allow him to do any better.

    3-Not no but HELL NO. All of the other republicans make me sick. If you need more info on this, then we won’t agree no matter what; you either agree that they’re all flip flopping two faced scum, ot you don’t, I don’t beleive there’s middle ground on this sublect.

    4-The traditional republican ideals have been abandoned by the party in favor of big government and corporate power. ‘Republicans’ today are corporate lapdogs. I would call them prostitutes, but, well but nothing, they work to get themselves into positions of power, and then sell themselves to the highest bidder. (although, i beleive it’s the other way around; they sell themselves to the highest bidder TO GET ELECTED). Ron Paul is THE ONLY REASON I choose to associate myself with the Republican Party. Maybe his idealogical counterparts will arise in the wake of his popularity. If he does one great thing, it will be to let people know they’re not alone, there is someone in gov’t who will fight for them, no matter how unpopular the view is or how logical it is. (Funny how people can be convinced to beleive that something bad is good…wake up).

  • Jeremy

    I’m dumb, I misread #3. I would vote for a republican, if he convinced me he was worthy of my vote. As for just voting for someone because they are republican, not a chance.

  • Kevin

    1. I like Mitt Romney. The others I am lukewarm about, but not Rudy. I cannot stand Rudy. If it’s Rudy vs Hillary, I’ll pack my bags and move to Mexico.

    2. I don’t think he’ll win the election, but he’ll get people thinking, and that’s what this country so desperately needs right now. We need to step away from these painful last few years, and GOP catch phrases like “they’ll follow us home” and “they hate us cuz we’re free”. I hope that Ron Paul considers running as a third party candidate, since he’ll likely have a lot of unspent donation money he could use.

    3. I don’t know who is running for other offices yet, but I don’t vote on party lines. I guess that is a vague “yes”.

    4. Sure, if Ron Paul decided not to run as a third party candidate, my support would be for Mitt Romney.

  • Raymond

    1. No. I will write in Ron Paul if I have to. I voted for Bush in ’00 and ’04 and Gov. Rick Perry (TX) twice and I regret all four votes. Why did I vote for them? I was picking the lesser of the two evils. I’m through voting the lesser of the two evils, so I’ll have to always write in or pick a third party candidate.

    2. Most people in this nation still don’t know who Dr. Paul is, due in large part to a media blackout of him. I have learned that most people who learn about him like him so as word continues to spread, his poll rating will increase.

    3. Not presently. I will support any candidate, R or D who endorses Ron Paul or better yet, runs as a Ron Paul Republican or a Ron Paul Democrat.

    4. I am not a Republican nor do I want to be. Both major parties are corrupt and I want no part of them. I’m only in this for Dr. Paul.

  • Kevin

    I meant Canada, not Mexico. I’m not a fan of warm weather.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    1) Not anymore. I would have voted for Tommy Thompson.

    If Ron fails to win the nomination, I will have given up on this country and will be working to secure my own future. I will be forced out of practicality to no longer care about the continued degradation of our country, our liberties, our freedom.

    2) How do you reconcile an actor that hasn’t entered the race as the top candidate in the polls? It is simply media manipulation of the candidate we see.

    3) No. Not even Arnold Swarzennegar. The parties are pushing their own agenda on the people. Kinda tired of that. If we can’t have representation of by and for the people. Then who cares what 3rd world country we live in.
    The only thing saving us from full 3rd worldness in this country is the judicial system. At least appeal is still something available in this country.

    4)I am an Independent. I vote for who makes the most sense and is most true to the ideals of what the US was founded on.

    PS. I would have voted for Dole in 1996, but the Republican Party forced him to become and “anti-abortion” candidate.
    McCain was a viable candidate until earlier this year when he had to suck up to the Republican Religious Right.

  • William

    1. Ron Paul will recieve my vote in the primary and the general election even if I have to write his name in.

    2. Please do explain how Ron Paul has generated the most active support on the internet and yet his “national poll” numbers havn’t move. Other canidates swing wildly, yet somehow Paul gets his identical 2-3%. Yeah, all of a sudden 25% of republicans want a lifelong lobbiest (fred?) as president. YEAH RIGHT. These “polls” are garbage.

    3. If any canidate steps up in my area as conservatively principled as Ron Paul, I would be happy to support them. Neocons need not apply.

    4. Listen to what the “Republican Party” is saying to us. We’re kooks for being conservatives. We’re wacko for believing in the constitution. We’re absolutly insane for supporting Ron Paul. Does that sound like a party that even wants us to stay involved?

  • Joe Lawson

    1.) I would not support any other current candidate, including Fred Thompson, other than Ron Paul. I would consider voting for a Lou Dobbs or maybe McClintock of California.

    2.) I have been on alot of campaigns, and haven’t seen support like this since Reagan. The national polls are skewed, Cell Phones are the dominate way of communicating for 18-45 years olds, and even older people have gotten rid of their land lines. Not to mention unlisted numbers, etc are not counted. They put Pat Buchanan at the same level of support in 1996 and then he went on to win New Hampshire and a couple of other states. I was on that campaign and can tell you Ron Paul has a 1000 times more support than Buchanan did. By the way, if Ron Paul was on the national television like they give for the hand picked candidates that they want to see win, he would be crushing the opposition.

    3.) Yes, on a local and state level.

    4.) Well I don’t vote for a Republican because they are Republicans – that silly. Many Republicans are worst than Democrats. Support the candidate, not the party. Let us not forget that George Washington was not a member of any party.

  • Mark

    Isaac, sorry to tell you that Harry Browne died about a year and a half ago. Even dead, he is a better candidate than anyone currently running, except of course for Dr. Paul.

  • http://none Mark

    1) Have not found anyone other that Ron Paul worth supporting so far. If he is not chosen, I would prefer not to vote. I am happier to try to discredit the winner by having a minimal turnout than voting for someone I dislike less than the competition.

    2) Only people really into politics have any clue as to what’s happening in the primaries. The general populace makes choices in polls based on name recognition. As the Paul campaign continues to grow, and we get to the primaries, I would expect to see things change.

    3) No, I live abroad.

    4) I was a Republican. However, I’m no longer interested in party politics, just issues.

  • Elizabeth

    #1) I’ve looked at several of the other candidates, republican, democratic, and libertarian. There’s not one with the convictions, voting record, or integrity of Ron Paul. The others are just same ole, no matter what they are currently espousing. I would write in Ron Paul and vote what I feel is right. Many people forget the write in can be for anyone. Heck, I’d vote “Mickey Mouse” before I’d throw my vote away on the other jesters.

    #2) Certainly I believe he can win the nomination. The polls only phone “likely voters”, not many at that, and noone that has changed parties recently or has never voted before is polled. This gives an artificial inflation to other candidates and lowers Paul’s polling numbers because many are changing party or are younger voters who are behind Ron Paul. If the grassroots efforts continue to gain numbers then he certainly has a chance.

    #3) I’m an independent. Thankfully, where I live, independents can vote for either party in the primaries. I haven’t yet looked at the other races or the candidates for them but will vote for either republican or democrat depending on their stance not their party affiliation. To me, voting “along party lines” for that sake alone and not on the issues is part of what got us into the MESS we are in now.

    #4) not applicable since I’m an independent.

  • Diana

    1 – I don’t support any of the other Republicans. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, I will write his name in or vote for the Democrat. Depends on my mood and on the Democrat. If Obama gets the Dem nomination, I’d definitely vote for him (assuming Ron Paul is not an option).

    2 – I think he *can* win the Republican nomination. I am not convinced that he *will* win. But all we can do is hope for the best, help spread the word, and make sure we vote in the primaries.

    3 – I am not supporting any other Republicans. I am only registered as a Republican in order to support Ron Paul. I normally register independent and mostly vote Democrat or 3rd party.

    4 – The only way I would ever stay involved with the Republican Party is if the party aligned itself with Ron Paul’s values. As it stands, I generally consider the Republican Party more or less on par with Lucifer.

  • Fielding J. Hurst

    Hagel is about it as far as second choices go, but he really needs to step up and show some leadership on running. Lost a lot of steam at his non-announcement press conference if you ask me. If ever there was a time for a 3rd party, it is now!

  • Grant

    1. Other than Ron Paul, none of the Republican candidates are worth voting for. They are all pro-war, and generally neo-conservative. These are not traits that will put our country back on track. If Congressman Paul is not the Republican candidate next November, I’ll simply write him in. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.

    2. I believe that Ron Paul will win the nomination. He has, far and away, the largest groundswell of support from John Q. Public. Also, he is the only republican that is anti-war, which ~70% of the country agrees with. He doesn’t poll well because a large portion of his support comes from people outside the Republican party who are not polled. Most of the people I know are Ron Paul supporters, and virtually none of them are registered Republicans (myself included).

    3. I support several moderate Republicans in the local elections here, but I do not support extreme right-wing “conservatives”.

    4. If Ron Paul does not win the Republican primary I would not stay involved with the Republican cause. I would, however, be interested in the Libertarian party.

    If Ron Paul does not win the Republican nomination, the Republicans can kiss this election goodbye. The Iraq war is the #1 issue with voters, and Democrats will come out of the woodwork to vote out any pro-war Republican candidate. However, if Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination, not only would he get all of the conservative vote, but he would also get the vote from moderates, anti-war voters, small government supporters, Libertarians, etc. Many of the people that I know voted Democrat in the last election (and in 2000 as well). A large portion of those people would vote for Ron Paul over Clinton or Obama. How many other Republican candidates would get a single Democrat vote? None of them.

    Put simply, Ron Paul is the best chance for the Republican party.

  • Buckwheat

    Most of these questions were asked by Donklephant recently, and answered by dozens of Paul supporters, and re-posted by question on Donklephant’s site.

    Doug Mataconis claims he is voting for Ron Paul in the primary, and so am I! GO RON PAUL!

  • AB

    It’s a 2 party system. Dr. Paul vs. the rest.
    A wasted vote on Dr. P? Voting for any of the others is a waste of time.

  • Mr. Dylan

    I think what the people in the GOP (of which I’m now a member) need to realize is that Ron Paul is their ONLY credible shot at the White House.

    He is the ONLY candidate overall who already has a substantial following of passionate supporters (over 20,000 volunteers signed up to his website alone).

    He is the ONLY candidate who is talking about a change in foreign policy which is exactly what polls show the American people are asking for (some 70+ American’s want the war over).

    Be realistic GOP, if you want to win in ’08 you need a man like Ron Paul. Not more of the same.

    I just signed up Republican for the first time in my life, and others I know who have done the same just to support Ron Paul. Myself, and the others I know will definitely not vote for any of the proclaimed “front runners” in either party.

    Millions of Americans are waking up to the media matrix which as every day goes by of this election is more and more so discrediting itself as anything other than completely biased on the way it reports the ‘facts’.

    We the People need to unite for the common cause of Liberty this 2008 election year.

    Join the Ron Paul Revolution!

  • ElectRon!

    1a. No presidential candidate besides Ron Paul deserves any support. Rudy McRomneyson are the Four Horsemen of the CFR, an infernal whack-a-mole tag team; and they’re only competing for the Designated Loser slot, against the CFR’s Anointed Queen.

    In 1976, Ron Paul was already in Congress and a full-bore early-adopter Reagan delegate. In 1976, Willard “Mitt” Romney was, by contrast, a Boston management consultant with no interest in politics.

    1b. If Dr. Paul is not nominated here, I will vote for him on the combined Libertarian/Constitution/Taxpayers party ticket. That or the combined Write-In/None-Of-The-Above/Other party ticket. He will surely get many more than the half-million votes he got last time he ran third-party. But he refuses to take advantage of his opponents’ extreme youth and inexperience.

    2. You mistakenly think “the national polls” have Dr. Paul at 3%. The internet polls which have him at 80% are just as national as the phone polls which shrink his numbers with unannounced multipliers supposedly justified by electability. The correct number is in-between, and is well approximated by his Iowa exit poll first-place result of 37%.

    As per, this weekend Paul won two more straw polls, making SEVEN first-place finishes (AL GA NC NH NH PA WA). In real-world straw polls, and twice in crucial New Hampshire, he now leads EVERY announced candidate in head-to-head matchups, having just passed Willard M. Romney by 10-9 with this weekend’s wins.

    3. I also support Dean Santoro for Florida District 21. I support Frank Gonzalez, who is also campaigning in this area. They are both meetup leaders BTW. I also support Dr. Paul winning an 11th term in his Texas District (hey, it worked for Lieberman).

    4. Are you saying the Ron Paul Revolution is “involvement” in the Republican Party? I hope not! While Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate that advances the GOP’s stated goals, the GOP leadership itself has zero-to-no interest in its stated goals, and needs no help advancing its real, unstated goals.

    As to the questions you didn’t ask: Dr. Paul becoming 44th President will still as of today require a well-nigh-miraculous change in American hearts– but that revival is already underway and unignorable. It will require an unprecedented willingness of GOP regulars to return to their platform– but our 37,000 volunteers are turning their tide. It will require a thoroughly massive, grassroots-driven overthrow of the vote-counters with incredible people power– but the troop movement for such a Battle of Athens is already well-mobilized. The Internet Minutemen can still win! Now GO OUT and CHANGE ONE HEART today.

    Send Ron Paul a B-Day Gift Today at !!!

  • Matt C

    1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ?

    McCain’s not too bad.

    > If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?

    I’ll write RP in.

    2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?

    Because it’s a lot easier to pick up a phone and say “uh .. I guess Romney” than it is to drive out to a polling station. Whenever the public is invited to go (for free) and show support, RP’s people generally swarm over the joint.

    3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?

    No. The pubs in my region are hawks, and are helping to bankrupt this country.

    4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party?

    Only in the sense that I will stay in touch with likeminded pubs; parties do not interest me, only ideas.

  • Pat Hawk

    I am a Libertarian but recently registered as a Republican in order to vote for Dr. Paul. If he doesn’t win the nomination I will return to the Libertarian ideas I have long held. There is no such thing as a wasted vote.

  • ionscorp

    I Ron Paul does not win the nomination then I will look for a meaningful third party candidate.

    “We need a change in direction, not just a change in drivers”
    That’s what Howard Phillips says and I agree.
    I will not throw my vote away on a compromise candidate. We NEED to reduce the size of government and get back to the limits placed on government by the constitution. Our freedom and well being is at stake.

  • Kevin Houston

    “1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ? If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?”

    I could support Huckabee, Hunter, or Tancredo (with varying degrees of nose-holding) but only for the general election and only if running against Hillary. Otherwise I will either write-in Ron Paul, or vote Libertarian.

    “2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?”

    The telephone polls are not accurate. They were not accurate in MN for Jesse Ventura, they were not accurate for the Iowa Straw poll. At best the polls only measure name recognition, and at worst, the telephone polls are actually used to mainpulate people. The fact that all of the major polling companies are getting the same results, proves to me that the data is “massaged”. In a truly random poll, we would expect to see wildly different numbers from poll to poll. (but all within the error of margin, 0%, 5%, 2%, 4% –like that) but this is not what we see.

    “3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?”

    Not at this time; it’s still too early and none have asked yet for my support. But if they should, I will look at them and judge them by what they are offering. If they are offering bread and circuses to mask a growing military empire, then I will not support them. If they are offering more social engineering, then I will not support them. In short, if a GOP candidate comes asking for my support, he damn well better *sound* like a GOP candidate, and not like a Dem.

    “4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party

    Probably not. It depends on who does get the nod, (I won’t support Frudy McRompson under any circumstances,) who the Dems pick (Jillarak Edbamaton or someone real like Gravel) and how close the race looks. All things being equal, I will probably go back to the LP.

    To tell you the honest truth, if the GOP picked Giuliani, and the Dems picked Gravel, I’d have to vote Democrat in a tight race.



  • jimmy

    Don’t waste your vote by not voting even if Ron is not on the Ballet, you can write him in.

  • Haigh

    You are missing the real power of the Ron Paul movement, its potential to split the Republican Party into Large and Small Government forces. The next two Presidential elections belong to the Democrats. Small Government forces need to coalesce into an existing or new party and go to work on federal and state legislatures. This aims to build a force for 2016. Ron Paul is today’s spearhead. Hats off to him.

  • DefendTheConstitution

    1- Not at all. I don’t see any candidate in Republican party, who is not business as usual, politics as usual, lying about anything that benefits Special Interests, and doing everything for bigger government, destroying every remaining Freedom and spending like drunk, while campaigning for a small government and Freedom. Bush administration and all candidates, except Ron Paul, supporting Bush policy is like a perfect storm to show how republican party is UNTRUSTWORTHY. I would never vote for Democrats either.

    2- He is winning most of the Straw Polls across the Country. He won 3 debates out of 4 in landslide and 2nd place in one. After WMD fraud, I don’t trust MSM and its bought polls anymore.

    3- No. They are liers for big government and against Freedom. Period.

    4- No. They don’t deserve it. Where is WMD? Where is mushroom cloud? Liers!!! What about government spending and debt reaching $10 trillion? How can you support a party, which says they are for small government, while working along with Democrats toward bigger government and Socialism?

  • Norm Nelson

    What you are asking with these four questions is “What is your political strategy?, How will you game the system?” It’s unfortunate that with our current election system we have to game the system. You can’t just vote your conscience, you must always worry about helping to elect your worst fear by voting for a weaker 3rd party candidate even though that weaker candidate is much closer to your ideals.

    Only when we change our system of elections to a ranked or Instant Runoff Voting system will we be free to vote for our best choice rather than against our worst fear.

    In that light I will change from Lib to Rep to vote for RP in the primary. Then I will vote for the candidate that matches my ideal of limited constitutional government.

    Then I will continue to beat the drum of IRV so that all will be free to vote their 1st choice instead of playing the political game we currently have.

  • Buckwheat

    Remember, no matter how many times Mataconis asks “What if Ron Paul doesn’t win?” concern troll questions, last week we still got him to claim he’s voting for Ron Paul.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he really is voting for Ron Paul.

  • patrick

    i will write in ron paul anyway

  • Bob

    In Connecticut they only count votes for write in candidates if the candidate has been registered with the Secretary of State. We don’t vote directly for President, instead we vote for delegates to the Electoral College. So to vote for a write for President you need to write in the names of electors that would vote for Paul.

  • Jim Raynor

    1. There is no other Republican candidate, I would vote for, I would write in Ron Paul anyway.

    2. Most pollsters today require the people they poll to have landlines and a lot of Ron Paul supporters are using cellphones and therefore there isnt a reliable way to know for sure how many supporters he has. I would make a rough estimate and say he has about 3-9% support. Once his message begins to spread, and it will steam roll and more will support him.

    3. No, but I am sure there are at least a few good Republicans and I respect them for that.

    4. I wont focus on what wont happen, but I will work toward a better future.

  • Terry

    1. I would support Mike Huckabee because of his fervent support of the FairTax.

    2. Corporate involvement and media selection. The MSM doesn’t report the news and give every candidate equal time. While this is understandable closer to the actual elections, this early in the election cycle, they have nominated who is in the “top-tier” and report heavily on those candidates. It’s self-fulfilling.

    3. Depends on the election. I have in the past, but none currently (other than RP).

    4. Perhaps. I’m an independent, so RP’s stances resonate with me. If the Republican party continues down its current path…then no.

  • Michael Wagner

    For the most part, the leaders of the GOP have proven that they are nothing more than a branch of the socialist party in the US. Both the Democratic party and the Republican party have passed legislation that expands the role of government in society.
    There is no Republican or Democrat for whom I would waste a vote other than Ron Paul. Paul is by no means perfect. I disagree with him on several issues, but the general tone of his message and his consistent record make him by far the best choice among the major candidates.
    If Ron Paul does not win the GOP nomination, I hope he will run on a third party ticket. If he was to pick up the nomination of the Libertarian, Constitution and Reform parties together with his huge MeetUp following, I think he could win. This is especially true if Bloomberg comes in as an independent. With the Big Government forces split three ways and Paul as the only Constitutionalist in the race, he could win a plurality.
    If he does not win the GOP nod and declines a third party run, I will either vote LP or not vote at all – there would be no point – the country is done – stick a fork in it.
    BUT I think that the nay sayers are underestimating the power of Ron Paul’s MeetUp following.
    I attended a meeting yesterday between all of the Meetup organizers in the Tampa Bay area. In the next few weeks you are going to see some very large events for Ron Paul.
    We are also just starting the process of bringing the GOP establishment into the Paul fold. This is a very quiet, almost underground aspect of the campaign. It should start to show some real results by mid-fall.
    Watch the streets in your town. The Ron Paul Revolution is just getting geared up and we are coming to YOUR neighborhood.

  • David

    1) I would probably vote third party.
    2) I don’t know if he will, but I do think that he can win the nomination. Previous nominees and presidents have started low in the polls. Also, current polling methods are behind the times technologically.
    3) I might vote R in other races but I am not actively supporting any. I voted D in the last congressional election.
    4) My support of Ron Paul is an exception to my current disdain for party politics, so no, I will not stay involved in the R party. I’ve been a registered R for 29 years but I no longer take it very seriously.

  • Craig

    The question seems to be aimed at seeing whether Ron Paul’s supporters are already in the Republican Party, or just joining up for his primary bid. The people who post here may not be representative, though. I expected most of his support to come from Libertarians like me, but in both my local Meetup and in the Ron Paul Rally online, Republicans and independents outnumber us.

    My answers:

    1. I don’t like any of the other Republican candidates. None of them will end the war. None of them will restore Constitutional liberties. None of them is serious about cutting spending or taxes or balancing the budget. I would probably vote Libertarian if Ron Paul is not on the ballot.

    2. I hold out hope that he can win the GOP nomination. I would peg his true support now at 5%. He is still unknown to about 75% of Americans, so he has room to move up to the 20% range. Turnout in the primaries is very low, and Ron Paul supporters are motivated, and will turn out at a much higher rate. If he gets to 10% in the polls, he will have a serious chance. 37,000 volunteers might be able to pull that off.

    3. Republicans in California aren’t much better than Democrats, so no. Arnold has increased spending faster than Davis, and is bankrupting the state.

    4. Staying in the Republican Party may be the way for the freedom movement to go. A movement that appeals to 5-10% of voters can’t do much of anything as a third party. In the primaries, with high turnout, we could nominated some candidates who are a lot more liberty friendly than what we have now.

  • ryan rabalais

    2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?

    That IS a very good question. I have been wondering about the disparity between internet polls and ‘national’ polls ever since I 1st noticed it. I always thought that internet users represented a fairly diverse cross-section of the population in general. I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made of this anomoly, and it seems very likely that these ‘national’ poll numbers are being cooked. Who would really be surprised?

  • Doug Mataconis

    That IS a very good question. I have been wondering about the disparity between internet polls and ‘national’ polls ever since I 1st noticed it. I always thought that internet users represented a fairly diverse cross-section of the population in general. I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made of this anomoly, and it seems very likely that these ‘national’ poll numbers are being cooked. Who would really be surprised?

    Why that conclusion and not the conclusion that Internet users do not represent and sufficiently random cross section of the voting population ?

  • Doug Mataconis

    The question seems to be aimed at seeing whether Ron Paul’s supporters are already in the Republican Party, or just joining up for his primary bid. The people who post here may not be representative, though. I expected most of his support to come from Libertarians like me, but in both my local Meetup and in the Ron Paul Rally online, Republicans and independents outnumber us.

    Partially true, but I don’t want to influence the answers by letting people know what I am trying to find out in this admittedly unscientific manner.

  • Tannim

    1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ? If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?
    A: No, and I’ll defer that second part until after St. Paul and both Denver conventions.

    2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?
    A: Asked and answered before, but to repeat, since you didn’t get it the first time: MSM doesn’t to upset their advertisers who are scared sh**less over Ron Paul as President, and the MSM is scared that if they support a “loser” candidate they’ll lose face (when the same thing will happen when they don’t support the winner!). Plus the GOP leadership knows that if he wins they’re out, and they don’t want to leave their cushy jobs.

    3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?
    A: What kind of stupid question is that? Most of those races don’t even have announced and filed candidatres yet?

    4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party
    A: Who said I was involved in the GOP? Bad assumption. I’m involved in the Ron Paul campaign.

  • Paul

    #1,#3, & #4. Not a chance in hell that there is any other candidate of either party that I would support. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an honest person as President, just for a change? Like Jon Stewart said in his interview with Dr. Paul: “So, you seem to represent honesty and intergrity. American doesn’t usually go for that.” Is there ANY other candidate (from either party)who is actually talking about UNDOING some of the incredible damage that has been done to our country by this (and previous, but most of all this) administration? I believe that this our last hurrah. No civilization has ever survived the continual growth of central government and the debasement of its currency, and neither will this one. No other candidate is addressing either of these problems, but they are the foremost ones for the survival of the country. The rest of the Republican field just sound like Bush clones, and the Democrats just want to pile their own agenda on top of what’s already there, not dump these horrendous bureaucracies that Bush has foisted upon us. As to what I’ll do if he fails to win the nomination? I’ll fall back into the despair that I felt for this country’s future that I had before he decided to run.

    2. I have little hope that he will win the nomination, although I intend to, for the first time in my life, do everything that I can to make it happen. Remember, this is a country that REelected Bush. When that happened, I swore I would never again underestimate the stupidity of my countrymen. For enough of the voting public to wise up to the point of voting for real change is just too much to expect, I’m afraid. But most of the country seems not have noticed that we are now a fascist dictatorship with nazi-ish storm troopers confronting us everywhere we go whose insults and machinations we dare not even question lest we never be allowed to fly again.

  • Bones

    Most phone polls that gauge GOP candidate support are aimed at land line folks that recently voted Republican. This is obviously not Ron Paul’s support base. Many are technologically savvy so they either don’t have a land line or have stepped into the 21st century and have caller ID, like me and everyone else I know that don’t answer their phone when caller ID says “Unkown” or has a random 800 number. Seriously, this is for the primaries where base support is most valuable. Ron Paul has an active, interested, and passionate base. No other GOPers can say that unless you count Romney in Utah. I have only heard one person of all the conservative voters I have come into any contact whatsoever with say they support Giuliani (Eric Dondero). How does he get 25% support? Because the polls called all the people that voted for Bush in 04. Obviously, there is a different group supporting Ron Paul than that which supported GWB. I’m actually surprised he gets 3% of that crowd. Thompson gets support only from those people that don’t like the rest of the GOP front-runners. Once they hear his non-message they are likely to re-evaluate their position. I would expect the polls to change significantly by December. Also, some polls exclude Ron Paul altogether, or if they include him in the poll, they exclude him from the result set (thanks Fox News!). Shameful.

  • Bob Moore

    1) I can only support Dr. Paul. If Dr. Paul is not nominated I will probably vote for the Libertarian candidate.

    2) The freedom message is powerful. A lot can happen in the next several months as people start becoming more interested in the race. I also believe that it is possible that none of the candidates receive a majority and the final decision may have to be made at the convention. That would be good for Dr. Paul.

    3) I am not supporting any other candidates.

    4) If Ron Paul doesn’t win I will probably not stay involved with the Republican party again in my lifetime.

  • Fielding J. Hurst

    I am so fed up totally with the two parties that it really is hard for me to imagine voting for someone other than Ron Paul. I am a Bill Clinton demnocrat finally disillusioned with every facet of government. There was something about Hurricane Katrina that showed how pitifully inept the government truly is from the president on down to local government. The two parties count on all of us to hate the other side enough not to pay attention to the real issues. -Fielding J. Hurst

  • Paige

    Going point by point:

    1) As it stands now, there is no other Republican candidate I would even consider voting for for one simple reason: they all support a continuation of our foreign policy of the last 50 years in the Middle East as well as a continued military presence in Iraq (if not escalation of both). I am by no means a single-issue voter, and I do not support Dr. Paul exclusively because of this issue: I support him genuinely because I am a libertarian, he is a libertarian, and he is vastly closer to my beliefs than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat. But let’s face it: Iraq, al-Qaeda, War on Terror, foreign relations with the Islamic World, etc. is THE single most important issue of our time, and it is the first issue I will be looking at when judging candidates. This is, essentially, the first “test” of candidates for me, and if a candidate doesn’t pass this test, he fails and won’t get my vote. Of the Republicans and Democrats, only Dr. Paul and Mike Gravel pass this test for me. (Kucinich is still a Wilsonian liberal and interventionist, even if that intervention doesn’t involve Iraq)

    As for the second part of your question… it depends on whether or not Dr. Paul continues his campaign as a third-party candidate. If so, there is no doubt what I will do: vote for Dr. Paul, permitting that he gets on the ballot in NC (which I think he can do). If not, I will be voting for the candidate who most closely mirrors my views on foreign policy toward the Islamic world, which will most likely be a third-party candidate; and, if possible, the most libertarian candidate. (Hopefully, in the case that Dr. Paul doesn’t run as a third-party candidate, the LP will get back on the ballot here in NC)

    2. It’s still very eary in the primary season. A lot can still happen. The fact that he is at 3% in the national poll, and around there in most state polls, is a sign that he has indeed made a lot of progress despite spending less money/effort up to this point than pretty much the rest of the candidates. It is my belief that the Republican Party is in the beginning stages of a conscience check (somewhat initiated by Dr. Paul, but also initiated by the Bush Administration’s tank job) in terms of what it stands for and who it stands with. Does it stand with the neoconservative wing? The paleoconservative/libertarian wing? The centrist wing? These are questions that are being asked, and we’ve already seen escalations in the conflict among these wings. (Case in point: illegal immigration) But most of all, we have plenty of prominent Republicans who used to be neocon cheerleaders who have either changed position on Iraq or are having doubts about whether or not we should still be there, and this is leading to them having doubts about our foreign policy. As more and more Republicans break from the neocon ranks, and more and more Republican voters become disenchanted with Iraq and demand withdrawl, there will only be one game in town for them: Ron Paul. Based on what I’m seeing on the ground and my conversations with others, I would say that by Christmas, Dr. Paul will be in the top-3 in the polls in the key early primary states, and he will be in double-digits nationally. He’s energizing people in the Republican Party who have been shut up by the neocons for 7 years, and he’s bringing in scores of non-Republican voters who are either changing their registration or are going to vote for him in open primary states. This effect in particular isn’t being measured in state polls of Republican voters right now.

    It’s a long-shot, yes. But I believe he can do it, and I believe he will make a serious run at it.

    3. I am a registered Republican, but as I said, I’m a libertarian ideologically. I’m thinking about helping out Congressman Walter Jones of the 3rd district in North Carolina Dr. Paul’s campaign doesn’t reach the end. He is a more libertarian Republican with an impeccable reputation, and he is standing up against this stupid War in Iraq. I’ll have to a better look at the candidates for Governor of NC before I make a decision, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m not at all impressed.

    4. Right now, I’m basically what Ron Paul was in 1988: a registered Republican Party member who is a libertarian and works for the promotion of libertarian principles, which is what he did when running on the LP ticket. I will be mainly working to promote libertarianism/Goldwater conservatism within the party, but at the same time, my main allegience will be to libertarian philosophy and the goals of the Libertarian Party. So the answer to your question is yes.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the opportunity. I think the Republican Party is dead if one thinks they should uphold Conservative ideals in their words and actions.

    1. If Dr. Paul does not win the nomination, I will vote Libertarian- an outsider and principled. The republicans are all lost.

    2. I think his national numbers in random polling are indeed 3%. But, I think the percentage of Primary voters puts us in the 20% range. Darn near 100% of us will vote in the primary! We are motivated.

    3. Supporting Republican Candidates? Chip Rogers, State Senator GA is good.

    4. If Ron Paul does not win, I don’t see myself staying involved in the Republican Party.

  • William

    1. No, I’ll vote for Ron Paul no matter what. When I vote, I vote for who is best instead of who I think will win… because, then, the media has chosen for me.

    2. With past polls ranking Carter and Clinton as low as Paul at the same point in the campaigning process, I don’t think that we can speculate on nominations yet because the media delivers news to support their agenda. Polls may exist that rank Ron Paul very high… like online polls, but the media will never show them, nor will they acknowledge their own debate results. ABC “hid” its GOP debate on a Sunday, during church-time; likely, with the intent to not accidentally motivate a Christian-Evangelical voting movement, and keep the “non-top-tier” candidates’ messages as quiet.

    3. Ron Paul has opened my eyes to the corruption in our country, so I’ll take a more active approach in the future; however, with the media’s control on “offering options” I’ll probably always be stuck with choosing between two corrupt politicians.

    4. I’m not currently involved in the republican party. I vote for “the candidate” and not the party.

    If Ron Paul (and Ron Paul’s supporters) can motivate enough passionate activist-voters to motivate other activist-voters to buck the media’s choices, Register Republican and VOTE for Ron Paul in the primary election, he’ll win the republican nomination, and he’ll win the general election against “Black and Woman.”

    Unfortunately, many people in our social culture aren’t ready to open their minds and vote for a woman or a black person. I, however, would vote for Obama over Rudy Giuliani if Ron Paul wasn’t running from the beginning.

  • Joshua Holmes

    1. I wouldn’t support any other Republican, and I’m wary of Ron Paul because of his immigration stance and his divine inspiration view of the Constitution. (I’m both an atheist and an anarchist, so I don’t like either part of it.)

    2. I don’t think he will win the nomination. Polls are generally quite accurate. Ron Paul has a fervent base of supporters, but they are not the Republican Party, nor do they seem interested in getting involved in Republican politics. Paul doesn’t have the money or machine to take the GOP nomination.

    3. I’m not supporting any other candidates for the GOP.

    4. I’m not currently involved in the Republican Party.

  • Heather

    1. No, there are no other current Republican candidates who i could support. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination then i will write him in.

    2. 2/3rds of Ron Paul’s support come from previously Democratic or Independant voters, or people who have never voted before in an election. Those people are not polled in Republican Polls. Also, in many instances Ron Paul’s name has not even made the list to choose from – while non-declared candidates such as Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich have.

    3. I don’t know enough about any at the moment to make any endoresements – but you can guarantee that i will be researching, supporting, and voting for ANYONE of ANY party who wishes to follow the Ron Paul example of non-interventionalism, fiscal conservatism, and national self-reliance. I am politically active for the first time in my life – not for Ron Paul, but for the true freedom he represents.

    4. While i voted Republican (McCain) in the last primaries, I don’t consider myself a “Republican” any more than i consider myself a “Democrat” – i guess i’m an independant, with Republican leanings. I’ll continue to follow the issues and see which candidate lands where. Follow the issues, not the party.

  • Larry

    If Ron Paul does not win, I’ll just shrug! Who is John Gault?

  • Jody

    1) I am democrat who registered for first time ever as republican to vote for Dr. aul in primary. I he failed to make it to general election then I would vote for Kucinich.

    2) I use VoIP and cell phone and Internet as primary communication devices, so I doubt any national polls will come across people like me (especially if they focus on “most likely to vote republican type screening), so the national polls are seriously flawed.

    3) No, I usually vote Democrat, support of liberties, balanced budget and trustworthiness are my main decision factors. Now Ron Paul has convinced me that small federal government is an essential part of the equation, so the other things cannot realistically be achieved if gov is huge.

    4) No, most politicians say X and do the opposite just to get a vote. I will probably ignore (or try to) politics in general until another Dr. Paul comes along to give me hope again and if I did get involved it would probably for a democrat like Kucinich.

  • Ken H

    1. No. Vote for a candidate who is on the ballot that I want to be president.
    2. I don’t think that Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination.
    3. At this point I don’t know who the GOP is running in 2008 in Arkansas for any state or local offices.
    4. No.

  • Steve Dasbach

    Typical turnout in primaries is 10-20%. Based on demonstrated the enthusiasm of Paul supporters (Internet polls, straw polls, homemade materials, etc.) I anticipate the turnout among his supporters will be substantially higher. Paul supporters WILL turn out to vote.

    Supporters distributing literature report that less than 10% of people spoken to are aware of his campaign. His support in current scientific polls, currently about 3%, will continue to rise as more people find out about him.

    Also, scientific polls only measure his support among Republican and Republican-leaning voters who the poll screen deems likely to vote in the primary. Since Paul also draws support from independents, third-party, new voters, and even Democrates, many of whom are registering Republican just to vote for him, his real support is likely greater than that shown in scientific polls.

    Finally, as his support base grows, so will donations to his campaign. This has already enabled him to expand his paid staff from less than 10 to over 30 — he now has paid staff in most of the early primary states. As donations increase, paid media will follow — and paid media typically leads to more earned media coverage.

    Only time will tell, but I believe Paul has a real shot at winning the nomination.

    I doubt that supporters of Guiliani, Romney, Thompson, etc. are spending any time considering who they will support if their chosen candidate doesn’t win. Neither is this Paul supporter.

  • Florida Voter

    1.If Ron Paul is not the Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate, I will vote for the Democrat. I would rather our country rapidly decline than slowly decline.

    2.Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton had less polling support at this stage of the game. I honestly feel the media is boycotting Dr. Paul. I think that he has more support out there than what most people think. This comes from doing my own polling by talking to random people in my neighborhood, in the workplace, and at church. He is the candidate for the silent majority.

    3.I am going to support a lot of Republican candidates. We are in the process of recruiting several candidates in my county to run as Ron Paul Republicans. I will probably not vote for incumbent Republicans, unless they have been good for the taxpayers. On second thought I can’t think of any that have here in Central Florida.

    4.I am going to stay involved with the Republican Party, because this will not stop with Dr. Paul. We need to save our country.

  • Michael

    1) Tom Tancredo. He is my second choice behind Ron Paul. (In fact, a Paul/Tancredo ticket would sound nice to me.) Two years ago, I was open-minded about John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. But now, the more I know about them, the less I think I’ll vote for either of them.

    2) To me, Ron Paul’s current standing in the polls is just a reflection of his status as a “dark horse” candidate. But anything could happen betweeen now and 2008, so one never knows.

    3) No one specific at this point, but I intend to support any Republican senatorial candidate who takes on John Kerry in his re-election bid.

    4) Yes, I intend to remain a Republican. Admittedly, some Republicans have lost their way. But fortunately, some others have not.

  • rob

    There is no Republican candidate that I would support at this time. I could consider Brownback since he has expressed some reservations about the Iraq War, but I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Mitt Romney is perfectly capable of flip-flopping on the war, and if he does I might consider supporting him, but even that would probably be a stretch.

    I don’t think Ron Paul is going to win the nomination. I think he could make a very good run at it if he would make opposition to the Iraq War his signature issue and concentrate his campaign on Iowa and New Hampshire where the war is unpopular even among Republican voters. Unfortunately, he seems more inclined to run a gadfly campaign, and to spread his efforts all over the country instead of concentrating on key states.

    I’m not supporting anyone else locally. The candidates haven’t even announced yet in most cases. I’d love to vote against my Congressman, Alan Boyd, a Blue-dog Democrat, but I won’t vote for any Republican who supports the Iraq war.

    I don’t know what I will do after this election. I’ll probably remain a Republican at least until 2012. At that time I expect that libertarians and paleo-conservatives will attempt to take back the Republican Party from the neo-cons so I’ll probably stick with them until I see the outcome of that election. But I have been a far less reliable Republican voter since we went into Iraq and that isn’t going to change for the time being.

  • Dave

    1. Unfortunately, no.

    2. For one, many people don’t have landlines anymore, the source of these polls. Those who DO have landlines often have caller ID and don’t answer. One thing that may also help is that his supporters are much more motivated than other candidate’s, and may influence the primary simply because not many people actually show up for primaries.

    3. Yes, as I have since I started voting.

    4. Yes, because I think there is a better chance of returning the party to it’s roots from the inside, rather than trying to get a whole new party up to speed.

  • bromonation

    RP is at his absolute age limit. If he doesnt win it all this time, he’ll be too old to ever try again. And I dont see anyone in America that can replace his stature and magnitude. This is his shot, and our shot. It has to happen now or we WILL be stuck with voting for various flavors of the generalized Military-Industrial Complex influence for the rest of our lives.

  • Timothy Leonard

    1. No, I would not vote for any other republican candidate other than Ron Paul. If Ron Paul runs as an independent candidate, I will vote for him in the General Elections.
    2. There are 4 months until the primary, 14 months until election day, I am not too concerned about national polls.
    3. I am currently not supporting any other republicans for any office, ESPECIALLY not any of the other republican presidential candidates.
    4. If Ron Paul does not win the nomination, I will change my party.

  • Rolland

    1. No. There is not another GOP candidate running that is worthy of consideration. If Dr Paul is not nominated, I will vote for the Libertarian candidate in the general elections.

    2. I doubt he will win the nomination. The puppet masters of this country will continue to guarantee that any coverage he does receive will be negative. The puppet masters are terrified of having Dr Paul elected because he isn’t under their control.

    3. I generally vote a straight Libertarian ticket. Unless there is someone else worthy from one of the other parties (like Dr Paul), I will continue to do so. Unlike some of the other commentators, I don’t consider my vote being wasted. Voting for the lesser of two evils is throwing away ones vote.

    4. Absolutely not. They are virtually indistinguishable from the Democrats. Neither are for smaller government nor protecting the principals this country was founded on.

  • John

    1. Absolutely not.
    2.I reconcile with two reasons: one who gives a flip what the polls say. That is the stupidest reason to vote or not vote for a President. The other reason is that the polls are wrong. He is winning by a landslide in all of the straw polls where people actually vote. (Except for Iowa, but that was purchased by Mitt, and Ron couldn’t afford to buy the whole state).
    3. Not a chance.
    4. Not the way it is now. If it returned to a truly conservative, free market party, then perhaps. But now it is just a branch of the Democracts (That’s what neo-cons are) and so there is NO Republican party. It is a big spend, government in your face party.

    Honestly, Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican running. The rest are war-mongering fruitcakes who think it is ok to threaten the world with pre-emptive nuclear strikes. Evil, Evil, Evil. They are the most dangerous bunch of lunatics I have ever seen. And the Dems are no different. So, no, I would never support anyone that evil with a vote.

    Even if they are posturing, it still scares the heck out of the people being threatened and they just might do something crazy.

    Do you know there are Ron Paul support groups all over the globe. The rest of the world is praying that we elect Ron Paul or the madness will never end and the entire global economy could come crashing down.

  • John

    Ok, I suppose I would still vote – I would write in Ron Paul’s name.

  • DavidThePatriot

    1. No
    2. Largest grassroots campaign
    3. Local Politics is about issues, and is more case by case. But I am staying away from neocons and neolibs…
    4. I would join Ron Paul’s 3rd Party Run! Or vote Libertarian…

  • zenpiper

    I agree with you, that Dr. Paul will probably not get the nomination. This is not because of any failing on his part, nor of his millions of followers; it is because the system has been rigged for a long time. Our presidents are “selected” by higher-ups; the voting is a good show for the people, to give the illusion of a democratic process. But, as a safeguard, the voting machines are rigged, and have been for decades. No one would love to see Dr. Paul in the Oval Office more than me, but the big guns (I refer to the Committee of 300 – look it up) will probably select someone who will give Hillary a horse race, such as Giuliani or Romney. Hillary is already a “made” person to the Council of 300, as was her husband. She is unscrupulous and plays dirty; they like that. I fear she will win.

  • Valeria

    I believe in america and I believe in the constitution 100%. I wouldn’t want to let our forefathers down now, so just to say I am 100% behind Ron Paul. That should answer all of the above questions. by the way, are you a spy?

  • James T. Adams

    1. No, none of the other republicans have shown sighns that they could do the things I feel are needed from the next President. If Ron doesn’t win the primary, then he will get my vote anyway as a write in.

    2. The national polls are irrelavant. When Paul places so strongly in the major debate polls, the online polls, the local straw polls.. It continues to point out the inaccuracy of an obsolote and quite possibly biased method.

    3. Last election was the first time in years that I began to actually follow politics in detail. The current activities.. such as Iraq, the Patriot Act, despotic executive orders, saber rattling at Iran, and the rumbling from Russia convinced me that it was time to become more active. Then, I voted almost across the board democrat to send a message to congress. Sadly the democrats proved incapable of fulfilling the peoples mandate.

    Now, I’ll look at the individual. My criteria is honesty, libertarian principles, and not being a bloody statist war mongering loony. If such a person is Republican, I’ll hold my nose and vote. (note, I’ve been Republican for a long time. But the party has been changing in ways that make me look strongly at the Libertarian party.)

    4. Most likely not. After the first debate introduced me to Ron Paul, I began to research on the internet. To my suprise, the Libertarians were a far better fit to my views. The only reason that my party is still Republican is a wait to see if Ron leads to a renaissance of the tradiotinal republican, and a waneing of the neo cons.

  • Jeff Molby

    1. No. Vote LP.
    2. Geometric growth. Most people still haven’t heard his ideas. Since he has a unique message, he could shoot to the top overnight if his message resonates with the average joe. Might not happen, but it definitely can.
    3. No.
    4. Only to the degree that they return to their small gov roots.

  • UCrawford

    Screw it, if Ron Paul doesn’t pull the GOP nomination I’m going to do a write-in vote for Alan B’Stard. His policies are infinitely more interesting than any of the “real” candidates.

  • Drew Roberts

    1) The Republican Party today is despicable. If Ron Paul doesn’t make it, I would likely vote for a Democrat.

    2) I think it’s a long shot, but when a long shot is the best shot you have, you take it.

    3) The Republican Party today is despicable. No.

    4) I’m not involved in the Republican Party. I’m an independent who is slightly less disgusted by Democrats than Republicans, and who thinks Ron Paul is very worth supporting if just to get the message out, perhaps a movement started.


  • JD

    1. There is only one Goldwater/Reagan type Republican running and that is Ron Paul. The rest of the top tier do not have an honest person among them. They are pandering to big money and will not work to defend our liberty as Ron Paul would so they are not qualified in my opinion.

    2. I think his grass roots support is going to suprise the world. He will be nominated and the big government and big banks will hate it but they are backing Hillary anyway just look at her campaign finance info. Her and Guliani have the same corporate backing exactly. It is truely tweedle dee or tweedle dum when it comes to US politics because the MSM works with the big gov and big business people who could not give a damn about America. They are all transnationals and want to disolve our soverign nation and give us their new world order if we like it or not. The corporate opinion polls are not going to matter in the end.

    3. I support anyone who will take the pledge to reduce the size, cost, and intrusive nature of government. There are few like that.

    4. Ron Paul Republicans are going to end up taking over the GOP and the current leadership will be kicked to the curb for supporting the neocon takeover of the GOP.

  • Ron R

    1. No, none, never a republican. If Dr. Paul is not on the ballot I vote straight Democrat from Prez to dog catcher.

    2. The polls reflect the american idol, people magazine voters. When they start getting interested they will go to the internet, hopefully. Besides the wand is already passed to Hilary.

    3. absolutely not. Republicans do not understand property rights. The earth, land, air, minerals, airwaves, are common property not private property.

    4. Never. The Republicans feed on people of faith who are ignorant. I prefer reason like our founding fathers.

  • tom

    1. No. If Obama gets nominated and Paul doesn’t, I’d vote for him.

    2. He’s got a long way to go to win the nomination, but I believe in miracles.

    3. Hard to say. I’m a registered republican, but I voted democrat in the last election because I wanted change. It didn’t happen, so I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably alot of research, and vote on whoever I think will serve me better.

    4. I’ll stay involved in politics, because it’s the only way a real democracy will thrive. I don’t like think party distinctions, I research candidates and vote on them as individuals.

  • Paul Revere II

    The only other canidates I’d support Dennis Kucinnich or Mike Gravel- But Ron Paul first and foremost- We must stop the out of controll corruption- All other Rep Cannidates with either bring us more War and/or joining us with Mexico……..

    Paul Revere II

  • UCrawford

    Ron R.,

    Ummm, our founding fathers respected the right to private property…matter of fact that was one of the reasons for the entire American Revolution. Taxation.

    “Common property” is a concept created by communists to make up for the fact that they’re losers, or by politicians who want to buy votes through theft.

  • James Aragon

    First, did you get this idea from Donklephant? Justin Gardner was kind enough to reorganize and respond to the responses. It would be great for you to do the same.

    1. I could support quite a few of the candidates on singular issues, but will not. I am a fan of Alden Link who is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination. I am so discouraged by the GOP, that at least Hillary Clinton would be a do nothing President (to her dismay).

    2. First come December, then January. The reconciliation will have to come in the form of 2nd or 3rd place finishes. The follow-up publicity would then need to translate to wins.

    3. My local state races are dominated by Democrats. The last election I voted for 3 republicans, 3 libertarian, 1 greenie and 1 democrat.

    4. My involvement in the Republican party is second to the Libertarian party, although my frustration with both measures the same.

  • PJN

    1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ? If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?

    There is no other candidate that I can support besides Dr. Paul. I am a 50 year old registered republican who has voted in every election since 1976. I used to contribute money to the Republican party, but stopped that since the war started. I now give as much as I can to Dr. Paul.

    2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?

    I think that if Dr. Paul continues to raise money as he has been doing, that by November of this year he can have 10 million in the bank. In California or Florida that is not enough money to run a campaign, but in Iowa and New Hampshire it is more than enough for him to get his message out. And as the only peace candidate, he could win both states with 15 -20 percent. It is entirely possible; especially as things are going now in Iraq and with the current administration’s policies. I think Dr. Paul is going to suprise an awful lot of people next year.

    3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?

    In California, the socialists run everything. McClintock is a big hero of mine out here.

    4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party

    It depends; if it looks like Dr. Paul and his supports can pull a Goldwater and change the party I will stay.

  • natedog82

    1. Huckabee – with his fair tax and passion for the 2nd amendment is the least evil republican.

    2. The structure doesn’t want him to get attention, left or right. He is picking up more momentum than any of others.

    3. Not really

    4. Not likely

  • Ian

    1. No. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, the GOP can consider my vote lost.

    2. I don’t trust polls. They’re usually done by phone and get only people dumb enough to answer, or they are done by the major media outlets who already do everything possible to keep Paul under the radar.

    3. Not currently. In Oregon, the local races haven’t come up much yet, but Gordon Smith (R) is up for reelection. He’s not great, but sits better with me than most possible democratic candidates. (Including the state Speaker Jeff Merkley who is from my district.) He also has a few republican challengers, so who knows.

    4. Most likely not. If I am to have any connection to the GOP it will be in support of a Ron Paul presidency.

  • Andy

    1. I could support Republicans other than Rudy G. (would start another way and liberal) or McCain (would start another war in a hurry). In fact the only person that might make me vote for these two guys is Hillary.

    2. At this stage, the polls are largely a reflection of name recognition and not on ideology.

    3. Yes, almost all the local Republicans.

    4. Yes, I will stay in the Republican party.

    Just an aside… I’m sure you will pick and choose the responses from this blog to suit your own purpose and try to discredit our candidate. So some freak will write some crazy stuff and you’ll print that as representing all of us. Pretty typical.

  • JD
    Here is a link to a guy with pretty much my opinion in a nice piece of journalism.

  • Devan

    1- yes – possibly Patrick Buchanan (sp?)

    2- training & education for Mr. Paul to describe (deliver) how he
    would handle big US responsibilities such as Middle East & Asia
    relations to the US.

    3- No
    4- only as a voter who compares candidates (from any party)

    PS Don’t let polls infuence your vote. Let your mind.

  • Ron R


    Ummm, the founding fathers were quite aware of the difference between common property and private property. Long before Marx hit the scene.
    May I suggest some reading and note they are not commies:

  • aitch

    1. I will vote for Ron Paul.

    2. I do not, at this time, believe he will win the GOP nomination, even if he had support of the Republican vote. The GOP does not believe in what he believes in. If some kind of political catastrophe occurs – which I cannot even fathom – that may boost him into the prime spot. I find this unlikely.

    3. There are no other Republicans I am even remotely interested in. They are Neocons.

    4. I would not stay involved in the Republican party. The Republican party does not represent what Ron Paul believes in. I support Ron Paul in order to restore these traditional values in the Republican party.

  • Lost_in_Samoa

    Hi Doug,

    Remember me?

    1. No. I truly believe that we as a nation need to elect Dr. Paul, or we as a nation will cease to exist.

    2. The answer to that is found in the polling methodology of the polling institution, and financial support provided to that polling institution.

    3. I am currently researching many candidates for their positions. I will always choose the Washington outsider that has a pro constitution voting record.

    4. No, If Dr. Paul does not win, I will take my family, my wealth, and my skills and move elsewhere. America will not be fit to live in.

    Thank you for your time.



  • badmedia

    1. Not the current republicans, but there are other republicans(real conservatives, not the fake ones) that I would vote for. If Ron Paul doesn’t win, I will however vote 3rd party simply due to the way the GOP/media has treated him thus far.

    2. If you look at the other questions in those polls, you’ll find that there is more than 1 question than the vote. Some answers are 100% in 1 direction because they use those questions to filter votes. The only time those polls mean anything is in a general election when there are 2 or 3 choices and not so many filters. Those who meet the criteria for those polls will only be republicans who didn’t leave in the 2006 election when the GOP lost nearly half it’s base.

    3. Very few these days unfortunately. But again, a real conservative I will support.

    4. No, Ron Paul is the only real conservative of the bunch. The other candidates are on the left of even the democrats. That is why they call Ron Paul “extreme right”, when he really isn’t. Because they are so far left now. If Ron Paul doesn’t win, then they are no longer the party who represents my views, and I think real conservatives will go 3rd party. The lesser of 2 evils no longer matters.

  • Marshall

    1. No. I would vote Libertarian or possibly not vote depending on who the LP nominates.

    2. As several others have said, the cell phone factor explains this.

    3. No.

    4. No. I’m a Libertarian

  • Mark G

    I would say that if Dr. Paul does not get the nomination, I would have a very hard time voting for any other Republican candidate as they are all CFR hacks, except maybe Huckabee/he seems a likeable guy but one tied to closely with the church, and our government nedds the seperation of church and state.

    I am probably going to go back to beign an independant after this election. I think having a person of quality in the executive brach would go along way toward ehaling the ideology of the world, as we are percieved very negatively worldwide today.

    I would write in Dr. Paul.

  • DCP

    Fair Questions.

    (1) Probably not, I would likely vote Constitution Party or write in Ron Paul, if there was any indication he wanted a write-in campaign. Duncan Hunter’s not a bad guy and has some good qualities, but he’s staunchly pro-war, so I don’t see myself voting for him. Newt could possibly make me re-consider.

    (2) As others have pointed out, I don’t think his actual support is as low as 3% (becuase of the cell phone thing, the ways media outlets determine “likely voters,” and the way Dr. Paul seems to pull in those who aren’t usually into party politics). But just as I don’t think his support is as low as media-published polls indicate, I also recognize it isn’t as high as internet polls would make it seem. We still have work to do.

    (3) I usually vote for every office that I can at least basically educate myself on, especially local, but I don’t have strong support for other candidates as I do for Dr. Paul. I was a fan of MD Governor Bob Ehrlich, but he got dumped last year.

    (4) I would probably not vote R in the 2008 election, but I would at least consider R candidates in the future. Candidates who belive in less power for the government, fewer governent hand-outs, and fewer heavy-handed military actions will always get my support, regardless of the party the affiliate themselves with.

    These are good and legitimate questions, but (just out of curiousity) what are you going to do with this information?

  • DCP

    I should probably add (with regard to question #1) that, up until a few weeks ago, I would have considered gurdgingly supporting Romney. I’d never support him in the primary, but before the Iowa debate I would have MAYBE considered supporting him as an alternative to Hillary.

    But then he threw it away. When Dr. Paul was describing the folly of invading and occupying Iraq, Romney interrupts with a caustic “he forgot about 9/11,” addressed to nobody in particular.

    WTF? Even the CIA and DoD admitted that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11, and that we’ve *increased* the threat of terrorism with this war. Either Romney is so stupid he thinks Saddam had something to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center (and he can’t be that stupid), or he was merely waving the 9/11 flag in order to get the idiots riled up for more war.

    So … yeah, I could never vote for him.

  • Gino

    1) No, there are no other republican candidates that uphold my views about politics in general. I would write in Ron Paul.

    2) With mentions in the media like “fringe or marginal, long shot, not a snowballs chance in hell” its no wonder people follow the o-faithful tube. Media influence goes very far to the many sheep and unless that changes then we will continue to see him poll in the single digits. Since when did we decide as a society that 100 million $ gets you the popularity needed to become president? It strikes me as funny that polls mean nothing when elections are not being held, but are the truth when the underdog candidate is loosing.

    3) There are no current congressional or local government officials in my area that are pro constitution, so no.

    4) Not unless it goes back to their traditional policies, the only party i would support then is the NRA in waiting for a real revolution.

  • David

    I will vote democrat party line if Ron Paul does not win. The republicans need a bad spanking to wake up and regroup. Some exceptions would be, honest republicans like Congressman Ed Royce in California.

    Can someone tell me, if Ron Paul is against the Iraq war, why has he not floored a vote to stop funding and bring the troops home as required in the original congressional authorization, “Use of Force” H.J.Res 114 of 2002 and required after 90 days by the War Powers Resolution (WPR) H. J. Res. 542 of 1973?
    If you have not read the authorization in H.J. 114 here is what it says exactly.

    Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq
    Resolution of 2002 (Reported in House)
    HJ 114 RH

    (1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and

    (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq.

    (c) War Powers Resolution Requirements-

    We are done, bring them home now.

  • Bo

    It is Dr. Paul or nothing. All the other candidates from both parties are owned by the big corporations and represent the status quo. Only Ron Paul has integrity and represents real change.

  • Akston

    1. Other than Ron Paul, is there any Republican candidate for President currently running that you could support in either the primaries or the General Election in 2008 ? If not, what would you do on Election Day 2008 if Ron Paul fails to win the Republican nomination ?

    None. Vote for Ron Paul as a Libertarian or write-in.

    2. If you do think he will win the nomination, how do you reconcile his current standing in the national polls, no higher than 3%, with that belief ?

    He might. I don’t. The primary elections are months away and Ron Paul’s popularity grows geometrically via unfiltered communication on the web. The non-internet media has failed to report on Ron Paul, so polls to random households are invariably answered “Ron who?”, if they ask at all. This failure on the part of the non-internet media is probably due less to some nefarious conspiracy, and more to the repeated mantra of “he can’t win” (much like you seem to use). Whether he can or will win, he should win, so Ron Paul gets my vote.

    3. Are you supporting any Republican candidates for office (i.e., candidates for Congress, the Senate, Governor, or local offices) other than Ron Paul ?


    4. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, would you stay involved in the Republican Party

    Whether he wins or not, I won’t stay involved with the Republican Party. I changed my registration just to be able to vote for him. I don’t vote for parties. I vote for people.