Fred and the First Amendment (not a good record)

Fred Thompson tried to weasel his way out of his past support of McCain-Feingold today with Laura Ingram, but the Club for Growth did some fact checking on his claims:

Thompson says at about the 10:55 mark “the issue ad thing wasn’t even being discussed as far as I remember when the first debates were had and the first bill was proposed. It was a matter of whether you wanted to get rid of soft money.”

At 11:45, he says “they added on something that was a mistake — and that is the issue ad that you were talking about, and I voted for all of it. So I support the first part [the ban on soft money to parties], but I don’t support that.”

Fact: He did support it. You can debate about what you support when you vote for a bill on final passage that has warts, but when you sponsor a bill, it’s your work. No one makes you sponsor your own bill.

Take a look for yourself at title II of S. 27, the so-called “Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001.” Title II has limits on issue ads.

Now the late Sen. Wellstone offered an amendment, and made the provision even worse.
Thompson filed an amicus brief (pdf., see pp. 26-30) to the Supreme Court defending not only the original language banning groups from running issue ads, but the toxic Wellstone amendment too!

So he sponsored it, voted for it, and then defended it in Court.

  • Stephen Littau

    Yikes! Even with this blunder, I still think he’s the least worst choice at this point. Who knows how many more skeletons he has though…

  • rho

    I’m not particularly surprised by Fred!’s prevarication, but I am a little disappointed at Laura Ingraham’s eagerness to be such a tool.

  • Chris Kachouroff

    I don’t know about you all but Fred looks a little unhealthy. He doesn’t have that robust Hollywood look to him. Without hair he looks like a skull that ain’t too healthy. At least both Ronalds have hair. (Yes Reagan is dead but I imagine his hair is still there. Paul has white hair but at least he has it.)

  • UCrawford

    Peggy Noonan’s column made a reference to that too. She quoted someone who noted that Thompson “looked like a skull on a Disney pirate ride”.

    Seems like he’s lost a lot of weight recently, especially since being on “Law & Order”. I wonder if something’s up with him health-wise?

  • UCrawford

    Nevermind, forgot that he said he had lymphoma in April. His treatment really seems to be doing a number on him, though. He said awhile ago that it was in remission, but he looked a lot healthier back in April when he said that than he does now.

    I’m not saying that to be snarky, but jeez, how realistic is a presidential run while going through chemo?

  • Fred Thompson Fan

    Fred Thompson will win the GOP candidate…so he’s a neocon? Neocnservatism is the way of the future! We need to export democracy by force to make the world safe for democracy!

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    Fred Thompson Forum

  • UCrawford

    Fred Thompson Fan,

    Screw the neo-conservatives and their bastardized ideology. It’s nothing more than closet communism started by a group of losers who suckered a bunch of stupid religious people into abandoning free markets and accepting tyranny as a form of government If we were to swap the neo-conservatives for an equal number of North Korean communist party members neither country would even notice the difference.

  • UCrawford

    Fred Thompson Fan,

    And as for “exporting” democracy through military force, I’ve also noticed that none of the neo-conservatives I’ve ever met have actually served in the military. But then again, that’s usually the way it goes…the ones who are most enthusiastic about calling for war are the ones who do the least. It’s easy to be brave when it’s other people you’re sending off to get shot.

    I notice that your preferred candidate didn’t actually serve, either…same as all the draft-dodging neo-cons running the White House.

  • Charles M.

    UCrawford, you should visit that forum. I think you’ll get a few laughs.