Set Your TiVo

I’m not sure whether this is wise or not, but Ron Paul is scheduled to step into the inane lion’s den that is The O’Reilly Factor on Monday’s 8pm episode.

Nick Bradley at Lew Rockwell’s Blog thinks Fox News is trying to downplay Paul’s appearance by scheduling it opposite the premier of the opening game of Monday Night Football.

Frankly, I think that’s nonsense.

But I’m not sure why the campaign is going after an appearance like this anyway. O’Reilly is, at heart, a blowhard, he’ll talk over whoever his guest is and won’t allow anyone to make their point. Congressman Paul is, quite honestly, too polite to give Bill O’Reilly what he deserves, and very few of the people who watch The O’Reilly Factor are likely to vote for Ron Paul anyway.

Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s likely to make for some great YouTube clips on Tuesday morning.

  • Ken H

    I applaud Congressman Paul for his willingness to take his libertarian message to all media venues – especially the hostile ones.

  • Next Dimensions

    If Ron can handle Morton Downey, he can handle Bill.

    It will be interesting!

  • Nick M.


    I agree with pretty much all of the articles you’ve written about Ron Paul. But, he has showed quite a bit of life when necessary. I wouldn’t put it past him to rip O’Reilly apart.

  • Norm Nelson

    That is one thing that separates Paul from the rest of the crowd. Unlike the big two that ducked Iowa and Fred Thompson that ducked the NH debate Ron Paul will go anywhere. He is not driven by the down side like other candidates. That’s why Rudy wouldn’t debate Paul after the blowup at the debate in May, there was to big a down side for Rudy.

    Many political sophisticates would say ducking the downside is just smart strategy but in my book their just Pu__ies. The electorate is to blame for accepting such behavior.

    (please excuse my language I’ve been watching Deadwood.)

  • Jeff Molby


    Here’s where I give credit where credit is due. When writing about Paul lately, you’ve done so without any irrelevant conjecture.

    Thank you.

  • tarran

    Imagine the negative press if Ron said no?

    Ron Paul really has no choice if he wants to make a serious bid for the U.S. presidency. It is very clear to me that, long shot or no, he is in this thing to win, and that if he loses it won’t be for lack of effort.

    I wish Ron luck, I find Bill O’Reilly’s tenuous grasp of facts and logic to be infuriating

  • somebody

    That’s the thing. I think Paul accepts every interview no matter what. Of course, he firmly believes he has nothing to hide so he doesn’t think it will matter, but being interviewed by those Alex Jones types can’t help much…

  • UCrawford

    I suppose there’s always the chance O’Reilly will surprise us. He’s demonstrated on occasion a willingness to talk amicably with his guests. No idea if that’s changed, I haven’t watched his show in years.

  • Bob

    I agree with Doug’s opinion of O’Reilly. But I think a lot of O’Reilly’s viewers have never heard of Paul and therefore its a good idea to do the interview and expose more people to his message. Remember O’Reilly has 1 of the highest rated shows on cable.
    Paul doesn’t do every interview that he’s offered. I’ve been working on a couple of Connecticut talk show hosts to have him on. Both tell me that they’re trying but so far Paul hasn’t accepted.

  • UCrawford


    I think you’re right. Appearing on O’Reilly’s show can only help. If he does well, he’s going to get coverage with a market that doesn’t know much about him. If he does poorly, it’s unlikely that many of the O’Reilly viewers were seriously considering a vote for him anyway.