Margaret Thatcher Isn’t Dead Yet, But She’s Already Rolling Over In Her Grave

Because this is what the Conservative Party in Great Britain has turned into:

The Conservatives will propose banning plasma screens and other energy-guzzling electrical goods in a report to be unveiled next week.

The proposals target white goods like fridges and freezers, as well as TVs, personal computers and DVD players that use too much energy or operate on stand-by.

The ideas come from a Conservative group set up by David Cameron to develop policies to protect the environment and although the measures to make household electrical appliances more energy efficient are not binding on Mr Cameron, they are thought likely to be warmly received by the Tory leader.

The group will also suggest scrapping Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of the nation’s success in favour of a model that measures people’s happiness drawn up up by Friends of the Earth.

Under the proposals, a cap could be set on the energy use of each electrical appliance, and those exceeding limits could be banned from sale in the UK.

A new labelling requirement could be introduced to inform consumers of products’ annual energy consumption compared with other similar appliances.

And there could be a ban on electrical goods with stand-by lights which can stay on indefinitely. Some 2 per cent of Britain’s total electricity use is currently taken up by appliances left on stand-by rather than being switched off.

The proposals are set to be unveiled on Thursday in the final report of the Tories’ Quality of Life Policy Group, chaired by former Environment Secretary John Gummer and green activist Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative spokesman confirmed.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already announced his ambition to “eliminate” the stand-by function on appliances, which was blasted by the Government’s energy review last year as a waste of electricity.

The report is expected to focus on plasma-screen TVs as particularly wasteful of electricity, and it is thought that many models would fall foul of proposed energy cap unless dramatically more efficient technology is developed.

Householders are also expected to be offered tax cuts potentially worth thousands of pounds to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Mr Gummer warned: “We live in a joined-up world and yet we organise our lives in silos. The imperative of global warming demands that we change that approach utterly – not just governments, but businesses, groups and individuals.”

Joining Lady Thatcher in mourning the death of British individualism are John Locke, John Stuart Mill, and Winston Churchill.

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  • UCrawford

    Actually, I thought that the greatest argument for Thatcher’s policies came from a British political satire that made fun of a Tory politician. For a racist, sexist, homophobic, murdering sociopath, it’s interesting how often he espoused policy positions I completely agreed with:

    Where is Alan B’Stard when we need him most? :)

  • Artfldgr

    Mussolini was credited with saying something to the effect that fascism is more rightly called corporatism. its what you get when you mix blue freedom, small state, self regulation, ownership of property, personal responsiblity, with red socialism (all socialism is red), with no freedom no property, state regulation over everything, and no personal responsiblity since the state controls everything.

    you then get purple… and purple is fascism… and as they add more socialism to it, it will get more red, till the system buckles and people cry for some form of relief. after all we are not past the age of disasters.

    the process was interesting to watch. you take some red and you sprinkle it among the blue, and then blame the red on rightists.. and as you add more red, the right gets more blame for the red the left is adding. at some point, there is a lot of red there, and they then cry that to move towards freedom (in other words back through where you just came), would add blue and blue is the source of evil, not red.

    in this way, blue gets the blame for red, and people run away from freedom into the hands of red while trying to avoid the policies of red (attributed to blue).

    so here you have the end result… a state that impinged on business with a socialist central control, and people think its capitalist policy. its not. given subsidies and such, and lack of transparency, the public cant “choose” better cheaper products. the above makes it sound like they are willing to purchase equipment that is expensive to operate over cheaper to operate equipment.

    if the business areas were not played with to start with (a socialist thing as part of redistribution of wealth, favoritism, and equality of outcome (for the chosen)), then people wouldnt have desired to purchase plasma tv sets if there were other alternatives.

    however socialists do not believe in the market, and so this will change the market artificially and people will not be able to make good judgements on price and performance and costs. they will buy in an out of whack way based on false economic signals skewed by fascistic ecnomic meddling.

    i wouldnt be surprised if this comes on top of tax breaks that were intended to make the products more sellable by lowering their costs with tax dollars to get digital tv in and to abandon analogue tv.

    its interesting to note, that if that isnt part of it, then surely the real part of it is socialist playing with energy costs. if they subsidize energy with tax (let me know if they do), then they are artificially holding down the expense of electricity, and so plasma tvs would not be much more expensive than others, but since they are not disired by those who pay their own electricity, the poor buy them, and this puts a burden on the state to help them pay for electricity in their homes.

    its like some bizarre game of “Dominoes Of Pain”

  • Brad Warbiany

    “The group will also suggest scrapping Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of the nation’s success in favour of a model that measures people’s happiness drawn up up by Friends of the Earth.”

    I love when people replace hard metrics with how people “feel” things are going. That’ll end well.