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September 10, 2007

Ron Paul On 60 Minutes ?

by Doug Mataconis

Free Market News is reporting that CBS’s 60 Minutes is working on a profile of Ron Paul for an upcoming episode:

Though Ron Paul campaign officials will not admit it, or even breathe a word about it, media sources confirm that CBS’ 60 Minutes expects to negotiate or film a segment at presidential candidate’s Ron Paul’s Washington office. The producers, and perhaps cameras, arrived there Monday morning, sources said. Ron Paul officials remain mum.

If this is true, it could be a pretty big free media gig for the Paul campaign, and, quite honestly, would probably generate alot more positive reaction than what I think was a pretty pointless and slightly embarressing appearance on The O’Reilly Factor.

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  • Brad R

    Indeed, I’m almost as excited for this as I am John Stossel schooling Michael Moore on Friday.

  • js290

    Maybe 60 Minutes will let Ron Paul talk about other issues besides the war.

  • Bob

    Free Market News doesn’t have a good track record. They reported that the Paul campaign raised $5M in the 2nd Q, about a month ago they also reported that by the end of the week a couple of well known names in the conservative movement were going to endorse Paul. A month later those endorsements still haven’t happened. IF it happens its good news, but wait until the campaign makes an announcement before you get excited.

  • GeeDub

    “what I think was a pretty pointless and slightly embarressing appearance on The O’Reilly Factor.”

    Embarrassing? For whom? I would say O’Reilly was his loud, obnoxious, “all-knowing” self — situation normal.

    What was embarrassing was the part where O’Reilly said we don’t need a history lesson. Clearly, the neocons don’t believe in causality and can’t be forced to use reason. Everything is blamed on “radical Islam” and not interventionist foreign policy which is always falsely interpreted as “isolationism”. How convenient.

    O’Reilly just invited him on the show to yell at him and cut him off mid-sentence. Partisan media is killing this country. O’Reilly, Hannity, and Olberman are the worst offenders.

  • Valeria


  • Leland Thomas Faegre

    How is anyone able to watch O’Reilly?

  • TanGeng

    Yeah, Dr. Paul faired better than average, I think. But yeah, I don’t know what to think about FNN stuff. It seems like they publish hearsay a lot fo the time. But I think Dr. Paul did introduce a new way to approach the problem. It’s not going to work on the hardcore O’Riely viewers who have already been conditioned to believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

  • Danny

    Free Market News reports what other sources have said. While they did report the $5 million, it wasn’t them that was claiming it.

  • effodee

    While Bill wasn’t the most cordial host, he did appear to be respectful and allowed Ron to answer his questions, imo. I also thought it was an informative ‘debate’ and put Ron in a positive light. We all can agree that Ron needs more exposure, especially to get his message out among those Republicans that don’t think feel should be in Iraq, and his appearance on the Factor does just that. Being President won’t be a walk in the park for anyone and I don’t have a problem with someone (Bill) throwing a little heat his way.

    He did just fine, imo, though the one thing I wish he would have expounded upon was the notion of ‘fearing Iran’ that Bill was trying so hard to get a response out of him about. Ron said he didn’t fear Iran and I agree with him as neither do I. They fear us and that is why they are doing what they do. Iran also knows darn well that if they screw up, they’ll wish they had never crossed us. I get the impression Paul’s a ‘big stick’ kind of guy and doesn’t feel the need to go running around saying “nothing is off the table”. Besides, that tactic isn’t working very well anyway, is it?

    Ron is a smart cookie. Let’s pray more peeps come to see what he has to offer. :)

  • Bob

    I know of other sources that picked up the $5M story from FMMN but I believe they were the 1st to run it . If I’m wrong please tell me who ran the story before them.

  • brody

    I agree Doug, O’Reilly was slightly embarrassing, thanks for pointing that out. RP did great in the interview.

  • NEC

    O’Reilly’s insane agenda speaks for itself. Credit Dr. Paul with trying to reach the most sheepish GOPers by going on FOX and fighting the good fight. Ofcourse he was barely allowed to finish a sentence, but that’s what thugs do to good, honest Americans. Same thing with the recent GOP debates. How anyone of good conscience can not be outraged by the bias shown in the GOP debates is beyond me. If we really want quality people in our government then we need to stop making excuses for the slimy neo-con criminals who have hijacked the GOP. Only Ron Paul has the wisdom and courage to save our country from self-imposed tyranny. May the Constitution live to see another day. Thanks.

  • Ron Holland

    You can vote for Ron Paul in the Free Market Hall of Fame Poll of legislators and government officials at

  • Ken Van Doren

    Pointless? I am not so sure. The O’Reilley appearance reinforced the FOX infotainment slant, and that it is the propaganda arm of the Neocon movement.

    As to embarrassing, only O’Reilly should be embarassed, for himself and the network that would let such an idiot spew his ignorance. Ron showed himself to be cool under fire-not a bad accomplishment.

  • Stephen Littau

    Ken, do you also acknowlede that CNN and MSNBC has an “ifnotainment” slant? The Factor is a talkshow (like Dobbs, Oberman, Hannity & Colmes) not a news show. There is a difference. Other than the talkshows on Fox have you noticed a slant on their news shows (i.e. Sheppard Smith)?

  • zenpiper

    “…would probably generate alot more positive reaction…”

    First, there is no such word as “alot.” It is two words: a lot. School is free.

    I do not trust 60 Minutes for one second to do a fair piece on Ron Paul. They have a long history of being nice to the person’s face and then destroying them via the edits. If I were Dr. Paul I would back away from this piece, even if Leslie Stahl does the interview.

  • Chepe Noyon

    “First, there is no such word as “alot.” It is two words: a lot. School is free.”

    Tut, tut, zenpiper. Let’s not get pedantic. I am the very personification of altiloquence, and I can assure you that dictionaries are descriptive, not normative.

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