Ron Paul’s Fundraising: Better Than Ever ?

That seems to be the implication of the rumors that have been circulating for several days now:

Supporters of long-shot GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) are putting their money where their mouth is — the Internet.

With the third quarter drawing to a close, the campaign said it expects to exceed the $2.4 million haul it brought in during the second quarter, even though fundraising is usually slower in the summer.

“We will exceed our fundraising from last quarter — by exactly how much is yet to be seen,” Paul’s communications director, Jesse Benton, said. “We have a lot of money coming in online and have also launched a successful high-dollar funder program.”

The campaign is also using the website to raise $ 500,000 by the end of the 3rd Quarter, which happens to be Sunday.  As of this afternoon, they are closing in on $ 350,000 with four days to go.

The money is important because we’re getting to the point where even a guerrilla campaign like the one the Paul campaign is running is going to have to start spending what money they do have in places like Iowa and New Hampshire. The trick is going to be to spend it smartly and keep the money coming in until the first official votes are cast.

After that, everything — fundraising most importantly — will depend on the votes.

  • Buckwheat

    Thanks, Doug! You now have one week of no snotty commentary from me.

    Don’t abuse it!!

  • Danny

    Great to see the campaign putting together online fundraisers so well. Last week had the “Fill the Quill” where we shot for 1787 donations in a few days, and we managed to fill it twice.

    I’m really hoping for a surprise this quarter, even though I put my estimated fundraising numbers around the $4 million mark.

  • a Patriot

    i say 7 million plus or minus 1 million… that is from my own calculations of the last 2 months –

  • Bob

    From what the campaign has been saying I think Danny’s got it right, I’d put Paul’s fund raising number at about $4M.

  • TanGeng

    Don’t know, Doug. Money is great to get coverage and exposure in media. Voter turnout in the primary will rely on volunteers.

    Managing the volunteers will be the harder task. Reigning in them in when they are too exuberant. Managing expectation and maintaining morale may be difficult in the face of disappointing results. Whipping up excitement when the proper time comes doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    Significant effort and money will need to be spend to really coalesce the Meetup Groups into effective voter turnout forces. It will also require considerable management talent. Perhaps, the campaign will find that talent among its volunteers, but that begs for an unknown entity.

    The grassroots based and distributed campaign is a much harder and uncertain campaign style. But can make do with much less money.

  • Joshua Holmes

    Thanks, Doug! You now have one week of no snotty commentary from me.

    Don’t abuse it!!

    You’re a fucking asshole.

  • FullyAlive

    ^^^ Dude what’s your problem?

  • Craig

    I think the expectation should be that they are at $2.5M and gunning for $3M, or at $3.5M and gunning for $4M (hence the $500K final week push.) An upside surprise of $5M would certainly make headlines, doubling the second quarter total.

    Most of the other campaigns are going to be significantly down in the third quarter. McCain was rumored last week to be just under $4M for the quarter (compared to $10M in Q2). Edwards was trying to raise $1M online in the last 10 days, and was at $420K after 5 days (compared to $300K in 2 days for Paul.) Huckabee was trying to get 2500 donors in September, and was reportedly only at 1500 (compared to 2500+ in one week for Paul in the Fill the Quill contest.)

  • Mick Russom

    I just donated. FIGHT THE OPPRESSION! Ron Paul 2008.

  • Darel99

    Hey Joshua Holmes,

    I must admit I have had little respect for many of Dougs posts but I see no reason to offer your tone…. I also think your post undermines the real value of your own blog.

    In fact when I receive google news alerts I never see a single alert or link to your site. So why aren’t you offering freedom loving Paul articles which pings on google?

    In closing show your worth not your foul mouth.

  • UCrawford


    I think Joshua was insulting Buckwheat’s condescending tone, not Doug.

    And didn’t you actually vow never to post again on this blog? Or is “never” now a timeframe roughly equivalent to two or three weeks?

  • Joshua Holmes

    Considering I quoted Buckwheat, not Mataconis, I would have thought it was obvious I was insulting Buckwheat. I won’t assume reading comprehension competence in the future.

  • JT

    Donate Today! $10 – $50 – $100 – $1,000,000…. every dollar counts.

    Ron Paul 2008

    See where they stand, this very moment!

    Here’s a great Ron paul support page, you create the message and email away….

  • Mick Russom

    Not a long shot. Front runner.

  • Joseph

    I have mixed feelings about the final amount.
    My personal sense is that it is high around 7 million. But after talking to a few people closer to the campaign, I think 4 million might unfortunately be more accurate. That being said, the fact that Paul pulled almost 500,000 in 2.5 days is outstanding. I think it is this sort of measure that is more telling. Ron Paul supporters meet the expectations set by the campaign!! Time to take back America!

  • Stephen 123

    It will be more. Look at the fund raisers meals he had that could of pulled in at least a million+. 1 million supporters x $100 = $100 million

  • Mick Russom

    Sept 27 2007

    Sept 24 2005

    It was 100 in the year 2000.

    Ron Paul has been vocal about this horrible inflation since at least 1983:

    You are being paid in an inflating currency. Please think about how that impacts you.