Ron Paul Raises $ 1 Million In Seven-Day Online Campaign

I’ve been critical of the campaign before, but this was a nicely executed fund-raising drive and a nicely-executed publicity campaign all at the same time:

Dr. Paul was campaigning in New Hampshire with his wife Carol and their family when our $1,000,000 goal was reached last night.  As the time drew near, they watched on a laptop as the counter reached the $1 million mark.  They, along with staff, supporters and volunteers throughout the country then celebrated this extraordinary accomplishment.

Over $1,000,000 raised in seven days for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign.  Remarkable!

On behalf of Dr. Paul and every member of the campaign staff:  Thank you!!

Kent Snyder
Ron Paul 2008

It will be interesting to see where this plays into the end-of-quarter numbers that should be coming out in the next few days.

  • a Patriot

    Finally – The Liberty Paper supporting the candidate who supports Liberty!!
    Ron Paul – 6.5 million 3rd quarter fundraising efforts exceed most other republicans.

  • Paul

    I think what Ron Paul did with the online drive and “donation meter” was pure genius on many levels. Not only did he raise over $1 mill in less than one week, in real-time it showed all of the world (this includes the Rudy McRompsons, the Hucks, the Hillarys, the Hannitys, the Limburgs, etc) just how huge his support base is, and that they are in force all over the country. The world can bet that everyone of those who donated ARE going to vote for Ron Paul. The donation meter also works brilliantly as a means of sportsman like intimidation in regards to Huck, Hunter, Tancredo etc. showing them that Ron Paul’s got it, and they don’t.

    Then there’s the simple novelty factor of the donation meter. I’m sure people donated just to see their names pop up. I had donated prior to the meter being put up, but had to donate again last night just to see my name pop up and take a screen shot of it! LOL! ;-)

  • Doug Mataconis


    Positive or negative, I call `em as I see `em.

    I’ve criticized the campaign, or, more usually, certain elements of the campaigns supporters, in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

    I’m an individual, not a propagandist for the campaign.

  • oilnwater

    I wonder how many individual contributions that makes up… anyone want to venture a guess?

  • Adam Temple

    Doug Mataconis,
    What a weak minded person you are. You doubt Ron Paul because some of his campaign supporters? Fine, I will not read Liberty Papers any more because I met someone the other day who loves this site, and he hurt my feelings by calling me fat.

    Ron Paul stands for personal freedom in every regard. He is gaining wild popularity on the “internet” (what does that even mean?) and abroad because he is the only one that is ready to minimize the government, and uphold personal responsibility. Do you think 9/11 would have happened if those pilots had guns?- as Ron Paul pointed out. Why do you think it is we can’t afford to see a doctor or pay for college? Pork Barrel Sam put his spoon in the pot. Notice how cell phones and computers go down in price, yet these things go up in price.

    Please do yourself a favor reader, and study.

  • Jo-Pete Nelson

    Adam – he never said that he was opposing Ron Paul, let alone that he was doing so because of the campaign supporters. He was merely reaffirming his neutrality in the campaign. I haven’t yet made up my mind on Ron Paul, so it’s good to see some neutral coverage rather than the extreme “Ron Paul cured me” or the media blatantly ignoring the campaign.

  • Steve Dasbach

    My understanding is that the average donation is a little less than $90, which would imply 12-13,000 donations.

  • RAY K

    I try to be a realist, but as time keeps passing, I find myself more and more optimistic on Ron Pauls success. Yesterday, in Niles Michigan two other meetup groups participated with us in the Apple fest parade and passed out 1000’s of flyers and slim jims and people were reaching for them and reading them! They want a change! Wow what excitement! For pics go to

  • J.P.

    If past trends hold, I’d venture 750, but probably more since this was a “broad-based” campaign and I bet there were a lot more smaller donations.

    Through Q2, he had 2,236 contributors with ~$3,000,000 in receipts. So, 1/3 of those contributors for 1/3 of the money would be 750.

    What’s really interesting is that my Congressman’s PAC gave to the Ron Paul campaign.

  • J.P.

    If that’s the case Steve, then he certainly blew Huckabee out of the water…

  • Doug Mataconis


    The people I am thinking of are the so-called 9/11 Truthers and the Bilderberger conspiracy theorists.

    Neither Ron Paul nor the cause of liberty need the support of people like that.

  • oilnwater

    Those horrible people spend a hell of a lot more time demonstrating, protesting and general activism than your average libertarian.

    …in fact, a whole lot more.

  • Bob

    Their association with the Paul campaign has done more harm than good. Many (if not most) people consider them kooks and steer clear of Paul because of them.

  • Robert

    Exactly, there are supporters out there that do not take seriously the fact that this also needs to be well regulated by ourselves, point out the mistakes so we might improve, stop name calling it is not becoming of an individual, it promotes anger and misdirection as much as a media tool for those that do smear the campaign. Thank you for the truth liberty i look forward to continued publications.

    and i think that if 1 million was donated, that puts it at 1000 people at 1000 dollars a piece or 1 million people 1 dollar a piece but i am sure it is closer to about 100,000 at 10 dollars a piece.

  • Doug D

    I heard a talking head on Fox News today saying everyone below Huckabee in the polls should drop out.

    I wonder if they know that Ron Paul is even with Huckabee in the polls, and way ahead of him in fundraising.

    It would be nice if Hunter, Tancredo, and Brownback called it quits, though. I’m guessing that their support (such as it is) would go disproportionately to Ron Paul….

  • Doug D

    I’ve heard it was more like 12,000 donors at more like 90 bucks a piece.

    Quite impressive — when the other candidates raise a million, it’s because 500 big dollar donors max out (or are bundled by people looking for favors.)

  • Name (required)

    As of now the donors are: 13409

  • Paul

    One thing’s for sure, there will likely be a ramp up in neocon hit pieces on Ron Paul. Put your helmets and boots on, it’s gonna get ugly…

  • Steve

    ***** Stop The War & Corporate Corruption *****

    Why Don’t You Know Ron Paul??????

    The corporate media will not give Ron Paul any Exposure. Because, NBC is owned by GE. GE is one of the world’s largest war-makers. They make things that go boom. They make $Billions on war. A Ron Paul administration would be bad for business. CNN is owned by AOL. Majority share holder is Saudi Royal Talal who is also partners with GHWBush in The Carlyle Group. Another major warmaker. And on and on. You get the picture. This is why they are doing a Media Blackout on him. Because they don’t WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!

    Who is Ron Paul?

    Join A ReVoLuTiOn Group In Your City:

    Who 0wns The Media?

    Ron Paul Has WON 10 Straw-Polls!:


    He Will:

    ** Stop Iraq War Immediately
    ** Eliminate IRS
    ** Eliminate Federal Reserve
    ** Eliminate Government Wasteful Spending
    ** Restore America’s Work Force & Values
    ** Restore America’s Freedom!

    Paul Is America’s Last Hope!

  • Steve

    Why Don’t You Know Ron Paul??????

    The corporate media will not give Ron Paul any Exposure. Because, NBC is owned by GE. GE is one of the world’s largest war-makers. They make things that go boom. They make $Billions on war. A Ron Paul administration would be bad for business. CNN is owned by AOL. Majority share holder is Saudi Royal Talal who is also partners with GHWBush in The Carlyle Group. Another major warmaker. And on and on. You get the picture. This is why they are doing a Media Blackout on him. Because they don’t WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!

    Who 0wns The Media?

    Ron Paul Has WON 10 Straw-Polls!:

    Paul Is America’s Last Hope!

  • Doug Mataconis


    This is exactly the kind of conspiracy minded nonsense that neither the Paul campaign, nor the campaign for freedom, need.

    Put your tinfoil cap back on and go talk to Alex Jones.

  • Linda

    re: “The people I am thinking of are the so-called 9/11 Truthers and the Bilderberger conspiracy theorists.

    Neither Ron Paul nor the cause of liberty need the support of people like that”.

    Shame on you! Give people more credit for their intelligence.
    The United States is great, because people with diverse ideas can coexist. Giving individuals choices to believe or ignore. These ideas no matter how far fetched makes you think!
    It’s almost like in high school, you don’t want to be nice or even talk to a group of students labeled as “nerds” or “losers” because you think others might think you’re one of them.
    I think liberty and courage goes hand in hand.

  • Darel99

    1. I see a lot of people suggesting they know how much has been raised….. You are incorrect so don’t spread rumors. ( I don’t claim to know the actual amount either but my sources have offered another number.

    2. Doug, The Bilderburg group said last year that the dollar had to fall and suggested a 20% decline within one month after they meet. Guess what the IMF reported a week after the meeting that the dollar had to fall by 20% (last years meeting). The members are a real threat to our nation and they are even vocal about it. So like it or not the sooner the people realize it for what it is the sooner the people will awaken to the issues.

    3. Doug, I mentioned a few weeks ago about a interview with former GOP members regarding straw polls, etc. We are working on a 30 min DVD and we will offer if free of charge. We are working hard to post it soon and it will be posted on google video so once it’s up I will send a link. It blows the lid off of the value of staw polls and how this is the first time in nearly 50 years that the winners of staw polls have limited focus. We know why don’t we? Paul has beat Mitt, Rudy and McCain 1:1 then they have beat Paul.

    4. Every formula we run it shows Paul’s support is about to double. We expect his support to double by the end of November.

    This past weekend one reporter stated Paul was given more attention to his efforts then anyone else in NH this weekend. We left early this morning but I can tell you they stated Paul had about 250 supporters at the rally which is not correct. We estimated between 700-900.

    For anyone who still doubts Paul can’t win then your head is still in the sand. I ran into a Rudy supporter and she told me that the booth they ran last weekend she was a paid supporter and she was amazed that everyone in our booth were not paid at all. It was rather funny becuase we were picking on them about Rudy’s cell phone calls even his paid supporters don’t understand that one. We even had two of the Rudy members tell us they are starting to like some of paul’s points I didn’t push them for specefics but it was nice to hear it.

    Folks we have go to keep the ship running so keep funding his plans for our nation can win but you have got to know that 100%. A Rudy supporter asked me what happens if Paul isn’t nominated. I told them that if Hillary or Rudy won that they are still global leaders and I would never support a global leader regardless. They were amazed with our reply.

  • Chad

    Doug, for the record I’ve mostly appreciated all of your Ron Paul coverage. I’m a supporter, but I think it’s refreshing to see an unbiased (for or against) perspective.

    It seems like 95% of the coverage is either embarrassingly and substancelessly pro-Paul or shamefully and overtly anti-Paul.

    Keep up the good blogging.


  • Greg

    In any case, congratulations Ron Paul. Let’s all hope people are still freedom loving enough to give him a come from behind win. I really really don’t want to be bowing before Benito Guliani or Hillaro Chavez come ’09.

    But either way, as long as they let me keep the boat I just bought, I’ll be happy as can be, :)

  • Joe Lawson

    As for Ron Paul’s fundraising, nearly every event in this quarter that Ron Paul had, broke every other event before it in money received. Also lets not forget that a week before the million dollar campaign, Ron Paul also had the 1787 donors fundraiser and hit it twice during Constitution Week. Also according to the Paul campaign, August was the best month ever and doubled any previous month, I am sure September will beat August.

    I will be very interested to see how well the campaign does in money this quarter.

  • Linus

    Truther is a very successful label. Before there was truther, there were just 3 New Jersey housewives, who forced the entire apparatus of government to hold an investigation and write a report.

    Personally, I like the adage, if it looks like conspiracy, think incompetence.

    But it’s funny that now it’s the poorest taste to notice that no steel structured building has ever collapsed by fire. Of course, you will relax knowing that was part of this morning’s transmission from alpha centauri.

    Is self-censorship as shameful as swallowing propaganda?

  • Michael Hampton

    As of right now: $1,202,635.74 from 14098 donations, (avg: $85.30).

  • Samj

    This Doug Mataconis guy reads like a real douchebag. I don’t know if I’d call myself a “Truther” or not, but there’s enough inconsistency in the “official” 9/11 story to raise my eyebrows. I’m certainly not going to disparage anyone who has the courage to speak out about it, especially considering my inherent distrust of the state.

    Apparently it’s only cool around here to be against the state when it’s politically correct. If it makes us look a little kooky to challenge their story, apparently we need to STFU.

    Great site!

  • Adam Temple

    Live without bias, and you have a bias towards un-bias. Doug, it seems does have a bias, and bias’s I applaud, though mine is different than his. Readers, don’t believe you are reading unbiased coverage on Ron Paul, as Doug himself stated he’s been critical of Ron Paul’s campain. Can’t be critical without bias.

    Biased coverage it may be, I welcome the light to Ron Paul.

  • oilnwater

    My impression of the people here who fixate on RP’s fringe support are as illogically frightened of that fringe support as are people who believe that there is a rabid Islamofascist hiding under all of our beds and the only way to stop them from nuking everything is to invade the Middle East and occupy or destroy it countries as needed.

    Let me point out that back when Dean was “outcast” or whatever for “the Dean Scream,” that wasn’t really what put him out. Basically he was told in so many words that he would never be nominated and he and his people gave up. Something as stupid as a scream noise of course is never the real reason for such an ending.

    Ron Paul has already stood the light of multiple “Dean Screams” – now think about that and what it’s telling you. FoxNews and all sorts of smaller media has run stories about RP fringe support. And guess what? No one cares! And as a matter of fact, RP Campaign is surging the fastest it’s ever done.

    And will the media press the mini-nuke button on RP about 911 Truth fringe yet again? Duh, of course they will! How worried does RP look to you about it?

    Media presses the mini-nuke button on any candidate though- witness the live roasting of Romney in the last major debate when the host moved to a man seated at a restaurant table w/his family and the man said “I found your comment about your sons having more important work to do in getting me elected than serving in Iraq as disgusting” (paraphrase) Now that was LIVE during a debate, and it definitely qualifies as a major nuke attempt on Romney. Everyone gets the button pressed on them in a POTUS cycle.

  • Dean

    The “association with kooks” issue is very real, because it goes to the issue of professionalism, and treating seriously the responsibilities and obligations of holding the US presidency. So I have no problem with an internal debate of whether or not support by these “fringe” groups is helpful or harmful — my sense is it is indeed the latter.

    What the liberty movement needs more than anything are well-spoken, well-mannered professionals who can take the message of liberty to the masses, who by definition are not the “fringe”. The masses are on a road to socialism, and for the most part do not recognize it. Dr. Paul is effective because he is communicating a great message with great clarity. He is awakening people to the road they are on.

    Keep in mind that the mass media is supported by advertising, pure and simple. Advertising rates, and hence media company revenues, are driven by “reach”. When the media realize that they can reach a large audience and deliver it to their advertisers by covering Ron Paul and his supporters, they will respond. This is the free market in action. Fail to understand it at your peril.

    Which brings us back to the kooks and professionalism issue. When the average American voter goes to their favorite media outlet and sees a story on Ron Paul and his supporters, they need to be able to imagine that they can fit in with those supporters. Voters are not stupid. They know we’re talking about running a country here, (even if we believe that should mean much less government) and they need to see a candidate and everyone and everything surrounding that person acting as if that is recognized.

    Being able to most effectively influence the country’s direction comes down to being able to directly control the voting tallys for legislation, court appointments, and so on. This means, being the person making the votes, controlling the scope of the bureaucracy, etc. If we had a rock-solid majority of limited-government, pro-liberty people in the House, Senate and in the White House, we’d be done.

    But we don’t, so this means we need to win elections. And that is ultimately a numbers game.

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  • WJ Thomas

    “Ron Paul is the most popular canidate as far as the internet is concerned……” Fox News

    Instead of “the internet” should they not say “The People”?. You have to ask what makes up the “internet”?>>> I make up the internet, you make up the internet, WE ARE THE INTERNET….If the “internet” supports Ron Paul then that means that “the people” support Ron Paul. I think that Ron Paul support will increase 5 fold over the next 90 days. The 1 Million dollar fund raiser will be seen as one of the early benchmarks in his campaign.

    America is about to wake up…..

  • js290

    Instead of “the internet” should they not say “The People”?. You have to ask what makes up the “internet”?>>> I make up the internet, you make up the internet, WE ARE THE INTERNET….If the “internet” supports Ron Paul then that means that “the people” support Ron Paul.

    No, it means the people on the internet support Ron Paul. You’re assuming that the online community is representative of the offline community.

    I think that Ron Paul support will increase 5 fold over the next 90 days. The 1 Million dollar fund raiser will be seen as one of the early benchmarks in his campaign.

    While raising $1M in seven days is encouraging, what makes you think his support will increase 5 fold over the next 90 days?

    America is about to wake up…..

    Internet America or the rest of America?

  • TheOneLaw

    This was a fair and balanced read,
    and it is pleasant to see the information
    passed impartially,
    unlike the other places we see.

    As an aside –
    Actually, the Bilderbergers, Truthers, and other
    members of the TinFoil Hat Brigade were the
    first to really launch the campaign.
    They, for whatever their shortcomings might be,
    deserve at least some respect for recognizing
    and igniting the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

    Although their particular manners are difficult
    to endure, the fact is they actually perceive
    the world around us quite a bit differently
    than what others see.

    They personalize the demons and spirits which
    manipulate those we all recognize as corruption
    in and entangled with the government.
    They mistakenly accuse Bush and Rumsfeld of
    deliberate acts which they were actually
    incapable of perpetrating on a conscious level.

    That they misunderstand the ‘spiritual’
    aspect of conspiracy, mistaking orchestrated
    and choreographed subconscious deeds for
    consciously malicious treason is something
    these heroes are incapable of recognizing.
    From long acquaintance we recognize this
    minor tendency, and those of us who are charged
    with looking out for them understand this
    to be a somewhat congenital condition.

    Everyone else knows that Bush and company are not
    consciously performing treasonous deeds.
    Instead, they epitomize the old axiom about
    ‘the road to perdition being paved with
    good intentions.’ In just such ‘good intentions’
    did Adolf lead his cronies into the utter
    destruction of the German nation.

    The real masters of the evil and treachery
    are not visible – they are the demons of legend
    and the wraiths of myth.
    Against their power is only the light of knowledge
    and the winds of enlightenment.

    Those of us who see these creatures as they are
    know all too well how they have blinded the
    truthers and other so-called conspiracy
    theorists to the actual mechanisms which
    motivate and guide the puppet-dance in D.C.

    That the results of these efforts are inhumane
    arises very simply because the creatures of
    that mental darkness are indeed not human
    at all – they are something much more
    difficult to characterize without alluding
    to something rather reptilian in nature.

    To see them in all their hideous glory is
    to gaze into the headlamps of insanity itself,
    and there are those of us who would never
    wish such fate on the innocents of this world.

    Those of us who wield our armaments against these
    creatures of darkness view the Truthers as
    children of the light, dear kindred we must
    watch out for and protect when the occasion
    arises, as they can be somewhat simple in their
    ways and approach to life on this level.

    Please don’t be too harsh on them,
    they simply don’t know any better and because
    of their other talents they never will understand
    all the other perspectives to their struggle.

    In peace,

  • Paul

    “9/11 Truthers and the Bilderberger conspiracy theorists” I would just like to say that these people are out there because our government just kept lying to us over and over again. Of course, this will happen. We can’t believe a single thing they say. Leave them alone. They are American and have the right to their opinion. They follow Dr. Ron Paul because he doesn’t lie to them. He’s an honest man. It’s what they want a straight forward honest man as president. Ron Paul 2008!!!!

  • js290

    “9/11 Truthers and the Bilderberger conspiracy theorists” I would just like to say that these people are out there because our government just kept lying to us over and over again. Of course, this will happen. We can’t believe a single thing they say. Leave them alone. They are American and have the right to their opinion. They follow Dr. Ron Paul because he doesn’t lie to them. He’s an honest man. It’s what they want a straight forward honest man as president. Ron Paul 2008!!!!

    I would just like to say that I don’t think anybody disagrees with that. The problem is the presentation. The truthers have to decide what’s more important: pressing on with their ideas or getting Ron Paul elected. I’m afraid for most of the truthers, their lives are fulfilled by throwing tantrums. That is, they’ll scream at the top of their lungs not realizing the winds may be slowly changing. I’ve worked with people like this. Even when things are working in their favor, they’re still complaining about something. They end up marginalizing themselves. That’s what the truthers will do to Ron Paul. Yes, you are free to express your ideas no matter how kooky it is. But, others are also free to ignore and marginalize you (and the candidate you choose to support). Again, the truthers have to make a choice… is ranting on about conspiracies more important, or is getting Ron Paul elected more important? Based on my limited experience with these types of personalities, I’m afraid it’ll be the former.

  • UCrawford


    That’s how it always goes with people who subscribe to victim mentalities. “Truthers” will never stop screwing themselves over by submarining their candidate because when you get down to it, it’s more important for them to wallow in self-pity than it is to take steps to realistically address whatever they’re unhappy with.

    If they can find yet another excuse to cry “Poor me, poor me, my situation is hopeless” instead of fixing the problems that make them upset, that’s what they’ll do. I suspect that’s why so many of these guys come from the fringes and dregs of humanity…they’ve put themselves in the role of victim for so long that they NEED for someone or something to victimize them. And if they can’t find an actual abuser, they’ll create one out of thin air (hence the unsubstantiated conspiracy theories). Their entire sense of self depends on it. That’s why if Ron Paul actually wins this primary, it’ll probably be the worst thing that could ever happen to them because they’ll be forced to realize that a) Ron Paul doesn’t believe in the crap they’re spouting and b) there’s nothing he can do to fix the actual problem with their lives…themselves.

  • Colorado Dave

    The reason Ron Paul has only “the internet” is because of Media Bias. That’s the only form of media that (so far) isn’t censored and controlled. Eventually we’ll make enough noise that Ron Paul will be shown on TV as a front-runner then the world will know just who Ron Paul really is!

    I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car & you can get one FREE at ronpaul DOT squarespace DOT com!

    Spread the EVOL!

  • Collin 28

    I subscribe to Google Alerts for all the Republican candidates and a couple of the democratic candidates. I spend many fun hours reading all the articles, blogs on the candidates and on all the comments and post. It blows me away how many people post comments on articles and blogs on Ron Paul… it can take an hour to read them all. On all the other candidates especially Fred Thompson it takes 3 minutes to read the couple of comments.
    This says something to me.

    I like so many others out there have never contributed to a presidential candidate until I contributed my hard earned money to Ron Paul. I have made 2 donations and will donate money every month out of my retirement check until I max out.

    In 60 years I have never seen this kind of a person run for President. If Dr. Paul does not get elected I have contingency plans to move to Panama and leave this police state behind.

    I just pray that America wakes up and learns the truth. Please order the RP DVD at and pass them out to everyone you know. I get most of my news on the Internet and I refused to watch FOX news network. I however do like Prison Break….

    Go Ron Paul and may the good Lord shine his light upon you.

    P.S. I ordered the Ron Paul stamp. I go to the bank every Monday and take 2,000 one dollar bills out. Take them home and stamp them with the RP stamp then re deposit them on Tuesday. So far I have stamped over 14,000 one dollar bills. Please join me and do the same. This is fun and maybe Sean Hanity will end up with one of the dollar bills in his wallet.

  • UCrawford

    And it looks like the rest of the dregs (aka spammers) have decided to weigh in as well. Gosh, “Collin 28”, would that I had time to spend writing graffiti on 14,000 $1 bills all in the faint hope of annoying the idiot host of a TV show I never bother to watch. Unfortunately, I have a job and a life.

    Have a nice trip to the “paradise” that is Panama, dipshit ( )

  • Manq

    It is amazing how gutsy bloggers can be. Meet me in the street and soon everyone becomes quiet. Not me.

    I stand for the correct use of the Constitution therefore I stand with Ron Paul. I will do what I can and what I believe is necessary to bring Los Angeles with me. God bless you, Ron!

  • TanGeng

    Indeed, connecting and discussing politics face to face with undecided is a far more effective way of converting actual people to your point of view. Stamping “Ron Paul” everywhere may just annoy people who know nothing about him yet.

    Use your time effectively, and by being able to talk to people and address their concerns rather than just loudly proclaiming the obvious brilliance of your position will make you a better person.

    If you want people to listen, you have to stop calling them stupid, for starters. They hate that. But unlike UCrawford, I’m not going blame you for doing everything you can.

    And I am entirely skeptical of media bias. The news companies are out to make money. If RP supporters want RP to get some attention give him a lot of money.

    But “Collin 28” is the RP revolution really going to be one and done – if he fails to get the nomination? What the hell? Whatever happened to perseverance and extremism in the defense of liberty? I’m somewhat divided whether the RP phenomenon is ephemeral or not. Does it hold up after RP is gone? Are his ideas bigger than the man? Because if they are, it should outlive his campaign.


  • Mitch C

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just did a piece on all R’s and D’s fundraising this quarter. Evidently Ron Paul’s extraordinary week is a non-story, and virtually EVERYBODY else was mentioned from both parties, but NOT ONE PEEP about Ron Paul.

    CNN has sunk to levels previously held only by FOX.

  • UCrawford


    I don’t blame people for enthusiastically supporting Ron Paul. There’s nothing wrong with idealism as long as it’s balanced with realism, sanity, and the objective analysis of empirical evidence. Unfortunately, “truthers” and spammers aren’t interested in any of that, so I don’t consider it a disservice to them to point out their blindingly obvious (at least to everyone else) shortcomings. It’s a harsh approach and it probably won’t win many converts, but then again neither will open debate. Most of them are too invested in their self-imposed victimhood and delusional fantasies to ever question why most of the world looks at them with contempt and refers to them as “fringe”.

  • UCrawford


    My beliefs are no different in person than when I’m online, nor are the ways or manner in which I express them. If you’re just another “truther” or spammer who can’t handle the fact that nobody with half a brain cares about or respects anything the “truthers” or spammers have to say then I won’t waste your time pretending to care about your character assessments or opinions on online etiquette.

    But if you’re really a pro-Constitution, pro-freedom supporter of Ron Paul, that’s great. I wholeheartedly agree and I wish you all the best with your efforts to promote Paul’s platform in a constructive manner.

  • UCrawford

    Mitch C,

    That’s right…it’s all CNN and Fox’s fault. It has nothing to do with the fact that Paul isn’t spending much money on television advertising or that 90% of the U.S. population (who don’t read blogs or watch YouTube) have never heard of the guy and therefore couldn’t care less about his fundraising efforts. By all means, keep externalizing the blame and calling the rest of the world sheep…that’ll definitely win people over.

  • UCrawford

    I suppose it’d also be heretical of me to point out that the last President to be elected directly from Congress was JFK…47 years ago. And that James Garfield was the only sitting Representative ever to be directly elected President (127 years ago).

    I guess “The Great Media Conspiracy” must have been asleep at the switch that year.

  • Tannim

    UCrawford, your continual comments are snide attempts to paint all Paul-unteers with the same brush.

    Well, guess what? It isn’t true and it isn’t working. It’s more worn out than a Michellin at 60K miles.

    You obviously have no idea what is going on here.

    Fact is, Dr. Paul is getting the best advertising money CAN’T buy–word-of-mouth from us Paul-unteers. Dr. Paul just handed us an ingenious new weapon with his Tips Act. He’s also getting millions in in-kind donations from our signs, efforts, rallies, and so on.

    Fact is, Dr. Paul has a great chance to win New Hampshire because of a secret weapon there that none of us are even talking about yet. The MSM does know of it but has forgotten about it, and when put in play it can be devastating to what’s left of the pro-war GOP candidates.

    Fact is, Vegas sportsbooks, who do take bets on these things, and are in the business of making money on them, have Dr. Paul as 4:1 odds on the nomination. Longshot? Yeah, right.

    Fact is, believe it or not, George Bush’s recklessness when it comes to rushing to war with Iran may be the best thing to yet happen to Dr. Paul’s campaign. If Iran gets bombed, Dr. Paul wins and wins big, and the necon agenda will continue to self-destruct as expected. Unfrotunately it comes on the body bags of more of our troops and innocent civilians, and more debt.

    The dark clouds may be a-comin’ but the storm will cleanse the political landscape and remove the neocon scum to the sewer where they belong, and Dr. Paul’s umbrella has enough space for all of us freedom-lovers to fit under and enjoy the much-needed rain.

    Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?

  • Tannim

    Re: Congressmen and Senators directly elected to Presidency

    Big deal. Past history. Also irrelevant.

    We have on both sides of the aisle the following candidates (in no particular order):


    SENATOR Clinton
    SENATOR Obama
    SENATOR Edwards
    SENATOR Gravel
    CONGRESSMAN Kucinich
    GOVERNOR Richardson
    SENATOR Dodd
    SENATOR Biden


    SENATOR Thompson
    GOVERNOR Huckabee
    GOVERNOR Romney
    MAYOR Giuliani
    CONGRESSMAN Tancredo
    SENATOR Brownback
    SENATOR McCain

    OK, by your assumption of history repeating itself, let’s disqualify all Congressmen and Senators from this list. That leaves:


    GOVERNOR Richardson


    GOVERNOR Huckabee
    GOVERNOR Romney
    MAYOR Giuliani

    Now look at the remaining 5:

    Richardson: no campaign traction, no money, small-state governor. Some national experience but nobody talks about it. Some people can’t find his state on a map (unfortunately!)

    Huckabee: little campaign traction, little money, small-state governor, already had a governor from his state as President, religious leaning may turn off some.

    Romney: some campaign traction, lots of money, mostly his own, 2nd-generation career politician, unpopular medium-state governor, little if any national experience, issues flip-flopper, religious beliefs an issue.

    Giulani: one-trick pony (9/11), abyssmal record on freedom, unpopular largest-city mayor, some national experience, noted cross-dresser, unable to handle simple phone ettiquette on campaing trail, no support from religious base.

    Keyes: former ambassador to UN, rambles a lot, unpopular with religious base from condescending speaking style, known carpetbagger, low-poller, little national experience, never elected to any office.

    So of those 5: A) Who is the best candidate and why? B) Can they get the nominations of their respective parties and why or why not? and C) Can they win the general election, and why or why not?

    None of this is designed to show support for Dr. Paul. It is designed, however, to show that age-old adage: “Past results are no indication of future performance.”

    The next President will be a Congressman or Senator, count on it!

  • _ _

    Tannim, UC is right in that history is absolutely not on our side. If we pull this off, it will be the biggest political upset in centuries.

    But you’re right that we can pull it off. The Republicans have been so unbelievably bad for the past 6 years, that the American people just might vote for such huge change.

    Or maybe not. All I know is that I’m going to bust my a** and let the chips fall where they may.

    P.S. You really shouldn’t talk about strategy and “secret weapons”. Let the establishment (no, UC is not one of them, but they could easily be keeping an eye on a site like this) keep thinking we’re foolishly optimistic. I want them complacent until it’s too late.

  • Paul Hanson

    Hi Doug and all,

    First, I’d like to say that this website is registered under a .org which is usually reserved for tax exempt organizations if I’m not mistaken. This may be one reason why there hasn’t been outright support for any particular candidate. I can’t say for a fact but it seems like that may be a logical reason and that supporting a candidate on a tax exempt website might run afoul of the IRS. As always, I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong.

    Next, I want to thank Doug for some positive reporting on a candidate who truly deserves it.

    Now comes the friendly criticism. It has to do with “Conspiracy Theories.” I can’t comment too much on the Bilderberger group for I have not studied them all that much. And as for 9/11, I’m with Ron on this. I do not think it was an inside job. I’m also with Ron in that I think there was some major incompetence on the part of our security agencies in not preventing it. There was widespread news coverage concerning FBI reports in Minnesota that stated middle eastern men were learning to fly planes but not land them prior to 9/11 and nothing was done about it being just one example. An investigation into the incompetence is warranted and the people responsible for the screw-ups should be removed from office.

    But (puts on tinfoil hat) when it comes to the conspiracy FACT that there are people working to bring about world government, and someone telling me or anyone else that one who believes in this conspiracy shouldn’t be involved in the campaign or speak out about it, I take offense. This is such a well documented fact by now that it’s no longer really in any dispute. Anybody who does dispute it either has their head in the sand (which makes their butt a target), are afraid to admit it because of fear of ridicule from the globalists, are cahoots with the globalists or are they are just plain ignorant. There is literally mountains of evidence spewed from the Pratt House which is the home of the Council on Foreign Relations or CFR for short, which backs up this claim. Some of the most damning of which can be found right in their quarterly publication, “Foreign Affairs” and other various publications authored by the Council. Here are some examples:

    “Obviously, there is going to be no peace or prosperity for mankind so long as it remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states… the real problem today is that of world government.” (Foreign Affairs Dec. 1922)

    “The sovereignty fetish is still so strong in the public mind, that there would appear to be little chance of winning popular assent to American membership in anything approaching a super-state organization. Much will depend on the kind of approach which is used in further popular education.” (“American Public Opinion and Postwar Security Commitments” New York: CFR, 1944)

    And the one that really got my blood boiling and started me on this campaign to shine the light of day on these globaloney cockroaches in the CFR:

    “We are witnessing an outbreak of shortsighted nationalism that seems oblivious to the economic, political and moral implications of interdependence… In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than the top down… an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece , will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.” (Richard N. Gardner “The Hard Road to World Order” in Foreign Affairs April 1974) I actually have a copy of this article. Had to print it from microfilm because I just couldn’t believe that a GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIAL (he served in some capacity or another in both the Kenedy and Carter administrations) would write such a thing. It is tantamount to treason.

    Then there is this, from the horses mouth again, Admiral Chester A Ward former Judge Advocate General of the U.S.Navy who was also a member of the council for over 20 years until he finally had enough good sense to leave and become a very vocal critic. Ward stated the CFR has a goal of “submergence of U.S. Sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government… this lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership…In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.'” (Phylis Schlafly and Chester Ward,”Kissinger on the Couch” New Rochell, New York: Arlington House, pp 144-150)

    And we must not forget about the Reese committee report. The committee stated that the CFR was: “in essence an agency of the United States government.” and it’s “productions are not objective but are directed overwhelmingly at promoting the globalist concept.” (Report, Special House Comittee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, 1954, pp 176-177)

    All of the above was just a small sampling of the explosive revelations found in James Perloff’s “The Shadows of Power” (Western Islands 1988). This book, in my opinion is THE best source for information on the push for global government and the role of the CFR in moving this agenda forward. Although it is an older publication, it is unrivaled still to this day as the definitive expose` on the CFR. I urge all to read this work, but I must also issue this warning: If one wishes to keep the “rose colored glasses” on and go along their merry way and you do not wish to see the roadsigns along the way that lead to the destruction of our freedoms, then this book is not for you. It will totally change the way you view the world. It’s like the red pill, blue pill thing in the movie “The Matrix.” Life for me was much simpler prior to reading “The Shadows of Power” but I have no regrets over reading it. If you do read it, please note its’ painstaking documentation. This is no opinion piece, it is an assemblage of cold hard facts of which I have just skimmed the surface here. There are over 300 footnotes documenting less than 170 pages of actual text.

    Some may say at this point, “This is all ancient history.” And to that I say, go do a google search on the NAU and the SPP to find out what the Council has been up to in more recent times. There is even an official website for the SPP. Robert Pastor (a CFR member of course) is leading the way on this. They are passing it off as an economic cooperation of sorts between Canada, The U.S. and Mexico. These globaloney butt-clowns have a strategy and that strategy is: “economic unity before political unity.” Doubt me? Check how the EU was formed. It started out as the “European Common Market”(economic union). It is now the “European Union” (political union). The nations of Europe have surrendered their sovereignty to a body in Brussels. Shameful. We are seing the beginnings of that here with the SPP. Mark my words, you may call me crazy now, but in a few short years, you’ll remember what was written here and you will then be calling me correct. Thanks for your attention.


    Paul C Hanson

  • FreedomFanatick

    Secret Weapon in New Hampshire? I don’t know what it was, but out of curiosity I checked that in New Hampshire independents can vote in the primaries, that could be a horrific secret weapon in and by itself!

  • Bob

    Last poll I saw showed that 75% of NH independents plan to vote in the Democrat primary. Paul’s 5% in the same poll included independents.

  • UCrawford


    My continual comments are an attempt to paint all Paul supporters with the same brush? Point out one instance where I have said that all Paul supporters are the same. I’m voting for Paul and I certainly don’t consider myself a “truther” (nor a spammer). Hell, I barely us part of the same species.

    I’m just a guy who’s sick of trying to convince people to vote for Ron Paul, then hearing “Oh, he’s one of those 9/11 truthers, isn’t he?” Then they start getting angry with me and asking me if I’m a “truther” (and these are people who’ve known me for years, some of whom were in the military with me). Then I have to spend another half hour explaining to them how I’m not insane and I don’t believe the government blew up the Twin Towers. Most of them still seem to have their doubts about me after we’re done and needless to say, few of them are even considering voting for Paul because of all these assholes who’ve poisoned the well and because the Paul campaign hasn’t exactly been doing a stellar job of separating himself from the nutjobs or even moving beyond the grassroots and the Internet. FACT…political candidates who don’t buy ad time on television or do well in conventional polls are generally dismissed by voters as “lunatic fringe”, no matter how good their ideas are.

    If you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m assuming that either you don’t talk to a lot of real people or you don’t pay much attention to the world outside of blog-dom. In either case, I’m not the one with my head up my ass.

    P.S. When you hope for war with Iran just so your preferred political candidate has a better shot at winning, it’s generally a pretty good indicator that you’re one of those idiot problem children I’m talking about. Frankly, I think Ron Paul would probably say the same thing.