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October 17, 2007

George W. Bush: A Libertarian’s Dream

by Doug Mataconis

Never before has one President done so much to destroy the idea that Americans should have faith in the state:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Deepening unhappiness with President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress soured the mood of Americans and sent Bush’s approval rating to another record low this month, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

The Reuters/Zogby Index, which measures the mood of the country, also fell from 98.8 to 96 — the second consecutive month it has dropped. The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track jumped four points to 66 percent.

Bush’s job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month’s record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month’s record low.

“There is a real question among Americans now about how relevant this government is to them,” pollster John Zogby said. “They tell us they want action on health care, education, the war and immigration, but they don’t believe they are going to get it.”


The bleak mood could present problems for both parties heading into the November 2008 election campaign, Zogby said.

“Voter turnout could still be high next year, but the mood has turned against incumbents and into a ‘throw the bums out’ mindset,” Zogby said

Now, we just need to convince the public that they don’t need to look to the state as to solve their problems, and the prospect for real progress just might be there.

H/T: Instapundit

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  • Jeff Molby

    Never before has one President done so much to destroy the idea that Americans should have faith in the state:


  • m

    Hey,you rightwing nutjob,give credit where it’s due!Pelosi,Reid,Hollywood,c’mon you can’t say the morally and intele…entelectu…intilect…the smater….smarterer poeple ahven’t done their part,too!

  • Wulf

    The problem as I see it is that most of America has a binary team mentality, red-vs-blue, and moderates who think of themselves as free agents but who accept the premise of the game the Red and Blue teams are playing.

    Thus the distrust of GWB causes the Left to call for more Blue team government expansion, which is not helpful. The Right is calling for what? Guliani? A few might pine for smaller government platforms, but most Righties seem to support a Reaganesque continued expansion of government, especially under the justification of security in the GWOT. And I don’t see moderates leaving the game to align with libertarianism… they’re just looking for some fresh players in the same old Red-vs-Blue political game, with the same gov’t-expanding plays and (if you’ll allow the analogy to continue) ever louder cheerleaders.

    In other words, I agree with what you are saying, and maybe we have a valuable opportunity right now, but how can we actually convince the public that they don’t need to look to the state as to solve their problems? Realistically? I don’t have an answer to that one yet.

  • UCrawford

    And if Hillary wins the election in 2008, total distrust (if not outright hatred) of the government will be ingrained in the American psyche.

    These are great days we live in. Well, maybe not right now, but in a few years once we get past the whole bankruptcy/hyper-inflation/poverty thing. :)

  • Jeff Molby

    lol, UC. Truer words are rarely spoken.

  • UCrawford

    And Pelosi has played her part too…it’s the rare politician who can draft an utterly irrelevant and pointless resolution that has the effect of alienating a key ally and ratcheting up an already ugly war. That takes a special kind of incompetence and stupidity.

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