Ron Paul And The Theocons

Along with most of the other Presidential candidates, Ron Paul appeared in Washington yesterday at the so-called Value Voters Summit sponsored by the Family Research Council.

Here are a few YouTube highlights

First, Congressman Paul responds to an audience members question about libertarian views on social issues. After Paul is done, there’s a bit from the always wacky Alan Keyes that you can skip:

Next, here is his closing statement:

And if you’re so inclined, the full video is available in three parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

  • GeneG

    It’s amazing. CBS News blog “A Tough Crowd Greets Ron Paul” – David Miller. (Project Mockingbird?)

    Wow, if that’s a hostile crowd, I’d like to see a Ron Paul speech before a Hillary/Lilith Fair Festival Rally.

  • Justin Walker


    Does Ron Paul really have enough support to win the Republican nomination? Is the Ron Paul movement just an “Internet phenomenon” or is it for real? Many of us have walked the walk, and some have talked the talk, but if there ever was a time to put our money where our mouths are, now is the time!
    The Ron Paul campaign has a goal to raise $12 million by the end of the quarter. Does Ron Paul truly have enough supporters to make this goal? Are the telephone polls right, that he has less than 5% of the vote? Is it true that only a few “spammers” are the reason Ron Paul wins so many on-line polls? Are their really enough potential voters out there to put Ron Paul at the head of the pack of Republicans running for the party’s nomination? We, the People, right now, can easily answer that question with a simple YES or NO in the next couple of months. Here’s how we do it.

    1 Million Ron Paul supporters (or more) + $12 each = VICTORY

    Our Part: Every true Ron Paul supporter donates $12 each (even if you’ve given
    before) to the Campaign’s HQ, specifically. (

    Campaign HQ part: Show us and the rest of the country Ron Paul’s growing support. A simple page on the website will do. This page only needs to be three columns wide, and it needs to be one million (or more) columns deep. [Or, if it’s easier, you could do something like having the list on 1,000 different pages. Using 1,000 volunteers to type in 1,000 names each.] Every single person who donates $12 or more gets three items posted, one in each of the three columns going from left to right. As campaign contributions need to be reported to the Federal Elections Committee anyway, just report them twice. Once to the FEC, and once to the public at large. This will prove that the Ron Paul campaign has the largest grassroots support of any candidate running for President. Here is the information that would be posted:

    1) Their name (or initials if they don’t want the public to see their name. However, the
    FEC will still receive a report of the donor’s name.)

    2) The State in which they reside

    3) An “X” or check mark as their “on-line signature” or promise, that they have fulfilled all the requirements necessary to vote in the Republican primary of their State and that they will do so.
    (If couples donate, they will do it separately, that way it shows one voter per line.)

    It’s really quite simple. If we can’t raise enough money and get enough people to commit, Ron Paul win not win, no matter how popular he is on the internet.

    We need to show everyone that Ron Paul does have the support needed to win. Not only do we need to prove it to everyone else, we need to prove it to ourselves.

    We can, and we will.

  • Logan

    In 1988, 431,750 voted for Ron Paul. If just these people made regular monthly donations we could see remarkable fundraising numbers. For example, each quarter would see these dollar amounts:

    $10.00/month: $12,952,500 (Liberty-Level Donor)
    $12.15/month: $15,737,288 (Magna Carta-Level Donor)
    $17.76/month: $23,003,640 (Declaration of Independence-Level Donor)
    $20.08/month: $26,008,620 (Victory ’08-Level Donor)

    Those are the possibilities, if only the people put their money where the votes were. Also, let’s say that Paul has 1% support among registered GOPers, which number about 55 million in 2004, according to Wikipedia. This translates into 550,000 supporters, with fundraising ranges of $16,500,000-$33,132,000. 5% support (2,750,000 voters) ups the range to $82,500,000-$165,660,000).

    So a fringe candidate doesn’t look so fringe when his 5% turns into $82.5 million of fundraising. This is $120/year. Don’t you think that electing Ron Paul as POTUS save you more than $120/year in taxes? It would seem like a good investment to me. For example, I will make about $38,000 this year. If a President Paul can secure a 6.5% payroll tax cut (from 6.2% to 5.8%), I will save $152/year. And what of the savings of a non-interventionist policy and the protection of civil liberties? It seems like a small price to pay for liberty.

  • Darryl Schmitz

    If you want to help Ron Paul win the nomination, 1) help make people aware of his candidacy and his uniqueness as neither left nor right, but primarily a believer in the Constitution. A good place to start is to suggest they read his positions on the ronpaul2008 web site. Make sure you not only inform your peers, but those you know who are older, younger, etc. 2) contribute a small amount to the RP campaign. I chose to make a small donation every week or so, partly because it helps maintain a steady fundraising momentum, but partly because I somewhat selfishly enjoy seeing my name flash on the website as a “recent donor”. :) 3) Do some blogging. If you see a comment from a person who has been misinformed, politely offer to provide some clarification. If necessary, go to the RP web site and look up Dr. Paul’s position if you’re not sure. It’s amazing how much goofy misinformation is being reported by the press. For example, NBC News reported on Ron Paul last night, and even though as supporters we’re grateful for the coverage, they propogated the notion that Dr. Paul wants to “abolish” Social Security, conveniently leaving out his practical plan for phasing it out over many years, continuing Social Security payments to those who played by the rules and paid in all these years. His only intent, right off the bat, is to ask Congress to work with him on a plan to allow younger workers the opportunity to opt out of it, so they can manage their own retirement funds. Even more disappointing was NBC’s failure to mention that Ron Paul has opposed the scheme of his congressional colleagues to tax Social Security benefits more and more, scamming retirees out of their benefits stealthily. 4) This is MOST IMPORTANT: Regardless of what the polls say, get to the voting booth on Primary Day and VOTE. Not only is it questionable the accuracy of the polling organizations, but it is arguable that nothing would be worse than a poll grossly underestimating Ron Paul’s chances of winning causing his supporters to stay home. That would be the epitome of the tail wagging the dog. His numbers are better than what the polls say. Their sampling techniques are fatally faulty. Ignore the polls! Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

  • Joshua Holmes

    The most important thing that Ron Paul has to do is to win the votes of Republicans. Considering he’s running against the party, that’s not going to be easy. What all of the Ron Paul supporters forget is that the mainstream Republicans have to like him and want him to be President. The most important thing Paul activists can do is not hoisting banners, chanting at speeches, or blogging.

    Get your state’s voter registration form and register Republican, and sooner rather than later. Call up your county’s Republican Party, say that Ron Paul has convinced you that the Republicans are the party to support, and ask what you can do to help. Whatever they tell you to do, do it. That’s going to mean supporting candidates you don’t like in offices you don’t care about. But that’s part of politics.

    Remember, all the money he raises, and all the fun YouTube clips made about him, and all the good press from the libertarian blogs aren’t worth a damn if they don’t convince the average Republican primary voter that Ron Paul should be President.