The Myth Of Huckabee The Uniter

Jason’s post about Mike Huckabee as a threat to the GOP coalition, reminds me of this David Brooks column where he makes the following argument:

Huckabee is the one candidate acceptable to all factions.

To which Daniel Larison responds:

Except the economic conservatives, restrictionists, libertarians and conservative opponents of the war. Other than that, he’s golden.

Consider these examples from Brooks’ column:

He condemns “immoral” C.E.O. salaries, and on global trade he sounds like a Democrat: “There’s no free trade without fair trade.” (Polls suggest most Republican voters are, sadly, with him on this).


[H]e’s got a riff on childhood obesity that rivets the attention of his audiences. He asks them to compare their own third-grade class photos with the photos of third graders today. Then he goes down the list of the diseases that afflict preteens who get Type 2 diabetes.

“The greatest challenge in health care is not universal coverage,” he argues while introducing his health care
plan. “It’s universal health. A healthy country would be less expensive to cover.”


He endorses programs that are ideologically incorrect for conservatives, like his passion for arts education. He can’t understand how the argument over the size of the S-chip funding increase became an all-or-nothing holy war.

This is what passes for a conservative these days ?

  • Cameron Novak

    Anyone who doesn’t like Mike Huckabee and says things such as Daniel Larison, wouldn’t ever vote Republican anyway.

    In rebuttal to his half-cooked remark above… David Brooks said Mike Huckabee is ACCEPTABLE. He didn’t say that everyone agrees 100% with what he believes. Larison’s response appears to assume that Brooks meant that everyone has the SAME VIEWS as Mike Huckabee, which is ridiculous… just as ridiculous as believing Larison would ever vote for a True Conservative candidate.

  • Greg

    Huckabee may be acceptable, but that doesn’t make him a good choice. He’s as prone to regulation and coercion as Guliani, just on different things.

    Thompson, Tancredo and Paul atleast understand what federalism means.