Ron Paul Paid 9/11 “Truther” Alex Jones?

Beth at the blog My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has uncovered evidence that Ron Paul has paid 9/11 Troofer kook Alex Jones $1,300″.

For the Paulistians and others who will be on this thread shortly to attack me, say I’m part of the New World Order, accuse me of being on the payroll of Israel, call me a warmonger, etc.; let me lay a few things out on the table.

1) What did Ron Paul pay Alex Jones for? Under FEC rules, a candidate not required to disclose the reasons why a candidate pays a person.

2) Are there two different people named Alex Jones who support Ron Paul and perhaps I’m confusing this other Alex Jones for the kook talk show host?

3) If Ron Paul did pay the kook Alex Jones, will Ron Paul renounce Alex Jones and pledge not to pay Alex Jones again?

4) Will Ron Paul renounce the kooks, racists, anarchists, and other fringe types that have hopped on board his campaign, or will he continue to welcome them with pretty much open arms?

UPDATE: I’m not buying the theory being kicked around by some of the Ronulans in the comments that this was a refund. The receipt shows that Alex Jones contributed the maximum allowed by law and that no refund was necessary. Also, if you’re going to distance yourself from someone, you would give back the entire donation, not a portion of it.

UPDATE #2: The $1,300 was a refund. If this (partial) refund is an attempt to distance himself from Alex Jones, Ron Paul can be clearly called a coward. He did not have the guts to completely refund the Jones contribution. Nor does Ron Paul want to completely distance himself from the 9/11 kooks. So Ron, do you believe 9/11 was an inside job or not? What other Alex Jones kook conspiracy theories do you buy since you don’t want to distance yourself from him?

I’m one of the original co-founders of The Liberty Papers all the way back in 2005. Since then, I wound up doing this blogging thing professionally. Now I’m running the site now. You can find my other work at The and Rare. You can also find me over at the R Street Institute.
  • Ken Hamilton

    “What did Ron Paul pay Alex Jones for?”

    Another question comes to mind, Kevin: Did you make any attempt to find out what Ron Paul paid Alex Jones for or did you simply grab this tidbit and run to this blog and post it?

    If your answer is the former, what did you find out?

    If your answer is the latter, why did you post it without knowing the “what”?

  • Doug Mataconis


    All the questions Kevin asks are legitimate.

    The only information available is the FEC report that Kevin linked to, since the campaign is only required to disclose the amount that was dispersed and who it was paid to — not why it was paid.

    Assuming that this is the same Alex Jones, then the campaign needs to explain it.

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  • Ken Hamilton

    “Assuming that this is the same Alex Jones, then the campaign needs to explain it.”

    Then why not ask for an explanation before posting this?

    I know this is a blog and not meant to be fair and balanced journalism but this appears to be an attempt to smear Ron Paul without asking his campaign to provide an explanation first.

    Considering the fact that Ron Paul cannot win the GOP presidential nominee nor become president of these United States it is amazing how much time some people are spending attacking him.

  • Jeh

    What? Anarchists are now kooks? So Ron Paul should denounce anyone who holds a view that is a little out of the mainstream? No, I don’t think he should. If Alex Jones provided a valuable service to the campaign, then he deserves to be paid regardless of the views he holds. It would be different if Alex Jones was harming others or coercing them, but he isn’t, he’s just expressing his views on issues important to him. And I think Ron Paul supports that 100%.

  • Douglas

    Maybe Ron Paul payed to advertise on one of Alex Jones’ websites…???

  • Ken Hamilton

    That is quite possible as there is a Ron Paul for President picture there that links to his campaign website:

  • Mick Thompson

    Why don’t you ask Ron Paul why he gave Alex Jones money? You sound as kooky as Jones

  • Father

    I am a Father of two young children, work as a software developer and have a masters degree software engineering. I looked up who Alex Jones is thanks to this articel, and I must say I was shoked by what I learned from watching Alex’s movie END GAME at I thank God that Ron Paul will have an opportunity to put a stop to the evil of the new world order. I suggest everyone pay 5 dollars and download the movie END GAME from Alex JONES and learn the truth. It has changed my life I no longer find that material wealth is important. What I need to do from this point is prepare for the future of my family. I need to save this nation for my children, I need to support someone like Ron Paul and fight the new world order as well. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  • John Nonconformist

    I fail to see how this is bad for Ron Paul. Alex Jones, while not exactly mainstream in his rhetoric, isn’t much different from any other human being or journalist. In fact, he’s actually more useful than most as he does inspire his crew to be active and he does provide actual services. He reports news and slants it the way he wants to. Sometimes he’s right. Sometimes he’s very wrong. It doesn’t matter that Jones was paid $1300 by the campaign for services rendered. It kind of cracks me up seeing all the fart chasers waft through hot air in search of a turd to fling at Ron Paul. I suppose Ron and his supporters will have to get used to it. After he becomes president he’ll really be under the microscope.

  • Israel


    What the f*** does someone’s opinion on this matter have anything to do with anything other than you trying to create a smear campaign. Grow up you stupid moron. Get a life!

  • Drena

    The Ron Paul 9/11 truther rumour is dead. Paul has already said several times that he disagrees with them and even said Alex Jones “put words in my mouth.” You’re beating a dead horse just for hits on your blog. It’s pathetic.

  • Cascadian

    I’m not a truther. However, why would we want to disenfranchise anyone of their free political speech and ability to participate in the political process? If we’re going to defend the right of Jesus Campers to participate on principle, why not the KKK? I’m not defending any of these extreme groups, but depriving them of their right to the process seems suspect.

  • DavidThePatriot

    I am a non-conspiracy driven Ron Paul supporter, and even if he paid Alex Jones it means nothing.
    Alex Jones is very internet and media savvy. I bet he did consulting… It’s a free country. You can’t save capitalism and individual liberty by slamming two law abiding individuals simply because you personally dislike one of them. Your blog may actually get some hits thanks to the keywords “Ron Paul” and “Alex Jones”. That was your only achievement in writing this piece.

    To me this went:
    Blah blah blah Ron Paul, Blah blah blah Alex Jones…

    You would get the same amount of hits, and the substance would be the same too…

    This is nothing like the Lonestar times hit piece on the lone white nationalist donor. At least there was actually journalism in there somewhere…

  • observer

    This Bahamas-registered site, sprang into existence last November, to smear Ron Paul. The site name is intended to fool people interested in liberty into thinking this site is somehow associated with liberty or Libertarians. It isn’t. The articles here are typical smear-pieces, designed to be laundered elsewhere as “examples of a split within ranks” or some such. This “article” is another examples of that.

    You’ve gotta do better than this site, guys. It is rather transparent.

  • Samj

    Maybe he paid him for advertising. Seems like 9/11 Truthers would be naturally inclined to support a candidate with some actual integrity.

    Good to see the Subvert Liberty Papers on the smear case.

  • Doug Mataconis


    You are so flipping wrong it’s not funny

  • Duane

    So what if he has association with Alex Jones. AJ’s listeners are the ones who got this Ron Paul phenomenon rolling. I support Ron Paul, I support Alex Jones. Deal with it. They both are for truth at all costs and apparently “truth” as it is, scares most people. This “kook” crap that you speak of is repugnant. Open your eyes. You profess to believe in some of Dr. Paul’s message but you call people with most all of his stances (AJ) a kook?

  • DavidThePatriot

    To clarify, I like this site, and am only speaking out against the blogger. Even though this is the only liberty site where I see people critical of RP from time to time, I do see you stick up for him a bit too…

  • steve

    Let the smear tactics begin.

    1: Even if he paid alex jones what business is it of yours to know what he paid him for? I have seen the smear tactics starting since Dr. Paul is starting to get the attention he deserves such as the, racists, white power junkies, conspiracy nuts, you name it Dr. Paul is accused of it AND GUESS WHAT WE DON’T BUY YOUR PROPAGANDA ANY MORE. We are all tired of you feeding us CRAP all the time then asking us if we want seconds. We are through with the tyranny that faces our great nation. We are sick of the lies we are told on a daily basis. YES I AM MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

    2: Considering no other type of media has done anything but try to discredit and laugh and Dr. Paul i could carE less who he pays for advertising if it gets the word about him out.

    3: Are people like Alex Jones not allowed to be a free thinker and express things that are important to him even if he is wrong? Because he feels 9-11 is an inside job does not make him wrong or right now does it? IS HE NOT ALLOWED TO EXPRESS HIS VIEWS?

    4: Last time i checked the constitution protects freedom of speech even if the speech is wrong, racist, political, conspiracy, idiotic etc… what gives you the right to tell these people to shut up?

    5: Ron Paul or any other candidate doesn’t have to explain a thing to you or anyone else unless it is illegal. I will say this, if the mainstream media asks for his answer i am sure they will get the answer they are looking for and if it was important they would have asked it already.

    6: liberty papers is by no means MSM and you can continue to talk all the propaganda you wish because even the constitution protects people like liberty papers and Dr. Paul would never try to silence you or anyone else even if you were wrong.

    I would go on but i am bored with all this crap, when there is a real topic to talk about i will give some input.

    Good Day

  • gmason

    Just a suggestion for this and similar attempts to create something where nothing exists. Ignore it, do not reply. Let them shout into a depopulated forest. This is more collectivist talk by those who have no real understanding of liberty. Liberty allows all individual voices to be heard and trusts those voices of lesser merit to be rejected in the marketplace of ideas. Ignore those that promote and perpetuate the flawed politics of collectivist/group identity thought. Groups thought harms all individuals, even if those urging antagonism between artificially created groups say/think they believe in/understand liberty. Those that really understand liberty know it is anathama to the concept of liberty to silence any voice, no matter how many find that voice offensive and no matter how flawed that voice’s logic may be. Again, silencing any voice by labeling that voice as from X label group plays into promoting anti-individual liberty group think. Fight for all voices right to be heard, trust that reason will prevail in the aggregate if all ideas have equal access to the marketplace of ideas.

    Irrefutable evidence of the correctness of the above is that the Founders highlighted and protected our natural right to speak our minds freely by creating the First Amendment right to Free Speech for us all. They did not create protections for speech to protect POPULAR speech. POPULAR speech requires no protection. Those that understand and support freedom know that the best way to preserve freedom for all is to protect the freedom of those whose exercise of their individual rights is not POPULAR with the majority.

  • Chris S

    The sky is always falling for Paul supporters at

    This is nothing, just like everything else that thelibertypapers tries to damn the Paul campaign with. I guess since they banned Dondero they feel the need to take up his banner and sink Paul’s campaign themselves.

    The only time I ever click the links to this site from news searches it is always some panicky doom and gloom issue for the Paul campaign. It is like they want to post all this negative shit so they can go back and say “I told you so”.

    I stopped frequenting this site long ago because of it. The fucking sky is always falling on this website, yet, it never happens.

  • tannim

    Another “guilt-by-association-without-any-substance” smear attempt again.

    When will it end?

    When will the idiots who do this break out of their anger and fear and actually show some intelligence and common sense?

    Other posters above got it right:

    A) It’s really none of their business.
    B) They assusme a guilt-by-association realtionship of equating the views of the two people, which is patently absurd.
    C) They assume that the views of Alex Jones are illegitimate, kooky, or just wrong, when in fact that assumotion betrays their own close-mindedness.
    D) These opponents make themselves out to be fools and liars by their weak and wild accusations. If Dr. Paul can’t win this race, then why all the attention? It only makes sense if he can win, therefore they are liars. If Dr. Paul truly cannot win or not they are fools for wasting their time on a non-issue.

    Stay tuned, there’ll be another one next week, probably something about Dr. Paul being the OB/GYN to the space aliens at Roswell when they crashed there…

  • John Newman

    From Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:
    (…because RP will never be nominated, much less elected)
    If that’s what these people believe, then why the fuss? Is it because they hate the fact that Ron Paul exposes them and the other candidates as being ant-liberty and freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-life and anti-peace and prosperity?

  • keith

    i found out about paul on alex jone’s web page since them i have given about $300 so alex should be paid something for getting pauls word out. we all know the msm can’t be counted on to report on ron paul. the real kooks are the people that don’t ask questions about the countless lies we have been told.

  • Jason Pye

    I called the campaign and asked them. Andrew, from the campaign, took my information, did some research and called me back. He said he wasn’t sure what the expense was for and wasn’t sure it was for the same Alex Jones, but he also said he had no reason to believe it wasn’t. He did say that if he contributed over the allowed amount ($2,300), that the campaign would have had to return the overage, as per FEC regulations.

    I’d like to point out that Ron Paul is not free from criticism. I disagree with him on issues like immigration and trade. He has come across sounding like a protectionist in a few debates and he deserves criticism for that.

    He also opens himself to criticism for his associations. He is free to associate with who he wants and we are just as free to criticize him for those associations.

  • Paul

    Ah, did you see Giuliani slap Ron Paul down at the debate? It’s done for Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul said mall security is doing a better job than our soldiers in Iraq! It’s done for Ron Paul!

    There were two rambunctious truthers on a boat full of about 100 Ron Paul supporters, therefore, the boat was full of 100 truthers threatening to throw Giuliani off of the boat! It’s done for Ron Paul!

    Oh shit, he raised 5 million dollars; doesn’t matter, he still must not be legitimate. After all, polls that say 2% are surely more legitimate than actual money!

    Ron Paul paid Alex Jones! It’s done for Ron Paul!

    Are you guys done yet?

  • Bill Moore

    I find it strange that those that should be behind Ron Paul the most are the most critical of him. Reason, Cato, “The Liberty Papers” (though as a libertarian I’ve never heard of this site before). Why are libertarians attacking the only libertarian candidate? Is it because he put a “R” in front of his name instead of a “L”?

    I’m legitimately curious. As a former LP Congressional candidate I see Ron Paul as the best chance that the libertarian message has had at being exposed to the world. We’ve worked so hard at getting the LP candidate in the presidential debates. Ron Paul is in the pre-debates, he’s touting our beliefs, he’s voted along the lines of our beliefs.

    Is it because he’s doing more for liberty than the LP has done in 30 years? Is it because he’s moving to the forefront when we’re so used to shouting from the back row?

    Why are libertarian sources of information tearing apart the only libertarian candidate running at the moment?

    Do you want us to come back to you once the campaign is over?

  • Rhymes With Right

    I love the RonPaul Christ supporters who insist that communicating truthful information about Ron Paul and his campaign constitutes a “smear”.

    Interestingly enough, when I’ve posted about RonPaul Christ’s unsavory associations over at my website (including his connection to neo-Nazis), I’ve had folks argue that there is nothing wrong with those associations. On the other hand, they tell you, there is lot’s wrong about taking money from folks who don’t support to RonPaul Christ’s campaign.

    By the way — don’t you love the “Everyone has a right to participate in the political process — except those who criticize the new Messiah, RonPaul Christ” reasoning used by RonPaul Christ’s supporters?

  • Chad

    As someone who supports Ron Paul and thinks 9/11 Truthers are mentally retarded, I don’t feel even slightly bothered by this news.

    Alex Jones has a million (diluted) viewers who are free Americans that are allowed to vote and may choose to vote for Ron Paul. Ron probably advertised on his site. I would if I were him.

    Last I checked conspiracy theories weren’t against the law. They need not be offensive unless you’re feeling particularly unconfident about your beleifs.

    If you’re a confident, self-respecting person, why does someone else’s bullshit theory bother you?


  • Darel99

    It would appear to me and many others that the history of liberty papers takes every opportunity to cast a stone at Ron Paul instead of supporting as they say they do.

    It has also came to my attention that “Doug” the other anti-Paul troll from Liberty Papers has stated he supports Ron Paul but I did not see anyone by Doug’s name listed as a Ron Paul contributor.. Did you?

    Now today I see a new post by Kevin whom I have not seen many Ron Paul posts from at all.

    As far as Alex Jones. Maybe he is paying for banner ads on some of Alex jones sites. Alex jones has a wide audience of patriotic Americans who discuss more then just 9-11. How do I know this? I check the guest from time to time. In one week he had Paul Craig Robert’s the father of Reagan economic rise, Tex Mars a great American. A few weeks ago when I listed to it he had on as a guests a young mother who had her daughter arrested for leaving a mess on the floor of a school room and the cope broke her arm….. You know the kind of issues that the MSM never talks about.

    Sure, a few years ago when I first heard Alex Jones I thought he was a nut for sure. He was talking about “Ring Worm Radiation” I didn’t believe him so I went to google the details and found a guy in Isirial who had just completed a documentary. Guess what I called the guy all in Israel and found out the horror that our nation along with the leaders of Israel radiated over 30,000 children with a huge dose of radiation “just as a test” They actually placed a head tool on the child’s head and turned up the radiation far above safe limits….. Now if that doesn’t piss you off then I don’t know what will. I then requested a freedom of information request and obtained just over 100 documents to support Alex Jones claims. So while you may think Alex is a nut I can only say you have not done your homework.

    As far as 9-11 I don’t know…. All I know is this: When I was a former banker I could chart trades putts/calls and a trend was easy to spot to see the number of trades posted on the actual ariline companies involved in 9-11. No one has ever explained how many beams have a exact cut of 30′ long from a building that came down? No one has ever explained why they paid Millions to the families who lost lives on 9-11 in the towers and made them sign an agreement not to discuss it?

    No one has ever explained why they sent debris to China? No one from the government has ever explained why bone fragments were found on top of other buildings? No one from the government has taken time to address the issues which many professionals have pointed out.

    Kevin, don’t the above qustions concern you? I would think so especially when your writing from a so called pro-liberty site. Do you have the answers to the questions I have presented? If not don’t you think they need to be answered?

    Why do I not trust the official story because it’s filled with lies. Why do I not trust the government? Well, it started as a young adult. I have a friend of our family who was a sniper in Vietnam. He went on record to expose the lies of our government with orders he would not follow. When he wrote a book about it and a month after it was released he was shot execution style. He also showed many of us that the official JFK story was a lie due to the angle of the shot and went on national TV to expose this issue as well. As a trained sniper he would know the facts. A few days later he was threaten with his life. But they backed off after he agreed to not go on another national show. Years after his children grew up he told us he had became angry with his promise to back off the truth about the JFK issue so he began his book about Vietnam and he was killed after it was sold. Interesting I have seen his actual contract of 50,000 printings with the right to reprint and it has never been allowed to reprint and they according to the printer never printed 50,000 books due to issues they could not comment on. Sound strange to you? I hope so.

    I have noticed that even the MSM has tried to label those who question the official story are branded as nuts, kooks, basement dwellers, Momma’s boys, etc. But in my case I have questions which I think should be answered and I don’t fit the MSM brand at all. Why? Well, I own my own small company and I have just over 50 people who work for me. We are involved in media and I notice more and more people from every walk of life begin to question the official story. I’m also a loving father and I’m near completion of formation of non profit to help the poor in my state. My background is in economics, banking and music. And I officially question the events of 9-11 and so should anyone else who can add 1+1=2

  • Jason Pye

    Is it because he’s doing more for liberty than the LP has done in 30 years? Is it because he’s moving to the forefront when we’re so used to shouting from the back row?

    As a former state Libertarian Party chairman, I can assure that this is not the issue.

  • Fritz

    If you follow the list which was used to determine that Alex Jones was paid, you’ll notice the “services” has been added by the bloggers. It’s just a disbursement. Also on the list is Alamo Bob,, Greg J. Schuberg, a mysterious $2300 to Terrence Lee Zehrer, and Pizza Hut… The plot thickens.
    No, these are not legitimate questions, this is a smear attempt since Alex Jones views are often polarizing, thus creating undue controversy, in hopes that more people disagree with views of Alex Jones, resulting in a negative reaction. That was the admitted reason the original discovery was made. Explanation? Considering that most people don’t believe the “official” 9/11 story partially or entirely, and that Ron Paul himself believes there should be an independent, honest evaluation and investigation on the topic, why would he denounce one of his most vocal and effective media supporters? Because so far about 5 people with blogs on the internet deemed an unknown dispersement newsworthy? Indeed. Don’t be proud of yourself for “discovering” this.

  • libertyman

    Ron Paul might be this nations last hope to restore our Republic before we fall into a North American Super State and lose the rest of our constitutional protected rights like the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as Mexico does.

    The fact that this so called Liberty Papers misses no opportunity to throw stones at Ron Paul indicates that they are not interested in achieving their stated goals in my opinion. This opinion is shared by many as I can see from previous comments.

  • Chris Kachouroff


    Alex Jones, whichever of the 50 that live in CA, or other 1000 possibilities that live in the U.S., could have contributed more than the maximum contribution of $2300 and the return of the $1300 could have been for that purpose.

    Why is this even news?

    More news to me is evidence that Paul is getting worn out by voting and campaigning.

  • Don Hannaford

    Who gives a rats!!!!

  • AB

    $1300, that’s what you’ve uncovered– maybe?

    Does that = a $1mm in Chinese/Hillary funds?

    Wow, big-time find, bucko.

    You want Ron Paul renounce the kooks?

    Ok, I renounce you on his behalf.

  • Nate

    Had I found this information, I would have first sent this info to the Ron Paul camp and asked politely for an explanation, and waited. Give it a few days, depending on what day it may have been when I sent the email. Then, most likely, you would have much more detail as to what has really transpired. If this Alex Jones has other talents or another source of income, maybe he writes music, or something, it doesn’t really matter. If in said case the fee for whatever may have gone on may have come to $1300. Hut until more is known, all that is known, are these two items that do cause some interest. On the other hand, what would you find if you dug deep into everyone else’s source(s) of income. Or, are there ways of keeping things not wanted to be known, from becoming so?

  • Brent

    It’s called a REFUND. Alex Jones donated, Ron Paul refunded. sigh.

  • uhm

    I wish he didn’t have any dealings with Alex Jones. There are a lot of shady characters politicians are associated with. Clinton and Sandy Berger. Bush and the Saudis. Giuliani and Podhoretz.

    Then again there isn’t anyone else to vote for except for maybe Tom Tancredo.

  • Bob

    There is an Alex Jones from Austin Texas that contributed $2,300 to the Paul campaign. He lists his profession as “Broadcaster”. Could this be the same Alex Jones that received the $1,300? If so maybe it was as simple as returning an excess contribution. I am concerned about the campaign’s connection to someone that most voters (especially Republican primary voters) considers to be a kook. But I feel better about it since it looks like they were just giving him his only money back. If it up to me.. oh well, we’ve already been through that.

  • Dan Warner

    I am not a fruitcake or a nutcase and I admit I have watched some clips of Alex Jones. Come on who hasn’t? While I agree that Alex may be out there on a few of his opinions, I always see him giving references for all of the stuff he says, his videos zoom in on main stream web sites where the articles he is talking about are posted.

    He may put things in context to support his opinion, but isn’t that what investigative journalists do? They dig dirt from all over the place and then they package it to back up what they are saying.

    Alex is also popular. Loony or not he is popular. He is heard all over the world on the internet and his videos are popular. In short he has a big audience that leans more toward the self sufficient individual who is suspicious of government meddling into every aspect of their lives.

    Seems to me it would be a great audience to advertize Ron Paul’s message to. It doesn’t mean that Ron Paul supports everything Alex Jones says, it means that the people who listen to Alex Jones are the kind of people who will be receptive to a message of liberty and freedom from government interference.

    Sounds like wisely spend advertizing money to me.


    To me, the greater question is not “Why the Refund” but “Why does he have associations with these people at all?”

    Kudos to The Liberty Papers for asking these refreshingly honest questions, especially point #4.

  • Beth

    $1300 of Alex Jones’ $2300 donation was refunded, per the FEC disclosure. (See the update to my post.)

    Why only a partial refund? Clearly RP sees a need to distance himself from troofer scum, but not COMPLETELY disavow them. If he did, his support base would all but disappear.

  • Beth

    “To me, the greater question is not “Why the Refund” but “Why does he have associations with these people at all?”


  • Ken Hamilton

    Ron Paul is the best vehicle there has been since Ronald Reagan to spread the virtues of liberty and our constitutional republic. Why don’t those who support these things support Ron Paul?

    It appears that a lot of libertarians/small-government conservatives are wanting to destroy the messenger. What they fail to realize is that they are probably destroying their last best chance to get the message of liberty out to the general public.

  • Doug Mataconis


    It’s unclear if the $ 1,300 was a refund or a payment for services. Ordinarily, the former would not be listed on an FEC report in the manner this was.

    And, to me at least, it does matter because, well, anything that associates the campaign with wingnuts like this is bad news.

    I’ve said it before — but RP needs to disassociate from people like just like William F. Buckley decided that modern conservatism was not going to be associated with groups like the Birchers and banned them from the pages of National Review.

  • Isaac

    This place is like a train wreck… I don’t know why I keep coming back…

  • Ken Hamilton


    Why don’t ya’ll just go ahead and title this website “The Liberty Papers/Slam the Ron Paul Campaign”?

    Truth in advertising is a good thing. 8-)

  • Doug Mataconis


    I’ve said it before, I am not a mouthpiece for any campaign and I’m not going to be quite when someone does something I disagree with.

    Maybe I am being harder on RP than the other candidates, but that’s mostly because I expect more out of him.

    I don’t want to be part of a libertarian movement that allows itself to be associated with conspiracy nuts, racists, or people who think that 9/11 was an inside job. They have a right to their opinions, I simply refuse to associate with them.

  • Jamie David

    Alex Jones sees the world through his eyes. He is a reporter and raises many questions. I am not sure that I agree with all he has to say. I do agree that he has the right and moral obligation to report. I want all the facts from left and right so that I can make my own educated opinion.

    Fox, NBC, BBC, AlJazeria and why not Alex Jones. Fox reports way they see it. They don’t seem to get a lot correct. Enough fluff how about some real reporting. Facts that the journalist has checked and researched. News that means something in the grand frame of things.

    It pleases me to see that Ron Paul keep all avenues open.

  • paul

    im sure ron paul paid alex jones for one of 2 reasons…1 it could be that ron paul donated money into funding an alex jones production, but it would of had to have been ron pauls own money, not any he raised. or he could of been paying for advertising, you gotta sell radio time in radio.

  • rho

    “To me, the greater question is not “Why the Refund” but “Why does he have associations with these people at all?”


    Exactly… what? I have many friends who believe all kinds of wacky stuff.

    Half the right-wing bloggers are itching to reign fire over Tehran and the other half want to skip right ahead to nukes, but $1,300 paid to an Alex Jones has you straining juice over the nefarious soul of Ron Paul.

    Beth, you are a hilariously unserious person. Fred! is the perfect candidate for you.

  • Paul

    “To me, the greater question is not “Why the Refund” but “Why does he have associations with these people at all?”

    Since Ron Paul personally believes that 9/11 was caused by 19 hijackers, 15 from Saudi, and not the US Government, who cares who he associates with?

  • Darel99

    Hey Beth and others,

    Alex has on his show the father of reganomics Paul Craig Roberts, Former President of the World Bank, executives from many companies, 9-11 truth sources, filmmakers like Aaron Russo and many others, Christian Pastors, Catholic supporters, Conspiracy authors, Former heads of NASA, Military generals the list could go on and on.

    My favorite broadcast of recent was with Paul Craig Robert’s whereas he was talking about the effects of ignoring the constitution. He went on to say that since Bush didn’t have respect for the constitution that military men and women and now even cops are showing signs of not following the constitution as well. He stated this is probable cause of the recent increase of police brutality. Does this topic sound like a conspiracy theory to you? I don’t think so.

    If you consider the above mentioned people and sources he has interviewed it would sound like a fox news afternoon to me… Or even a CNN news day. But just because Alex is vocal about a subject and demands answers to a number of questions he is labeled by the MSM and sadly most of the people on this post have bought it hook, line and sinker.

    The people on this post I expect more then the average dumb American who sets at home waiting for his/her shovel full of daily news. You folks are supposed to be the salt of the earth. Instead most of you wine and complain but you dare not answer the list of questions I posted above. I didn’t see Kevin or Doug even touch my questions.

    Since Alex Jones has a loyal patriot following and Ron supports liberty, freedom and patriotism then what does this issue matter?

    Further, Ron’s association to Alex has been long term as many other members from our government and he even had Mike Gravel on his show the other day. Why wasn’t this an issue when he as ran for congress? I have never heard Ron Paul say he sided with Alex 100% regarding 9-11 I have heard his say a new investigation would be nice to have. I have also heard Ron Paul express his views to an audience that may have never heard of Ron Paul and this I support… Don’t you? I try to listen to Alex show on Wed and Fridays and I find I learn more from Alex show in two days then seven days of Fox news. I have checked nearly every story I have listened to and I found his information to be 100% correct. As far as 9-11 well you have to decide this issue yourself. For sure questions have not been answered and even those who lost loved ones on 9-11 don’t beleive the offical story. Does this make them also nuts?

    Does Ron’s association with FOX news imply Ron is now a neocon just because he is on Fox news?
    Or does Ron’s visits to some of CNN all of a sudden turn his political cause into a democrat? So if Ron’s visit to Fox doesn’t change his postions and neither does visits to CNN then why is this an issue?

    Wouldn’t you want Ron Paul to use his money wisely to reach a Patriots base via Alex Jones or would you prefer he spend over $100,000 to place ads in over 75 popular Patriots publications when he can spend 1300 to nearly hit the largest audience? I think Ron is playing it smart and you should stop doubting Ron’s every move. I tell you the people on this blogg who claim to be libertarians’ are often times more hostel toward Ron Paul then even some of the Neocon’s… WHY?

    May we focus on the task at hand.? This is a non issue and you are spending your time bitching back and forth when all you need to do is just go tell one more person today about Ron Paul. Give them a slim Jim and answer a few questions, give them your phone number if they have questions and keep moving on. I tell no less then four strangers a day about Ron Paul I give them a slim Jim and I keep moving. Not a week has gone by that I don’t hear from at least 5 of the ones I pass a slim jim too. Will you commit to the same? Or do you plan on losing the best opportunity for freedom and liberty to come along since the founders? I sure hope not. Time is running short. I have spent over $40K of my own money paying for front page ads in the primary states with a introduction to Paul.

    If just ten of you from this post told three strangers on Monday that would be 30 new people who have heard and read some of the Paul message. Or that’s 150 per week just from this blog. I bet if you started taking action Paul will win… If you keep bitching they we all loose…. What is your next step?

  • linus

    “It kind of cracks me up seeing all the fart chasers waft through hot air in search of a turd to fling at Ron Paul.” -lol

    “You want Ron Paul renounce the kooks? Ok, I renounce you on his behalf.” -lol

    “Last I checked conspiracy theories weren’t against the law.” -good point!

    “Ron Paul should denounce anyone who holds a view that is a little out of the mainstream? No, I don’t think he should. If Alex Jones provided a valuable service to the campaign, then he deserves to be paid regardless of the views he holds. It would be different if Alex Jones was harming others or coercing them, but he isn’t, he’s just expressing his views on issues important to him.” -Amen

  • David Monk

    Alex jones may be out there and he may be very fanatical about his views but a kook he is not. I do not agree with everything Alex jones says but he raises valid questions. 9/11 did not happen as the government says it did. I do not know what happened but I know the government is covering up something. Two simples questions I will ask about 9/11 and feel free to answer. Where was NORAD in the 2 hours between the planes hitting the WTC? Why did Guillanni recycle the steel with such a quickness? I do not have the answers but the questions are valid. On the NORAD question, simply compare the 1999 Payne Stewart incident(the golfer) and his plane trouble’s to the 9/11 massacre. You may find something very disturbing. All I ask is to do your own research and draw your own conclusion. But to question the government account does not mean I hate America. I love America and wish for her nothing but the best as I assume you do as well. Thank you for time and God bless

  • Alexia

    “the campaign needs to……” Those words are almost always from people who are never going to be happy no matter what Paul does. He doesn’t need to please them, that’s for sure.

  • Wanda Gag

    $1300 of Alex Jones’ $2300 donation was refunded, per the FEC disclosure

  • Brad Linzy, Evansville, IN

    I think he paid him for consulting… I heard Alex mention it on his show a long time ago.

    I could be wrong on that though.

    The memory I seem to have is of Alex consulting with Ron Paul because of Alex’s media expertise (something that whether you like 9/11 Truth or not cannot be denied…Alex Jones is a marketing talent).

  • arcanums

    Will “kook” trash-talking Giuliani supporter & Paul “opponent” Dondero renounce Giuliani advisor Norman Podhoretz’s “praying for” a pre-emptive nuking of Iran? Whoops! I just fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. Poor E. Diddy!

  • Brad Linzy, Evansville, IN

    By the way, why don’t you go looking into Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with the Fertittas and the Sartonis in Las Vegas… Aren’t they infamous crime families from way back in Galveston, TX?!

    You’re barking up the wrong tree with Ron Paul. And Alex Jones is really not a kook. It might be different if he were the only one saying it, but he’s not. And he’s not saying anything about interdimensional lizards or flying saucers either..the man has some very good points if you just hear him out. To see what I mean, check out any of his videos, but I recommend “9/11: The Road to Tyranny”, “Terrorstorm”, and “Endgame”.

    Don’t jump to conclusions about things, people. It’s unbecoming of folks trying to pass themselves off as rational. Just take a deep breath, look at his evidence, then decide for yourself, WITHOUT the influence of others whispering “kook” in your ear.

  • granny miller

    You know the way things are starting to shape up in this country Alex Jones doesn’t seem so crazy any more.

  • http://www.Kook? Blue Blood

    It pisses me off when people call 911 truth movement crazy. These are the same CRAZY people who are trying to get some justice for the first responders on 911. There are fireman and police officers that are sick, dying and dead from the pollution created by the falling buildings. FEMA at the time (and to this day) said that it was safe to be at ground zero. These people have no compensation or medical care for the illness’s attributed to the pollution at ground zero. The only people standing up and speaking out for them are the 911 Troopers. And this includes Alex Jones. So shut the F@ck up about 911 Truth movement and Alex Jones because they are true Americans. And for all the republican,conservative,family values,bigots,jesus freaks,apocalyptic,newneoconservanazi,gun carrying,flag waiving,cowards,big mouth support the troops from a distance,worthless pieces of human waste. The state dept is having a hard time filling positions at the new billion dollar compound embassy in Iraq. Time to volunteer with you’re entire family for freedom.

  • FreedomFanatick

    *sigh* I don’t agree with truthers or their existence.

    You guys say you’re not crazy, but I have so much trouble believing it.

  • linus

    “*sigh* I don’t agree with truthers or their existence.”

    What does this mean? How can you not agree with someone’s existence? Doesn’t that make you crazy? Isn’t that denying reality in the face of evidence?

    How about the Jersey Girls, are they “truthers?” How could three housewives force the Federal government to hold an investigation, and knock Henry Kissenger out of the leadership, without truth on their side? Why did the leadership cower, and prevaricate, and cover up crucial testimony, and appoint the most inside of insiders to oversee and filter the results?

    Can you explain why the “truther’s” are deserving of your contempt? Can you do it without calling them names? Out with it, Ronulans!

    Anyway, what does this have to do with the Ron Paul campaign?

    Did you see who Hillary is getting money from this week? Who’s more dangerous, Alex Jones or Lockheed Martin?

  • Shawn

    This is obviously just another Alex Jones. Why? Because if he was paying THE Alex Jones for something it would go under Alex Jones company name which is Alex Jones Inc. Either way how common is the name Alex and the name Jones?

  • uhm

    linus, the truthers like Bush makeup stuff to justify their strong feelings instead of paying attention to the facts. Truthers like the MSM have hurt America’s ability to discuss our foreign policy. If we want to talk about the contributing factors to 9/11, concerning US foreign policy we will be labeled as kooks. If we are against modern day slavery then we are racist.

    The 100 billionth article on WTC 7 is not going to stop the coming war with Iran but maybe Admiral Fallon can. Truthers like Fox News have a predetermined narrative of good vs evil.

    What people should be discussing in my opinion would be Al Qaeda hiding out around Afghanistan and Pakistan, our reliance on oil in the Middle East, the Arab lobby, Israeli lobby, and the Doomsday Christian lobby. We really need to find an alternative fuel. Those people are crazy over there and the less we have to deal with them the better.

  • Michael Davis

    Alex jones has guts and he isn’t a kook. You can watch several of his videos free on google video. Watch “911 mysteries” or “loose change” or “freedom to facism”. Those aren’t alex jones films, but those will open your eyes.

    Watch one documentary the zietgist movie look it up on google video.

    Ron Paul 2008 Hope for America.

  • Tim

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and I’m not a “9-11 Truther”. On the other hand there’s no doubt in my mind we were lied to about 9-11, we were lied to about the war, and every time our president says he is protecting our freedoms, he is lying. His actions prove otherwise. Alex Jones does a damn good job of pointing this out. Yes, he can be extreme. He is a passionate patriot. Nothing wrong with that. Whatever the Paul campaign paid for (probably advertising) is not a problem–except that blogs like this try to make it one.

  • C. Wesley Fowler

    I see Doug is still pretending to be a Paul supporter.

    The “Liberty” papers are indeed a trainwreck these days.

  • Akston

    1. No one posting can tell which Alex Jones it was.
    2. The record does not show what the $1300 was for.
    3. We can theorize with insufficient evidence that this $1300 was to THE Alex Jones for broadcasting services, or for ads, or for a refund to a contribution. (Hmmm, theorizing with insufficient evidence…where have I heard that?)

    Frankly, I fail to see why 9/11 conspiracy theorists are so denigrated here. They hold a minority, and probably insupportable position. I know I don’t agree with it. So what?? It’s a theory. If it’s true, someone might eventually prove it. If not, then it was just a wrong theory.

    Does Ron Paul subscribe to that theory? In this video, a Fox News reporter asks Ron Paul about Alex Jones and 911 conspiracy theories, and he responds.

    I have no problem with his answer.

    How is one unproven, tenuous connection to a person who espouses unproven, fantastic theories equal to 20 years of documented stances on the way our government should run? Review Ron Paul’s position papers, articles, books, interviews, and votes. If you find a demonstrative trend in those which you’d offer up as a rational reason to reject Ron Paul’s candidacy, I’ll be all ears. I’d want to know that, I truly would.

    If you dig and dig and dig and find that he bought tuna that was dolphin unsafe, or shook hands with a Marxist, or once watched an entire episode of American Idol…don’t expect the information to mean as much to me as his 20 years of staggeringly consistent and documented views.

  • Brad Pearce

    I just want to say, that I often wondering if the Ron Paul banner on was paid for or was given as a gesture of support.

    now I know the answer. That site gets a lot of hits, I imagine 1300 is a cut rate.

  • Jason

    I think some of you may have missed the most recent update on that site, it links to a page that briefly shows that it was a “Contribution Refund”. In otherwords, The campaign gave back some of the money that Alex had donated, which was right there at the cap. Whatever it was, its really between Alex and the campaign. I guess the campaign doesn’t need all his money which is in their right to do so. Not making this out to be something noble on Dr. Paul’s part but its most definately nothing bad.

  • GeneG

    Don’t stop Beth and NEOCONTROLLagent…there’s on a mission, from G-d. Hahahhahaha!

  • Jason

    Alex Jones a Kook? Truth is not kooky. Try listening to Alex Jones and you will not deny the truth either!

    Learn about the New World Order, 911, and the North American Union.

    Don’t fear the truth!

  • Akston

    Just to be “sound bite clear”:

    Ron Paul’s 20 years of documented consistent rational governmental philosophy is far more important than identifying unpopular people who support him.

  • Valeria

    It sure is funny how so many people in this country can sit and watch their own country being torn apart by the hands of big government and laugh about it. Well you all won’t be laughing when your one day taken away, held for some reason your unaware of, and then just disposed of because your not worth some kings idea that your just not applicable to society anymore. Think it can’t happen? This is what the patriot act brings you. Something Ron Paul fought against for people like you. Like Ghandi said, first they laugh at you, then they attack you, then they ignore you, then you win. Ron Paul has some 100,000 supporters out here now trying to wake people like you all up to the fact that Big Government is now trying run your lives. And if you don’t comply, your not worthy. So go be a toe sucker for these assholes in washington d.c. who want to take your freedoms and liberties away from you. Remember – Hitler and the Jews. Are you prepared to be a Jew. (no racist remark intended) Do you remember what hitler did to them? Are you willing to see all those kinds of things happen to you and to your country and your countrymen? WAKE THE F*CK UP !

  • Brett

    The real question:

    Why aren’t the other top tier candidates being scrutinized like this? You can gaurantee that you could scrounge up hundreds of questionable donations being made to other candidates.

    Who cares who donates to Ron Paul anyway? Everyone is entitled to contribute to the candidate of their choice. That’s what freedom is all about!!!

  • ryan rabalais

    Whats a kook?

  • koby

    Alex Jones is a true patriot and absolute defender of your rights. If you want to believe the MSM, go ahead…all you will receive is more tyranny. Nobody in the RP Revolution really cares what the MSM is attempting to do to RP with every bogus, inconsequential smear. It only makes us more convinced that we are on the right side of history….and more committed to the cause of liberty.

  • Bones

    I am of the opinion that Ron Paul should accept campaign money from ANY person or group that wants to give it to him. This may be the election where the freaks unite to free us all from big government hypocrisy, tyranny, and Hillary. I’m not really interested, and I don’t think he should be either, in the reasons someone might contribute. I’m interested in having a President that respects the rights of people to live free. That is the goal. Anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon is welcome. If we have an independent 9/11 investigation then Alex Jones can see it wasn’t an inside job, but rather a bunch of pissed of Saudis and government incompetence, not complicency. I see no problem with that. If the neo-Nazis wants to contribute, they can. Who gives a crap about their whacked out racist philosophies? It’s not like a Ron Paul presidency is going to grant them any favors. In fact, I imagine they’ll be quite surprised to find the lack of collectivism they favor. So be it.

  • Republiscum

    Lol what a joke you are. How’s that crow taste today!!

  • Paul Weber

    This refund proves Ron Pauls campaign is honest.

    I don’t see any problem, other than certain people who’s special interest’s conflict with Ron Paul’s philosophy, and are embarrased to admit their true motives.

    Alex Jones is Honest BTW.

  • Thomas

    Christ… it was a REFUND. Who knows what it was for? It doesn’t say! Why is this a story? If Ron Paul was trying to distance himself he wouldn’t have accepted the money in the first place. Instead now he’s got 2 lines proving connection to Alex Jones: 1) a contribution and 2) a refund. You would do well to wait for an actual story before you start smearing Ron Paul’s name. Here I’ll make you’re story for you:

    1) Alex Jones contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign.

    2) Ron Paul refunded $1300 to Alex Jones.


  • NH

    Ron Paul did not ‘pay’ anyone. If someone overdonates, they have to refund money. That is why money is returned to some donors.

    Honestly, this is a non-issue, there’s nothing to see here!

    I think it’s sad that we have the most impeccably honest candidate in ages and people try still to dig up dirt on him.

  • RockHoward

    My guess about the refund is that the ad for Ron Paul on and related sites were not paid for by the Ron Paul campaign and therefore constituted an in-kind donation. Then Alex sent in his $2,300. That contribution, together with the in-kind donation, put Alex over the limit for campaign contributions. So the Ron Paul campaign was obliged to return a portion of Alex’s cash contribution in order to keep him under the limit.

    I have known Alex for many years and, despite his strident tones on the airwaves, he is a friendly guy who I respect a lot even though I have not a wit of interest in his conspiracies. Many of Alex’s rants are philosophically on the money even though his “facts” are often bogus in my opinion. Still he inspires action and there is something to be said for that in this day and age.

    In point of fact, the liberty movement needs more people with the passion and dedication of Alex Jones who can help others find their own path to liberty. It will take all kinds to win this battle and so it is my hope that the liberty movement, which has come together nicely behind Ron Paul’s campaign, will continue to find ways to work as a team in the years ahead.

  • Lorenski

    What is that, $985 Canadian?

  • Bob

    First I would like to say this website sucks! I back Alex Jones for the fact it is our RIGHT to know the truth about our government. I will not back any government that is secret! I hear a lot of SHEEPLY people that don’t know one thing about history and how it can relate to there life and future. Being a former military man I will tell you. I DON’T TRUST THIS LIEING EVIL GOVERNMENT OF THIS COUNTRY. The United States of America is starting to look like Pre World War II Nazi Germany. The funny thing is the people of Germany acted the same way they do today in this country. If I am wrong I look like a fool, but if I am right YOU LOSE! If you can trust liars, than you are the fool and will find out what a concentration camp is all about. I don’t know of one American that trusts a politican. Ron Paul is different, he is honest and that is why he has my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Mcdonell

    Kook…Hmmm, what an interesting short cut to avoid actually debating the issues. It’s apparent to me that Kevin does absolutly no research of any kind into the material that Alex Jones posts on his sites and in his films. I suspect he goes home and plays video games, watches an hour of FOX news, an hour of CNN, then of course it’s off to bed to wank himself senseless. Just a Theory.

  • Armando

    why dont you check Hillarys records… you might find certain zip codes in california have NEGATIVE donation TOTALS. stop sniffing for what you want to find and open your eyes to what is actually there.

  • Bob

    I just noticed that someone else named “Bob” is posting. This place could become a Monty Python routine with multiple people using the same name. Anyway, like I’ve posted elsewhere this is a political campaign. In politics perception is often more important than reality. Therefore it doesn’t matter if Alex Jones is correct or not, what matters is that most Americans consider 9/11 truthers including Alex Jones to be kooks. Its not a good idea for a political campaign to be associated with kooks. What happens is the campaign has to explain why its dealing with people perceived to be kooks. The campaign wastes time it could be using to spread the candidate’s message. Undecided voters hear about the connection between the candidate and the kooks. The undecided are given an easy excuse not to vote for the candidate, after all that campaign associates with kooks and the undecided don’t want to have anything to do with kooks. Its simply better politics to throw the kooks overboard.

  • Chris Adams

    Why is it there isn’t this much contempt for the “top tier” candidates when they receive MILLIONS from special interest groups, pharmaceutical companies, etc? (the list goes on

    Alex Jones “mistakenly” gives a little to much to Ron Paul and there is huge sh@t storm. What is wrong with people? This isn’t even that much money.

    Hilary, Obama, Romney, McCain, Guiliani, etc. all receive donations that range in the millions from special interest groups/lobbyists. Why don’t we or the media say anything about this?

  • Dean

    Ron Paul has no intention of distancing himself from Alex Jones. Alex Jones accidentally contributed more than he intended and received a refund. Unfortunately for us, most of his conspiracy theories are substantiated with hard evidence. Interesting that you can ask Ron Paul or Alex Jones directly and get an answer. When I write my do-nothing Congressman Timothy Bishop about the repeal of the Patriot Act, the dissolution of the Federal Reserve, the new gun bill which prohibits anyone ever diagnosed with the near-fictitious (and abusively overdiagnosed) condition knows as ADHD, or any topic whatsoever, there’s no email response, letter or phone call. It’s time for us to all wake up to the facts. The US is being run by a private corporation of mostly foreign bankers known as the Federal Reserve. Our foreign and domestic policy is structured largely by the Trilaterals, Council on Foreign Relations and of course the above mentioned Federal Reserve shareholders. We all have theories, now let’s discuss facts. In addition to the WTC 7 scandal, WTC 1&2 could not have possibly fallen in the time it did, without the use of explosives. Make any assumptions of theories you want. Either the “shadow” government was invloved, or possibly terrorists infiltrated the buildings before the plane crashes and installed the explosives, it matters not that we argue over these theories.

    Let’s start with facts and re-investigate. It’s alarming to all of us in the Physics, Math and Engineering department that what is virtually impossible and violates all the known laws of Physics is being spewed out by the news media as fact. It’s not that the American population is basically ignorant and gullible, we already knew this. It opened our eyes to how far this country has fallen away from having free press. There’s no freedom of press any longer. Research who owns the major news media in the US: cable, TV, magazines and newspapers and you will be alarmed at the propoganda machine which has been set in motion.

  • kurt clark

    come on doyou really think that 2 people fighting forthe survival of this country have to pay eachother for their fight. I am sure Ron Paul considered it too large a gift and didn’t want to takewthat much from someone who he knew was struggling in his work too. It was a refund nothiong else-get over it.

  • Jerry

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that I could ever support. If Paul isn’t elected, this country is f*&^@d. Wake up. Stop listening to neo cons.

  • Sgt Jeffery Humphrey

    The question should be, “f Ron Paul isn’t a real viable candidate, then why all this commotion about this REFUND?”

    I don’t believe or support Alex Jones’ and his fear mongering, just as I don’t support the left/right idiocracy in this country. But I will defend his right to conduct his business and beliefs his own way, even to the death. Maybe instead of all the fear and war mongering you Neo-idiots keep espousing, you should put yourself in the shoes (not only the Iraqi civilians but the soldiers you send to slaughter) of the people you are destroying.

    Grow up, and seek the truth, not a talking point or propaganda. This is what I think the “truthers” have fallen for also.

    Think for yourselves

  • http://none common sense

    Typical bait and switch site. Insinuate that you are for freedom and liberty and then espouse hate towards anyone that does not agree with you.

    Liberty Papers? Defending Individual Freedom and Liberty? What a sham.

    I guess donating to Ron Paul or refunding a donation does not fall under the “Individual Freedom and Liberty” title at the top of this page.

    Do you only defend the Individual Freedom and Liberty of those that agree with you? If so where is the freedom and liberty?

    To be fair, how about investigating the “top tier” crammed down the publics throat by MSM presidential candidates like Rudy or Hillary as I am sure you can find some Illegal donations as it has been reported that Illegal donations were made to some candidates by CHINA.

  • Doug Mataconis


    Because Jones and his crackpot theories are something that no serious politician should want to be associated with.

    Let him rant on as much as he wants, that’s his right and I won’t deny it.

    I just choose not to be a part of any movement that would welcome him.

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  • Solly

    1. You clearly hate liberty if you don’t like Ron Paul.
    2. Alex intended to pay Ron Paul 1000. Why the f***k would a candidate refuse money if he wants to win? or I suppose he’s supposed to look into the views of every single person who donates money to his campaign and refuse the money if he doesn’t agree with that person on everything.
    3. Stop making up BS. Ron Paul has clearly said various times he does not believe 9/11 was an inside job when asked.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  • Sean Glazier

    Since when is asking questions and demanding answers from the ruling class make someone a “kook” or “conspiracy nut” another word for delutional. Have anyone who has called Alex and others that bothered to look at wahtthey were saying and the evidence. BTW The NIST after spending untold millions on thier research has now revised thier position to say “we don’t know and gravitational collapse is as likely as the buildings falling upward and hitting the moon”

    Since Alex was the first to point this out and other engineers and physiscts joined him in support of that, including myself, why then are we “delutional”.

    If Alex were wrong about everything then his site would have no traction. But he supplies proof of assertions and ask questions. Something journalists used to do but no longer.

    I didn’t say I believe the collapse story was false I provided proof and wrote an article to explain why in laymans terms, the governments explainations violated accepted laws of physics.

    is Alex delutional because we can prove the govenment is lying and he tells others? I am amazed at so many who say they are for freedom, but when someone excecises it they go ape.

    Well just my 02 got to go work and do something useful besides trying to educate morons

  • Big John

    I’m just wondering if the author is a Neo-Con Shill, or just another moron.
    (Sorry, I guess that was slightly redundant.)
    It’s interesting how consiracy nuts always accuse Alex Jones of being a conspiracy nut.

  • Al

    “UPDATE: I’m not buying the theory being kicked around by some of the Ronulans in the comments that this was a refund. The receipt shows that Alex Jones contributed the maximum allowed by law and that no refund was necessary. Also, if you’re going to distance yourself from someone, you would give back the entire donation, not a portion of it.

    UPDATE #2: The $1,300 was a refund. If this (partial) refund is an attempt to distance himself from Alex Jones, Ron Paul can be clearly called a coward. He did not have the guts to completely refund the Jones contribution. Nor does Ron Paul want to completely distance himself from the 9/11 kooks. So Ron, do you believe 9/11 was an inside job or not? What other Alex Jones kook conspiracy theories do you buy since you don’t want to distance yourself from him?”

    Shhhh…..Quiet now…You are just making an ass of yourself. It is quite clear it doesnt matter what the facts are, you dislike Ron Paul and will try to find fault with him despite how stupid it makes you look. Which from your posts is considerably stupid indeed, in my opinion.

    Take Care!

  • Roxdog

    It was a refund from a campaign donation. All on the up and up. No conspiracy here…The writer of this blog is a complete hack. He could have saved utter embarrassment with a 5 minute phone call.


  • http://http:.// Future4u

    Alex Jones is by far the very bravest and thoroughest investigative reporter on this planet . He doesn’t make statements that he can’t back up with solid irrefutable evidence . Translation : He has 100% credibility !! Show me any that surpass this . You can’t .

    I’ve followed Ron Paul since 1971 when Nixon was taking us off of the gold standard . The U.S. Dollar has lost 96% of it’s buying power since that time .

    Both of these two patriots are important components to our ability of recovering our Constitutional Republic that some corrupt members of Congress allowed to be high jacked in 1871 by the greedy International Banking cabal .

    Go to : and get a history lesson .

  • Jesse Lewis

    It amazes me how many people still believe the official story of 911 while they don’t trust the Government on various other issues. Is it that impossible to believe that men consumed with greed and power would not resort to false flag operations even if a few thousand lives are sacrificed?

    Are we Americans immuned from this? There are many instances throught history of false flags, Alex shows you 5 in recent history. The Gulf of Tonkin was one of these and documents released prove that is did not happen the way our Government claimed. It was used to escalate the Viet Nam war.

    I believe this, the many who do not think 911 was perpetrated by a shawdow government, are like a parent in denial about their child who is accused of committing a crime, they simply cannot bring themselves to believe they could have done it.

    The Military Industrial Complex, the one Eisenhower warned us about and the private bankers (Federal Reserve), who many of our founders believed would take down this country, have teamed up!

    You would be better off researching this for yourself before you dismiss it completely.

    Ron Paul, I find it strange that people, not the ones in power, but the people who follow them, would launch a disinfo campaign against him. They do so in ways that make me wonder what do they have against our Constitution. One person who reported this payment to Alex Jones issued a retraction, but slammed RP about the direction RP wants to take this country! This is especially puzzling and troublesome. Does he really want to continue down the path we have taken or been taken down by elected servants hellbent on war, destruction, and world domination?

    Bottom line, this country has been on a path of self destruction because we the people have allowed it or else we will not survive. Calling 911 truthers names has been a popular fad by mainstream media however it proves that they have no evidence that 911 truthers are wrong. See the site that lists who believes the official story is wrong.

  • Jim Rode

    Never visited this site before – never will visit it again, as it is definitely dedicated to smear the good name of Rep. Ron Paul. I have known about Dr. Paul since 1970, and I have followed his stellar performance as a Congressman since then. He is a statesman on a level with our Founding Fathers. God bless Ron Paul, and God bless America. BABYLON IS FALLING, IS FALLING!!!

  • Freeman

    Hey Beth – When you are mature enough and hopefully live long enough(assuming you’re not done in by the control freak elites-DO your homework and research), then come back at us with more sane comments. I can’t believe you really believe the crap your are writing. I think the brainwashing has finally done you in. Leave the commentary about stuff like this to those who can think straight and that’s not you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Paul for President

    You are either crazy, a jackass, or both. Ron Paul and Alex Jones are two of the biggest patriots in the country and your busy trying to make them look bad. To what end?

    Ron Paul all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Beth

    LOL. This thread proves the RP cult is full of nutcases.

  • Bob Robertson

    $2,300 – $1,300 = a $1000 loss. The dumbass needs to do a money101 class before he comes up with a financial conspiracy. This guy is a real gelable conspiracy nut. He probably believes terrorists opted to attack the pentagon instead of a nuclear power plant because they were worried about restricted air space – like it says in the official 9/11 commission report. Wise up kid. Learn from this embarrassment.

  • Duke


    >”You are so flipping wrong it’s not funny”

    Care to back that up a little, son?

  • troddeddown

    You’ve got to admit this debate about a mere $1300 is pretty silly. BUT, WAIT, THERE’S MORE… As we near the primary elections Podhoretz’ genocide for Iran stance will get more more air play than “Stairway To Heaven” did in ’79. The “neo-conservatives” will eat it up. Sean Hannity will come out with more foolishness about the “Paulites”. Hillary’s camp will receive more money from questionable sources that no mainstream “news cast” will cover. No one will ever bring up the fact that W.J.Clinton,himself, shut down the investigation of the first World Trade Center bombing during his presidency. And on, And on… Is it any wonder that our country is sinking into a neo-fascist shadow of its former self? Which makes me wonder if the people who sponsor this site are truly informed and truly libertarians or are they simply conspiracy theory wingnuts who think the disintegration of our republic is in the best interests for its citizens? So I, after pouring over the proceeding b.s. about a $1300 fauxpaux, will run right out and donate $1300 to Dr. Paul’s campaign. Mission accomplished!

  • http://none TomTomTommy

    first off…the obvious is the obvious and calling someone a “kook” and relating Alex Jones to “racists” is an evil spirited way to conclude your minds design of self proclomation intended to delude the pool of true conscious awarness – the truth is …your looking for something that isn’t there…and if you look hard enough you can realize the truth is your a destroyer of all things good and a refund for a compaign contribution is only that and nothing more. Lets wait and see whats in store…we will see the truth stands tall and people like you hate looking up at it because the truth of you is that you are a divider and to divide is to conclude a descision that may very well…kill us all in the end including yourself…because if we stand to sling poo at eachother…this whole countries room which we all share and breathe the same air will suffocate us all in the well known poo that came from your mouth from the pits of your true jealous envious nature.


  • DC

    LOL as a real republican, seeing you neocons who hijacked our party squirm in fear of Ron Paul is what motivates me to continue to persuade my friends to vote for him.

    …and its working.

  • Dustin

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” –Mahatma Gandhi

    I’m guessing this is somewhere between
    “…then they ridicule you, then they fight you…”

  • Christian

    To all of you who are saying that anyone that questions the official story of 9/11 is a kook. You do realize that you are calling over a third of the American people kooks right? Look up the results of a poll taken that shows more than a third of Americans don’t believe the official government verison of 9/11. I don’t have the time now to look up when the poll was taken or who it was done by, but do it for yourself and you may be surprised at how many “kooks” there are in this country. Please wake up and stop acting like petulant children.

  • Ron Paul Patriot

    Look at the author of this thread call Alex Jones a ” kook” LMAO. Your pathetic attempts at diversion and brainwashing won’t work on RP supporters. Unfortunately we think for ourselves. This guy has to be one of these touch holes shining his nightstick in the bathroom reading the patriot act and military commissions act and telling his all male friends how we need this legislation to deal with the(insert racial slur)
    Just do one thing for me, point out all the examples of Alex Jones being wrong. Where is he wrong and why is he a kook?
    Fear Ron Paul Neo-scum.

  • Todd Smith

    The funny thing about all this is: WHO CARES!! ??
    I wouldn’t care if Alex gave Mr. Paul a Billion dollars and wouldn’t care if it was visa versa. You guys think Guliani isn’t doing some money stuff in secret or any of the other candidates. Alex Believes in Mr. Paul and I think I believe both of them, i’ve studied Alex for at least 5 years, watched all his movies and clips and everything he’s put out. I’ve never seen anybody with more love for his country or the people in it, Honest, Very Hard Working, Smart, Brave, and I admire him alot and i’m starting to admire Mr. Paul also. This personal attack on these 2 Patriots is appalling and the guy that wrote this is a complete idiot and needs to dig alittle deeper before accusing or insinuating something like this, especially to the future president (hopefully) of the USA. Keep fighting the NWO Alex with your excellent documentaries and bring them to their knees. Does anybody know what Fascism is? Wake up AMERICA!! Before it’s too late!! Very Sincerely, Todd Smith P.S. Does anybody know that Alex Jones does tons of research and only puts out what is documented and in the news and papers all over the world???? I surely believe you Alex Jones, you’re not a kook, just a very smart and brave man that doesn’t like what the Nazi’s …Neo Nazi’s are doing to our nation and our world. Together we stand……..You know the rest, right guys????

  • NateTruth

    Wow, you can almost buy you child a decent computer with that. Dig a little deeper, mistakes happen and you just made one by jumping the gun on facts. Save the Republic of this country unless you want to lick boots the rest of your life.

  • uhm

    How does one counteract people believing it was an inside job or think the Muslims are secretly caballing to overthrow American Democracy then installing Sharia law? It must be in our nature to live in an us vs them fantasy.

  • Freeman

    Read this and tell me if you really think it matters that campaign contribution mistakes are the most important subject to discuss. If this doesn’t scare the crap out of all of us, I don’t know what will. Electing the likes of Ron Paul or any human that isn’t part of the team(criminal enterprise) may not stop the madness immediately, but to start the engine, you need to turn the key!!!!!!

    Leuren Moret is an American independent scientist and international expert on radiation and public health issues.

    She has devoted her life to awakening the public to the destructive consequences of the depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military and has made relentless efforts to stop the United States from destroying the environment.

    Following is the text of a Press TV interview with Leuren Moret published on October 25:

    Q: The U.S. is using DU weapons in violation of international treaties. Why is the international community not forcing the U.S. to stop the use and production of such weaponry?

    A: I’ve asked that question many times myself. With the demonstrated total and complete failure of international judicial remedies — by the International Criminal Court and the world court — to enforce the 1925 Geneva poison gas protocol, the Geneva and Hague conventions, international agreements and other treaties, and the failure of depleted uranium weapons to meet the standards (in four out of four categories) of legality under international law, it is clear that the international judicial system is morally and procedurally bankrupt. In other words, international laws and treaties are meaningless and/or selectively enforced. Just like the U.S. nuclear weapons labs where I have worked, they selectively enforce the rules only when they want to ‘get someone’, in other words, they unfairly target and enforce laws that may be on the books, but are ignored.

    And that has been true throughout the nuclear project since the end of WWII when atomic bombs, weapons of mass destruction, were dropped on living civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the only two Christian cities in Japan.

    And that was a case of Christians dropping the first atomic bombs on Christians.

    Those first atomic bombs were weapons of mass destruction and they were illegal in every sense of the law.

    They were dropped without the consent of the scientists who developed them, without the consent of the political leadership (with the exception of President Truman who was talked into it by one man — Col. Henry Stimson, Sec. of War and a Wall Street banker and member of Skull and Bones), and with the strongest opposition coming from the U.S. military leadership — especially General Leslie Groves who was in charge of developing atomic bombs as head of the Manhattan Project.

    The decision to drop two atomic bombs was made by one man — Colonel Henry Stimson — a Wall Street banker with ties to Churchill and the city of London bankers. It’s always the international bankers who are engineering these horrific wars and the development of ever more horrific technologies of war.

    However the hypocrisy of the U.S. government must also be addressed. Depleted uranium munitions meet the definition of WMDs under U.S. Federal Code in 2 out of 3 categories, and they violate U.S. military law because the U.S. is a signatory to the Geneva and Hague conventions. If the U.S. government is so worried about Iran being a nuclear threat, then why did Henry Kissinger give Iran nuclear power plants, and President Gerald Ford give Iran plutonium?

    September 16, 2005, in the UN General Assembly, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said:

    “We could, on the basis of national realities, exchange knowledge, integrate markets, interconnect, but at the same time we must understand that there are problems that do not have a national solution: radioactive clouds, world oil prices, diseases, warming of the planet or the hole in the ozone layer. These are not domestic problems.”

    And on September 17, 2005, in the UN General Assembly President Ahmadinejad of Iran eloquently brought the depleted uranium issue to the table:

    “Ironically, those who have actually used nuclear weapons, continue to produce, stockpile and extensively test such weapons, have used depleted uranium bombs and bullets against tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, and even their own soldiers and those of their allies, afflicting them with incurable diseases, blatantly violate their obligations under the NPT, have refrained from signing the CTBT and have armed the Zionist occupation regime with WMDs, are not only refusing to remedy their past deeds, but in clear breech of the NPT, are trying to prevent other countries from acquiring the technology to produce peaceful nuclear energy. All these problems emanate from the fact that justice and spirituality are missing in the way powerful governments conduct their affairs with other nations. “

    A third courageous world leader has also recognized that depleted uranium global pollution is the most important issue today, for example Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, former prime minister of Malaysia. He held an international war crimes conference February 5-7, 2007, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attended by 5000 people.

    The issue of radioactive weapons and depleted uranium played an important role at this conference.

    So we have three world leaders now who have spoken out about the horror and illegality of depleted uranium weaponry. But the NATO countries are silent and complicit in the poisoning of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Lebanon with their illegal weapons. The approximately 5000 U.S. bunker buster bombs that Israel bombed Lebanon with, in the July 2006 attack. Dr. Chris Busby has reported evidence of not only depleted uranium in the bomb craters along the Lebanon/Israel border, but also traces of deuterium, high levels of uranium 235, and neutron activation products that quickly decayed within 3 weeks. The analyses were done at the British Government Radiation Laboratory at Harwell, so they must be correct.

    Those anomalous radiation fingerprints suggest that 4th generation nuclear weapons were also included in the bunker buster dirty bombs. In other words, the U.S./Israel are now carrying out two nuclear wars from within the same bomb — or shall we call it the new ‘super nuker.’ What hypocrisy for the U.S. to cry ‘terrorist’ about Iran, when U.S. bombs delivered by Israeli jets are nuking Lebanon, Israeli citizens, and everyone in the region. Well, it is well known in America that the victimizer always turns himself into the victim.

    The truth is that the ‘nuclear states’ have, and are using, nuclear weapons for blackmailing weaker countries in order to depopulate them and steal their mineral resources. It’s just that simple.

    Q: What is depleted uranium and how does it affect human beings? What are the consequences of DU contamination?

    A: Depleted uranium is radioactive waste from the nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs. 99.5% of the uranium that is mined becomes depleted uranium after 0.5% uranium 235 is removed in the enrichment process. Iran is legally enriching uranium for their nuclear power program, and the IAEA has stated that this is a perfectly legal activity in a country with nuclear power plants. It is being used as an excuse by the U.S. and international community to threaten Iran.

    In 1942, radioactive poison gas weapons were suggested for development under the Manhattan Project. In other words, the scientists did not know if they could successfully make atomic bombs, so they said “…Let’s make dirty bombs, dirty missiles, and dirty bullets out of the depleted uranium, since we have lots of that, and it will permanently contaminate the air, water, soil, food, and blood in a region where we use these munitions.” It was a great weapon to kill, maim and disease lots of people.

    So in 1942 they knew everything about depleted uranium but did not use it until 1973, during the oil crisis, when the U.S. government gave it to Israel and supervised them using it in the Yom Kippur war. I have met so many women in Berkeley, California, who lived in Israel (occupied Palestine) then in Kibbutzes, and they have an epidemic of breast cancer in their families now. Well, that was just the beginning.

    The U.S. has contaminated 39 states with depleted uranium since 1945 from testing, manufacture, sales, storage and disposal of these weapons. The U.S. is in a massive epidemic of radiation related illnesses, which is increasing every year — the U.S. government nuked its own people with atomic bomb testing, nuclear power plants, and now depleted uranium.

    Not only are the Middle East and Central Asia contaminated forever with radioactive depleted uranium, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, but it has contaminated and mixed throughout the global atmosphere, causing a global epidemic of diabetes and other radiation related illnesses.

    Depleted uranium is a radioactive nano-particle doomsday machine, which is not only causing diabetes all over the world, but it is invisibly increasing death rates, and decreasing birth rates globally — that is called depopulation. The Queen of Britain and the Rockefellers (U.S.) own most of the uranium, and the City of London bankers control world uranium supplies and prices. Nice partnership, isn’t it? Through her mother (maiden name Roche), Princess Diana was actually a Rothschild (City of London bankers). Many people believe that Prince Charles married Diana for her Stuart bloodline, which made her more royal than Charles. But when Prince William becomes king, England will have a Rothschild on the throne… that is the bloodline wanted from Princess Diana.

    Well, if you think about the thousands of tons of depleted uranium the U.S./UK have admitted using since 1991, that would be the same as releasing the radiation from at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the atmosphere since 1991, ten times more than during atmospheric testing. Well, look at the increase in diabetes in Japan since 1991, which represents the global effect of depleted uranium pollution. (source: Vital Statistics of Japan 2004, Vol. 1, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, pp.202-3)

    Then there are the effects to consider on the unborn babies. Consider the large increase in low birth weight babies in the U.S. since 1991, caused by the global depleted uranium pollution. This is happening all over the world. Unlike infant mortality, these babies survive but they are at much greater risk for health problems during their lives: diabetes, learning disabilities, obesity, heart defects, and they are never really strong and healthy. The babies may look normal on the outside, but the DNA is damaged both in the nucleus and in the mitochondria of the cell, as well as other damage we still don’t understand. Over future generations, the genetic damage will be expressed in unpredictable ways, and gradually the genome will degrade and decline in vigor. (source: U.S. government data, Centers for Disease Control {CDC})

    The consequence of depleted uranium global pollution is damage to the genome of the entire planet which is being degraded and destroyed slowly over time — for all living things. This is a demonic plan by the City of London and Wall Street banking establishments, and the new world order, the ‘globalists’ who want to depopulate the world by 2-4 billion people. They don’t call London the world capital of terrorism for no reason.

    Depopulation, through a continuous global covert nuclear war, has been waged against citizens, paid for by citizens through taxation, privatized, and secretly implemented by the global ruling elite. From 62 years of depleted uranium wars alone, global public health has been devastated by large increases in death rates and chronic disease, and decreasing birth rates, both evident in the vital statistics of many countries since 1945. This is a global trend.

    This is what Henry Kissinger said about it in 1974 in the National Security Council:

    Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the third world.’ He cited reasons of national security, and because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries… wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of the U.S. (“Implications of worldwide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests”, National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974)

    According to an NSC spokesman at the time, the United States shared the view of former World Bank President Robert McNamara that the ‘population crisis’ is a greater threat to U.S. national security interests than ‘nuclear annihilation’. In 1975, Henry Kissinger established a policy-planning group in the U.S. State Department’s office of population affairs.

    By 1979 depopulation was the top priority of U.S. national security policy, as outlined in the national security paper Global 2000 written by Rockefeller contractors Henry Kissinger, Z. Brzezinski, Gen. Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie for President Carter.

    So it is very clear that depleted uranium weaponry is being used for the purpose of depopulation in the Middle East, Central Asia, Lebanon, Yugoslavia… and these areas of course are rich in mineral resources that the Zionist Anglo-American economic empire wants to control.

    The tiger economies (China, Japan, {South} Korea and India) are another serious economic threat — so another nuclear war is being carried out against them with nuclear power plants forced on them by the U.S./UK war crimes racketeering syndicate (who own the uranium and the nuclear power industry). The Zionist Anglo-American banking establishment is an international permanent war economy, a war crimes racketeering syndicate, the most vicious and ruthless in the history of the world: once again, they are the greedy bankers of Wall Street and the City of London, and let’s include the British throne which will soon crown a Rothschild as king.

    Q: What parts of the world have been poisoned by DU? Are there more regions at risk of contamination?

    A: All of the world has been poisoned by the DU — most of it since 1991. The health statistics from around the world clearly show the global impact. But even the oceans are being killed by the radiation, the baby fish die just like our babies. Or they are born weak and may not survive to become adult fish. This also happened during atmospheric testing. Between 1957 and 1963 the fishing catch in the North Atlantic declined by 50%, but recovered within a few years as soon as atmospheric testing ended, because of the partial test ban treaty which Russia, the UK and U.S. signed. However, the Pacific fishing catch declined 65% by 1970 and never recovered because some nuclear states continued testing. It is happening all over again since 1991 with the introduction of DU weaponry by the U.S. and the UK. In Japan, I learned that the fishing catch has declined 10% just in the past few years.

    The DU is globally mixed in 1 year — it is found in the ice record in Antarctica, Hawaii, the Alps, the Himalayas, and even in the Andes of South America. There is nowhere to hide or any way to escape.

    Q: The U.S. soldiers who were sent to the Persian Gulf War were also poisoned by U.S. DU weapons. There are many reports of their devastating situation. Isn’t the U.S. government concerned about the lives of its own military personnel?

    A: Here is a news story tonight on the Internet. It is the despair and anger expressed by a member of Congress from the San Francisco area where I live. Listen to his words on the floor of Congress speaking to Bush: “You have no money for health care for children… or for more war… You just like to blow things up.”

    Here is a lawyer friend of mine, from the international law firm of Morrison and Foerster, who has filed a class action lawsuit against the Veterans Administration for Health Care for our very sick veterans… the medical disability rate is over 55% since 1991, when they started using depleted uranium weapons.

    Our children are being turned into uranium meat as soon as they are sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. What about the poor people who live in those regions and have for thousands of years.

    The leadership in the U.S., the Congress, the White House, and the Pentagon have been taken over by a shadow government — that shadow from Wall Street and the City of London. The U.S. is bankrupt and is being carved up like a turkey by the globalists. Europe is too… the EU is just another region being dragged into slavery… like the U.S.-Canada-Mexico, which is now undergoing unification. I cannot believe this global nightmare being rolled out.

    Our soldiers are just being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and given a death sentence as soon as they arrive. Our national guard, to protect our states from being overtaken by our own military, is being destroyed to make this global takeover easier. Black youth in the ghettoes are refusing to join the military. They are saying, “It’s more dangerous in Iraq now than in the ghetto… We are staying home.”

    Major Doug Rokke told me that gang members and juvenile delinquents coming back from their army service in Iraq are taking military trucks from bases here like at Fort Lewis, and going out into towns around the military bases and robbing banks. Then they go back into the ghettoes and kill the police… That’s what they learned in Iraq.

    As Henry Kissinger famously said after Vietnam:

    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

    I think in reality the U.S. government has killed far more Americans, their own citizens, than they have killed in other countries. The CIA has cannibalized the U.S. just like it has eaten through the economies and killed the people of many other countries. The CIA is bringing the drugs from Afghanistan and South America into our communities. It’s a great way to fund elections and to make huge profits.

    Over $850 billion a year in drug money in the U.S. is the CIA cash-flow through the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy would collapse without it.

    Q: Are these soldiers receiving proper health care from the current U.S. administration?

    A: Of course not. They are receiving a plane ride back to the U.S. and then they are dumped into their communities by the Pentagon and given no help, no medical care, nothing. I have them calling me up every day, they find my name on the Internet, and they are begging me to help them… they want to commit suicide, their wives are sick… this is a nightmare not only over in the Middle East and Central Asia, but here as well.

    Our country is bankrupt — morally, spiritually, and financially.

    Q: Could you explain when and how your opposition to nuclear weapons began?

    A: Well, I worked in two nuclear weapons labs, as a geoscientist cleaning up the mess at the labs. I did not know what nuclear weapons were until I went to Japan in 2000, invited to the Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Conference as a plenary speaker. I was horrified when I saw the effects of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If Americans had seen the aftermath in 1945 of those horrific bombs, there never would have been a nuclear weapons program in the U.S. It was hidden from the public and still is. It is a brotherhood of death, the ultimate rejection of life… it is a huge lie.

    When I stood in the peace museums of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I realized that I had to spend the rest of my life working on the terrible issue of nuclear pollution.

    I am a mother, I am a scientist, I am a woman and a giver of life; I cannot stand to see another mother and father with a sick child, a sick baby, a sick grandparent… the youngest and the oldest are the ones who suffer from radiation the most.

    So here is what I am doing, a global campaign, a U.S. campaign to get DU bills for our soldiers in the state legislatures — Congress is nonfunctional.

    In Hawaii they call me the ‘enfant terrible’ of depleted uranium.

    Well, if I am a naughty child for doing that, I am a very very very much more naughty scientist… and I am having lots of fun with my radiation wrecking ball… informing the public about what they should know about radiation and its impact on public health and the environment. Seriously, there really is no other choice.

    Q: What are the human costs of depleted uranium?

    A: We are facing a global mass extinction of 2-4 billion people, and a war against the genetic future of all species.

    If the Bush Administration and the U.S. Navy are really stupid enough to bomb Iran with their (nuclear) friend Israel, well then they deserve what they get if they knock over that beehive. Iran is not Iraq… Iraq was a ‘cakewalk’ compared to what a mess they will have with Iran.

    I want the people of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the people of the world to know that I love and respect them. Americans are not bad people, I am not a bad person because I am American, it is our government that has hijacked and stolen our country and our soul from us.

    But this nightmare they are creating is not over yet, and like Iraq, it will not turn out the way they think it is going to… Bush is not the only sociopath in power who likes to blow things up. Other countries may retaliate.

    And there are many ways to punish the Zionist Anglo-American economic empire. Its future is fading. You never create wealth by destroying things.

  • British Patriot

    The New World Order is Crumbling, though they still have thousands of people blogging, trying to distract people from the truth, or to deliberately create confusion and arguments about what is going on so those people sitting on the fence will put their heads back in the sand.
    To those people I say, Trust No
    Just consider the arguments, look around you at what is going on, trust your instincts.

  • Rance

    paypal reimbursed the money and you know that. PROPOGANDA.

  • Ted

    Alex Jones over paid Ron Paul’s campaign in donations and was refunded the difference. That’s all it was. End of the story.

    I’m a huge Ron Paul fan, but not at all an Alex Jones fan. I don’t like the guy.

    But anyone who tries to smear Ron Paul is only going to make a complete fool of himself. He is the only candidate for president in 2008 — and any idiot can see that. All the others are traitors and filth.

  • David

    Oh those conspiracy people. Now picking on Ron Paul. Oh thats right, these are the people who don’t make silly accusations against people. my bad

  • Lord God Israel

    I have a few opinions that are usually found to coincide with each other however disfavorably to the good doctor Paul. These opinions are: Jews enjoy disproportionate power to population in a country where they had absolutely nothing to do with building and little to do with furthering other than militarily in order to fight Israeli wars. Jews contribute little to society but enjoy the amenities of production the producers themselves cannot afford. The western worlds media, banking, and consequentially big businesses are firmly in the chosen’s hands and the reason we are fighting Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan and coming soon Putin’s Russia, is to quell resistance to Jewish ownership and resultant control. Jews and Israel and their shadow government ruling America orchestrated 9/11 and are intimately entwined with the other false flag operations of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Any goyim who cannot see the kosher forest for the radicalized trees are extremely myopic. Ron Paul is the only candidate, save perhaps Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich to a lesser degree, not funded and on board with AIPAC and their doppelgangers lobbying with money we in all likelihood provided them. Ron Paul understands how the creature from Jekyll Island has engorged itself with the lifeblood of our people and he has said he will dismantle it along with it’s offspring the IRS. That’s good enough for me. He needn’t hold all my opinions to garner my vote. These are my opinions, erudite as they are, I came about them in a unique manner and you can call me any number of monstrous epithets you can think up. I am, until bill 1599 is passed in Senate and signed by el Presidente Bush, entitled to an opinion. Please save me the adage of opinions and assholes. Opinions have never harmed a soul. Acting on ill-gained ones generally hurts the lot of us. But all this is simple common sense. Common sense Dr. Paul seemingly has in droves and his detractors have yet to acquire.

  • Lord God Israel

    Correction: It should read house bill 1955 not 1599, dislexic tendencies and all.

  • Brian

    This has probably already been posted, but I don’t feel like reading pages of commentary. But Alex Jones already cleared up what the refund was about and it certainly wasn’t an attempt to distance himself.