Ron Paul and the Nazis: My Take

Lately there has been a great deal of brouhaha about Ron Paul’s support amongst white-supremacists and the, er, “racially aware” types that frequent Stormfront. Make no mistake, the support is real. Now, these guys support Ron Paul because they like his policies. The white supremacists are actually making a serious mistake in supporting Ron Paul; their conclusion that his policies are advantegous to the advance neo-Nazi cause is the result of very shallow thinking.

To a Nazi, Ron Paul’s policies at first seem great: he’s against the Federal Reserve banking cartel and against open borders.

The support for his Federal Reserve policy comes from the populism and anti-capital attitudes of the main forms of white-supremacism. Add to that the frisson from the meme “bankers = jews”, and the deluded idiots think that Ron Paul is going to strike a blow against race-enemies.

Then there’s Ron Paul’s opposition to open immigration. I think the Nazis view immigration, especially of hispanics, as a brown sea of untermenschen that are going to drown the white race or somesuch.

Thus they think that, in the current political environment, Ron Paul’s proposed courses of action and the white-supremacist desired courses of action are tangential.

It is clear to me that Ron Paul’s policies should be anathema to white-supremacists. The fact is to make the racist policies work, particularly one modeled on the National German Socialist Workers Party, you have to have a central bank, and you have to have a militant foreign policy and a government that confiscates property at a whim.

Ron Paul wrote a book that explains why he entered into politics, and what his goals are, and frankly any white-supremacist supporters are in for a nasty surprise:

I decided to run for Congress because of the disaster of wage and price controls imposed by the Nixon administration in 1971. When the stock market responded euphorically to the imposition of these controls and the closing of the gold window, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many other big business groups gave enthusiastic support, I decided that someone in politics had to condemn the controls, and offer the alternative that could explain the past and give hope for the future: the Austrian economists’ defense of the free market. At the time I was convinced, like Ludwig von Mises, that no one could succeed in politics without serving the special interests of some politically powerful pressure group.

The book quotes extensively from Paul’s hero Ludwig von Mises’ comprehensive textbook on economics, Human Action:

Men must choose between the market economy and socialism. The state can preserve the market economy in protecting life, health, and private property against violent or fraudulent aggression; or it can itself control the conduct of all production activities. Some agency must determine what should be produced. If it is not the consumers by means of demand and supply on the market, it must be the government by compulsion.


Aggressive nationalism is the necessary derivative of the policies of interventionism and national planning. While laissez faire eliminates the causes of international conflict, government interference with business and socialism create conflicts for which no peaceful solution can be found. While under free trade and freedom of migration no individual is concerned about the territorial size of his country, under the protective measures of economic nationalism nearly every citizen has a substantial interest in these territorial issues. The enlargement of the territory subject to the sovereignty of his own government means material improvement for him or at least relief from restrictions which a foreign government has imposed upon his well-being. What has transformed the limited war between royal armies into total war, the clash between peoples, is not technicalities of military art, but the substitution of the welfare state for the laissez-faire state.

and finally,

Interventionism generates economic nationalism, and economic nationalism generates bellicosity. If men and commodities are prevented from crossing the borderlines, why should not the armies try to pave the way for them? . . . The root of the evil is not the construction of new, or dreadful weapons. It is the spirit of conquest.

The book makes it clear that Ron Paul is devoted to adopting the policies of Ludwig von Mises. What is the relationship of Ludwig von Mises to Nazism? Well, in Austria in the 1920’s and 30’s, Ludwig von Mises prevented the nation from adopting the economic platform of the NDASP. His speeches and essays were so devastatingly critical of Hitler’s economic policies that when the Nazis entered into Vienna one of the first things they did was to break into the offices of a the Jewish economist and confiscate his papers and books. Had he not wisely fled to Swizerland, they likely would have arrested and liquidated him. To the Nazis, Paul’s hero was an enemy to be eliminated if they ever could get their hands on him.

Should Ron Paul repudiate the support of Nazis, white supremacists, bull-dykes and Methodists,and return their money? I don’t think he needs to. Ron Paul has made it quite clear that he is advocating a set of principles and he is not seeking power for power’s sake. thus, I don’t think you will see him adopting Nazi policies in order to maintain his grip on power. On the other hand, it would probably be to his advantage to make light of their support in a humorous way, for example by saying something like “these guys must not have even glanced at my position papers if they think my policies will help their cause, but if they want to give me money to make a less-racist society, I’ll take it.”

Certainly, Ron Paul’s tireless advocacy of Misesian principles is a sufficient repudiation for me.

Update :

My response to some of the commenters, including Mr Duke is posted here.

I am an anarcho-capitalist living just west of Boston Massachussetts. I am married, have two children, and am trying to start my own computer consulting company.
  • Drena

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to equate modern white supremacists with Nazism. The Nazis were anti-capitalist, protectionist, and in favor of central economic planning. There is nothing to stop a white supremacists from actively supporting laissez-faire capitalism. It is quite a leap to assume that because a person who thinks that his race is superior to another race, that he is in favor of Nazi economics. Nazis were economic fascists who just happened to be white supremacists. Modern day white supremacists may be more sophisticated than you think.

  • Tara

    Being a White Nationalist does not mean you are necessarily a supremacist, a National Socialist, a Nazi, or a KKK supporter. Some White Nationalists deplore all of those things and do not hate people of other races. Quite frankly, I believe the majority of present-day White Nationalists would find “a central bank, a militant foreign policy and a government that confiscates property at a whim” quite repulsive.

  • Fritz

    With all due respect, I don’t think you get “their” viewpoints at all. It’s like saying Satanists, sit around and worship Satan. However upon reading the book of Satan, you discover that Satan is just used as imagery of sorts, the opposition to worship of a higher entity.
    They are people, and like many these days, they feel betrayed and alienated by their government. In Ron Paul, they see fairness, and whether or not you, I or even the whole of society accepts their opinion they are entitled to it. My understanding of White Supremacists just want to be left alone to live their own lives, in their own communities with little to no government intrusion. I don’t think it’s that much to ask. Even the Mormons finally found sanctuary in Utah. It’s unfortunate that throughout all our history we’ve still never learned to get along. I imagine before long someplace there will be everlasting hatred and killing in the name of religion and cultural differences…

  • oilnwater

    no one gives a shit about what you think doug.

  • Thane Eichenauer

    I have no complaint about discussing white supremacists but I sure hope to see more exposition on actual socialists and their shadow supporters, establishment Republicans and Democrats. I read about more oppression by government any day of the week than I do in a month or more by fans of Stormfront.

    Take away guns from government and oppressed individuals of any color would have much less to worry about the mind crime of racial bias.

    I realize that white supremacy is an easy target and unlikely to get much support from commenters. Further there are plenty of people who still have an active “Attention! Nazism is being mentioned” button that can be pressed for effect.

    Is the white supremacist movement and its supporters worthy of being mentioned? I say no. So long as they aren’t harming others I suggest you ignore them. They are of no concern to anybody who doesn’t share their views (so long as their actions don’t involve violence against the innocent), certainly less than any other private club, be it Scientology or the Italian-American Club. Why give Stormfront the ink or the link?

  • Scott M.

    Let me guess… “Fake” Ron Paul supporters defending naziism, right? Sigh…

    Apparently, they are not going to let this go until they have national media attention and hurt Ron Paul’s campaign. Is there a law being broken here? I know there most certainly is with the new fake spam scheme they have been doing since the last debates. You people are wading in some serious grey legal territory here. I am going to have to have some people look into this. You sure you lolzers really want war? Because it is beginning to look like prison time and fines when you are caught (and trust me, we are getting very close to figuring out who is doing this.) You fail to realize that Ron Paul has thousands of computer IT and security experts on his side. You fail to realize how many intelligence members and law enforcement he has on his side. Word spreads EXTREMELY fast in Ron Paul circles, my friends. And when we come together, things get done. Do you really want to take this to the next level?

    Thank you, Doug, for writing up, perhaps, the first RATIONAL article about this little campaign from the freepers.

  • David Duke

    Yes, I have read your article and couldn’t more strongly disagree.

    You need to stop listening to what the media says about the White nationalist movement. Most White nationalists are not National Socialists in views of government or economics.

    As a member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana I voted against every tax increase, every increase in government power and law, and consitently for more individual freedom and rights. That record can be verified by anyone.

    No one, I repeat, no one in the legislature had a more libertarian record than perhaps one man, my friend Rep. Woody Jenkins who had a similar voting record.

    Do, I want to preserve the White people, the people who created our freedoms, constitution, and the greatness of this country? Yes, of course I do. Do I want to see White Americans become a small minority and let groups who support far leftist policies of the NAACP and La Raza become the voting majority in America. Yes, damn right!

    Do I have opinions on race similar to the founding fathers of America? Yes.

    I think you must be intelligent enough to know that Thomas Jefferson, the main architect of our freedoms and liberties, made far more “racist” statements than I have.

    The men who wrote the Constitution of the United States in one of their first acts of government made an immigration law that specifically limited immigration into America to White Christians. Are they Nazis and totalitarians too? Why don’t condemn the American patron saint of individual liberty for strongly advocating a complete separation of the races. Why don’t you call Jefferson a Nazi too?

    The truth is that I am far more a traditional American in my racial views than you. It might pain you to admit that but any impartial observer who has the slightest knowledge of American history.

    In fact, I am far more moderate. While our founding fathers tolerated and legalized the introduction of millions of slaves in America, I would have not allowed slavery or the bringing of one slave into these United States.

    You really need to stop repeating lies from the same media that attack every American freedom and tradition.


    Dr. David Duke
    Former member of the House of Representatives
    State of Louisiana
    United States of America

    PS you can easily verify the authenticity of this letter with an email to my official website and email address at

  • Scott M.


    I should point out that since “war” was declared on Ron Paul and his supporters, we have had a long-time freeper end up in the fox news “focus group” saying he thought Ron Paul was certifiably insane, and then bragged about doing it. This person also happens to live in Florida and was at the same Gore vs. Bush protest riots in 2000 with Don Black.

    We have had blogs and sites claiming “denial of service” attacks, which would be a crime. Of course they make this accusation of a serious felony without any proof.

    They claim we have been “spamming” blogs. Redstate was caught changing Ron Paul supporters posts into incoherent, rambling posts when they were normal arguments – and then banning the person’s IP address from the site so that they couldn’t come back to defend themselves.

    A Young American’s For Freedom event recently where they supposedly invited a very racist BNP member, and nearly started a riot. Then, the claim is that they are Ron Paul supporters. The YAF are most definitely NOT Ron Paul supporters. They have been attacking him for months.

    Of course, there is even some question about this event being real at all. Supposedly it was related to this:
    Which is scheduled for November 31st… uh, yeah… check your calendar. Also, a youtube video between reporter and Adam Kokesh supposedly took place at this event, which again, did not TAKE place!

    and now we supposedly have spam email coming from Ron Paul, but conveniently only showing up in inboxes of people that hate Ron Paul. My email address is all over the place in the Ron Paul circles and I have NEVER gotten a single one of these emails. And they know you actual name? Think… where have you signed up with your email and name recently? Do they hate Ron Paul? Redstate, Free Republic, Little Green Footballs,, maybe? It is obvious they are the ONLY ones getting these emails besides the media. Not one of my 200+ members, plus 700 state members have gotten one of these emails.

    This is one really big hoax… all fun and games until we catch them. And trust me, we will catch them. We are already on the trail. There were crimes committed here. I hope it was worth it, folks!

  • JLovato

    I would have to disagree with your summary as well. Your entire premise is misguided.

    It’s easy to summarize racists as idiots. You can easily reduce their beliefs down to a fear of physical difference (i.e. skin color) and write them off as less intelligent or simple.

    It’s also easy to slap the term “Nazi” on anyone with any varying degree of racist or nationalistic view point. It’s an easy way to brand any of these view points as “EVIL!” being that everyone’s taught to believe that Nazis are the end-all-be-all of evil.

    If WN were National Socialists, we’d call ourselves National Socialists. In fact, there are groups that call themselves National Socialists. Fortunately, most WN don’t due to political differences. Regardless… you’re more than happy to slap the title on them because they’re “EVIL!” Right?

    Ron Paul supports many conservative/libertarian principals that WN can fully agree with. He’s for limited government, personal responsibility, limited immigration, foreign affairs and foreign aid (big “plus” with nationalists) and so forth.

    So here’s your homework Doug.

    1. Understand the difference between a “National Socialist” and a “White Nationalist”.

    2. Understand that people who wish to preserve the first world western culture, maintain some sort of homeland for people of European descent and a future for our children are not “EVIL!”

    3. Understand the Ron Paul does, in fact, promote the very values that many “White Nationalists” agree with.


  • You’re a douche

    White supremacist supported Bush in 2000…,ladd2,19934,6.html

    Pertinent part…
    “That is not entirely surprising. Although Black is a former deputy of KKK leader David Duke’s (and actually married Duke’s former wife, Chloe), he tries to stay below the media radar in his wife’s hometown of West Palm Beach, where they moved in 1987. Likewise, Black said that he is counseling fellow “pro-white” extremists to show up to support Bush, but not to emphasize their controversial stances such as support for the Confederate flag.”

  • Scott M.

    Douglas Maher, the Freeper mentioned in my post, at the same pro-Bush rally as Don Black:

  • Scholar


    You have either not read your post or you are attempting to misrepresent the Ron Paul qoutes.

    Here is your quoted Ron Paul:

    “At the time I was convinced, like Ludwig von Mises, that no one could succeed in politics without serving the special interests of some politically powerful pressure group.”

    At the time Ron Paul was convinced of Mises view. That implies the times had changed and his view changed from a Misesian view.

    When someone uses “at the time” it’s an apparent difference from “at this time”.

    Ron Paul at one time held the beliefs of Mises which he no longer did when he wrote this book.

    You then quote Mises, but do not publish Ron Paul’s written commentary on those passages, which is academic dishonesty on your part.

    Are you trying to pressure him to go back to his old beliefs before he wrote his book?

  • Doug Mataconis

    Hey a note to everyone:

    It pays to read before you comment.

    I didn’t write this post, one of the other contributors did.

  • Scott M.

    BTW, they both live in West Palm Beach where Don Black supposedly lives.

    And here we have: Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs,) Don Black (stormfront,) and Douglas Maher, (Freeper) all mentioned in the same context on a blog by Ed Driscoll who is also a contributing editor for many of the hate-Ron_paul websites.

    A nice, tight, little circle of friends…

  • Scott M.
  • JLovato

    Sorry Doug, my comments were, of course, intended for the original author. I saw someone else respond to Doug so the name just stuck in my head for the reply. -JL

  • Darel99

    This post only proves the people are not reading the content…. Some are blaming Doug and if you look at who posted you will see it’s from someone else.

    Others are offering a knee jerk reaction due to the title.

    Does anyone understand the history of the National German Socialist Workers?

    While part of the post supports a wiki foundation their is much to be said by facts and understanding that regardless if you agree or disagree with part of the post tarran offered a great history lesson regarding Ludwig von Mises.

    I would give this post a B. Which is much higher then I would give Doug.

    I’m waiting on a Doug post to bring to everyones attention that Paul’s tie was tilted a little to the right with the last MSM interview. Becuase we know how Doug likes to point out every issue he can find.

  • David Duke

    Everyone knows the voting patterns of the NAACP and the activist Mexican organizations.

    I would like to ask people on this thread to honestly answer this question:

    Do you think it would be good or bad for conservative and libertarian political principles if Americans of European descent became a minority of the American population?

    And secondly,

    We know European heritage and culture is under constant attack in the media and political establishment.

    Would it not be a tragedy to lose our European heritage and traditions in the United States of America?

    How many of you will answer these questions honestly?

    Isn’t it fear of disapproval of the media establishment that keeps so many people from speaking the truth outloud?

    When you answer the questions honestly, you will realize why a landslide of White voters supported me in elections for Governor and U.S. Senator.

    If you really want to read the Liberty Papers of our founding fathers, you see that along with the principles of liberty that they believed in, they also believed in the preservation of the White race.

    Best to you all!

  • FLrEVOLt

    *PLEASE* GOOGLE VIDEO: “North American Union” They’re not just conspiracies anymore!!!! RON PAUL 08′

  • Chad

    Boy, oh boy. What a flood of idiotic comments.

    I agree with this post. Any self-identified white supremacist is a total idiot if they think Ron Paul’s policies will help them.

    Times have changed and racial intolerance is possibly the most hated of all worldviews. Ron Paul’s three main heroes are two Jews and an African American.

    How stupid can these white nationalists be? Have they even read a word he says or do they just explode with enthusiasm any time a white candidate says “constitution.” ?

  • Max

    To the poster who claimed Ron Paul no longer holds the same views as Mises I would check that statement. He just gave a talk at the 25th anniversary of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute in NYC and he regularly posts commentary on Lew Rockwell and has written about his views of racism there if you care to read it.

    It isn’t too difficult to find out Dr. Paul’s position on various issues if one looks hard enough. I am sure the WN movement know where he stands. It could be that they also believe in the idea of live and let live — but that might shatter the preconceived notions one might have of the WN movement. Wonder what Black Nationalists think of Ron Paul?

    Liberty is greater than any idea of collectivism, which is what racism is — a collectivist mindset that lump individuals into groups based on their race and attempts to define their capabilities and inherent qualities and based on that grouping. It is pretty narrow.

  • Jim D


    If they are American and they want to vote for Dr.Paul it is their right. I think the appeal is that he wants to get rid of the Fed reserve and the IRS. Oh, and he doesn’t take special interest money. This position alone should appeal to all. From the far right to the far left.
    To me, this is not taken money from those who want to plunder us for everything we have. Who likes to be plundered. Life, Liberty and properity is the glue that will bring us all together.

  • Sergei

    I support Ron Paul and … I agree with Dr.David Duke post. Is not it interesting that we fight against MSM bias towards Ron Paul and cry “Nazi” (following the same MSM propaganda) about people who have different points of views? We ask to go to the source and read Dr. Paul books, articles and speeches, yet we reject the notion to go to the source and read D. Duke’s book(s) if we want to really understand those “Nazis” agenda? MSM propaganda is very efficient…

  • Jason

    Ron Paul is the closest candidate whites have representing our interest. The jewish monopoly is being exposed when they try to shut Ron Paul out of every debate. Here is a decent article illustrating my point

  • daedalus

    The sanctimonious babble about ‘supremacist’
    positions is silly.

    If a person believes that I am a bad ‘racist’ because I dislike what Negroes, Jews, Asians, etc.
    have done to this country. So What. Let them.

    The Caucasian (‘white’) race is the best there is
    on this lonely planet earth circa 2007AD.

    If Ron Paul wants to pee in his pants because someone may think that he (gasp!!) likes WHITE
    people…let him.

    If people here feel comfortable calling white
    Caucasians ‘racist’, so be it, and so what.

  • gmason

    Hey a note to everyone:

    It pays to read before you comment.

    I didn’t write this post, one of the other contributors did.

    Comment by Doug Mataconis — October 30, 2007 @

    6:22 am

    Hi Doug,

    You are up early and beelining to this post/comments. Anxious to see how this tack flies?

    I know you believe(truely?) that the greatest form of flattery(support) is negative criticism, so I know you will appreciate, understand, support and be thrilled with your type of support going your way from me.

    This is a very interesting comment from your Bio, Doug Mataconis(interesting for someone claiming to support Ron Paul):

    “All I know is that the evidence is clear that Western Civilization is in a fight for its own survival right now. Following the naive foreign policy advocated by the Libertarian Party and its pacifist allies is, quite frankly, a prescription for suicide.”

  • MikeB

    Honestly it is up to the individual to decide who they wish to support, if Osama Bin Ladin decided to support Hillery Clinton who cares. He cant vote he cant give money he will obviously have zero influence on her.
    If someone hates everyone who’s not colored purple and they want to vote for Rudy the fascist Guiliani Mr. racial profiling police state ban ferrets the black guy must have had a gun if the cops shot him 47 times. Then they can say thats who they support.
    Personal freedom means anyone can support anyone. Who the candidate supports is much much more important then who supports him.
    Noticing Rudy Mitt Mccain and Fred failed to show up to either the values voters debate or the all American debate shows that they aren’t inclusive, they don’t give a rats behind about Christians or African Americans or Hispanic Americans. I think as long as people do not say I support candidate X for his being a racist etc… then the candidate should assume their supporting one of his stated positions.
    Why don’t you allow your fellow citizens to support who they want to claiming that they only support a person for 1 reason reduced them to your imagination. Assuming all Hillery supporters are dykes, all Ron Paul supporters are crazy, all Richardson supporters are illegal immigrants, all Obama supporters are black Muslims and all Huckabee supporters are redneck bible thumpers.
    Very intelligent people often hold very odd or evil or just plain stupid ideas. yet to assume 1 bad idea makes them ineligible to select a candidate is a most undemocratic idea.

  • Marc

    Regardless of the fact, Nazis and White Nationalists share the same beliefs. David Duke cannot deny that fact when you read replies off of There are many White Nationalists there who support the never-ending dream of a “Race War”. Maybe David Duke doesn’t share that same belief, but the movement in general does. Perhaps David Duke needs to encourage the WN movement to act like human beings and live up to their pride, instead of being whiny little babies when the media labels them as hate mongerers. Take note, that people do read and other racial sites.

  • gmason

    From the Liberty Papers-
    “Thoughts, essays, and writings on Liberty. Written by the heirs of Patrick Henry.”

    Patrick Henry understood that all must be free to state their individual views and no one that understands and values Liberty would initiate or perpetuate efforts to silence any voice by despicable and/or collectivist, divide and conquer means. An example of such, anti-Liberty, despicable tactics-X is one of those Z group people, Z group people are ALL bad/nuts/racists/etc., Z group must NOT have a voice in the marketplace of ideas, if you support the rights of X/Z group to speak you are a Z group bad/nuts/racist/etc. scum.

    Sound familiar?

    Doug and now tanner are “papering the file” by trying to establish a non-existent link/non-issue by writing about it constantly.

    Example of how this works:

    X Blog writes piece alleging Doug Mataconis is linked with a “Wife Beaters” group. Other bloggers , saying they are supporters of Doug, write several blogs reporting on the piece by the “anti-Doug” blog and suggest/demand that Doug MUST reject the “Wife Beaters”. Other “Pro-Doug” blogs write pieces with titles like “Doug Mataconis and the Wife Beaters:My Take” appearing to defend Doug(because Doug is in trouble on this made up issue and needs to be defended because it is damaging). Also, during this process of keeping a non-story/artificially created controversy their are always statements like-“Lately there has been a great deal of brouhaha about Doug Mataconis’s support amongst Wife Beaters and the, er, “sexually aware” types that frequent WifeSMACK Front.” Thereby attempting to solidify/give legs to an issue that was created out of thin air. With this type of thing residing online, the promoters of such character assassination schemes can now say don’t take my word for it just Google “Doug Mataconis” and “Wife Beater” to see all the dope on this “Controversy”.

  • Francis Playfair

    I have to say I was linked to this blog on a false premise, I was told there was an article here about White Nationalist support for Ron Paul, and I wanted to set the record straight, but after reading the blog in question I have to say that I was mislead, and the article is about the racial conservative site and their support of Ron Paul, which is quite a different matter.

    To avoid any confusion in the future, for your blog, and anyone reading it, I would like to go on record as saying that the White Nationalist movement does NOT support Ron Paul, however there are many racial conservatives, who are often associated with White Nationalism, who apparently do support his candidature.

    Your article is quite correct in it’s appraisal of Ron Paul’s position, he is indeed a great fan of von Mises and indeed has been influenced by numerous other jewish thinkers, so his position is clearly not that of an anti-semite, or racial conservative, further more you might have wanted to add that in a Washington Post interview, when asked about who his preferred running mate might be, should he secure the Republican nomination, his two choices were John Stossel, and Walter Williams (for those who don’t know, a jew, and a black man), so hardly the choices of a “racist”.

    Indeed, furthermore Ron Paul is also on record as endorsing the “Free State Project” which quite clearly states that those who are “racially aware” , as you like to put it, are not welcome, in fact they are singled out as being unwelcome.

    On top of this his voting record shows that Rep. Paul voted for the notorious pro-illegal alien section 245(i) that is a form of amnesty for illegal aliens, on at least seven occasions, he voted against using troops to assist border control efforts, he voted against extending a voluntary workplace verification pilot program, he voted against a bill that would bar driver licenses for illegal aliens, he voted against an amendment to fund program to deny driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, he voted against an amendment to increase security with a border fence, he voted to allow firms to lay off Americans to make room for foreign workers, he voted for a bill that nearly doubled H-1B foreign high-tech workers, and he cosponsored legislation to increase H-2B workers who are present in the U.S. at any one time in 2005-2006, so Paul’s position on race is not only a matter of record, but also a matter proven by his deeds and actions over the years.

    However, this is a moot point for me, as I am neither a Ron Paul supporter, nor a racial conservative, but a White Nationalist, and the White Nationalist movement does not, and will not endorse the campaign of Ron Paul.

    Of course, as a decent man, who supports the democratic rights of the people, I am obviously in no position to chose who the White Nationalist movement will, or will not vote for, that is a matter for the individual, but there is certainly no movement wide endorsement, and in fact many, many, many White Nationalists oppose him, for obvious reasons.

    Francis Playfair

  • NH

    I think you’ve given this issue and this blog far too much attention. I think it’s time to put this blog on the list of ‘boycotts’.

    If I were to dig up all the nasty people who support Obama and Hillary, it would fill volumes. This is just a tiny part of who supports Ron Paul, and they support him for good reasons if you look at their video.

    Enough said! Drop it already. No one is listening.


  • john robinson

    Conservatives, Patriots, Libertarians – anyone who doesn’t go along with the MSM, Political Correctness, Sharpton, Jessie, NAACP, Ken Burns documentaries on PBS documenting an endless history of American White RACISM etc, – if you fall into any of these groups of mostly White European Americans, expect to be smeared as a RACIST, NAZI, HATER etc. By now everyone should be used to this tactic.

    Being called a “RACIST” in 2007 America is just a standard daily fact of life.

    Who’s calling whom a “RACIST” – LaRaza – “THE RACE” accuses some regular Americans of being evil “racists” for desiring to enforce laws against illegal immigration. Yep that’s right LaRaza – THE RACE accuses others of being “RACISTS”.

    LaRaza is by it’s very name an explicitly RACIST organization, same goes with the Black Congressional Caucus, Black Entertainment Television the list is endless and there is a huge double standard.

    So does anyone care about smears against Ron Paul supporters for being “RACISTS”?

    If you are getting all bent out of shape about this, you probably also believed the MSM coverage of the Duke Rape crisis.

    Let’s get over this and get on.

  • Bilderbooger

    I am neither a White Supremacist, nor am I National Socialist. I am a White Nationalist, who believes wholeheartedly in the principles in which this nation was founded upon, and which, in my opinion, is no longer representative of, and hasn’t been for nearly a half-century.

    What I detest, is the inference by pedantic morons, as to what my political, religious, or racial beliefs are, or should be, based upon their ignorant inculcated predispositions.

    I support Dr. Paul, simply because there is no man consistently proven time and again to be of a more noble or moral character.

    Dr. Paul is the only candidate, that truly represents what is the best interest of our nation and our people, and is in my opinion the only “choice” to lead this nation down the path of a seemingly very difficult future.

    So what do we make of those who have a problem with a man, such as Dr. Paul, who believes in the rights of free men to self-determination and to live their lives as they choose, without the interference of government?

    I will leave that answer up to the reader to freely determine on their own, as I believe the answer is obvious.

  • Doug Mataconis


    Last time I checked “the principles upon which this nation was founded upon” are universally applicable regardless of race, ethnicity religion, or gender.

    Which is exactly the way it should be.

  • Librarian

    Jews have called Guiliani’s supporters Nazis as well. Calling somebody a Nazi is a racist action.

    Tarran did not publish Ron Paul’s comments concerning those particular Mises statements. Libertarians don’t necessarily hold all the views of any particular Mises book, critical thinking was not addressed, instead a broad based prejudice that all of what Mises wrote and who he was, including Mises own mistakes, was what Ron Paul ascribed to. To accurately judge Ron Paul’s view on Mises we have to proceed direct quote by direct quote — to do so otherwise would involve prejudice.

    To the particular poster who claimed Ron Paul was supported by nazis, I would read this Ron Paul on Blowback comparing Guiliani supporters to Nazis.

    [quote]”After Guiliani spoke, the red-state fascists in the audience all started whooping up the bloodlust that the politicians have been encouraging for the last six years –a mindless display of Nazi-like nationalism that would cause the founding fathers to shudder with fear of what we’ve become. These people are frantic about terrorism and extremism abroad, but they need to take a good hard look in the mirror.”

    Jews calling Guiliani supporters Nazis. So how does that relate to Ron Paul? Is not calling every White, regardless of who they support a “nazi” itself a racial collective act? Is not calling Nazi a racist act in and of itself?

    The Jewish element at the accusde Guiliani of being supported by Nazis. It’s Jewish racism against Whites is it not?

  • Francis Playfair


    Last time I checked “the principles upon which this nation was founded upon” were universally open to interpretation, and are done so on a daily basis, I’ve seen them cited as justification for conservatism, fascism, communism, and libertarianism, to name but a few ideologies that have laid claim to “the principles upon which this nation was founded upon”, the truth of the matter is it’s an emotive statement, which is shorthand for “I am a patriot, disagree with me, and you are a traitor to your nation”.

    In reality “the principles upon which this nation was founded upon” were principals very much grounded in the 18th century, by men who had no notion of what the 21st century would bring, and their comments, and actions were not meant to be viewed in any other context apart from the time they were made in.

    That is not to argue that those principals were right, or wrong, merely to point to the obvious fact that they justify only what they were meant to justify then, and not what people wish them to justify today.

    The founding fathers were not commentating on the state of racism, anti-racism, the political campaigns of Ron Paul, or any of the other candidates, in 2007, nor would they have been able to.

    To state that “the principles upon which this nation was founded upon” were “universally applicable regardless of race, ethnicity religion, or gender” is as erroneous as the statement that they are in some way related to the issues of modern immigration, the “war on terror”, or any other contemporary issues.

    Francis Playfair

  • Akston

    Calling somebody a Nazi is a racist action.

    No. It’s not. It may be provocative, pejorative, and incorrect (depending on the person described), but it’s not racist. Racism means “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Nazis were adherents of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. At best, calling someone a Nazi is “Partyist”. Don’t get me wrong, it can also be stupid and incorrect, but not racist.

    The Jewish element at the accusde Guiliani of being supported by Nazis. It’s Jewish racism against Whites is it not?

    Again, probably not. I don’t know if Lew Rockwell is Jewish (having never had reason to check or care). But even if he is, accusing Guiliani supporters of engaging in “a mindless display of Nazi-like nationalism” is not accusing all white people of such actions, just Guiliani’s supporters at that event.

    But semantics aside, I would agree that evaluations of groups based on a single label are prone to error. Especially so as the group in question gets larger.

  • Dooglio

    My first impression of this article was–but what if white supremacists just happen to like freedom of speech like the rest of us? It does not matter if we agree with their ideology–they have a right to their beliefs, to congregate and to free speech. I think it’s actually a great thing that RP has these people donating because is shows that liberty is good for *everyone*. His campaign donors are diverse and across the board. However we have one thing in common–we are all Americans and we love liberty and our constitution the way it is, thank you very much. :-)

  • White Liberal

    Somebody said that Nazi was not a racist word because the NSDAP didn’t identify as a race.

    Nazi is a racist word because it’s a negative social word applied against a people who defined themselves by race. The word Nazi comes from NSDAP and it’s political platform mentions race.

    The program of the NSDAP

    4. Only a member of the race can be a citizen. A member of the race can only be one who is of German blood, without consideration of creed. Consequently no Jew can be a member of the race.

    So Nazi is a racist word as the NSDAP does mention race. It is a racist epithet much like the Black N word. The White N word (nazi) does not describe all White race people, and it is used as a racial epithet.

    Calling a Black a N is the same as calling a White an N. Both are racial derogatory labels.

    Nazi is a racist word because the NSDAP did identify as a racial group.

    Since the Black and White N words both address race and both are public derogatory names now in any court of law, it is in fact racist and possibly even illegal to even utter the word Nazi.

  • Jason

    Jews Ban Ron Paul From Debate

    Citing that they “disagree with Ron Paul on issues of foreign policy”, the Republican Jewish Coalition Candidates Forum has excluded Ron Paul from their debate in Washington, DC on October 16. This according to Jim Perry, President of “Jews for Ron Paul”. Of course the greater majority of Jews are opposed to Ron Paul receiving any attention from the public thus the Jewish media has not reported on many of his successful showings in Straw polls across the nation.

    And why does the RJC disagree with Ron Paul on issues of foreign policy? Ron Paul simply stands for American interests in the formation of foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere and speaks the truth regarding the root cause of terrorism, the U.S. support of Israel and the hatred among the Muslim people which that support has brought toward America. Ron Paul is vocal in his belief that fighting wars in the Middle East will not do anything to stop terrorism and that a new foreign policy in the Middle East, one that is not nearly as pro-Israel as it is today, will be the only way to defeat terrorism.

    Ron Paul can be classified as a patriot. What can be said about the candidates that have been invited to participate? Certainly the Jewish group holding this debate do not see any change in America’s pro-Israel policy should Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Fred Thompson, or Mike Huckabee be elected president, as these candidates who were invited must not disagree with the RJC’s pro-Zionist views regarding America’s support of Israel or they would have been excluded, as Ron Paul was. Some, including us here at natallnews, would consider the candidates pandering to these pro-Israel Jews as traitors.

  • Evan

    I note first of all that I support Dr. Paul in his race for the Presidency and support the views expressed by Dr. David Duke. I do not, however, agree with your biased beliefs that all White Nationalists believe in a “racist” doctrine or that they believe in a “perpetual race war”. I do not agree in the use of violence to get our message across, and I believe I can safely say that the majority of the movement simply wants to be at peace among their own lands and their own people and not to press themselves into further conflict and struggle. Most of all what annoys me is simply how anyone, including any media source that would dare call itself “reputable”, could call White Nationalists, similar Patriots to America, and even people like the esteemed David Duke to be “Nazis”. There is no lack of ignorance and misinformation circulating these days in regards to the White Nationalist belief of a safe, sound, secure, and segregated America.

    God Bless,

  • April

    While some in the media are saying that support by White Nationalists for Ron Paul says something about Dr Paul, I think that is says more about White Nationalists. That White Nationalists in general agree with many of the same things as other patriots and constitutionalists just shows that OUR American form of White Nationalism is unique to our country and that it supports the ideas of the founding fathers. Very few, if any, of us want to reproduce some sort of Fourth Reich here on American soil, we were raised to believe in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and we would like to see them preserved. In general, the average White Nationalist thinks more like the founding fathers than most who call themselves ” conservative”, ” republican” or “democrat” today.

  • People’s Liberation Army

    People should support ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy and an end to the disastrous American empire building which drains Americans and damages the world.

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