Tom Cruise, The Sex Pistols, And Ron Paul

No, it’s not the setup for some weird joke, it’s the lineup on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul will have the largest audience in his longshot bid for the Republican presidential nomination tonight when he joins Tom Cruise and the legendary punk rock band the Sex Pistols as guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Paul, the only Republican presidential candidate to oppose U.S. involvement in Iraq, will attend a $2,000 per person fundraising reception in the Hollywood Hills after the taping, a campaign aide said.

Paul’s “Tonight Show” appearance comes a day after his campaign began airing television commercials in New Hampshire, site of the nation’s first primary.

Come on, aren’t we all wondering if the Congressman will join Cruise in a couch-jumping session ?

Seriously, while it’s true that this will be one of the larger television audiences Paul has had, The Tonight Show isn’t really known for it’s serious political commentary, and Jay Leno ain’t exactly Tim Russert. This is all about the exposure.

Though I will admit that I’m officially sick of these mandatory candidate appearances on entertainment shows. It all started with Bill Clinton’s ridiculous foray on the old Arsenio Hall show. But then, most things usually start with Bill Clinton.

  • GeneG

    Are you forgetting your uncle Fred announced his flop candidacy on the Leno show? “This is all about the exposure.” Drama queen.

  • Jeff Molby

    This is all about the exposure.

    Yeah, and it’s not just the numbers. The cable news viewers are the 10% that already know about Paul. This gets him in front of the other 90% and it does so in a way that isn’t confrontational, so he’ll be able to demonstrate that there’s actual a method to his “madness”.

  • Paul

    Ron Paul and Tom Cruise jumping on the couches would be amazing and awesome.

  • Akston

    As long as Dr. Paul avoids the topic of anti-depressants, everyone should get along just fine. ;-)

  • Jay

    I started wearing my new Ron Oaul hat tjis afternoon. I amazedd at how many peopple ask me about him ,brcause they have not yet heard about him . I tell them he has high integrity and I feel that I can trust him. That seems to make an impression.

  • PC

    Tom Cruise? Now Arianna Huffington will finally see Ron Paul.

    Johnny Rotten is probably pretty bummed that as old as he is, Ron has been bucking the establishment more successfully for a longer period of time. And I like Johnny Lydon a lot, I liked the Sex Pistols a lot in high school even though I didn’t dress like an idiot, sorry, I didn’t dress like an “individual” as they would say. John’s autobiography was pretty good too.

  • Tannim

    Doug, don’t underestimate the Leno forum. Why not?

    First of all, remember what that did for Ahhnold in his governor’s race. Sure, he’s sucked as a governor ever since, but that show was what got him over and into the governor’s mansion in the first place.

    Second, Leno is still Hollywood A-list, and that crowd will love to hear a real anti-war candidate up there, especially one that also wants to cut their taxes.

    Third, both Dr. Paul’s page and are going berserk on hits already, and the show airs shortly. If that’s any indication, then teh message is spreading already.

    This will be quite interesting to watch the show and the aftereffects.

  • Doug Mataconis


    1. California state politics are hardly a reflection of the nation as a whole. The opposite, in fact, I’d argue.

    2. Hollywood A-List or not, people don’t watch Leno for political content. They watch it while they’re falling asleep.

    3. Of course they’re excited, more people watch Leno on any given night than watch any of the debate that have been aired so far.

    I still don’t think its that big a deal, and I still find it ridiculous that politics have gotten to the point where candidates find it necessary to show up on talk shows and deliver, usually badly, canned jokes and little substance.

  • Akston

    Sometimes I get the impression that if Doug were to come out and find his car filled with gold, he’d respond: “Dammit, how am I supposed to drive with all this gold in here!?” :-)

  • Kevin Houston


    Doug! I’m surprised at you. I was sure you would be taking this opportunity to tell us all that Ron Paul was a closet Punk/Scientologist. After all he will be appearing on TV with Johnny Rotten and Tom Cruise…

    Seriously, whose endorsement would help / hurt him more? My feeling is that no one really cares which Republican Tom Cruise hates least supports but Johnny Rotten’s endorsement would all but seal Ron Paul’s victory.

    I doubt either will happen, but it’s fun to speculate.