Ron Paul On Leno

In case, like me, you missed The Tonight Show last night and forgot to TiVo it, here’s the video of the Congressman’s appearance last night:

All in all, more substantive that I would’ve expected from late-night television. And, I’m fairly certain that this is first time the term “Austrian Economics” has been mentioned on late night television.

  • Akston

    Every time I see it, I like it more. A perfect polite introduction of Ron Paul to mainstream America as his media blackout finally ceases.

    Now the uninitiated can look into his campaign and decide for themselves.

  • UCrawford

    Leno didn’t just throw him softball questions either, he seemed a lot more interested than any of the previous interviewers in the tax issues as well, he didn’t just focus on Iraq like most of the forums Paul’s gone in front of. And Paul did a good job of toning down the rhetoric and putting a likeable human face on the campaign, which is always a good thing when you’re trying to sell an ideal that most people aren’t all that familiar with. Frankly, I thought it was his best appearance to date…I was very impressed.

  • TerryP

    Ron Paul had a great day yesterday. He did fantastic on the “Tonight Show” and after the Democratic debate I was confused because on Chris Matthews post-debate analysis show I thought it might have been a republican debate instead because all I saw was Ron Paul signs behind the commentators from all angles. I did think I saw one or two Edwards signs and a couple Colbert signs, but I saw at least a dozen Ron Paul signs. I bet if they would have had a poll on who had the best day on Tuesday Ron Paul would have won hands down.

  • Brad Warbiany

    I thought it was a pretty good interview. Paul was, for the most part, given enough time to explain himself, and I think he did a decent job of it. I was happy to see him spending time focusing on things other than the war, as his platform is more than just “bring them home”.

    If he’s really going to make a run at it, I’d like to see him crack a 10 share on Intrade by December (he’s at about 8 now, higher than he’s ever been).

  • UCrawford


    I think a lot of credit goes to Leno as well. Most of the time Paul gets sucked into the war questions because that’s all the interviewers want to ask him about because most of the interviewers are journalists and Iraq is the hot topic. Leno, being an entertainer with a broad range of viewers, isn’t interested in polarizing his audience with an issue as divisive as Iraq so he took some time to focus more on taxes and Social Security and limited government…things that have some potential appeal to everybody. Plus, he actually seemed to take an interest, personally, in the answers Paul gave.

    It’s interesting, the entertainer (who’s supposed to present fluff) had a greater self-interest in providing useful and accurate analysis on the candidate’s position than the journalists (who are supposed to present insight) did…I’m not sure if that classifies as irony, but it seems like it should.

  • Brian T. Traylor

    I think it was Paul’s best media appearance yet. He was calm and collected, genuine, and funny. He did well, and Leno, to his credit, actually let Paul answer his questions.