“Thanks” for a tax increase

This is where the nickname “Tax Hike Mike” comes from:

Governor Mike Huckabee addressed the Arkansas General Assembly, pleading with them to pass a tax, any tax. He ticked off a list of various taxes that he would find acceptable, a tax on tobacco, a surcharge on the income tax, a sales tax… “I will very happily sign that,” he proclaimed.

Jump forward to the present day, Mike Huckabee running for the Republican presidential nomination has signed a no-tax pledge and jumped on the Fair Tax bandwagon.

You’d never know that as governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee’s solution to every government spending “need” was higher taxes. He never suggested using funds we had from the tobacco settlement. He never suggested cutting wasteful spending. To him, most of the time, there was no such thing as wasteful spending. In fact, there wasn’t enough spending. He pushed hard to make sure that the state would keep giving taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens and even advocated giving illegal aliens college scholarships. The list is goes on and on.

I refuse to vote for a Presidential ticket that this guy is on.

  • mike

    I find the promotion misleading and unfair. Mike is not so much asking for tax increases as he is for a DECISION any decision by the democratic legislature to meet their shared responsibility w, the Gov. to BALANCE the budget

  • NH

    Sorry — there is NO EXCUSE. You balance the budget by reducing SPENDING. Get it?

    This guy is NO CONSERVATIVE.

  • TanGeng


    I like idea of the balance budgets. It’s more telling when a governor asks for more spending. You force higher taxes by spending. Forcing a Democratic legislature to pass taxes to balance the budget is holding them accountable.

    If there is evidence that he also went around spending lots and lots of cash, then this scene would be completely deplorable.

  • http://ArkJournal.com Henry Rearden

    Unfortunately, he spent money like a chimp in a banana store.

    He started a huge entitlement program called ARKids 1st, which was an SCHIP-like program. He fought for college scholarships for illegal aliens and against curbing benefits for illegal aliens. Check Arkansas Journal in the coming weeks and I’ll get into his spending a lot more.

    Thanks for the link.